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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 6 Actions
    The Ndoda
    Round 6
    Umkhonto Shurik Talwoq

    Ruler Stats:
    Diplomacy - 2
    Military - 3
    Economy - 5
    Philosophy - 1
    Intrigue - 1

    Intrigue – Investigate the nightmares on Wonderland- FAIL (11)
    Ndoda assigned to assist and learn about life on Wonderland have begun to experience the same nightmares as the inhabitants, as well as frustration from the natives of the lack of action done to be rid of the nightly terrors. Finally the Council launched an investigation, but given its lack of success, some wonder if the investigators even tried to unravel the mystery. The two Ndoda sent to investigate certainly haven't been seen since they left the southernmost city to explore the surrounding woods.
    Military – Send two units to F20 to guard the Galactic Droccen Imperium’s construction efforts of the Economy Station
    As per the agreement made with the Galactic Droccen Imperium, two fleets are sent to protect the station and represent the Ndoda's interest in the station and friendship with the Imperium
    Diplomacy – Establish Claim on D20 - FAIL (11)
    Like his predecessor before him, Umkhonto Shurik extended an agreement to the Spider Sentinels for their allegiance and to become a vassal of the Ndoda in exchange for protection and maintenance of both the Sentinels and the ruins they protect. Talks are slow and seem to be making no progress, but Shurik seems strangely fixated on the ruins.
    Economy – Buyout TP2 in D20 - FAIL (9)
    Talks of vassals and rulers seem to have also temporarily soured trade negotiations with the Sentinels. Perhaps time will smooth over the talks and allow for progress.
    Economy – Buyout TP2 in D18 - SUCCESS (14)

    Create peace treaties with:
    The Galactic Droccen Imperium
    The Kron
    Mier Formica

    Attend the events: Aspirant Landing and Glitterhome Gala

    News and Rumors:
    The safe return of two of the three missing hatchlings has greatly relieved the Ndoda in general and especially the Council. One hatchling, believed to have been taken by the Eradicators, is still missing, and anger is rising.

    Ruler Stats after Round 6 Actions:
    Diplomacy - 2
    Military - 3
    Economy - 6
    Philosophy - 1
    Intrigue - 1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Harmony
    The Conversion Begins

    Harmony Theme

    Spoiler: Leader:

    First Leader: Zero-Souls-on-Cosmic-Winds, 1st of the Nth
    Diplomacy: 10 + 1 this round = ...still 10
    Military: 5 + 1 this round = 6
    Economy: 2
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 3


    [Diplomacy] Raise reputation with the CmC from 3 --> 4 (TN: 16) Success!

    [Military] Recon C25 with 2 units (TN: 12) Fail...

    [Diplomacy] Press Claim on region C21

    [Military] Conquer B24

    [Military] Conquer B22

    Non Action: Request CmC buyout C21 Resource
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dawnstar Dominion

    Master Marius Thresher Nox

    1 (Econ) Buyout TP 1 W7 [13] (Success)
    2 (Econ) Buyout TP 1 W9 [10] (Fail)
    3 (Econ) Buyout TP 1 U7 [12] (Success)
    4 (Dip) Establish Claim U7 [10] (Fail)
    5 (Dip) Sign the Hallion Accords (Treaty with the UC)(Link)

    Spoiler: Tactical Doctrine
    'Scour the Bridge'. GM approved.
    The Felhounds execute daring strafing runs targeting the bridge of the opposing flagship, in a bid to cripple their command structure (chance of leader loss for enemies increased by 4)

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    New Leader: No
    Projected increases Econ +1, Dip +1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    End of Round Six.

    All edits to actions posts made after this point will be considered invalid.
    BladeofObliviom said:
    I've only seen a character at anything resembling this level of absurdity thrive exactly once, and he/she/what-the-jongo had the advantage of being written by Gengy, who I look up to as a writer.

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round Seven... Loading...
    The below happens between Galactic Dates 217510.0.0.81 - 2175012.0.0.80
    Don’t forget to link to any rolls you make for ANY Attribute checks, plus rolls for rulers you will start using at the start of next round. If you want a new ruler in the next round, you must state so in your action post for this round and link to their rolls. Any increases from actions for this round are counted for the ruler you start your next round with (because it’s handier to account for by the co-GM), which may or may not be your current ruler.
    Good luck!
    Rules Alerts and Changes!
    • You must target an explored region in order to use the Establish Claim action.
    • This Round Opener may be confusing. Some regions will seem to have two region coordinates. For more details, the GM Team recommends you read the Terror section first. Reviewing the Updated Maps may also aid you. See below for one of those Maps.
    • Time until Resource Requirements will be reviewed by the GM Team:
      Check the Terror Section if you still don’t have your Required Resource

    No, seriously, you should look at this.
    Spoiler: Do Not Skip Me

    Confused? Go read the Terror section.


