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    Default Re: Not April Fool's WW I: Bermuda Playground

    Quote Originally Posted by BasketOfPuppies View Post
    Wow I wish.
    #metooStupid Post minimums.
    Whether loved or hated, all characters die. A minority opinion holds that the righteous ones are really just Put on a Bus until the head writer's son gets back from his coffee break.

    Thank you Honest Tiefling for this Rocking Avatar, Man I like that Tiefling.

    "Sorry I couldn’t get on yesterday, personal stuff happened. Why are we lynching a boat?"

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    Default Re: Not April Fool's WW I: Bermuda Playground

    Hi, I am...confused.
    What is this?
    How is this?
    Why is this?
    I'm more a passerby really, just got here via someone's signature.

    I say we execute the Lynchpin of this whole operation.
    An explanation of why MitD being any larger than Huge is implausible.

    Quote Originally Posted by Peelee View Post
    It shall be swift and ruthless. Unless any Ruths intend to join, in which case it shall be ruthful.
    Purple is the color of humorous descriptions made up on the fly
    Green is the color of serious conversation about theoretical ideas, if transitioning from other stuff
    Blue is the color of irony and sarcasm

    In the end, its all in the cards...

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    Default Re: Not April Fool's WW I: Bermuda Playground

    This is a game of Mafia, played post by post on this section of the Forum. The rules can be found here. Unfortunately, this game has ended, with the Illuminati declaring victory, so no more actions can be taken. You can join the next one that occurs however.
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