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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dipanan Collected Nations


    1. [Diplomacy] Attend the Pan-Galactic Auction

    2. [Diplomacy] Offer to Hold an Independence Referendum in region M23. The Casrule were a democracy, and democracies could solve matters such as a desire for independence through peaceful procedures. The Collected council offers the Sorcerer Supreme Lokhai and the Casrule movement to hold an impartial referendum in the region to determine whether the sorcerers should become an independent state. Hopefully the Dipanans' political capital with the Casrule and Economic Capital with the sorcerers will allow them to exert enough pressure to see peace prevail.

    3. [Diplomacy] Inquest L26. Roll 11 In the years since the Dipanans' Maturation, the collective nations have embraced a much more respectful approach to fellow intelligent life. Thus, the latest explorations sent out have a primary directive to seek out any intelligent species in the area and meet with them. The exploration, much to the pleasure of Collector Abumrad, has a refueling stop in Miragupta along its path.

    4. [Intrigue] Secret

    5. [Diplomacy 5] Create Embassy with OwO A sudden breakthrough in translation technology in the year '514 makes extended diplomatic contact with the Grymlan combine a feasible reality. Via a special speech filter applied post-simulacrum translation, Grymlan speech can be made to sound like a quaint and old fashioned Dipanan dialect. Taking advantage of this advance for the sanity of Dipanan delegates, a diplomatic outpost is constructed in combine space.

    • Support Virtash Splitskull in the Battle for Thurtal While Virtash Splitskull's stated policies on same containment were worrying, they were less problematic than his rival Aneb's, and in other respects Splitskull was poised to lead the Rothuun into a new golden age. Whether the collected council will ultimately support Virtash or the more moderate Zurtak Icehardened in the ultimate battle for Rothuun leadership remains to be seen.

    News and Rumors

    Pan-Galactic Auction Related
    • Collector Abumrad joins Diplomat Siti Butrana in grieving for the lives lost at the Pan-galactic auction and publicly condemning the actions of the Commonwealth of Zara and Vilari Sodality merchants Dyrma-Thal and Dyrma-Norn for their role in contributing to the violence. The provocatory actions of the Jesska and the Vilari merchants ignited a veritable powder keg, leading to an inordinate amount of death and violence over the fate of a single woman.
    • A second condemnation, this time by the collected council, is aimed at the Guild Enterprises of Nyx for selling a solar system into slavery to drug lords.
    • Thanks are sent out to The Kron for their quick action to restore order and reduce casualties.
    • Admiral Nirali Butrana is much relieved to see her sister return with only relatively minor injuries from the pan-galactic auction, though is somewhat less enthused about all this silly nonsense surrounding the Kronin Lieutenant Commander Zagrex.

    The Collected Council votes for the first time to modify the anti-AI protection treaty to allow for limited importation of alien entertainment programs. The treaty still forbids OwO, UwU, and all derivatives, but a subsidiary committee will oversee other works to approve or exclude. Unsurprisingly, the collected council unanimously vote themselves in as the foreign media screening committee in a gross breach of standard conduct.

    Sunbream Confederacy N&R
    The Sunbream confederacy continues to grow, and a vocal proponent Jali Nurgul uum Aysun al Seljuk emerges, advocating that the democratic transitions of secular power are what has given the "Dipanan Confederacy" its strength, as they are not torn apart by war when an Amir dies. The fact that joining the confederacy is a required prerequisite for becoming a mercenary to the Dipanans and earning GLD surgery also helps immensely, as confederacy pods are easily able to outmaneuver and overrun their foes.

    Many sunbreams are confused by Dipanan religious leanings. The large, quiet Dipanan ships seem to obey mystical omens from their planetary organ farms.

    Spoiler: People of Interest

    Abdou Sall: Sorcerer, rumored spy, and paramour of Ex-Collector Ulia Bingula
    Siti Butrana: High level Dipanan diplomat of Callissan Origin. Sister of the Admiral. Very friendly with aliens.
    Nirali Butrana: Admiral of the Dipanan fleet (mil 10 general). Also the main reason Calissa is cooperating militarily with the Council.

    Jali Nurgul uum Aysun al Seljuk- Jali of the Seljuk pod and pan-sunbream democratic nationalist.

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Ruler: Collector Ansh Abumrad. Rolls[/B]
    Stats Before attribute improvements from this round:
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 4
    Economy 2
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 5

    Attribute Improvements: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Intrigue

    Spoiler: Military Units

    The Shields of Katarsa- five Prototype "Shield" class ships equipped with railguns and gravity latch drives
    The Gauntlets of Kalissa- A national army rather than a collected one, the Gauntlets are armed with nuclear warheads and gravity latch drives, and are currently a source of much consternation from the other powers speculating about Kalissa's intentions.
    The Pots of Katarsa- five prototype "Pot" class ships equipped with gravity latch drives, railguns, and Vapor-Misplacement Guns.
    The Sandals of Yauloa- five "Sandal" class vessels designed for speed and communications technology. Armed with small nuclear missile bays.
    Sunbream Swarmers- Twenty sunbreams using surgically implanted GLDs and armed with claw-held railguns.
    Sunbream Swarmers- Another twenty sunbreams, additionally equipped with nuclear proximity mines.

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    Biggest play I ever made: "I want to eat something over there." Anticipated the trope of "being able to move" that you see in all stories these days.

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Grymlan Combine

    Round 8
    Regions: N30, N32
    High Coordinator Flash Starshine

    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 3
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 7
    Intrigue: 3

    • [Military] CCI Base 1/3
    • [Military] CCI Base 2/3
    • [Economy] CCI Base 3/3
    • [Diplomacy] Attend Pan-Galactic Ammunition Exchange
    • [Economic] Buyout open Nyx Voidstone (C23.3) 2d6+5 (-2 from ZoI, CMC rep + NYX support):

    • See Embassy Actions if any.

    • Resist nonsupported buyouts/raids/conversions

    Embassys and Diplomatic Representatives
    • Deejhan Clankturner: Cultural Envoy to Lyrae.
    • Defensive Pacts: Lyrae.

    News and Rumors
    • Anton Black are known as the deadliest hit-ants among the dark syndicates, but it is a bloody life he is trying to leave behind them. Unfortunately the Zara Mafia has sent a message that their retirement over as they call upon them to perform one final hit, a message written in the ichor of Red-Stripe, their Syndrome lover, and the one good thing in their life that gave them the strength to turn away from a life of crime. The Mier Formicas' life is on the line as it threatens to spiral down a bloody whirlpool of revenge, or can they come through with some shred of the life they had before. Either way, Anton Black and his two smallguns are going to leave a bloody trail through the Zaran interlopers who took everything from them.
    • Gruff Arcspanner has risen his ire over the two hubs that were ousted from regions H28, and I29 in a seemingly coordinated move by the One. If this aggression continues, then he will demand retributive action against the interlopers.
    • Spoiler: Combine Corporations

      Corporations of the Combine

      The government of the Grymlan Combine consists of several corporations that both coordinate with, and against, each other in deciding how the efforts of the Grymlan people are applied. The Corporations are patrons and financial backers to research, production, and distribution groups typically within a certain field of Grymlan life and their internal structure represents the same general structure of the Combine at large.

      As such, Leadership among the Grymlans is based on election, with canidates chosen both on their stance with the indivdual corperation and the needs of the Grymlan people as a whole. Unsurprisingly, corruption is not uncommon among Grymlans leaders. Corruption is expected by the general populace as long as it has reasonable limits. Leaders are expected to have their own personal projects they're working on as long as they meet the needs of the Grymlan people. Given the inquisitive nature of Grymlans as a whole, an the high profile nature of the leadership, Grymlan politicians tend to have Cat and Mouse games between themselves that the populace tends to keep abreast of as a form of entertainment. Should such a leader be deemed insufficent, whether by incompetence, corruption, or changing needs of the people, they can be voted out of their position by the Corporations under them (though the state in which they are voted out might dictate the terms of their severance).

      Some Corporations of the Combine.
      • Foodstuff Solutions: Headed by Abrigal Dirtpaw, Foodstuff Solutions represents many agricultural interests in the Combine. Their farms provide food to feed the Grymlan people as well as providing other materials to the other Corporations. Their labs work to improve existing crops while at the same time they are always on the look out for new potential products to grow and experiment with.
      • Max Zappyzap Projections: Lead by Dhaka Sparkthrower, Max Zappyzap Projections is the closest thing the Grymlans have to a security Corporation. In prior years they were an arms manufacturer who designed energy casters for Grymlan ships to protect them against space debris. They also did research into high energy release weapons that largely went unused (I mean of course you gotta set one off just to make sure it works, we didn't need that asteroid anyways) but did result in research with Arclight Power that provided the primary fission reactors that provide power to the Grymlan's cities and ships. Nowadays they serve as one of the military minded corporations expanding the Grymlan's knowledge of tactics and equipment as they are exposed to new races.
      • Arclight Power: Lead by Dayton Voltzap, Arclight Power serves the Grymlan's ever-growing need for power. They are the formost researchers in high energy fields and often looking for new elements or ways to use them alongside Max Zappyzap Projections.
      • Fluffyshine Grooming: Headed by Celise Dyedye, Fluffyshine Grooming provides cosmetics and grooming supplies to the Grymlans. Proper grooming, especially of their tails, is considered a necessity by the Grymlan populace. In addition Grymlans enjoy expressing themselves in a wide array of colors both in clothing and hair dye. Fluffyshine Grooming is the leader in what is new and chic by melding technology with fashion.
      • Farseeker Enterprise: Lead by Trevan Longhaul, Farseeker Enterprise focuses not only on exploratory sensors and shipping, but they also serve the Grymlan Combine with transporting goods between population centers. While they were not the designers of the Darkship concept, they have been diligently improving it, focusing on the ships abilities to operate on long haul deployments and improving on thruster designs.
      • Infrastructure Craftmakers: Lead by Bruk Dynacraft, Infrastructure Craftmakers maintains the infrastructure of Grymlan life whether it be the heat resistant domes of Wratheye or the various space stations orbiting the Cloudysea expanse. They support endeavors to build faster, cheaper, and more adaptable among hostile environments.
      • Truthytruth Communications: Lead by Leelee Sweettounge, Truthytruth Communications deals with data and communications between the Grymlan people and works alongside OwO, and they also host many news and entertainment channels.
      • Feelgood Incorperated: Lead by Vera Tailsnug, Feelgood Incorperated serves the healthcare needs of the Grymlans. The work to constantly push the boundaries of medicine and scientific enhancement.
      • Fringe Science Go!: Headed by Wexel Weirdlight, Fringe Sceince Go! explores theoretical scientific fields such as magic and psionics. With the introduction of aliens with these abilities they have seen a resurgence as of late.