    Through extensive cooperation with the Sisterhood of Silence and careful diplomatic maneuvering the Droccen have emerged as a preeminent power in central Axiom. Empress Sai now rules over a demesne of immense proportions granting significant weight to her imperial title and influence over galactic affairs. (D10 used; DCC becomes a Galactic Power! DCC may now take a 6th action each round)

    Through diplomacy both open and subtle the Conclave of the Black Sun has slowly reassembled an impressive replica of their lost imperial might. The Undying Sovereign may have still rested deep beneath the capital of Tal-Amanyk but would surely approve of the Viceroy’s gains made in her name. (D10 used; CBS becomes a Galactic Power! CBS may now take a 6th action each round)

    Having grown not only in stellar influence within their sphere of Axiom but in understanding and exposure to the sensations of the physical world the Kombuch have elevated beyond curious explorers to steadfast administrators and overseers of their claimed demesne. The vast mushroom colonies were sure to play an important role in shaping Axiom’s future. (D10 used; KBC becomes a Galactic Power! KBC may now take a 6th action each round)

    With such close proximity and apparent matching desires to avoid violence the resurgent Conclave reaches out to their fungi neighbors to establish formal diplomatic arrangements. Ground for a Tal-Amanyk embassy is soon broken within the Kombuch’s home Dyson Sphere allowing the draconic nobles to have ready ambassadorial access to Mother and their colonies. (D5 used; CBS establishes an Embassy with KBC!)

    With a positive trading partnership the Kronin seek to strengthen bonds with the Ndoda through formalization of diplomatic ties. A preeminent Kronin ambassador is assigned permanent duty on Kwizik to ensure the two stellar powers retained their good relations. (D5 used; KRO establishes an Embassy with NDA!)

    No surprise from a stellar power whose premier export were trained spies the UPT integrates rules for appropriate conduct in relation to spies, saboteurs, and other agents of espionage. No doubt the UPT would continue to confound onlookers with its near impregnable culture of informational security. (D5 used; UPT introduces Cultural Identity Unseen Infiltrators for 2d8 on Secret Actions!)

    Eye of the Horizon reaches out to their friends the Cosmic Couriers petitioning the Relay attendants to oversee formalization of relations between the Celenian Republic and the Gelean Republic turned Empire. The Eye demonstrates a loyalty to both their valued Celenian trading partners and fellow adherents of the Accord through this facilitation and the CmC reaps the rewards. (CmC establishes an Embassy between CEL and GLR! EHZ pays CmC 2 Favors and loses 1 Rep!)

    Imperial stylists, saved from exposure to the noxious fumes of the HAT stations, prove to be exactly the type of customers the Onliest Haberdashers were looking for. Negotiations with the imperial government prove swift with the Haberdashers primarily concerned with tapping the market of noble buyers both in the provision of actual physical hats as well as patterns for input into the Ninurtine holographic technology. The hats prove especially popular among those suffering from thinning on top. (NUT successfully presses their claim on U21 1/1)

    A successful rebellion is incited against the AI Peter who finds himself cut off from his power supply and forced to negotiate with the increasingly bold UPT presence in his sector. Desperate to survive Peter offers the Symbraum the opportunity to gain direct access to his prisoners for their utility in exchange for his continued existence. Although cut off from much of his power base Peter knew the Symbraum needed live brains to survive and perpetuate their species and he could offer them directly if only he was allowed to continue his operation under UPT. If he was destroyed, as UPT propaganda had promised the rebels, there would be no chance to exploit the local labor source for its bodies and brains freely and the absence of a boogeyman would only allow dormant rivalries between minor regional factions to flourish. UPT faces a difficult choice in the face of this newest acquisition.
    (UPT successfully presses a claim on E3 (now E27) 1/1 and gains 1 Unit of Prison Guards! {CHOICE} UPT may use an action to finish the revolution prompted by their activity in the area eliminating the AI Peter but causing the region’s resource to change from [Prison Labor] Good to [Mercenaries] Minor and causing the region to become Unstable OR UPT may use a non-action to formalize relations with Peter gaining control of TP 1 for [Prison Labor] resolving their current Required Resource crisis)

    Having been brought into the encircling wholeness of the One by the nearby Sisterhood monastery the cicada-like natives prove quite receptive to Droccen ambassadors who come alongside representatives of the Sisters of the Shard. Quickly the local government recognizes the imperial regency of Sai in exchange for continued authority beneath her rule. A portion of their defensive robots are decommissioned while another is given over to the Empress for her use ensuring peace reigned in the local area of space administered by her majesty. (DCC successfully presses a claim on G17 1/1 and gains 1 Unit of Beetle Bots!)

