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    Default Rakdos Riot

    So I'm planning on running a one shot set in Ravnica where the players will have to go through a Rakdos "carnival" to steal the guildpact.

    Problem is I don't know how to run what is essentially a riot through a large portion of a city, I'd like to use a Swarm creature or something along that line, but that's all I have at this point.
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    A Rakdos carnival is something that people try to avoid if they’re cautious, or survive if they’re adventurous. I’d run the riot as a series of encounters, with the crowds forming what are effectively walls, bystanders (for certain area of effect/‘drain for temporary hit points’ purposes) and difficult terrain. Have them encounter some roustabouts breathing fire, some cacklers looking to make mischief, a Bloodfray Giant who wants to keep them centre stage to that a Ringleader can make examples of them for the crowd. Play up the chaotic and noisy environment, the fervour in which even guildless citizens can be caught up, and the cruel and capricious nature of the performers.
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