    Spoiler: Stats and Mechanics

    Spoiler: Trade Posts/LCs
    Trade Posts

    Regional TPs and LCs
    Region Name Region # TP 1 TP 2 TP 3 Produces LC 1 LC 2 (Assembly) Special Other
    CloudySea N30 OwO NYX Open Grymlan Farseeker Corps OwO XXX
    Dregisles N32 Open Open XXX Guns OwO XXX

    • Owned TPs: 1
    • Grymlan Farseeker Corps (P14, 1)

    Spoiler: Tech and Projects
    Tech, Identity and Projects
    • General

      <Personnel Armament>
      <Ranged Weaponry>
      <Armor and Shields>
      <Warmachines and Live Weaponry>
      <Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings>
      <Reconnaissance and Divination>
      <Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps>
      <Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry>

    Organization Relations
    • SoS 1
    • CmC 2, 1 favor

    Identities and Caller Fragments
    • (Temp) Specailized Public Wantneed Fixrig Strategies - 2d8 resolving unrest
    • (Frag) Emotional Appeal: +1 Pressing Claim 1/Round

    • P14 CmC Relay (3/3)

    Spoiler: Miltary
    Military Units
    • Active Military Units: 4
    • Darkship Fleet Flashybang: three robust Bigzap cruisers along with a smaller fighter Zappycraft carrier and three smaller Fleetfeet corvette ships. While lacking the comfort amenities and most of the production capabilities of Darkship Shinystar, they make up with a considerable increase of mobility and overall speed.
    • Darkship Fleet Novabloom: To replace Darkship Shinystar, Grymlan engineers work on an updated Darkship Design that incorperates a greater number of smaller ships, each heavily armed with Deathbloom missile launchers and enhanced engines. Where previous iterations of darkship fleets focused on a slow, steady, approach to combat, Darkship Fleet NovaBloom represents the application of prototype explosive tech and changing ideas on approaches to naval doctrines.
    • Darkship Fleet Darks-Seer: Drawing upon the newly inducted Lopurna, Darkship Fleet Dark-Seer has several cruiser class ships created in a melding of Grymlan and Lopurna designs supported by Grymlan Zippyzap fighter craft. The The cruisers have several rapid fire zapcaster turrets dedicated to point defense and fighter denial systems, there are several crystaline emitter strips that run the lengths of the ship allowing the Lopurna crew to lash out with deadly psionic energy lances in lieu of the heavy zap cannons found on other Grymlan based warships.
    • Aetherweave Assault Corps: Those Lopurna trained to act as soldiers train their psionic abilities to enhance their physical capabilities, moving with preternatural grace, strength, and precision. As situations call for it, small communions can be levied to increase their capabilities such as against hardened targets or evading detection.

    Spoiler: Stat Increases

    O/X Diplomacy: 5
    X/X Military: 3+1
    O/X Economic: 5+1
    O/X Philosophy:7
    X/X Intrigue: 3
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Republic of Celes (CEL)
    Under the leadership of Consul Milton Euler
    Round 9

    News and Rumors
    • The Loyalist candidate and Relor's Vice-Consul wins the Consulship election in a narrow victory over of the Azure Party candidate. Control of the Senate remains firmly in Loyalist hands.
    • CEL encourages NUT to sign a nonaggression pact treaty with LYR
    • CEL condemns in the strongest possible terms the kidnapping of Princess Korima, but does not renege on the trade deal reached under the previous administration. Celenians fans protest by the tens of thousands outside the embassy on Celes V, many tearfully demanding military reprisal for the injustice.
    • KRO is recognized as a strategic partner due to their proximity to the Core. CEL TV agrees the Kronin people are not ignorant savages -- essentially the highest compliment Celenian elites can bestow upon non-humans.
    • KNV is recognized as a strategic partner due to their proximity to the Core. Human friends!
    • DCC is recognized as a strategic partner due to their proximity to the Core. Droccen are considered good enough to be human.
    • CEL asserts that the native people of Q23 must have the liberty to decide their own religious and political fate. Military or Philosophy interference in the region will be met with a harsh diplomatic rebuke and the Republic will provide military support to ward off invasion.

    • [Diplomacy] Finish Pressing Claim on Q27 (Automatic Success) - The diminutive drone inhabitants of the region finally reach consensus that joining the Republic is in their best interest.
    • [Diplomacy] Press Claim on Q23 (5, Failure) - Confused and frightened over the idea of a democracy, the inhabitants of Q23 shut down diplomatic talks with CEL until they can figure out who their king is supposed to be.
    • [Diplomacy] Special 5! Establish Embassy with DNM.
    • [Diplomacy] Attend Auction - A Celenian delegation quietly conducts business in a conference room and completely ignores the chaos.
    • [Military] Recruit "General" (10) - After more than two decades of exemplary service as commander of the Harbinger's fighter wing, Aishwarya Khatri reluctantly accepts a promotion to Fleet Admiral. As the all-time Celenian ace with 457 craft destroyed during her career as a fighter pilot, Khatri says she'll continue to "lead from the front" and coordinate military action from her cockpit.
    • [Military] Recruit Unit - The Harbinger of Dawn docks in the Celes System for hull repairs following moderate damage sustained during a retaliatory strike by the Supermutant's defense force. The retired Consul Relor denies rumors he side-swiped an asteroid while at the helm.

    • Gift military technology (Capital Ship Hulls) to NUT and WWE. ACCEPT THIS TIME TO APPEASE THE BUREAUCRATS.
    • Trade with LYR at event: Capital Ship Hulls for Elemental Implants
    • Gift Capital Ship Hulls technology to DCC - A Celenian representative attending the Auction discreetly passes a solid state drive to the Droccen attendee. The drive contains schemata for upgrading and reinforcing the hulls of their existing frigates, plus plans for a cruiser scale ship befitting Droccen aesthetics.
    • Trade with DNM at event: Capital Ship Hulls for Long-Range Advertising Campaigns, Resident Spies and Trade League. CEL also gives DNM the contract for 1 Unit of Jackstar Mercenaries.
    • Trade with KRO at event: Capital Ship Hulls for modified HEAT Engines and War Beasts.
    • Trade with MYA at event: Capital Ship Hulls for Energy Distribution.
    • Trade with KNV at event: Capital Ship Hulls for FLEX Security.
    • Support Philosophy conversions to Shadow & Flame in Open LCs.
    • Support Philosophy conversions to Way of Tides in Open LCs.
    • Support Buyouts of open trading posts by GLR, WWE, NUT
    • Trade via Embassy with CWZ: Capital Ship Hulls for both Microplating and Galactic Mint
    • Sign Nonaggression Pact with LYR with demarcation along the S/T border and no unsanctioned conversions or buyouts.

    Spoiler: Ruler Stats
    Ruler: Consul Milton Euler
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 5
    Economy 3
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 1

    Next Round: +2 Dip, +1 Mil

    Capital Region: R26
    Other Regions: P24, Q25, R24, R28
    Claims: Q23, Q27 (claim pressed and finished next round)
    Resources: Celenian Alloys (1), Ordivician Alloys (1), High Fashion (1), Antimatter (1), Haethalian Rubies (1)
    Technologies: Capital Ship Hulls
    Military Force (6 Units Total): RCS Harbinger of Dawn Lancer-class Cruiser [2 Units, damaged], RCS Presage of Dusk Lancer-class Cruiser [3 Units], Jackstar Mercenaries [1 Unit]
    Military under EHZ Command (2 Units): RCS Squall Rook-class Frigate [1 Unit], Jackstar Mercenaries [1 Unit]

    Spoiler: Diplomacy at a Glance

    • Embassies with WWE, GLR, NUT, CWZ, DNM (next round).
    • Mutual defensive pact with NUT and EHZ (all regions).
    • Religious or philosophic intrusion in the Republic of Celes capital region of R26 will be met with brutal military reprisal. No exceptions.
    • Unsanctioned acquisition of resources within the Capital will be considered a hostile action. Sternly worded letters to follow.

    Spoiler: Links to Rolls
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Syndrome Protectorates

    Region R22: Crab Nebula
    Region S19: Stormwrack
    Region S21: Heart-Beacons
    Region S23: Alitur
    Region T18: Sidera Nostra
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes

    Actions Rolls More Rolls

    [Diplomacy] Finalize Claim on U19
    The Syndrome and the Housers are finally able to come to an agreement. An awful lot of money changes hands, and it's impossible to tell who came out on top of the deal, but in the end the House becomes a member state of the Syndrome Protectorates.

    [Military 5] Raise a General (7): Mech-Admiral Arxur

    [Military] Defend T18
    Hannibal V returns for vengeance, but the Syndrome have an ace up their sleeve. All becomes clear when the Duenem fleet turns against the AI warlord. The two stellar empires had agreed: Hannibal was a threat to all life, and must be destroyed.

    [Philosophy] Declare Iteus the state Ideology.
    Under the Iteus' teachings, the Syndrome have thrived. Now, the church has a large interest in the government, and is able to brand all other faiths as Insurrection.

    [Philosophy] Aid the locals of P23 in constructing their Ionic Resonator 3/5
    With little knowledge of what they're agreeing to, the Syndrome offer to send scientific aid to P23 for the construction of their Ionic Resonator, hoping that it will encourage the natives to look favorably upon them in the future.

    [Intrigue] Secret Action (REDACTED-13)
    The undiscovere'd country, from whose bourn
    No traveller returns, puzzles the will,
    And makes us rather bear those ills we have
    Than fly to others that we know not of


    Support Conversions of all owned LCs to the Church of Iteus.
    Support buyouts by RMT, CLS and ITS against open TPs in Syndrome territory.
    Resist everything else.

    Support Zurtak Icehardened in the Rothuun election fight to the DEATH!

    Celestia Enterprises Embassy:

    Spoiler: N&R
    Two Strainladies have announced their intent to campaign for Overladyship. Violet-Pale-Feet claims to have discovered a way to modify a creature after it has been born, but is highly secretive about the details. Red-Golden-Eyes is perfecting a technique to allow organic life and industrial civilization to coexist symbiotically, using Alituran space stations and Krankot cities as testing grounds.

    Spoiler: National Info

    Spoiler: Units 9/10

    Battle-Pod Rapant-Growth
    Symbiote Carrier Carcass-Mold
    Symbiote Carrier Creeping-Vine
    Scout Vessel Fertile-Seed
    Scout Vessel Hungry-Maw
    Battle-Pod Heart-Guard
    Symbiote Carrier Thorn-Coral
    Ravager Rending-Claw
    Ravager Necrotic-Sting
    Mech Squadron Prime
    Mech Captain Mortret
    Mech Knight Tetivare
    Mech Knight Garahat
    Mech Knight Garein
    Mech Knight Kei
    Mech Knight Tor
    Mech Knight Akovare
    Mech Knight Lankalot
    Mech Knight Arrok
    Mech Knight Akravein
    Mech Knight Kator
    Mech Knight Karatok
    Mech Knight Takonet
    Mech Knight Arek
    Mech Knight Garex
    Mech Knight Lanorak
    Mech Knight Lukan
    Mech Knight Morhot
    Mech Knight Urein
    Alitur Colonial Defense
    Command Ship Glorious Dawn
    Prison Vessel Grim Destiny
    Missile Cruiser Resolute Flame
    Hospital Ship Charitable Arms
    Corvette Silent Mercy
    Corvette Fallen Void
    Unity-Fleet 1
    Symbiote Carrier Poison-Tongue
    Scout Vessel Hunter-Light
    Mech Knight Trunor
    Mech Knight Tinatan
    Mech Knight Ektor
    Prison Vessel Last Request
    Corvette Eternal Blade
    Corvette Titan Finger
    Unity-Fleet 2
    Ravager Icy-Wind
    Ravager Blood-Drinker
    Mech Knight Gaherix
    Mech Knight Orein
    Missile Cruiser Astral Lance
    Remian Reclaimed Battle Droids
    Droid Dropship Fulgur Purgatio
    Droid Dropship Custos Tempestas
    Droid Dropship Virtute Dei
    Droid Dropship Tenebris Est Alligatum
    Bio-Squadron Prime
    Symbiote Carrier Army-Stomach
    Bio-Captain Hugus
    Scout Vessel Wing-Light
    Bio-Knight Gotrei
    Bio-Knight Arkamtot
    Bio-Knight Guntemar
    Bio-Knight Antre
    Bio-Knight Ote
    Bio-Knight Reimont
    Bio-Knight Arn
    Bio-Knight Renut
    Remian Regulars
    Stealth Ravager Calling-Dark
    Stealth Ravager Talons-Open
    Gunship Crucesignatis
    Gunship Manus Cruentae
    Gunship Gelidos Conplexibus

    Biotumblers (R16.1)
    4D Titanium (S19.2)
    Genetic Engineers (S21.1)
    Knowledge Parasites (T16.2)
    Antispice (T22.1)

    Enhanced Microplating (Active)
    Resident Spies (inactive)
    War Beasts (Inactive)

    R22 (Owned)
    S19 (Owned)
    S21 (Owned)
    S23 (Owned)
    T18 (Fabricated)
    T22 (Prior Ownership)
    U19 (Diplomatic)

    The Maiden's Code (secret actions)

    Misc. Bonuses:
    +1 to investigations (SoS 1)
    ZoI reduced by one in and adjacent CmC relays for buyouts (CmC 1)

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 5+1
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 1+1
    Intrigue: 6
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 9
    The Guild Enterprises of Nyx
    Vassal to the Gelean Empire

    Nyx (Sector C23)
    Domino Ophelo, Lord of Coin

    1. [Economy] Trade with UPT - In a move intended to mark the Nyxians desire for happy customers on all sides the Sonics, who were legally under contract to the Nyxian Guilds, have their contracts handed over to control of the Symbraum Pantheon an ideologically aligned friend to the Kamasati. Kamasati who had been rattling their saber over Nyxian trade in Sonics despite being vassalized to a signatory of the Cacola Treaty. There were a lot of Nyxian interests in Kamasati territory and when the UPT agreed to exchange some of their own "specialists" for access to the minds of the Sonics a deal was quickly reached. The establishment of formal diplomatic relations had been predicated on this deal and so it was this deal that would be followed through on.