    Carefully navigating the cutthroat politics of the Murphet containing rogue planet the Tezh manage to bridge gaps between some of the most contentious castaway factions. With the introduction of the One the acceptance of total war and pitting neighbor against neighbor becomes less and less acceptable, even for the prospect of gaining Murphets. After years of Consensus presence three of the leading gladiatorial champions turn over their authority to the Tezh hoping the quasi immaterial beings can help guide them into a more equitable golden age free from the strife that has long defined their lives. (TZH successfully presses a claim on U13 (D6) 2/2 and gains 1 Unit of Gladiators!)

    The Monochromes prove especially susceptible to the Consensus line that all are one and the many apart together make the whole. With the region brought into the loving embrace of the One its rainbow inhabitants are soon guided towards acceptance of the Consensus as their best hope for sustained peace and prosperity in the galactic community. (TZH successfully presses a claim on U15 (now D8) 2/2)

    Despite their differences in culinary preferences the Tezh do manage to ingratiate themselves with the metalloid inhabitants of this sector through diplomatic and economic bonds. In a scant few years the Consensus has established themselves definitively as the premiere stellar power in the vicinity garnering the respect and obedience of the locals in the matters cosmic. (TZH successfully presses a claim on V12 (Now E3) 2/2)

    With Sanctum now collapsed it falls to the Tezh to administer the forgotten region of droids filled with memories from bygone eras. The Consensus takes its time integrating the synthetic lifeforms into their growing web of sub governances but eventually manage to fully annex the sector in the name of Oneness. (TZH successfully presses a claim on V16 (Now E7) 2/2)

    Leveraging their work on the Proxos situation the Eternal Assembly of Alysia convinces the majority of Triarte locals of the value in cooperation with the Assembly on matters of galactic administration. Fresh off the heels of freeing the planet from a luminary’s imminent destruction through peaceful and cooperative means the Alysians find themselves well received albeit somewhat taken advantage of in the stretching of negotiations reliant on the Assembly’s demonstrated preference for cooperation over violence. Nevertheless negotiations do conclude favorably for the Assembly who diplomatically brings the region in under their growing dominion. (EAA successfully presses a claim on J26 (now P8) 2/2 and both EAA and LYR gain 1 unit of Triarte Spellbenders!)

    The Meritocracy does not balk at using the Realtaist Church as a means to expand and the eager converts of the star systems in sector E11 are fully integrated into the governance of the Meritocracy. However their acceptance of heretical strains of Realtaist thought is...troubling to both the Church and their Meritocratic leaders. (TMC successfully presses a claim on E11(now Y5) 2/2)

    The Harmony finialises their deal over C21 and their borders expand for the first time. Moving into the sector they are satisfied with their new surroundings and set plans in motion to expand even more. (HMY successfully Presses a Claim on C21(now K3), 2/2.)

    While the Sisterhood was investigating the validity of Syndrome claims to so many regions the Syndrome were not about to be slowed down in their expansion. Hannibal, the mad synth warlord, at first refuses to meet with Syndrome representatives forcing the genetic engineers to seek alliance elsewhere. Only once the Syndrome have united, and elevated, the remaining organics of the region does the battle droid at last agree to begin negotiations of alliance and annexation. (SYN successfully pressing their claim on T18 1/2)

    The vampiric elite of sector C9 are open to the diplomatic overtures of the neighboring Meritocracy guised as they were as defection but such discussions are slow going as the long lived youth-extracting natives wish to make absolutely sure their lifestyles will not be infringed by the laws of this new stellar power. (TMC successfully presses a claim on C9(now W3) 1/2)

    The denizens of the White Stone moons seem willing to cooperate and offer mutual aid to the Lyraen expanse, grateful to be offered the opportunity for peaceful integration rather than war. Still, they were not so grateful as to accelerate the process and the fusing of local and Lyraen law and jurisprudence takes time to be slowly realized. (LYR successfully pressing their claim on O11 (now U29) 1/2)

    Ninurtine ambassadors ooh and ahh appropriately when toured through the modern factories of nearby sector T20 and exemplify good manners in their interactions with the locals. This turns out to be a prelude to an offer of integration which the locals, having been aware aliens might soon arrive following the Simulacrum signals were received, are more than happy to entertain. Certainly peaceful integration was a superior option to war and the Ninurtines appeared to be a competent and healthy stellar empire. (NUT successfully creates a claim on T20)

    Though distant from current Syndrome activity Overlady Yellow-Coat seems to be plotting longterm when she makes an offer of alliance and integration to the Housers who had hosted the Galactic Exchange alongside the Duenem. While the Syndrome were certainly not who the Housers had been expecting to deal with as risk takers and gamblers it was in their nature to entertain any and all offers backed with value and the rapid Syndrome expansion through claims demonstrated their seriousness in making the offer. While further negotiations were pending closer borders the Syndrome are designated welcome guests to the many fine establishments in the region with a reservation on hold for further negotiations in the years to come. (SYN successfully creates a claim on U19)

