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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    NPC Actions

    Expiration Dates close at the end of the round specified in their description:

    Sisterhood of Silence

    [Intrigue] Investigate Same v0.06’s promotion of ‘the Source’ - The Sisterhood has stood vigil around the Core for millenia and in all that time the only phrase broadcast by the Same has been “In the name of the Same, that which is different will be purged” and yet v0.06 was now broadcasting, outside of its containment, the phrase “In the name of the Source, that which is different will continue to be purged.” Given the Source was known as the Eye of the Horizon’s revered black hole this change was rather disturbing. Could it be the Same were monitoring broadcasts by Core-adjacent powers and had adopted some twisted form of the Accords of Shadow & Flame? Or perhaps it was merely coincidence, a permutation in v0.06’s programming replacing ‘the Same’ name with the new title of ‘the Source’? Or, and this thought disturbed the Sisterhood more than anything, the Eye of the Horizon’s saber rattling towards the Grymlans and others was merely to distract from their own ambitions to gain control of the Same? If this last conjecture was correct the Eye would be enemies not only to the Sisterhood but to any who valued the safety of the galaxy and containment or destruction of the Same.

    [Diplomacy] Attend the Revolution Conference - While the Revolution itself had not affected the Sisterhood’s vigil or the apparent position of the Same the escape of v0.06 into Axiom proper and the crumbling of the vigil’s utility has prompted some in the Sisterhood to call for a change to the order. If the Same was not to be corralled and contained by their monasteries any longer and it was the overwhelming desire of the Maturated to fight rather than contain was it not the Sisterhood’s obligation to adapt? Debates take up much of the former hours of quiet contemplation that had long marked the halls of the Sisterhood’s monasteries. The Eradicators had attempted to impose their might as a mercenary organization to support their Core-adjacent expansions so was it not up to the Sisterhood to make a more compelling counter-offer? Ultimately the order remains divided and missives are sent out to all Stellar Powers of the Sisterhood’s intention to host a conference regarding the Same and their order in the upcoming years. All Stellar Powers with positive SoS reputation or Favors owed to them come the time of this conference will be invited and allocated votes in accordance with their reputation affording them the opportunity to define the Sisterhood’s destiny.

    The SoS will host an Event in Round 8 that all are welcome to attend and those with Reputation 1 or higher and/or Favors owed to them by the SoS will be asked to participate in. The SoS will be polling the galaxy on whether they should change their organization structure from being a Phi/Int Organization to a ???/Mil Organization in anticipation of ongoing struggles with the Same.

    The first round of voting will determine whether or not there is sufficient desire to see the SoS adopt a more militant stance and any Stellar Power with Reputation 1 or higher with the SoS will be allowed to participate with their Reputation representing their allocated number of votes. Additionally a Favor owed by the SoS can be converted into a single vote. The second round of voting will only occur if the first round passes that the SoS should adopt a more militant stance.

    The second round will determine what the Sisterhood’s other focus should be if they are elected to pursue a more militant stance. The same rules for votes will carry through to the second round of voting except any Favors spent in the first round will no longer be available to be converted into a vote.

    The vote in both rounds will be a secret ballot although stellar powers are welcome to vote openly should they so desire. In anticipation of interest from those currently unaligned the Sisterhood will be attending the Revolution Conference to receive any gifts by those seeking to have a voice in this upcoming referendum. The results of this vote could affect not only the scores of the Sisterhood but the special actions available to them as well as the bonuses granted by reputation with the organization.

    [Intrigue] Secret

    Cosmic Couriers

    Alter CmC offer to the TZH towards CLS or FCO
    Inform the Tezh Consensus Federated Churches of Origin’s End and Celestia Enterprises of a suspected nearby Relay - Faint signals have been picked up from unexplored space spiralward near the capitals of the Tezh Consensus FCO and CLS suggesting a Relay existed somewhere in this galactic sector. Leaders of both powers are offered a small bounty for their aid in the exploration and recovery of this missing Relay which will enhance Courier coverage of Axiom’s eastern spirals. (Request: TZH CLS or FCO explore W15 or W17 until the missing Relay is discovered and bring the region under Tezh Celestian or Federated Churches control. Reward: +1 Reputation with CmC, +1 Favor. Expiration Date: Round 8 9)