      Give Mobius System (M5) Sonics TP1
      Receive UPT (E31) Spies TP1
    2. [Economy] Buyout D24 Cyreilian Marching Powder TP1 2d8+11 (Galactic Currency) - Refugees, innocent businessmen, displaced Lyraens under assault by the fungal hordes are welcomed into Nyxian space. The recently annexed, currently designated "Lot 5" in reference to its bidding lot number at the Commonwealth pangalactic auction, is set aside to host the displaced Lyraens. With the plan to auction off an entire set of star systems there wasn't much time to get to know the locals but that task was designated to the refugees from the Cyreilian Expanse. Exiled Lyraens who had escaped the Kombuch early ahead of the green mist were twice now displaced from their home and the good guiding light of their mother Lyrae. However they prove to be an industrious sort and set to work rebuilding their economic base. Soon enough the samples of Cyreilian jungle flowers needed to make Marching Powder were all over the triclopes' worlds. The triclops proved eager to volunteer their labor in exchange for a cut of the product and within a year Cyreilian Marching Powder is once more available on Nyxian shelves.
    3. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Compubane Security Group Mercenaries - Technophobes to the extreme, and with good reason given their history with the rogue AI Peter in their home system, mercenaries from ‘Demon’s Fall’ are organized into a private military contractor by an enterprising Merchant Prince. Taking their name after a portmanteau of “Computer” and “Bane” this battalion of soldiers were eager to begin making money to send back home to aid their homeworld’s recovery from the terror inflicted upon it for generations by a mad AI. The CSG prove especially interested in confronting thinking machines and discussions regarding the auctioning off of their services to fight the Same circulate in Nostromo’s power centers.
    4. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Contrapsions - The nearby presence of the UPT prompts a push for a new batch of Contrapsions to be trained in the unlikely event the Symbraum sought to engage in war. Currently the two powers were working towards a mutual goal to benefit not only themselves but additionally the Kamasati but it always paid to anticipate and plan for the worst. The techniques and technologies employed by Xavier in his experimental first Contrapsion division are replicated and sorcerers are outfitted with screeching crystal infused headbands and custom designed killbot support to enable engagement with powerful psionic forces on more equal ground.
    5. [Diplomacy] Attend Commonwealth of Zara Auction - With the important matter of bidding off an entire sector of space to attend to it is deemed a priority Lord Domino himself makes an appearance at this event. Not only was Lot 5 up for grabs but there was the important delivery of the Broker's treasure to attend to as well. There was additionally a desire to attempt and parley the down payment made by Celestia on Nyx's bid with the Broker into additional technologies from other interested parties.
      • Pick up Resident Spies & F.L.E.X. Security from CLS.
      • Give CLS Friendly Interest Caller Fragment
      • Auction off galactic sector D24
    6. [Economy] Expedition C25 (Available to stabilize D24)

    1. Endorse OwO Buyout of Nyx (K5) Voidstone TP3
    2. Assure the Lopurna their concerns were being heard

    • Shock and horror over the abuses suffered by Nyxian and Lyraen alike at the hands of the vile Kombuch are the news story of the minute on 24 hour Nyxian entertainment streams. Numerous Lyraen drug lords are reframed in the narrative as innocent businessmen practicing private enterprise with voluntary laborers who had signed contracts regardless of what their state of inebriation may or may not have been. The furor is helped along by the withdrawals of Marching Powder addicts who lash out as the supply dwindles causing a spike in crime blamed squarely where the blame belonged, on the Kombuch. As the drug kingpins move into Lot 5 and proceed to lay out their same exploitative and abusive practices the Nyxians cheer them as heroes of industry bringing progress to the directionless natives.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Lord of Coin Domino Ophelo

    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 5 -
    Military 9 +1
    Economy 10 -
    Philosophy 1 -
    Intrigue 2 -

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Learning Center Assembly Status Bonuses
    Nyx K5 Voidstone (Great) Mandate of Coin - Capital, Stable (Gilded Garrison 5/5 (+1 Unit Cap)

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    Cultural Identity Laws of Procurement 2d8 on Buyouts No

    Type Name Effect(s) Required Resource?
    E Long-Range Ads Reduces ZoI by one step for defending against buyouts Broadcasting Tech
    E Galactic Currency +1 Buyout Any precious mineral (Pocket Gold) + Any other resource (Any)
    M, Warmachines and Live Weaponry War Beasts +1 Battle Fauna (Space Whales)
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Nyx Controlled Trading Posts: 16
    • Nyx (K5) Nostromo's Shroud Voidstone TP 1
    • M23 Sorcerers TP 2
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 1
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 2
    • K7 Angel Wings TP 1
    • Neo-Sol (K9) Screeching Crystals TP 2
    • L10 Space Whales TP 2
    • I5 Tiny Cats TP 1
    • Cloudysea (P14) Grymlans Farseeker Corps TP 2
    • M3 Pocket Gold TP 1
    • M5 Sonic Hedgehogs TP 1
    • C19 Rainbow Carrots TP1
    • D22 Dreameating Pills TP3
    • E25 Pocket Factories TP1
    • E27 Mercenaries TP1
    • C17 9-Armed Surgeons TP1

    Military Units CAP: 5
    1. Kill Bot Gold Swarm
    2. Cyreilean Sorcerers



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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Gelean Empire
    Leader: Xavier Bonaparte, Aeternal Emperor of The Gelean Empire and its Protectorates

    News and Rumors
    - The Kombuch attacks on Nyxian shipping left the Emperor apopleptic, and some say that Elizabeth of Rios took the Emperor out for a night of drinks to take advantage of his inebriation and talk him out of a hasty military response. Though the Cacola Conference Treaty was invoked, the situation remains unresolved! Emperor Xavier Bonaparte threatens to withdraw from the treaty and retaliate if his grievance continues to go unacknowledged.

    Imperial Decrees

    [Dip] Build CPC Base in K9 (1/3) - At the request of the Core Patrol Corps, space is allotted and foundations laid on Planet Verne - A world increasingly known as a port of foreign embassies and foreign business - for a Core Patrol Corps staging ground with which to fight the Same. Further, the Core Patrol Corps is allowed permission to advertise in the Military Academies on Jemisin, providing a local source of trained officers and personnel to serve the organization's cause.

    [Mil] Conquer J10 with 7 units under Commander Fiona Aeternus (Mil 10, NOT using Gelean Goodnight Kiss, total bonus +17) - The loss of the Second Fleet had not been forgotten. Were the people of this region truly at fault for panicking and reacting negatively? Perhaps not, but they would speak no language but self-defense now. Perhaps the fleet would beat the fear out of them and the situation could be 'talked out' afterward. The First Fleet spearheaded the attack, backed by the Emperor's Mercenary Fleets and followed by the two fleets of Killbot-carriers of the Ascendancy and a fleet of Hopefuls bringing up the rear.

    [Mil] Build a Unit (Gelean Second Fleet) - On the anniversary of the tragedy of its loss and in celebration of the vengeance ordered earlier in the year, the Emperor announces that the Second Fleet will be rebuilt with successor ships.

    [Int] Steal Energy Conversion Weaponry from the L12 Same [Roll 16] - Thanks to a mix-up quickly blamed on an intern, a confidential memorandum regarding ongoing efforts to study technology recovered from a secret expedition into Corespace is sent to a liaison for Aeternus Nightly News instead of its intended recipient at the Auroran Ideals Corporation. A followup email reading "You weren't supposed to see that, please delete without reading" is also sent and promptly ignored by the excited journalist. Though the full details of the research are not leaked, it's clear enough that the Gelean crown has indeed poured significant research funding into reverse-engineering the advanced weaponry used by the Same.

    Courtly Schemes

    [Dip] Stabilize M9 [Roll 15, TN 12] - Though the Ascendancy's actual fleets were called away to war, a token occupational force stayed in place to keep an eye on things while Gelean commerce flooded into the region, bringing along with it a few suspicious figures whose wake seemed to silence dissent.

    [Int] Secret - Wouldn't you like to know?

    - Accept War Beasts tech from WWE (via Embassy)

    Spoiler: Ruler Info

    Xavier Bonaparte, Aeternal Emperor of The Gelean Empire and its Protectorates
    Diplomacy: 6+1
    Military: 8+1
    Economy: 3
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 5+1

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 8/10
    - Gelean First Fleet (the second one) - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Foundation and Empire, Gray Lensman, and Presumption, along with their support vessels and drones.

    - Gelean Second Fleet - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Princess of Mars, Death of Grass, and Wrinkle in Time, along with their support vessels and drones. Destroyed by ANOTHER terror event

    - An'Null's Hopefuls 1
    - An'Null's Hopefuls 2
    - Ascendancy Killbot Fleet 1
    - Ascendancy Killbot Fleet 2
    - Mercenary Sorcerer Squad Alpha
    - Mercenary Sorcerer Squad Bravo
    - Mercenary Contrapsions

    - Commander Fiona Aeternus (Mil 10)

    - Kombuch Embassy on Verne
    - Celenian Embassy on Verne
    - Watcher Embassy on Verne

    Temporary Cultural Identity - Empath Agents: 2d8 for Stabilization and resisting Unrest in the Capital
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Military Specialization - Gelean Goodnight Kiss: On a successful Tactical Roll when attacking a region, GLR opponents add +2 to their Combat Loss rolls.
    Permanent Military Specializations - EMPTY

    - Personnel Armament
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Armor and Shields
    - Engines
    - Warmachines and Live Weaponry
    - Logistics - Capital Ship Hulls (-1 combat losses, missing Hard Metals resource requirement)
    - Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    - Reconnaissance and Divination
    - Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps
    - Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry

    Trading posts
    - K9 (Screeching Crystals) TP1
    - L10 (Space Whales) TP1
    - I7 Mushroom Tea TP2
    - R28 Haethalian Rubies TP2

    Spoiler: Expected Stat Gains
    +1 Dip, +1 Mil, +1 Int

    Spoiler: Link to Rolls

    Stabilize M9 (actually should be 15, forgot the +2 from fresh conquest. Doesn't matter though.)
    Stealing SameTech
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Tezh Consensus

    Current Leader: Talotius

    ROUND 9

    Die Rolls Go Here:

    Actions taken: See N&R for all related fluff
    1. TBD
    2. TBD
    3. TBD
    4. INT
    5. INT - Secret Action
    6. PHI - TBD

    Non-action and 'General Goals List' for the round:
    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below
    • Attend the Pan-Galactic Auction at the Kula Tower on Zara with the intent to trade.
    • With the newly changed SoS into the Core Patrol Corps, the in-progress SoS FOB structure is hoped to be completed on schedule.

    News and Rumors:
    • After opening dialogues with the Kronin regarding cooperatively building a CMC relay, interests have shifted to building trade relations between the two powers, and a handshake deal was secured behind closed doors as the Auction event on Zara shortly before things took a chaotic turn when the bidding schedule for the primary auction lots were announced.
    • A rapid travel TZH space frame is documented leaving Yutov space. It bears no external markings, responds to no hailing attempts, and does not match any existing registry entries of known Tezh sighted up to this point in time. However, the design suggests a passenger compartment contained within, as normal Tezh-only ships are notoriously spindly and minimalist in design. The first hop out of TZH space is aimed at the far galactic edge, whether the ship is going to continue that direction after leaving an observed area is anyone's guess.

