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    Default Fudge media? (YouTube play sessions, tutorials, etc.)

    I'm trying to figure out the Fudge system, as everything I've heard about it points toward it being the One True System for me. When reading the book, though, my eyes have a tendency to glaze over, probably due to it being so different to what I'm used to and having to learn an entirely new system from scratch. I thought it might be a good idea to search for Fudge content in a different format, especially visual instead of verbal, but whenever I search for Fudge I tend to either find delicious chocolate desserts or get redirected to Fudge's sister system, FATE. (Also Elder Scrolls, as there is a YouTuber named FudgeMuppet who does Elder Scrolls videos.)

    I suppose what I'm looking for are things like:

    Someone just explaining the rules (combat, magic systems, etc.) in an interesting and entertaining way.

    Someone demonstrating how Fudge can be tinkered with.

    Sessions of people actually playing Fudge, showing the system in action.

    Really just any video talking about Fudge. It just seems like Fudge isn't popular at all, which is a shame considering how flexible it seems to be.

    There isn't a Fudge webcomic, is there? Something like OotS, but with Fudge instead of D&D?

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    Default Re: Fudge media? (YouTube play sessions, tutorials, etc.)

    Not sure if this is exactly what you are looking for, but it might be a start.
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    Default Re: Fudge media? (YouTube play sessions, tutorials, etc.)

    These are not direct answers to your questions, but possibly useful pointers to links that may be helpful. You might already be aware of all of them, but never assume, etc.

    Have you checked out the whole of the Fudge website at ( www fudgerpg com/ )? In particular, the "Goodies" menu.

    There's also a whole couple decades of background on tagged with "fudge" at ( forum rpg net/index.php?tags/fudge/ ) A thread from Feb 18, 2018 looks like it may lead you to interesting information.

    Lastly, the Wayback Machine captured most of the fudge factor ezine. Check out ( web archive org ) and search for ( www fudgefactor org/ )

    If I had more time, I'd winnow the above for your answers. Apologies for dumping the un-dotted links in your lap, I'm also a new poster, so I find I can't post links as links. Nine more posts to go...

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