    [Diplomacy] Request Tezh Consensus or Kronin Empire build a Relay - With the great cosmic shuffle of the Revolution the Courier Relay recently come under Meritocracy control was now on the opposite side of the galaxy from its initial Maturated Age position. Hoping to rectify this newly developed gap in their network the Couriers reach out to the new denizens of the northwest in the hopes they can aid the Couriers in reestablishing Relay connection in this region of Axiom. Request: TZH or KRO build Relay in one of their regions. Reward: +1 Reputation, +1 Favor. Expiration Date: Round 9

    [Economy] Offer to buyout K3 TP 1 for HMY - A deal being formulated on one side of the galaxy is summarized and transferred to another for continued negotiations between the Couriers and their Prime Member allies the Harmony. Having already acquired the Harmony’s desired resources free of charge their request for the Couriers to acquire another resource in their name has a small price tag attached. Surely the Harmony could understand the necessity of payment at a certain point, even between such close friends. Request: Allow the CmC to Buyout K3 TP1 for HMY. Reward: +1 Favor owed to CmC. Expiration Date: Round 7

    [Economy] Buyout Reeds System (V26) Fairy Flowers TP2 - While the Couriers were nigh immune to contagions and traditional disease thanks to their synthetic-organic composition they knew not all in Axiom were so blessed by the Callers. In a bid to acquire medicine for future trading purposes and at the request of Proxos the Couriers in T24 sally forth to the recently relocated Lyraen province known as the Reeds System seeking to do business. While Proxos busies himself with lengthy conversation with the Reed King, mostly on the business of dishing gossip about Lyrae, the Couriers focus their efforts on more tangible pursuits acquiring a stake in the local Fairy Flower harvest fields.

    An’Null’s Eradicators

    [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Eradicators - An ambassador from the nearby Journey’s End Eradicator base seeks out the “paradise” of sector P30’s angels finding a ticking time bomb of arrogant suspicion and righteous fury bubbling beneath their ‘angelic’ presentation. With minimal effort an influential leader of the angels is pushed to reject the defensive posturing of their fellows electing to pursue the glorious death ideology of the Eradicators and declaring themselves Lucifer of the Fallen. While the majority of the enhanced humanoids remain behind for a great many their paradise is lost as they strike out into the stars to seek glory in battles that will prove their superiority over lesser species. (Units in P30 reduced by 1)

    [Intrigue] Secret

    [Diplomacy] Offer the Library of Truth to whoever assassinates Governor Mizusk Iskanem’s successor - While it was unknown who exactly was responsible for the “fumigation disaster” of the Nephret Hotel the Commonwealth of Zara had made it abundantly clear through the broadcasting of “Does it Explode: Eradicator Edition” that they had assaulted Aurora’s Ashes in a bid to stop the Eradicators from fighting the Same and revealing the truth about the Core to the galaxy. A furious Shadow Admiral beheads the portly Commodore Hollow upon his return to an Eradicator base and demands the head of the Commonwealth's new leader to add to his collection. This offer, including the brutal video of Hollow’s execution, goes out across the OMS to any and all interested powers...including Zara itself and any of the dissatisfied families living under the current regime. Or perhaps a stellar power could simply fund the Eradicators desire for their own revenge... Request: Assassinate Governor Mizusk Iskanem’s successor or pay a discounted rate of 2 Favors to fund the ANE’s own assassination attempt. Acceptance or funding can be communicated secretly. Reward: Library of Truth, +3 Reputation. Expiration Date: Round 8
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 7
    The Guild Enterprises of Nyx
    Nyx (Sector K5 C23)
    Domino Ophelo, Lord of Coin