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Loc Resource TP1 TP2 TP3 Learning Center Assembly
    Yutov (Capital) E5 Living Fire Gemstones
    (Precious Mineral)
    TZH Open Open The One The One
    Uanerth D6 Murphets
    Open N/A N/A The One N/A
    Gyribov D8 Vigorite
    Open Open Open The One N/A
    Stronoe 71Y6 E3 Salted Chromium
    (Hard Metal & Spice)
    TZH N/A N/A The One N/A
    Mibreshan E7 Memory Transfer Droid
    (Skilled Beings)
    Open Open Open The One N/A

    Spoiler: CI, TD, LC, and Tech info
    • Respectful Discourse (LC5 Bonus) - +1 to Conversions
    • Thorough Debate (LC10 Bonus) - Increase die size for Conversion rolls: 2d8
    • Political Science Curriculum (LC20 Bonus) - +1 to Claim roll if LC for The One is present in region, additional +1 if Assembly is in/adjacent to region

    • Requires Verification (temp CI) - Increase die size to resist Conversion: 2d8

    Spoiler: Leader stats
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 2
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 10
    Intrigue: 5

    Expected change:
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Kamasati Pantheon
    The Next generation of Dreamers

    High Dreamer Xasarath


    1:[PHILOSOPHY] Philosophy 5: Spreading Knowledge UPT territory E29 FAILURE With the support from the UPT an attempt to bring about the conversion of multiple regions with wide spread ideolological promotion and psychic connection is pushed. Sadly only One planet successfully converts the rest resist the attempt.

    2:[DIPLOMACY] Diplomatic Inquest O3 SUCCESS

    3:[DIPLOMACY] Claim Region N4 SUCCESS Negotiate for their planets to join the Kamasati as equal. Ensure the safe return of their Prator and promise that these platinum ogres be treated with the respect they clearly deserve. They agree and their planets are brought into the fold of the Kamasati.

    4:[MILITARY] Raise 1 unit Prator Mabareen emerges

    5:[MILITARY] Crush the rebellion High Dreamer (10)+ 6 units attacking M7 gods ride out to fight. All prator head out to destroy the rebellious children who dare raise fists to those who would lead them to the next phase in their ascension.

    Nonactions communique
    The The Eternal Assembly of Alysia has all diplomatic ties cut.

    Borders are closed to the Harmony, their ideology is viewed with suspician, the will of the individual god is subjugated for the whole. The Kombuch while tied together still see seperation the Harmony has no such balance... Much like the ideology of the one they are viewed as flawed. The Kamasati are guarded. They are willing to reach out and discuss the dreamer, dreamchild dynamic but the religious hedgemony of this sector of space does not need these ideals present.

    None Active

    The Psychic Web (News and Rumors)

    Capital Planet Web
    -Kombuch Allies

    - Gelean Republic Allies

    Both sides of this conflict are contacted to figure out what has led to such immediate and widespread trouble between allies already. Obvious confusion exists.

    - Unified Public Trust Allies

    - The Guild-Empire of Nyx The exploitation of the Sonic Dream Children is considered an affront to the Kamasati. Terminate status, any attempts to influence the progression of their society is considered destructive to an entire race. If this is not ended soon sanctions will be enforced.

    - The Eternal Assembly of Alysia All diplomatic ties cut, not viewed as hostile but clearly aggressive and unwilling to negotiate.

    Dream Children News
    Mount Vispim- We watch the Dream children of Moigan from on high. The first large villages are starting to appear across the surface of the planet. We count 102 locations with more than 500 residents. We are proud of our children and we keep our whispers to a minimal for now as they are incapable of understanding yet.

    The Dream Children have been affected by the change to their primitive star charts. They scramble to figure out how they have upset the gods. We will continue to keep whispers to a minimum but we ask for the right to ease them.

    Mount Kdoim- The shift in space has many believing the war caused the gods to turn on them, peace has been seen on many fronts.

    Mount Opaiz- Economic buyouts saw ships landing and taking sonics we DEMAND a response from the pantheon, this act was evil!

    Spoiler: Ruler information

    High Dreamer Xasarath
    Diplomacy 9+1
    Military 10
    Economy 2
    Philosophy 10
    Intrigue 1

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 6/9

    Temporary Cultural Identity - Will of the pantheons 2d8 for conversions
    Permenant Cultural Identity - EMPTY

    Military Specialization- EMPTY

    - Personnel Armament
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Armor and Shields
    - Engines
    - Warmachines and Live Weaponry
    - Logistics
    - Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    - Reconnaissance and Divination
    - Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps
    - Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry

    Trading posts

    Expected Stat Bonuses
    +2 Dip

    In Memorium

    Spoiler: People of Interest

    High Dreamer Xasarath- Current Leader of the Kamasati.

    Xix Qizareen- Dream bound to High Dreamer Xasarath.

    Moxsan Qizareen- Child of the High Dreamer Xasarath and their Dreambound Xix

    Prator Sissoran- New protector of the gods.

    Prator Dosirix- Ancient protector of the gods.

    Prator Xamarin- Master of metal

    Prator Qain- general!

    Prator Loyato Fascinated with elementalism his mind can wield meteors and the heat of the sun as a weapon in limited capacities hurling raw fury at enemies of the gods. He is equipped with the lance of the sun ray.

    Prator Dwabaros A being known as the ram! He wraps an indestructable (thus far) magical shield which he slams into what is before him and shatter it to pieces. He is viewed as herculean and has not been equipped but formally recruited so he can find other amazing beings in the galaxy!

    Prator Xazap the flesh-eater is viewed as one of the few Kamasati who has a "sinister" air. Many call him the god of death as he is known to summon a wave which peels flesh and muscle from bone leaving nothing but skeletal remains. He has a private temple as many dislike his vicious views on the end of non Kamasati and he is not allowed around dream children, but there is no denying his ability to protect others.

    Kuuru Huja- Speaker of Mount Kdoim

    Kuuru Fixra- Speaker of Mount Vispim

    Kuuru Vasema- Speaker of Mount Opaiz

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 9 Actions
    The Ndoda
    Umkhonto Shurik Talwoq

    Ruler Stats:
    Diplomacy - 2
    Military - 3
    Economy - 10
    Philosophy - 1
    Intrigue - 1

    Diplomacy– Stabilize F22
    Economy – Buyout TBD
    TBD –
    TBD –
    TBD –

    TBD actions will probably be Buyouts, raising units, or fluff diplomacy


    News and Rumors:

    Ruler Stats:
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Church of Iteus, Round Nine
    Pontiff Malicha

    1. [Philosophy][Phi5] Malicha manages to commune with Altea, who has affirmed that she is no longer the Pontiff. Indeed, she has transcended the office, and instead wishes to confine herself to the catacombs of the Cathedral with any Caller Fragments the Church collects. The simple fact that Altea has been communed with after an 'abdication' strengthens the resolve of the Church as a whole, and with her new physical form obtaining relics will be far more difficult for any would-be interlopers... (Create Iteusism Assembly in T16, 'Heir of Iteus' if names are being recorded)
    2. [Philosophy] Upon Syndrome request, an expedition is mounted to sector R20 to convert the region in preparation for their arrival. (Convert R20; Roll: 11; FAILURE)
    3. [Diplomacy] Hearing rumors of Caller Fragments up for auction, the new Pontiff travels to the Commonwealth of Zara to obtain these offerings. (Attend Event)
      Spoiler: Subactions
      pls gib tech Gaius-sama
    4. [Intrigue] The Church resumes investigation of the Caller Network Key, specifically searching any Caller constructs for references to the means of accessing the Light Additives beyond the Itean System. (Investigate the Caller Network Key; Roll: 14; INDECISIVE)
    5. [Intrigue] (Secret)

    • The impending chaos in the Rothuun succession is noted by the Church, which orders its agents within the government to support Zurtak Icehardened in any way they can; a takeover by Aneb Two-Gun or Grazakh Peelskin would be catastrophic and further action to deal with them directly is considered.

    News and Rumors
    • There is much deliberation behind closed doors on the status of Altea within the faith. Some insist that she came from humanity and thus should be regarded as another member of the Church, some insist that she has attained a divinity not reached by any of her predecessors and is worthy of being regarded as the true Heir of Iteus. Ultimately, the latter faction claims victory, for what does the Church stand for if not ascension to the divine?

    Spoiler: Church Priorities
    1. Secure the Caller Network Key
    2. Understand Efficiency Ground
    3. Achieve Religious Unity in our allies' lands

    Spoiler: Diplomacy
    Nephret Pact:
    -Defensive pact between RMT, ITS, and SYN
    -RMT and SYN support conversions by ITS
    -RMT, ITS, and SYN support buyouts of unowned tps by fellow signatories
    -RMT will change state philosophy to Church of Iteus (FULFILLED)
    -Once possible, ITS will vassalize to RMT (UNFULFILLED)

    Spoiler: Stats
    Malicha’s rolls
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 2 -
    Military 2 -
    Economy 2 -
    Philosophy 7 -
    Intrigue 4 -

    Military unit count: 5
    • None

    • Caller Fragment Strict Obedience; Effect: Once/round +1 Tactical Maneuvering
    • ??? (if you are seeing this, consider this a thanks for caring about my posts )

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Philosophy Center Status
    Itean System T16 Knowledge Parasites Church of Iteus Capital

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    n/a n/a n/a n/a
    Type Name Requirement(s) Effect(s)
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Characters
    -Pontiff Altea (???): Absolute ruler of the Church of Iteus; Condition unique
    -Archdeacon Taltha (DECEASED): In charge of doorlight research, loyal supporter of Altea, drowned in the lower catacombs of the Cathedral
    -Pontiff Malicha: Dedicated to the religious aspects of the Church, formerly doubtful of Altea's direction but loyal regardless, now devoted to the confirmed Heir of Iteus
    -Archdeacon Caranus (DECEASED): Left to spread Iteusism in Rothuun space near the core, status after seeking out the Same unknown
    -Archdeacon Armando (DECEASED): afflicted with a Caller-AI-modified knowledge parasite, rendered catatonic and later expired after being used to temporarily tap into Caller signals
    -X other Archdeacons: subordinates of Altea that go about their business
    -Monarch of Ruria: ruler of the Ruria monarchy, de facto a puppet of the Church in his own country
    -Dictator of Subia: ruler of the Subia dictatorship, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony
    -Prime Minister of Urbia: elected representative of the Parliament of democratic Urbia, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Knights Vacio
    SPACE KING Jaques Delon

    Diplomacy 2
    Military 5
    Economy 10
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 2



    Spoiler: Sub actions: SPACE KING will sign all agreements and is totally not distracted by physical therapy on Droccen.
    Vasalize to WWE
    Trade FLEX security
    Give FLEX security as payment to MYA
    Trade FLEX security for Microplating to ETH
    Accept War beasts from WWE
    Accept Capital ships from Celes

    Military: Invade P14 with 1 unit

    Military Hire a unit

    Military Hire a General Silver The SPACE HORSE roll 7

    Military: Invade a O11 with 1 unit

    Non actions

    News and Rumors

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Vilari Star League

    Region K-25, J-24, L-24, I-25

    Speaker Ren-Kulto
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 6
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 6
    Intrigue 4

    1. [Diplomacy Resolution] Press claim on Region K-23 Automatic 24
    2. [Diplomacy] Attend the First Pan-Galactic Auction
      Spoiler: Event Sub-Actions
      • Accept the Etherites as members of the Star League
    3. [Diplomacy] Stabilize Region I-25 19
    4. [Philosophy] Convert Region L-28 to Way of Tides 13
    5. [Philosophy] Convert Region M-27 to Way of Tides 10
    6. [Military] Build 1 Unit

    Spoiler: Embassies
    • The Galactic Droccen Imperium
    • The Dipanan Collected Nations

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Ninurtine Empire
    Round 9

    News and Rumours
    • Attending the Pan-Galactic Auction, Arch-Aristocrat Ledahadden is hit by a stray shot and killed. In light of the impossibility of determining who fired the shot, and the near-certainty that whoever did was not intending to kill the Arch-Aristocrat specifically, the Empire holds the Commonwealth, as hosts, responsible.
    • The Emperor supports the actions of his Droccen counterpart to exact retribution for the insult given to Imperial authority.
    • Despite an attempt by the supporters of the now very elderly but still active Zaphacheshud to secure his election to the vacant post, the winner is eventually the rather more youthful Cherahephid, who takes the Nisuite seat on the Council. He has a reputation as a hero and a scholar but many are sceptical of his abilities following the long period of stability under Ledahadden.


