Game 5, Uriels 1st Heavy Infantry:

Unless you ponder the question really deeply, you'd never think anyone would ever grow tired of fighting orcs every other day. Right? I don't consider myself any kind of racist, but the greenskins really are just ... urgh.

They killed Wolf. He was a newer recruit, but skilled and reliable, he was really everything I wanted in a soldier. If you're like me - maybe a sergeant, or something - you'll know how once in a while, a soldier will mess something up. Forget the wash their dress uniform for parade day, or fall asleep while on watch. Usually it's just annoying.

Well, Wolf showed up for battle, and I don't think he figured anything was wrong until I hissed at him: 'Where's your shield, Wolf?'

And it was too late when I noticed. They were already upon us. He fought like he always died. Bravely, reliably. But you do not want to be facing the orcs without your full gear.

Usually, when a soldier messes up somehow, it's just annoying. When Wolf messed up, it cost his life.

And it was the last battle of the war, too. We'd been looking for their main base for a long time. It didn't make sense - they main attacks always came from the east, but we pushed east to the sea and found nothing. It wasn't until we followed another set of tracks, on a whim, far to the south, to some blasted, cold and desolate peninsula. There we found their caves.

I cannot tell you how many we slew. And orcs aren't easy - they are larger and stronger than men, and while crude, their weapons are effective. And they can carry armor that would cripple a man. We fought for what seemed an eternity in the stinking, crowded maze of tunnels - until we came upon some shaman or whatever, painted skin and bones stuck through his skin. When he fell to Sigmund's axe, it was like .. like the fight just went right out of the rest of them.

Looking back, I'm sure he'd told them he was some sort of invulnerable divine messiah of whatever confused and bloody faith the orcs have. Soon as he fell - it was already over.

House Krieger kept their word. That deal we struck, all those months ago? Kept every word of it. I'm rich - the kind of rich that I don't have to work or raise a sword, ever again. They promised me I could pick any town I like - they'll make me lord of the place. I picked Eisenstein, to rub in the faces of the noble family that decided to be my enemies, rather than my friends. See what that get's you, House Eisenstein.

And so I retire, with my double handful of loyal men around me. I didn't think mercenary stories ended this way.