    1. [Economy] Buyout C19 Rainbow Carrots TP1 15 - The Revolution brings many headaches to the assayers, investors, and major merchant houses of Nyx. Quickly the demand for something to "take the edge off" outweigh the already steady supply of stimulants and savvy investors adapt to their new environment quickly seeking out suppliers of "distractions." The halfling natives of sector C19 are quickly organized in big, slow moving, well benefited white collar corporations under Nyxian ownership to harvest and supply Rainbow Carrots to the relocated Nyxians.
    2. [Economy] Buyout D22 Dreameating Pills TP3 17 - Unfortunately while Rainbow Carrots hallucinogenic properties proved popular (and made a few enterprising merchants extremely rich) side effects of vivid nightmares were mounting among the populace. Conveniently many initially less fortunate investors had rapidly invested in the nearby "pills" without quite researching what they did. Prior to the Rainbow Carrots takings off among the populace they had sold poorly but now they were an antidote to the undesired side effects of the carrots in Nyxian biology.
    3. [Economy] Buyout E25 Pocket Factories TP1 15 - With a steady of supply of strong mind altering substances running through the populace investors begin to take risks and be attracted to dazzle more than investing in conservative practicality as many older merchants and Guilds did. This new breed of merchant finds themselves drawn to consumer electronics as a worthwhile investment opportunity. The general belief is that convenience and minimizing minor tasks would always be popular. Pocket Factory producing entities receive significant Nyxian investment as their product is marked for mass shipments to the Nyxian home worlds.
    4. [Economy] Buyout E27 Prison Labor/Mercenaries TP1 18 - The realization that one of the Kamasati, specifically the brain slugs "brain symbiotes" were nearby following the cosmic shuffle was...worrying. Nevertheless the boldness brought by the Revolution (and indulgences in drugs) brought a willingness to take big risks. The Nyxians were always looking to invest in mercenaries, and besides, if the UPT showed interest in the Nyxians purchase they were hoping to seek some form of deal. It was said in nearby space that the Symbraum desired brains which mercenaries, arguably, had. There was always a deal to be struck.
    5. [Economy] Buyout C17 9-Armed Surgeons TP1 14 - A cocktail of Cyreilean Marching Powder, crushed Schreecher Crystals (Screechers), Rainbow Carrots, and Dreameating Pills running through the populace causes medical complications aplenty. Some more concerned souls, albeit more concerned with their own mortality and selling the secret to longer life to their fellows, seek to invest in medical equipment and services. The 9-Armed Surgeons under Formican dominion were renowned in the local area for their prowess in the medical arts. Private company provided insurance begins offering better medical care to the workers of the various halfling corporations as medical costs go down within Nyx's economic sphere of influence.

    1. Endorse OwO Buyout of Nyx (K5) Voidstone TP3
    2. Endorse NDA Buyout of Nyx (K5) Voidstone TP2

    • Xavier and the Sage becomes a popular modern day myth among the Nyxian mercenary forces. The Gilded Garrison echoes with songs and bawdy tales of the Emperor who had come up from among the mercenary ranks of the Nyxian armies. There was a great deal of pride in the Gelean Emperor among the mercenaries which was copied by the Nyxians wishing to keep their soldiers happy and Geleans appeased for now. Tiny political columns on news sites behind all the economic news more popular in Nyx suggest the mercenaries and thus the Guilds were more loyal to the man than to the state leading the Geleans.
    • The Kamasati Spiral Dancers are accused of anti market protectionism. They are informed the Sonics are being well compensated, in their ridiculous native ring currency at irritating exchange rates, for their service to the Guild Enterprises. The pantheon is asked not to use military intervention to interfere with the economic concerns of the Enterprises. The Guilds were subjects to the Gelean Empire with whom the pantheon had a treaty and they expected respect afforded to them from a neighbor. If the Kamasati wished to do business and take on the costs and value of the current Sonic imports, who were quite capable as speedy servants and could perhaps serve to supply the Symbraum with their desired brains, that was welcome. Military action or skulduggery taken against legitimate merchants would not be looked on kindly at all.
    • Tie dye rainbow clothing becomes a popular fad in Nyx as Rainbow Carrots take off among the populace. A subculture emerges around the "rainbow aesthetic" which many consider degenerate but endearing. While the majority of those who engage in this fad are rather unsuccessful burnouts a few wealthy Guild members lean hard into this laid back life, microdosing on baby rainbow carrots at the office and encouraging "harmony in the workplace man" among their employees.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Lord of Coin Domino Ophelo

    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 5 -
    Military 8 -
    Economy 10 -
    Philosophy 1 -
    Intrigue 2 -

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Learning Center Assembly Status Bonuses
    Nyx K5 Voidstone (Great) Mandate of Coin - Capital, Stable (Gilded Garrison 5/5 (+1 Unit Cap)

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    Cultural Identity Laws of Procurement 2d8 on Buyouts No