    [Military] Pending
    [Military] Build a unit
    [Economy] Buy Tabine Warriors: 12 - success
    [Economy] Buy Cavorite: 9 - success
    [Economy] Buy Onliest Hats: 12 - failure
    [Economy] Buy Celenian Alloys: 12 - success


    Support buyouts of non-Imperial-owned TPs by the Republic of Celes
    Resist buyouts of trading posts owned by NUT or CEL.
    Resist all conversion actions

    Spoiler: Ruler Stats

    Emperor Cherahiteth II

    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 8
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 4
    Intrigue: 2

    Next round: +1 Military, +2 Economy

    Spoiler: Ephemera

    Cultural Identity: Stabilising regions (temporary)
    Resources available: Entropic Pearls, Antispice, Mechanical Drones, Multiforce Hammers
    Generals: Lord Admiral Anguradeshib (M10)
    Units: 7

    Spoiler: The Imperial Fleet

    Ship Name Class Tonnage Launch Date Type Status Fleet Flag Officer Notes
    HIMS Santino Santino 200000 217500 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup A Captain Sennaderesh Flagship
    HIMS Frederico Santino 200000 217501 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup A Captain Essacharach
    HIMS Hagen Santino 200000 217502 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup A Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Constanzia Santino 190000 217502 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup B Flagship
    HIMS Sterkelv Sterkelv 60000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Forksby Sterkelv 60000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Harick Sterkelv 62000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Kronar Sterkelv 65000 217503 Destroyer Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Lara Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Vholes Tulkinghorn 102000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Harker Tulkinghorn 101000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Oldbuck Tulkinghorn 102000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup B
    HIMS Clemenza Santino 206000 217504 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup D Flagship
    HIMS Norvest Sterkelv 65000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Ivar Tenderskatter 41000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Morgan Tenderskatter 41000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Maxwell Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Finch Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Rumpole Tulkinghorn 103000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup D
    HIMS Vestlig Sterkelv 65000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Cassius Sterkelv 64000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Skyfather Sterkelv 64000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup D Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Affront Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Outrage Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Pique Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Apoplexy Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Brickbat Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Vex Affront 30000 217504 Torpedo Boat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Afridi Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Tulkinghorn Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E Flagship
    HIMS Brass Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Carton Tulkinghorn 101000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E
    HIMS Jaggers Tulkinghorn 105000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Fogg Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Perker Tulkinghorn 99000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup E Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Genco Santino 210000 217503 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup G Flagship
    HIMS Enga Sterkelv 62000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Gnarl Sterkelv 61000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Peryton Sterkelv 64000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Awstin Sterkelv 65000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Tenderskatter Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Gayle Tenderskatter 40000 217504 Gunboat Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Wickfield Tulkinghorn 100000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Haphazard Tulkinghorn 105000 217504 Frigate Active Battlegroup G
    HIMS Ishtemi Ashina 160000 217501 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Ashina Ashina 160000 217501 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup H Flagship
    HIMS Taspar Ashina 160000 217502 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Seguy Ashina 160000 217502 Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Black Hat Black Hat 50000 217499 Destroyer Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Berendey Black Hat 50000 217499 Destroyer Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Karakal Black Hat 50000 217500 Destroyer Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Haredi Black Hat 52000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Sadak Black Hat 52000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Phiber Black Hat 52000 217504 Destroyer Active Battlegroup H
    HIMS Implacable Inflexible 225000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Impervious Inflexible 226000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup V Flagship
    HIMS Bjurnja Sterkelv 65000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Stormstone Sterkelv 65000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Benedict Sterkelv 60000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V
    HIMS Inflexible Inflexible 225000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup V Former battlegroup flagship. Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Silvorge Sterkelv 60000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Clawling Sterkelv 60000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup V Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.
    HIMS Inexorable Inflexible 226000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Intransigent Inflexible 225000 217506 Armoured Light Cruiser Active Battlegroup Z Commodore Dashunul Flagship
    HIMS Cassius Sterkelv 65000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Minotron Sterkelv 62000 217505 Destroyer Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Hutz Tulkinghorn 102000 217505 Frigate Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Jermyn Tulkinghorn 102000 217505 Frigate Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS MacIntyre Tulkinghorn 102000 217505 Frigate Active Battlegroup Z
    HIMS Cornucopia Cornucopia 300000 217499 Colony Ship Active Colony A Captain Amberechul
    HIMS Penetrator Penetrator 50000 217500 Armed Diplomatic Active Contact A Rear Admiral Sharugin
    HIMS Anson Anson 250000 217496 Exploration In Ordinary Contact B Captain Biphethag Flagship
    HIMS Intrepid Intrepid 30000 217498 Exploration In Ordinary Contact B Commander Himashim
    HIMS Bold Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration In Ordinary Contact B Captain Chanubun
    HIMS Dynamo Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration In Ordinary Contact B
    HIMS Moxy Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration In Ordinary Contact B Commander Chanithashar
    TW-HV Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter In Ordinary Contact B
    TW-AGD Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter In Ordinary Contact B
    TW-AGE Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter In Ordinary Contact B
    TW-AGV Tailwind 5000 217490 Cutter In Ordinary Contact B
    SS-AA Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active Contact D
    SS-AB Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active Contact D
    SS-AG Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active Contact D
    SS-AD Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active Contact D
    SS-AE Skysail 5000 217504 Cutter Active Contact D
    HIMS Fitzroy Anson 250000 217504 Exploration In Ordinary Contact D
    HIMS Thruster Penetrator 49000 217504 Armed Diplomatic Active Contact E
    HIMS Intercourse Penetrator 50000 217504 Armed Diplomatic Active Contact G Captain Bechadoluk
    TW-GAA Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    TW-GAB Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    TW-GAG Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    TW-GAD Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    TW-GAE Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    TW-GAV Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    TW-GAZ Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    TW-GAT Tailwind 5000 217504 Cutter Active Unassigned
    HIMS Dash Intrepid 30000 217498 Exploration In Ordinary Commander Chasukar
    HIMS Audacious Intrepid 30000 217499 Exploration In Ordinary Commander Chadethech
    HIMS Spunk Intrepid 30000 217500 Exploration In Ordinary Commander Henechab
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Turn 9
    Ouren Dris'Thelle

    1. [Economy] Contribute to Axiom's Greatest Drive W15 - resolve favor owed to the CmC, should be (4/5)
    2. [Economy] Buyout H24 TP3 | TN 12
    3. [Diplomacy] Attend the First Pan-Galactic Auction
    4. [Intrigue] Investigate Unrest in H28, questioning the new forces and refugees about happenings there. | No TN
    5. [Intrigue] Finish L.I.S. (5/5)

    Event Sub actions:
    • Vassalize to the Vilari Star League

    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below
    • Support Zurtak Icehardend for the throne in The Battle of Thurtal

    Spoiler: Rolls

    Spoiler: News and Rumors
    [*]News of unrest, change and strife coming from the sector of space referenced as grid marker H28 has sparked an investigation into the goings on there. After significant Etherite investment into the region further actions have been put on hold until such a time as this investigation has concluded. [*]A more stable and diplomatic Rothuun being better for the galaxy and current state of affairs, the Etherites support the ascendancy of Zurtak Icehardened in the Battle of Thurtal for future leadership.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order):

    Diplomacy 7
    Military 3
    Economy 8
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 3

    New Ruler Next Round?
    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    +1 Econ, +1 Int

    Military Units:
    Current: 2

    Mil Unit Cap:
    4 + Regions controlled =

    Great Project
    Name Effect Location
    L.I.S. (League Investigative Service) +1 to counter theft rolls I27
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Boring Mechanics Stuff

    The Worlds of Lyrae
    Current Ruler: The Ascended One, Rii Lyrae

    1. [Diplomacy] Promote the Drive In (12:22 AM, Oct 7th)
    2. [Diplomacy] Attend the Auction
      - Traded Lyraen Elemental Implants for the Duenum's Galactic Mint
      - Traded Lyraen Elemental Implants for the Kronin's War Beasts and H.E.A.T.
      - Traded Lyraen Elemental Implants for CEL's Capital Ship Hulls
    3. [Diplomacy] Explore a nearby region
    4. [Diplomacy] Explore a nearby region
    5. [Philosophy] Convert an owned region

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 8 => 10
    Military: 10
    Economy: 2
    Philosophy 6
    Intrigue: 1

    New Ruler Next Round?: NO

    Border Status: Closed except to allies

    Military Strength: 8

    Military Doctrine: Shock and Awe
    Bigger IS better!
    For every two ships in a fleet, give a +1 bonus on battle rolls.

    Cultural Identity: Praise the Sun!
    Lyraens, one and all, are raised to revere Lyrae herself. Though they may disagree over the best way for the average citizen to live, they all shrink from directly betraying her.
    Resist all covert actions with a 2d8+Int

    Spoiler: Techs
    Lyraen Crystal Implants, Enhanced Microplating, Trade League

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Rothuun Minotaurs
    (Round 9: AR 2166- AR 2168)
    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    [Military] Attack Q17 with 6 units led by Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner (+10 leadership, +4 units, +1 War Beasts, +1 Microplating, +2 Duenem, +3 Warden: +21 so far):
    [Diplomacy] Press Claim on Q21 (14):
    [Diplomacy]Attend the Auction event:
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Give LYR War Beasts, Long Range Advertising, H.E.A.T. Engines, Galactic Currency Mint

    Bid Enhanced Microplating, HEAT Engines, Trade League, and four bonus points in the Rothuun election for Lot 5

    Bid Enhanced Microplating for Lot ?
    Auction the SoS Core Data to the highest bidder

    [???]I have no idea actually:
    [Economy?] Buyout T18.1 for Kadmium Ingots (12):

    Support conversions by ITS, resist all others
    Support buyouts by ITS, EHZ and SYN, resist all others
    Use Takhaun to activate War Beasts

    ETH: Give 'em whatever tech they need

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    The Battle for Thurtal:

    Aneb Two-Gun, the king of Thurtal, is a usurper who stole the throne from the ethnic Thurtuun and killed their leader. Virtash Splitskull, the brother of the previous ruler of the planet, has mustered a rebellious army to seize control of the planet back from Aneb. His forces are weaker than that of the sitting king, but are certainly still large enough to pose a threat.

    The Grishal Rebellion:

    The rebellious forces of Grazakh Peelskin have finally seized complete control of Grishal. To try and reassert control over the planet, the Urthuun sends Zurtak Icehardened, Regional Governor of Baryshev, with the goal of defeating Peelskin and breaking his rebellion. Zurtak has access to far more troops than Grazakh, and holds a significant, but not conclusive, edge over his foe.

    OOC: At the end of Round 10, the current Urthuun will be replaced. During Round 9, both battles listed above will be determined by rolling 2d6. Currently, Zurtak has a +2 to the roll, and Aneb has a +1. Other nations can provide support to any one of the candidates, via a non-action. Mechanical aid is not required, but will be looked upon extremely favorably (possibly up to +3 in exchange for a unit). Whoever wins the Battle for Thurtal will go up against whoever wins the Grishal Rebellion in Round 10, keeping whatever support they gained from previous rounds and with the option of gaining more. The winner of that battle will become the next Urthuun.

    The Candidates!!!

    Zurtak Icehardened: Zurtak Icehardened is the Regional Governor of Baryshev and the consort of the Urthuun. His position is extremely favorable, as he is able to call upon much of the Rothuun’s military for his battles. However, he is young and does not come from a distinguished bloodline, so he will have to become Urthuun via immense displays of violence and power. Zurtak’s policy aligns essentially the same way as does the current administration. He is an expansionist, but willing to negotiate and is receptive to bribery most of the time. He will respect all current alliances, pledges not to go into the core without prior preparation and warning, and will not change religions unless necessary. Likely stat orientation: Mil/Dip.

    Aneb Two-Gun: The son of former Urthuun Thrikar Fleshgorger, Aneb is the current king of Thurtal. He is popular among traditionalist Rothuun and has a large army at his disposal. The newer, less aggressive generation of minotaurs, however, believes him to be “totally uncool” and “lacking chill”. Aneb’s policy is that of aggressive expansion, without regard for neighbors or for diplomacy. He is heavily opposed to the Eye of the Horizon, and promises to attack the Core head-on with the goal of exterminating the Same. He will respect the Nephret Pact, but only so long as it suits him. Aneb is a devout follower of the Cult of Blood and may try to eliminate the Church of Iteus from Taurina I. Likely stat orientation: Mil/Dip or Phi.

    Virtash Splitskull: The brother of former king of Thurtal Posekh Flatfoot, Virtash is a very different sort of Rothuun. He is a diplomat, a globalist, and is heavily interested in establishing good relationships with foreign powers and even with the Sisterhood of Silence. Due to these unorthodox policies, Virtash is not popular in Taurina I, but he has still managed to gather a significant force of supporters and is now challenging Aneb Two-Gun for control of Thurtal. Should Virtash become Urthuun, he will expand primarily via diplomatic means, and will not intrude into other nations’ sovereignty. He has pledged not to enter the core or to fight the Same at all, and will denounce or attack any whom attempt to do so. He will respect all alliances, attempt to forge as many new ones as possible, and will not change religions. Likely stat orientation: Dip/Mil.

    Grazakh Peelskin: King of Grishal, Grazakh Peelskin is a filthy, wretched, unpopular beast. He surrounds himself with freaks, monsters, abominations much like himself. For all his misery, however, Grazakh has a surprising amount of support, mainly from enclaves on his planet of Grishal. He is also aligned heavily with An’Null’s Eradicators, and in fact is a follower of the nihilistic Cult of An’Null. Grazakh’s policy is to expand using subterfuge and deception, to follow alliances only as long as they are in his interest, and to be a mercenary follower of bribery. He favors an Eradicator-led breach of the core, and will almost certainly try to change the state religion. Likely stat orientation: Int/Dip or Phi.

    Spoiler: People of Interest
    Kzarna Harpooner Urthuun of the Rothuun Minotaurs, Queen of Phakhtal and Ikhal
    Aneb Two-Gun King of Thurtal, son of Thrikar Fleshgorger
    Zurtak Icehardened Regional Governor of Baryshev, consort of Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner
    Virtash Splitskull Significant government figure, brother of Posekh Flatfoot
    Grazakh Peelskin King of Grishal
    Bephik Axemaker High Priest of Iteus
    Autha Snapneck Ambassador to Niconia
    Guntur Greataxe Son of Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner and Zurtak Icehardened
    Thrikar Fleshgorger Former Urthuun, deceased father of Aneb Two-Gun

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Enhanced Microplating
    War Beasts
    Trade League
    Long Range Advertising
    H.E.A.T. Engines
    Galactic Currency Mint

    Spoiler: Bookeeping and Ruler Info
    Units: Phakhuun Marines, Black Knights, Kronin unit X2, Etherite unit X2

    Resources Controlled: Takhaun (Q19.1), Miracle Machines (P22.3), Diluted Dark Energy (Q13.1)

    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    Diplomacy: 9 +1
    Military: 10
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    NPC Actions

    Expiration Dates close at the end of the round specified in their description:

    Sisterhood of Silence

    Unfortunately for the Sisterhood their investigation into the attack on Shimmering Light reveals no clear leads. While the sudden onset of the Abbess’s paranoid attack were highly suspicious any usable evidence was incinerated alongside the monastery leaving little to work with and much to be suspicious of.

    [Intrigue] Move HQ from J14 to I13 - For the first time in recorded history the movements of the Mother Superior’s mobile headquarters are transmitted across non-secured channels. The mobile supership The Matriarch, comparable in size to the Celenian capital ships and relic of a bygone age, was on a path to Lighted Pathway, the last remaining holdout of the original Sisterhood around the Core. This public movement draws attention of the unpleasant variety from the Same who swarm the ancient battleship as it passes into and out of rival territories dragging different versions along with it and prompting a significant ripple through the equilibrium of the Core. The escape of v0.05 into wider Axiom before the introduction of the Core Patrol at Umbral Augury cut off the gap in vigil containment had upset the balance and now the Mother Superior’s travel pushed Same activity to a centuries long high.

    [Intrigue] Transmit a snapshot of the Core to all of Axiom’s powers - While there would doubtless be some who would blame the Sisterhood for an eternity for their failures in the decade following Maturation it had always been the Sisterhood’s self appointed duty to monitor and contain the Same threat. That mantle had now passed to Core Patrol and the Maturated species of Axiom and the Sisterhood, or at least the Mother Superior, wished to pass the torch willingly and with grace. The arrival of The Matriarch outside Lighted Pathway prompts Abbess Dorith to meet with her leadership on the ancient battleship and the two old Greys at last determine a course of action for their much diminished order. A final gift is given to all of Axiom, a complete data dump of the most up to date readings on the Same within the Core transmitting on repeat from the monastery in H12.

    See Excel Map for update

    [Military] Launch a final crusade against the Same and turn over Lighted Pathway to the region claimant - The remaining loyal Sisters are given a choice, stay at Lighted Pathway and await the arrival of Core Patrol or another interested party willing to man the stations of the region to monitor for the Same or strike out on board The Matriarch in a doomed but righteous crusade against the Same nestled within the Core. A few choose to remain behind, believing they would be better served maintaining the Sister’s vigil in their hearts despite the absence of their order, while most choose to board the battleship and depart into the Core one final time...(-2 Units in H12. Whoever takes H12 is free to define the former SoS Base there as a CPC or ANE base with a non-action or take an action to transform the old base into an independent Same Monitoring Station Great Project)

    Core Patrol Corps
    Spoiler: Temporary until Gengy makes a new one

    [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Patrolmen - While the tenure of King Jacques DeLeon had done much to undermine the perception of Knights Vacio as a serious military force there were exiled members of the Vacio clone knight order who resided in sector P10 operating Cannabliss farms as a means to fund their continued regimented training and serious mercenary lifestyle. These Clone Knights in exile, “Old Enemies” to the modern reign of SPACE KING, are invited to lay down their grudges against Jacques and serve a more dignified purpose that would uplift the order Vacio in the eyes of the galaxy. Many in the system saw how grim prospects were in their splinter sect leading a counterrevolution against Jacques and so the offer to join the Patrolmen entices many who take up arms for the cause of destroying the Same. (Units in P10 reduced by 1)

    [Diplomacy] Request a base from GLR in Neo-Sol (K9) - With bad blood between many of Axiom’s inhabitants and the Sisterhood wiped away by the new Core Patrol a request can safely be sent out to the Gelean Emperor requesting the Geleans, who had become quite focused on Same containment in the years following the attack on Ascendant Aurora Monastery, build a Core Patrol base in their capital. Almost all of the Core was now covered in the blanket of CPC outposts but the northern edge remained the most vulnerable. While the Same station built on the remnants of the monastery would help it did not possess the range provided by a CPC bastion. (Request: GLR build a Base in K9. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Expiration Date: Round 11)

    [Diplomacy] Attend the big event - When news comes of Axiom's inhabitants wishing to meet and make merry with the new Core Patrol Corps plans to recruit directly are delayed in favor of receiving recruits from the interested powers of Axiom looking to stock the CPC barracks with soldiers willing to fight the Same.

    • Accept 4 Units from the KBC (Give KBC 2 Favors)

    Cosmic Couriers

    [Economy] Buyout Katarsa (M27) Dipanan Cuisine TP2 - With investments in DDD growing throughout the galaxy the Couriers seek to hire some of the best chefs in the galaxy to staff their new franchises. Dipanan cuisine was famous the galaxy over for being rich in styles and daring in mixtures and experimentality with alien foodstuff. Hoping to provide a fun and friendly dining experience for all their soon to be customers these Dipanan food specialists and their extensive ingredient lists are purchased by Courier-backed exchanges within the Dipanan market.

    [Economy] Buyout Cyreilean Expanse (J8) Cyreilean Marching Powder TP 1 for LYR - Approached by the Kombuch with a deal the Couriers sideline acquiring liquor to focus on the task requested by the fungus. It seems the Lyraens had been more than a little reliant on the Cyreilean Marching Powder coming out of Kombuch space and the Kombuch war on drugs had cut off their supply leaving many Lyraens without their "medicine." A bargain is struck by the Kombuch who offer two trading posts or their equivalent to the Couriers in exchange for a rush delivery of the blue powder to its eager Lyraen customers. Proxos elects to join in this delivery seeking an audience with Lyrae that the two luminaries could discuss their discoveries made in the intervening years between their last visit. After all, Proxos had toured the galaxy (a record of which could be found at any fine entertainment distributor in Axiom) meeting dozens of species and thousands of individuals along the way. He wished to share his most intimate observations with an equal, naive though that equal may have been with her continued obsession over her own creations so long now into their evolution. (Request: CmC buyout J8 TP 1 for LYR. Reward: KBC +1 Favor owed to CmC. Expiration date: Round 9)

    [Economy] Buyout I5 Tiny Cats TP2 - While the majority of current Courier interest was focused on expanding culinary offerings in anticipation of the completion of DDD investments in the near future there was a desire to maintain a diversified investment portfolio. The “tiny cats” genetic experimentation conducted by Amanyk scientists in I5 continued to test well among focus groups as possible pets. Desiring to be a producer in this market the Couriers join the Nyxians in laying a stake to the regional production.

    An’Null’s Eradicators

    No leads at all are uncovered by the Eradicator investigation into the Library’s thief. The Eradicators decide to chalk the loss up as more reason to intimidate and browbeat their enemies to discourage such behavior in the future.

    [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Eradicators - Realizing the potential offered by haywire death machines and unafraid of inflicting casualties in their extraction of these tripods Eradicator vessels move into galactic sector D4 corraling a sizable legion of cyclopean tripods from the planet to serve An’null. Mass EMP bombs temporarily disable the tripods (and the locals most advanced defenses) allowing ANE to scoop up a sizable number of the murderous drones. The Eradicators suffer some of their own losses but these are outpaced by the gains made through acquisition of ancient death robots set to be unleashed on unsuspecting planets. (Units in D4 reduced by 1)

    [Intrigue] Raid Dregisles (N32) Guns TP1 from KCW - The One High Maxim had failed to deliver the Kryptids and doubtless there were some who saw his debt to the Eradicators as uncollectable. The Eradicators were not of this persuasion. In the first of a multistep collection process the Casrule’s hold in Dregisles responsible for maintaining importation of guns is assaulted by Eradicator raiders looking to loot the arms for their own nefarious ends.

    [Intrigue] Secret

    Support Grazakh Peelskin among the Rothuun
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Technocratic Meritocracy of Caruflaith Restored
    Vassal of the Mier Formica

    Regions W5, X6 and Y5
    Marshal Galen, disciple of Aoife
    Round 9

    1. [Military]Invade Z4 with 3 units, Marshal Galen using MFM Mil 6

    2. [Military]Raise Unit

    3. [Military]Raise Unit

    4. [Military]Raise Unit

    5. [Diplomacy]Probe Y11?


    Vote for Aneb Two-Gun in the Rothuun election. Containment is rubbish!

    Embassy with CLS: -

    Resist all foreign buyouts, conversions etc., unless converting to state faith or explicitly permitted.

    Allow and support CLS buyouts of open TPs.