    Type Name Effect(s) Required Resource?
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Nyx Controlled Trading Posts: 12
    • Nyx (K5) Nostromo's Shroud Voidstone TP 1
    • M23 Sorcerers TP 2
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 1
    • L8 Kill Bots TP 2
    • K7 Angel Wings TP 1
    • Neo-Sol (K9) Screeching Crystals TP 2
    • J8 Cyreilean Marching Powder TP 1
    • L10 Space Whales TP 2
    • I5 Tiny Cats TP 1
    • Cloudysea (P14) Grymlans Farseeker Corps TP 2
    • M3 Pocket Gold TP 1
    • M5 Sonic Hedgehogs TP 1

    Military Units CAP: 5
    1. Kill Bot Gold Swarm
    2. Kill Bot Silver Swarm
    3. Cyreilean Sorcerers



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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Regions I7, I9, J8, & H6
    Round 7

    News and Rumors

    • [Mil] WAR! Engels leads 4 Squadrons of Sprite Class Fighters and one Unit of Blue Nose Marchers to Region J6!
      (General Mil 7 + 5 units; no techs or tactics)
      The sudden appearance of the Harmony and their advance towards the Cacola Sphere leaves the kombuch bristling. The psychic ripples of the Mother's call to war can be felt across the region.
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Unit of Sprite Class Fighter Ships.
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Unit of Sprite Class Fighter Ships.
    • [Mil] Raise 1 Unit of Sprite Class Fighter Ships.
    • [Int] undetermined
    • [Int] Secret.

    • Leader change over.(Stat rolls) The Communicator's role has been fulfilled. The kombuch have met their neighbors and established lines of communication. With their work done, Bulbous Jellydisc will return to the Mother to properly disseminate all that they have learned. Consolidator Disco Webcap emerges from the Mother to lead the kombuch in the coming troubled times.

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    Communicator Bulbous Jellydisc
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 6
    Economy 6
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 6

    NEW RULER: Consolidator Disco Webcap
    Diplomacy 2+2 = 4
    Military 3+1 = 4
    Economy 2+1 = 3
    Philosophy 1 = 1
    Intrigue 3+1 = 4

    Expected gains: +2 Mil +1 Int

    Spoiler: Military

    Generals: None
    Technologies: None
    Tactics: Also None!
    Units: 5/8
    4 Squadrons of Sprite Class Fighter Ships
    1 Unit of Blue-Nosed Marchers
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Boring Mechanics Stuff

    The Worlds of Lyrae
    Current Ruler: The Ascended One, Rii Lyrae

    1. [Philosophy] Accept the Inevitable. The Lyraens now follow OwO.
    2. [???]
    3. [???]
    4. [???]
    5. [???]

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 5 => 6
    Military: 8 => 9
    Economy: 1
    Philosophy 6
    Intrigue: 1

    New Ruler Next Round?: NO

    Expected Stat Bonuses: +1 Diplomacy.

    Border Status: Closed except to allies

    Military Strength: 7

    Military Doctrine: Shock and Awe
    Bigger IS better!
    For every two ships in a fleet, give a +1 bonus on battle rolls.

    Cultural Identity: Praise the Sun!
    Lyraens, one and all, are raised to revere Lyrae herself. Though they may disagree over the best way for the average citizen to live, they all shrink from directly betraying her.
    Resist all covert actions with a 2d8+Int


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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Turn 7
    Ouren Dris'Thelle

    1. [Diplomacy]Press claim on H 26 (2/2)
    2. [Diplomacy] Press claim on H28 | TN 12
    3. [Diplomacy] Establish Embassy with RMT in Q19.
    4. [Intrigue] Start Great project ( (1/5) L.I.S. (League Investigative Service) +1 to counter theft rolls
    5. [Intrigue] Continue L.I.S. (2/5)

    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below

    Spoiler: Rolls

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    A new age and new technology. New items to be acquired.
    While parts of the sky shifted not much changed on Triskellius itself in the short term. New unexplored space on the doorstep opens more new opportunities.
    A larger diplomatic push has begun to expand the Etherite holdings and establish a true Trade League. With the possibility of new members, talks have begun for further updates to Etherite society.
    Work has begun to codify and debate how to best protect League secrets against hostile powers. The L.I.S. has been structured to be the first line in a new series of defenses.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order):
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 3
    Economy 7
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 1

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses:

    Dip, Int

    Trade Posts: 10
    LC: 2
    Military Units: 2

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Church of Iteus, Round Seven
    Pontiff Altea