    News and Rumors:

    Spoiler: Ruler

    Marshal Galen Aoife
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 3 +2
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 10
    Intrigue 1

    Specials used: F5, F10, D5, E5
    New ruler: NO

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    3 units
    Rep 1 with CMC, 1 favor (Reduce ZoI penalty by one step for Buyouts in regions containing and Adjacent to a CmC Relay)
    Y5 Ryuvia Relay Bonus: Controlled Trade: Region owner may endorse Buyouts regardless of TP owner. If a Buyout is Endorsed in this way the TP owner may still choose to resist the Buyout.

    Mysterium repairs 1/2
    Embassy with CLS
    CI: 2d8 to Buyouts and Resisting Buyouts in regions found in the Hard/Improbable ZoI with a third Trade Post (shared with CLS)
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    (R8, S7, S9, T6, T8)

    Member of the Uplift Chorus
    General Secretary Jerry Gates
    Diplomacy 4
    Military 7
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 4

    1. [Military] WAR Invade Aaxian (U9) with 4 Units under Commissar Holt (7) using Mass Wave Tactics - The Dawnstar Dominion is invited to participate or even take charge of this final push against the Draaxeri threat and assured the region when captured will be turned over to their authority in accordance with the Hallion Accords. The Draaxeri Fang must be quashed before their violent fearful lashing out can threaten further peace and stability engendered by Hallion signatories. Once the warlord who has seized control of their home ranging grounds has been dealt with it is hoped the Superterrans can themselves be uplifted into a more enlightened state of being.
    2. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Red Fleet Dreadnoughts - With access to dozens of new worlds through their expansion the Union requisitions a number of vessels from across the sectors under their dominion. Large ships are preferred for their capability to host weapons and GLD engines. These vessels are pressed into military service under the codes of the People's Republics which ensured for the common defense and allowed for the impressment of industrial products into the service of the Red Fleet.
    3. [Diplomacy] Press Claim on T4 TN: 12/18 Roll: 2d6+5 - Seeking to bring the Mindcasters the enlightenment they sought following the Tezh’s instruction of the psions in the nature of the universe as One envoys from Union attempt to carefully introduce the dwindling race to the wider galaxy. The Gestalt consciousness of sector R8 proves especially fascinating to the psionic individuals and the two entities are encouraged to meet and exchange thoughts regarding Oneness and service to the collective good.
    4. [Diplomacy] Press Claim on U5 TN: 12/18 Roll: 2d6+5 - A difficult task it is nonetheless one given to diplomats representing Union interests abroad. The grand marketplace of sector U5 is to be enticed into joining with the Union for collective protection and prosperity to be shared among the denizens of the federated republics. A desire to discover more about the "magical" Krackle Seeds acts as the basis for extended contact as scientific curiosity is played to entice the locals into learning more about the "trading" practices of the Union in favor of their current laissez-faire open market.
    5. [Economy 5] Upgrade R4 Energy Crystals from [Good] to [Great] taking TP3 - While the Alysian contracting of the Eradicators was cause for serious concern the Secretary General was more concerned with ending the Draax threat than in igniting a way with the Assembly. While there were those in Union calling for war against the Alysians for their cutting off of Methane to the capital and constant harassment about orbital bombardment of Union protected cities the General Secretary hoped to find a path of compromise. To that end resources and labor are poured into the energy crystal mines of sector R4. The Alysians themselves used energy crystals so surely these would satisfy their demands for "clean" energy, right?
    6. [Economy] Buyout S9 Boreal Metal TP1 TN: 12 Roll: - Adjustments are made to the proposals for public work in Borealis to try and incentivize labor into cooperating with the Union for the greater good.

    Non Actions

    Rocthurhi Embassy

    Lyraen Embassy
    • Petition Lyrae for an audience concerning the state of living conditions for the prisoners of Lyrae III

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • CPC
    • SoS
    • Same
    • Draax

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region # Resource Minor Good Great Learning Center Assembly
    Terron Home Sector S7 Matter Manipulators SPR Open XXX The One -
    The Gestalt R8 Psychic Spirals VLS KNV Open The One -
    Borealis S9 Boreal Metal Open Open ETH The One -
    Crystal's Edge T6 Crystal Skulls CmC RTH XXX The One -
    Huvile & Truffoplis T8 Thneedz Open Open Open The One The One

    Spoiler: Armies and Technology

    4/9 Cap
    1. Princess Task Force Warships
    2. Gestalt Psychics
    3. Red Fleet Support Ships
    4. Red Fleet Marines

    Tactical Doctine
    Mass Wave Tactics (Size Losses become 1d5)

    Military Technology


    Cultural Identity
    • 2d8 on Conversions (Ideology 10 LC Bonus)
    • Verification Required - 2d8 on Resist Conversions (Shared from RTH)



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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Regions H6, I7, I9, J4, J6, & J8
    Round 9

    News and Rumors

    • [Dip] Stabilize J4
    • [Dip] See what all the fuss is about (attend the slave auction)
    • [?]
    • [?]
    • [?]
    • [?]

    • Accept deal with the CmC to buy out Cyreilian Marching Powder on the behalf of the Lyreans.
    • Accept gift of Galactic Currency Mint Tech from CBS as partial fulfillment of the demarcation treaty.
    • Send 4 units of Sprite Class Fighters to the CPC at the event.

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    Consolidator Disco Webcap
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 7
    Economy 3
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 6

    Expected gains: +1 Dip +? ???

    Spoiler: Military

    Generals: None
    Technologies: None
    Tactics: Also None!
    Units: 6/9
    6 Squadrons of Sprite Class Fighter Ships
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Wardens of World’s End
    Chief Deputy Warden Antich Heaventreader


    [MIL]: Invade Q17 with 3 Units
    Wardens in the Core Patrol check their ansible communication devices from within the Umbral Augury and hear word of the Rothuun mounting a battle against the Same. A task force of elite Masters and their most prized Sparks are given the duty of reinforcing the bulwark against the Apocalypse.

    [MIL] Invade N22 with 1 Unit
    While the Squall ferries away the taskforce of supplementary masters Syndrome bioships of the Core Patrol move in the opposite direction. Parking themselves around star systems in the far southern border of Warden gripped space they act as military deterrent and foundational crew for the petitioning of a fall back base against Same Incursion; In light of V0.05.

    [PHI]: Convert M21 (13) Success!

    [PHI]: Convert N20 10 Fail

    [INT]: Investigate the Divination Technology of the Same 7
    Masters of Shadow are intrigued by the unerring accuracy and deadly precision of the Same in battle. In preparation of the coming battle against Same V0.05 a ritual of understanding is employed. Holy oils are dabbed on the salvage recovered, sacred incense burned, and the Button-That-Glows-Blue-But-Sometimes-Green is consulted with precise finger presses while efforts for reverse engineering such technology are taken.

    [INT]: Secret Action 14
    Shadow and Flame
    All in Accord
    Trial for the Masters
    Nothing to Record

    Accept offers of Vassaldom
    Vote for Zurtak (3 Votes)
    Gift War Beasts to GLR and KNV

    Spoiler: Ruler Stat Bonuses and Empire tracking

    Diplomacy 10
    Military 6
    Economy 1
    Philosophy 6
    Intrigue 5

    Expected Bonuses: +1 Int, +1 Phil, +1 Mil

    Embassies with: CEL, KNV, GLR

    Opposing All Buyouts and Conversions

    Cultural Identity: None

    Tactical Doctrine: Bending Light Technique

    Units: 8

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Regions D30, D32, E27, E29, E31, F30
    Round 9
    Transcendence Division Head Brez Y'ett
    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 1
    Economy: 3
    Philosophy: 5
    Intrigue: 5

    1 [ECONOMY] Trade with Nyx - Give: Xaldarian Expanse (E31) Spies TP1; Receive: Mobius System (M5) Sonics TP1

    Hoping to achieve a manifold resolution to issues raised by Nyxians, Symbraum, and Kamasati UPT purchasers meet with Nyxian merchants to exchange bills of services intended to settle a brewing conflict peacefully. The Nyx are to hand over their contracts with the Sonics of M5 that the Dream Child race may be overseen and selectively elevated to serve the Dreamers of the Symbraum Pantheon in accordance with guidance from the Kamasati. In return the UPT would hand over a trained spy network to the Nyxian pantheon and pledge to continue developing economic relations with the Guilds as now permitted by their formal embassy. It is hoped this political and economic deal will help ensure peace and stability not only between Nyxian and Symbraum but Gelean and Kamasati.

    2 [ECONOMY] Fund Aneb Two-Gun's campaign for Urthuun among the Rothuun Minotaurs

    Haz J'min, spiritual adviser loaded down with basic trade goods and supplies, is sent to attempt and guide Aneb from seeking restoration of the Cult of Blood to instating the obvious truth that the Minotaurs were the most powerful War Gods in Axiom. Their Pantheon was the only one righteous enough to strike down the Demons of the Same horde without succumbing to secretive plots intended to manipulate the situation for their own ends. Aneb's father had rightfully questioned the Sisterhood who had kept secrets about the Core valuable to all of Axiom. Likewise the Symbraum did not trust the "Wardens of World's End" who appeared to have infected some of the Same with reverence of their Source and now attempted to claim leadership of the Same crusade. While this information had come to light from a Sisterhood investigation it was UPT's stance that two untrustworthy sources posing as heroes were most likely to tell the truth about one another when it served their ends. The Rothuun were derided as a simple species by a number of Stellar Powers but the Symbraum saw them as an honest and straightforward Pantheon of stellar warriors. TD Head Brez Y'ett believed Aneb could, in time, learn to teach his people to see themselves in this way too and lead them in holy crusade against the Same Demons and those who would manipulate the demonic for their own nefarious ends.

    3 [PHILOSOPHY] Convert Demon's Fall (E27) from Open to Spiral Dancer

    Another attempt is mounted by the increasingly ideologically motivated institutions of UPT to push the newly annexed mercenaries of sector E27 to embrace their roles within the hierarchy of god and demon as soldiers of the divine. Years under the malicious AI Peter had deadened many of his survivors to the horrors and beauty of the cosmos and the Symbraum were forced to work hard to restore their vision of the metaphysical truths. While not quite of the level of an independent pantheon as the Symbraum or Sleepers were these Dream Children had been forced to advance along their journey to godhood by their trials and tribulations making them well equipped to serve the new gods as holy warriors in righteous crusade against the demonic forces of Axiom.

    4 [PHILOSOPHY 5] Establish the God Mind Seminary a Spiral Dancer Assembly in the Xaldarian Expanse (E31)

    Originating from the Xaldarian Expanse as a sage and seeker of truths Brez Y'ett's sponsorship of a formal philosophical academy being organized back on the Symbraum homeworld came as no surprise. The "God Mind Seminary" was set to become the premiere bastion for Spiral Dancer instruction not only in UPT space but across the whole of Axiom. The Kamasati High Dreamer's work to bring the ideology to the Tomb Worlds and beyond, failure though this foray into the beyond might have been, were lauded alongside the opening ceremony of the Seminary. Here it was hoped the finest most inquisitive minds of the gods would be shaped and honed by the revelations of divine knowledge allowing the psychic web to grow stronger through shared knowledge of the highest truths.

    5 [INTRIGUE] Establish the means to track and/or manipulate Efficiency Ground (2/2)

    Those assigned to designing a means to track what could very well be untrackable and manipulate what very well could be unmanipulable resort to mystic pattern identifications and intense speculation to conclude their research ahead of the dispatching of trained investigators. Energy readings of the three heralds are placed side by side with charts of known Caller Fragment recovery locations seeking to find in the noise some pattern that might identify where a great relic of the old gods might lurk. Obviously with so much of the interior of Axiom exposed by exploratory fleets from the fellow pantheons it is deduced Efficiency Ground likely lay somewhere around the galactic rim. However which 'corner' of the galaxy hid the Revolution driving engine remained a mystery. With so much space still left uncovered leading theories point to the galactic southeast though the Symbraum assigned to this project fill their final report with qualifying statements and excuses on why they may very well be wrong.