    1. [Philosophy] Attempt to explore the surrounding space, publicized so as to give the people of Itea some solace in this bizarre course of events. (Probe T14; Roll: 15; SUCCESS)
    2. [Philosophy] Attempt to explore the surrounding space, publicized so as to give the people of Itea some solace in this bizarre course of events. (Probe U15; Roll: 13; SUCCESS)
    3. [Philosophy] Attempt to explore the surrounding space, publicized so as to give the people of Itea some solace in this bizarre course of events. (Probe S17; Roll: 10; FAILURE)
    4. [Philosophy] In order to show continued commitment and solidarity to the allies of the Church, an envoy is dispatched to the Syndrome in order to spread the learnings of Iteus throughout their domain. (Convert S17 to Iteus; Roll: 15; SUCCESS)
    5. [Intrigue] (Secret)

    • ???

    News and Rumors
    • The Pontiff and her Archdeacons soon come to the conclusion that the so-called "Revolution" has been a monumental gain for the Church, doing away with the immediate threat of the militaristic Republic of Celes while maintaining proximity to the other members of the Nephret Pact and opening up new frontiers for expansion of the Church. However, uncovering the methods and motives of this 'Efficiency Ground' character is now among the Church's highest priorities.

    Spoiler: Church Priorities
    1. Secure the Caller Network Key
    2. Understand Efficiency Ground
    3. Achieve Religious Unity in our allies' lands

    Spoiler: Diplomacy
    Nephret Pact:
    -Defensive pact between RMT, ITS, and SYN
    -RMT and SYN support conversions by ITS
    -RMT, ITS, and SYN support buyouts of unowned tps by fellow signatories
    -RMT will change state philosophy to Church of Iteus (FULFILLED)
    -Once possible, ITS will vassalize to RMT (UNFULFILLED)

    Spoiler: Stats
    Altea's rolls
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 2 -
    Military 4 -
    Economy 5 -
    Philosophy 8 -
    Intrigue 10 -
    Military unit count: 5
    • None

    • Caller Fragment Strict Obedience; Effect: Once/round +1 Tactical Maneuvering

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Philosophy Center Status
    Itean System Q23 Knowledge Parasites Church of Iteus Capital

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permanent?
    n/a n/a n/a n/a
    Type Name Requirement(s) Effect(s)
    - - - -

    Spoiler: Characters
    -Pontiff Altea: Absolute ruler of the Church of Iteus
    -Archdeacon Taltha: In charge of doorlight research, loyal supporter of Altea
    -Archdeacon Malicha: Dedicated to the religious aspects of the Church, doubtful of Altea's direction but loyal regardless
    -Archdeacon Armando (DECEASED): afflicted with a Caller-AI-modified knowledge parasite, rendered catatonic and later expired after being used to temporarily tap into Caller signals
    -X other Archdeacons: subordinates of Altea that go about their business
    -Monarch of Ruria: ruler of the Ruria monarchy, de facto a puppet of the Church in his own country
    -Dictator of Subia: ruler of the Subia dictatorship, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony
    -Prime Minister of Urbia: elected representative of the Parliament of democratic Urbia, begrudgingly accepts Church hegemony
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread


    Turn 7 Galactic Dates (217510.0.0.80 - 217512.0.0.80)
    Technocratic Caliphate
    Caliph Illijan

    [Military] Military Technology- High-efficiency Aerodynamic Trick Engines H.E.A.T. Engines are one of the most efficient engines using Hasson 3 fuel on the market. While these engines are almost completely useless for large starships, for fighter ships and drones they allow for advanced manouvers within space that are completely unseen with ships today. Not only is it maximizing consumption but allows short burst FTL drives.

    Ability= -1 size losses +1 combat
    Equipment Fulfillment= Engines


    Turn 7 Galactic Dates (217510.0.0.80 - 217512.0.0.80)
    The One High Maxim
    N24, O23
    Lord Caller Siq

    [Economy] Displacement gun buyout N28

    [Intrigue] SECRET


    Turn 7 Galactic Dates (217510.0.0.80 - 217512.0.0.80)
    The Casrule Movement
    The First Equals council

    [Economy] Gun buyout P16 +3 from support from Grymlyan Combine and the CMC relay

    [Military] War breaks out between the 3 factions above the home planet of the Caliphate in N26

    Rumors were lord hops was going to take over control for the Casrule Unit, his loss means a weakened scenerio for the Casrule
    The Technocratic Caliphate hunkers down hoping for troops that may never arrive from the Church of Rust
    eradicator ships make clear the dark truth of the one high maxim... Unrest grows.

    Technocratic Caliphate 2 Technocratic Caliphate units + 7 General Qaxin of the caliphate Total 9
    The One High Maxim 1 One High Maxim unit 4 Eradicator units +7 Crusader Bacop of the High Maxim of the One Total 12
    Casrule Movement 3 Casrule Movement units 2 Dipanan Volunteer units 1 unit of Jackstar mercenaries +4 Second Equal Gar Total 10

    ->Should the one high Maxim defeat the Casrule movement they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they defeat the Technocratic Caliphate the technocratic Caliphate will be destroyed remaining citizens will attempt to flee to closest Church of Rust space. (Results of this are left in ST hands Closest location I can find is R16)
    ->Should the Casrule movement defeat the one high Maxim they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they defeat the Technocratic Caliphate the technocratic Caliphate will attempt to negotiate with the Casrule movement and offer them their remaining units if they agree to convert to the Church of Rust (Casrule will contact all allies if this is rejected) All Technocratic Caliphate units attempt to flee to closest Church of Rust space. (Results of this are left in ST hands Closest location I can find is R16) but it happens a turn later.
    ->Should the one high Maxim defeat the Casrule movement they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they are defeated by the Technocratic Caliphate STATUS QUO
    ->Should the Casrule movement defeat the one high Maxim they will go on to face the Technocratic Caliphate if they are defeated by the Technocratic Caliphate STATUS QUO
    ->Should the Casrule movement and one high maxim tie the Technocratic Caliphate will attack the weakest of the 2 factions in a surprise attack after combat ends.
    ->Should the Casrule movement suffer overwhelming defeat (Lose all units) they will immediately be attacked in the following turn by the strongest of the 3 factions.
    ->Should the One High Maxim suffer overwhelming defeat (Lose all units) they will immediately be attacked in the following turn by the strongest of the 3 factions.

    New Ruler Next turn

    In the next few years (NEXT TURN) attacks will commence from all three sides.

    Optics VR intertrue connection of the Caliphate
    • War is upon us all VR shutdown for fear of infilitration

    The Voice of the One

    Truth TV
    • Democrats, Anarchs, Matriarch Defenders and Royalists put aside their differences to defeat their enemies.

    Spoiler: The Rich and Famous of The Kryptids Factions

    Technocratic Caliphate 2 units
    Caliph Illijan- Leader of the Caliphate. A visionary wanting to save his people by bringing them together through technology.

    The One High Maxim 1 unit
    Lord Caller Siq- Leader of the one high maxim, rather ruthless and hateful of the other cultures of the Kryptids.

    The Casrule Movement 3 units
    First Equal Somos- A fierce anarchist. He looks to end the tyranny of the hive system have all queens enslaved and producing children so they can live a free life. Only their maintenance should be managed centrally all other aspects of life should be handled by the community.
    First Equal Jain- A Do imperialist. He wants to see the Do return to power and the other hives returned to subservience.
    First Equal Kask- An advocate of democracy. He wants to see all leadership elected and the queens treated kindly.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Kryptid Leadership
    Stat Value Increase?
    Diplomacy 1 -
    Military 10 +1
    Economy 4 +1
    Philosophy 3 -
    Intrigue 10 -

    Military unit count: 6

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Name Region Number Resource Philosophy Center Status
    Kryptid Home system N24 Hasson 3 open Capitol (One high Maxim control)
    M23 M23 Sorcerors Magical Contemplation unrest (Casrule control)
    N26 N26 Powdered Money Open unrest (Technocratic Caliphate Control)
    O23 O23 Kytefly Open unrest (One high Maxim control)
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -
    - - - - -

    Spoiler: Technology/Specialties
    Type Name Effect(s) Permenant?
    MILITARY - - No
    DIPLOMACY - - No

    New Ruler Next Round!

    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    +1 military
    +1 economy

    Spoiler: Mechanical Bookkeeping

    Rakshasa Controlled Trading Posts:
    • TP 3 Hasson 3 N24 (Existing)

    Military Units:

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