    6 [INTRIGUE] Secret

    Not all that occurs within UPT is known to those who seek to listen in.


    • Endorse conversion of D30 from Open to Spiral Dancer
    • Endorse conversion of E27 from Open to Spiral Dancer
    • Endorse conversion of E29 from Open to Spiral Dancer
    • Endorse conversion of F30 from Open to Spiral Dancer


    [4/10 UNITS]
    Emergency Defense Force One
    Alien Mummy Drones
    Freedom Company Mercenaries


    • Kombuch raids on Nyxian held trading posts is criticized but not referred to as a breach of the Cacola Conference Treaty. After all, the Nyx were not themselves signatories in spite of their claiming its protections due to their vassalage to the Gelean Emperor. UPT encourages a convening of signatories and afflicted parties to arbitrate the dispute in a civilized manner. UPT still believed the Kombuch desired conversion to Spiral Dancer ideology and did not wish to drive them away by siding with the Nyxians, provisioners of the most desired brains, but primarily seen as opportunistic merchants more than staunch allies.
    • The Kamasati are thanked profusely for their aid in promoting the Spiral Dancer beliefs among UPT sectors. While their efforts had not managed to succeed outside the Tomb Worlds the growing ideological cohesion of UPT territory was a boon not only to the Symbraum but the entire ideology. If efforts to incorporate the Rothuun, or somehow align more closely with the god-ascendant seekers in Iteus, could prove fruitful yet another divine chorus could join the fraternity of the gods.
    • The threat of the Same was clearly mounting at the Core. While the newly empowered 'Core Patrol Corps' seemed poised to contain and strike against the demonic horde those whom fought repeatedly, namely the Wardens, did not appear to be trustworthy defenders of the galaxy in spite of their noble rhetoric. Rumors circulate within UPT of a desire to see a fatwa declared against the Same by the High Dreamer and efforts focused as equally on obtaining trustworthy allies Core-side as on tracking down and ending the threat of another Revolution. These rumors appear to be confirmed with the dispatching of Haz J'min to circulate the idea of holy war supported by fellow gods among the Rothuun.
    • Activity by the One adherent Uplift Chorus so close to UPT held space was concerning given the vast gulf of space separating the UPT from Tezh or Rocthurhi held territories. If the Spiral Dancers were threatened by subsuming to the One there would necessarily be response and it was unlikely to be a pleasant one. The Tezh and Rocthurhi are encouraged to mind their own sectors of space and leave be the ideological persuasions of distant star systems containing no state sponsor of their simplistic belief in universal flatness.
    • A number of retired Symbraum are furious when they hear the news of Korima's captivity and attempted auction by the Commonwealth of Zara. Celestian and Droccen entertainment programming had been popular early in the years following Maturation and while time had dulled the draw of xeno entertainment and Korima was something of an outdated superstar her fling with SPACE KING and royal status had kept her in the tabloids in the years following her dip in broadcast viewership within UPT. No official statement on the matter is released by any UPT state organ.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Federated Churches of Origin's End
    God-Speaker Androgynous-Delicate-Festival Allchurch Branches-Worn-By-Water
    Round 9 - Galactic Dates 217516.0.0.81 - 217518.0.0.80

    1. [Diplomacy]Push Claim on U19

    2. [Diplomacy]Push Claim on W21

    3. [Philosophy] Establish Church of Rust Assembly in V20

    4. [Military]Secure V18 with one Unit

    5. [Economy] Give V20 TP1 for Salvage Technicians to KCW

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • The Revolution is awe-inspiring. What incredible mastery over space itself! But in equal parts is it terrifying - none of the Most Vigilant's warnings hinted at such a possibility. As more information becomes available, some claim this to be due to the Revolution's apparent randomness and the lack of immediate threat. This is hardly satisfying, however, and the overwhelming sentiment is a need for answers. Though the areas so recently explored have largely become untenable for further investigation, the Federated Churches' neighbors are now those whose contents have been uncovered by others - including the Ninurtine Empire, whose militant approach to expansion and conflict worries the newly chosen Godspeaker. A line of discussion is opened to hopefully ensure the safety of the Rhoshan people, and several ships bearing missionaries, theologians, and more are dispatched to investigate the

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Regions: V20

    Units: 3/5 - 2
    • Fleet Vigilance
    • Fleet Curiosity's Fulfillment

    Knights Vacio

    Spoiler: Important Persons
    • The Living Reliquary Grace-Which-Is-Beauty's-Sustenance a.k.a. 'Grace'
    • Exchange-Wing Officer Sorren Caxton Elien
    • Masculine-Night-Born Lightbearer
    • Feminine-Our-Victory HighTower GateReef
    • Masculine-Happiness Born-Of Feminine-Praise-Giving Born-Of Androgynous-Gods-Give-Strength-In-Loss NewCreation Yellow-Glade-River

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 2
    Economy 2
    Philosophy 10
    Intrigue 5

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    +1 Diplomacy
    +1 Military
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Theocratic Regency of Svaatyr
    Round 9
    K21, J20, L20

    Svrrta-Zel Mrrzety
    Diplomacy: 1
    Military: 10
    Economy: 2
    Philosophy: 10
    Intrigue: 7

    1 - Mil 10: Make The Second Crusade permanent

    2 - Mil: Invade J22 with 3 units

    3 - Int: Investigate the destruction of the SoS base in L20 [16]

    4 - Int: Secret Action

    5 - Mil: Raise Unit

    Spoiler: Non-actions

    New ruler next turn:
    Spoiler: Svrrta-Zel Satyiin

    Diplomacy: 1
    Military: 4+3
    Economy: 1
    Philosophy: 1+2
    Intrigue: 3+2


    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    The growing list of duties that the church has to deal with has led to an agreed restructuring of the upper council. While the church retains its position of head of domestic affairs, the role of its saint has been split into two. Mrrzety is to retain her position as head of the faith, and will continue to manage the more spiritual aspects of The Nine, while her former aide, Satyiin (who had increasingly been having to directly handle the workload anyway) will formally take a position in which he will manage the more day to day aspects of running the regency. Janiil did point out that this was technically her job already, but was forced to concede that her own workload wouldn't handle the addition of so much.

    Though nothing so crass as infighting occurred, Vanrr and Tyiiven both took advantage of the restructure to get their feet in with the new boss, and more than a few of their orders of business mysteriously moved up the agenda.

    Spoiler: National Information

    Spoiler: Dramatis Personae

    • Svrrta-Zel Mrrzety - Head of Spiritual affairs and (former) effective head of state
    • Svrrta-Zel Satyiin - Effective head of state, and in charge of the day to day management of the church
    • Svrrta-Zel Vanrr - Retired general, and head of the Crusader Corps
    • Svrrta-Zel Tyiiven - Head of intelligence
    • Svrrta-Zel Janiil - Head of domestic affairs
    • Svrrta-Zel Frvamas - Head of communications and outreach. Travels a lot, mostly because the position is considered a bit of a joke.

    Spoiler: Military

    Permanent Tactical Doctrine - The Second Crusade

    7 Units

    Spoiler: Resources

    • Sunstones - [K21]
    • Unbreakable Twizzlers - [J20]

    Spoiler: Fragments

    Peaceful Outreach

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Rundhrul of the Ofgryl Cluster

    1. [Dip]Attend Auction

    2. [Int]Secret [Redacted]

    • Support Aneb Two-Gun in Rothuun politics.
    • Give DNM HEAT engines. Further details of the trade remain unknown to the public.
    • Trade Energy Distribution for Capital Ship Hulls with CEL.

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order)
    Diplomacy 9
    Military 6
    Economy 1
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 10

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Galactic Droccen Imperium
    Capital Region G19
    Colonial Regions F18, H18, G21, G17, H20, F20

    Empress Sai
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 6
    Economy 6
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 1

    Round 8 Actions
    1.[Diplomacy]Claim H22 on Ideological grounds.
    2.[Diplomacy]Attend Event. (Accept Capital Ship Hulls from CEL. Accept Korima's safe return from CWZ.)
    3.[Economy]Buyout Magnalium Alloy TP 1 in region H18.
    4.[Economy]Send an expedition into I19.
    5.[Military]Raise 1 Unit.
    6.[Military]Invade CWZ space G25 with 4 units led by General Sukero (Mil 7) with the following demands:
    1. Ownership of tp 1 (Guardians) in DCC captial region G19 must immediately be turned over to DCC from CWZ control.
    2. Governor Zivska and all parties involved in the kidnapping and attempted droccen trafficking of Imperial Princess Korima must accept extradition to DCC for investigation and trial.

    Embassy Actions
    • Rocthurhi
    • Vilari Sodality
    • Conclave of the Black Sun

    • Resist unauthorized conversions and buyouts.
    • Support all buyouts and claims by the NDA.

    News and Rumors
    • To come!

    Stat Increases
    +1 Mil, +1 Eco
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dawnstar Dominion

    Master Marius Thresher Nox

    1 (Mil) Raise a Unit

    2 (Mil) Raise a Unit

    3 (Dip) Establish a claim on U7

    4 (Dip) TBD

    5 (Int) Secret

    Spoiler: Tactical Doctrine
    'Scour the Bridge'.
    Mindful of the threat of effective command, 'Dominion strike squads lead daring strafing runs targeting the bridge of the opposing flagship, in a bid to cripple their command structure (chance of leader loss for enemies increased by 4)

    Spoiler: Active Units

    Master's Force; The personal guard force of the standing Master. Remains within home territory 'cept in times of war, where they join the Master's grand fleet.

    Grey Bulwark; The first squadron of 'the Line' equipped with GLD, the 'Bulwark is one of the oldest continuously operational squadrons in Starfleet, known for their complex, interlocking defensive formations, and possessing the fastest cruisers among the Wardens' forces.

    Stalwart Shield; Refitted with the last major reserves of metal available to the fledgling Aurelian Order, the 'Shield is one of the Wardens' heavier squadrons, comprised of bulky, ponderously slow heavy cruisers. Using tractor beams to remain anchored in formation during battle, these armoured beasts are formidable weapons platforms. Heavily damaged in the attack on Hallion, the Shield were rapidly repaired by the Aurelian Order and sent back into the field as a bulwark.

    Spoiler: Inactive (Lost) Units

    Ravager Squadron; The oldest and most decorated squadron in Starfleet, Ravager's Squadron Leaders were the most commonly elected to the position of Officer & Master. Such storied names as Aurelius, first Master of the Interstellar Era, back to Axton himself, led the Ravagers to glory on the battlefield. Lost with all hands on the Great Foray, the Ravagers banners remain on display in the Academy, a relic of the days the 'Dominion stood above all others.

    Crimson Heart; Marius' personal flotilla of light cruisers, the only vessels to return from the Great Foray, credited with establishing the roots of vassalage within the neighbouring system of the pencilpushers. Lost in transit to defend their valiant allies in the SPR, the fate of the Crimson Heart remains unknown.

    First Flight; The first squadron into space, First Flight scoured the stars in the days before the GLD was gifted to the 'Dominion, tirelessly mapping the Talvox system and surrounding sector, establishing peaceable relations with lesser races and remaining a beacon of hope that advanced life remained beyond our knowledge. Lost in battle against unknown foes during the Great Foray, First Flight remains a symbol of all exploration may gain for our great 'Dominion.

    Shatter Squadron: The teeming mass of corvettes, crewed by the most inexperienced of Starfleet's recruits, is the breeding ground for competent non-nobility to rise to prominence. Unfortunately, this inexperience led Shatter to catastrophe as a routine navigation task delegated to a fresh-faced ensign went horribly awry, shooting the squadron into the heart of an exoplanet on their inaugural jump as part of the Great Foray.

    Spoiler: Trade Posts

    TP 1 U11 (Jabberjaus)[Fuel]
    TP 1 W7 (Gazmium)[Hard Metal]
    TP 1 U7 (Mindbreakers)[The Valuable Trained Personnel One]

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    No new leader
    Projected increases Mil + 1, Dip +1
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