    In a turn towards diplomacy rather than force of arms the Celenians seek to offer the micro machine manufacturers a seat at the table of Republic governance in exchange for their turning over territorial and defensive rights to the Celenians. The locals, more concerned with improving their economy and growing their customer contacts, seem willing to negotiate these terms and accept proposals to set an integration date with the Celenian Republic sometime in the upcoming years. (CEL successfully creates a claim on Q27)

    With unknown assailants attacking from the depths of space and a changeover in UPT leadership the slumbering giants of sector D8 are more willing to entertain cooperation with the Symbraum power. UPT gains an in with the powerful minds and talks are set to begin shortly barring any unforeseen delays. (UPT successfully creates a claim on D8 (now D32))

    With new leadership at the helm of the Collected Nations it becomes apparent to the Sunbreams that the humans wished not to take their home but merely share in the great space surrounding it. With this understanding in place negotiations are welcomed and Dipanan ambassadors begin the process of integration into the complex political web of colonial and homeworld politics. (DCN successfully creates a claim on N27)

    The Grymlan Combine works tirelessly with the Lopurna to foster a more peaceful and cooperative environment within the Dregisles despite their primary manufactured goods. With the human bullies no longer able to lord over the other factions unchallenged the Combine enforces a more civilized order on the region. (OwO successfully stabilizes P16 (now N32))

    With the lingering threat of another brutal repression hanging in the air the natives of Baryshev relent to their new lot as a provincial system within the Rothuun kingdom. Armed holdouts dwindle to inconsequential numbers and more minotaur friendly leadership is installed. (RMT successfully stabilizes P18)

    Having been defenseless in the face of UPT invasion the aquatic natives of D6 offer little unified resistance to integration within the growing psychic web of the so-called Symbraum pantheon. In a few short years any notable pockets of resistance are deflated and the region falls fully under UPT dominion. (UPT successfully stabilizes D6 (now D30))

    Supply lines are strengthened and imperial presence amplified in the native region of Singing Fly Traps ensuring the region would not fall to lack of attention from its new stellar lords. Notices regarding the dangers of Fly Traps are erected around their world and trade for the carnivorous plants is carefully overseen by the appointed Droccen governor. (DCC successfully stabilizes G21.)

    Another conquest, another stabilization. The Lyraen peacekeepers move to clean up the mess left by the invasion of sector N8 ensuring supply problems are resolved and the newest sector is made fit for Lyraen habitation. (LYR successfully stabilizes N8 (now T26).)

    As quickly as they had spent their goodwill with the Couriers fostering relations between Geleans and Celenians the Eye of the Horizon seeks to re-elevate themselves in the eyes of the Couriers. The organo-synthetic lifeforms appear quite pleased with the attention of the Masters of Shadow and Flame allowing them to retain their previously acquired benefits in return for their generous donations and aid in small Courier projects. (EHZ raises CmC Rep from 2 to 3 following their expenditure on behalf of CEL and GLR!)

    Though it took many years and the combined might of many Stellar Powers, the Melfynian Serpent that swims near the center of Melfynus - just above the White Hole - has finally been tamed. Though it cannot easily leave Melfynus, the Serpent known as Disaster can be utilized for the defense of the region, and… possibly more, with further research and time. Disaster is clearly an ancient being, and seems intelligent, even if it has a dangerous hunger for Harkans...
    (Subjugation of the Melfynian Serpent Great Project 5/5 completion! As a Great Project bonus, MYA can call upon Disaster to provides a +1 to the defense of Melfynus.)

    As one of the first stellar powers to emerge as a galactic influence and despite their troublesome history in the eyes of many galactic denizens the Gelean Republic acquires a vassal, albeit in a rather unorthodox way. Indeed, this growth to Gelean power and influence comes at the loss of even the pretense of a democratic republic as the Gelean general Xavier Bonaparte who had become something of a major figure in Nyxian politics returns home at the head of an expansive mercenary fleet and demands to be crowned emperor, a demand which is acquiesced to by Admiral Elizabeth on the condition she be retained as an advisor. The general, now Emperor, brings with him the loyalty of the mercantile Nyxian Lord of Coin who pledges the newly rebranded Guild Enterprises to serve this new Gelean Empire. (GEN becomes a vassal to GLR!)

    The Sublime People's Republic knows that trade make the galaxy go round and decided to befriend the people that could procure resources for them. Meeting the couriers at one of their relays the SPR dazzled them with traditional cuisine and managed to entertain the CmC.
    (SPR increases their reputation with the CmC from 0 to 1)

    The Eternal Assembly of Alysia was not about to stop their expansion and quickly send some representatives over to L24 (now R6) to explain why they should be in charge. The local population was sceptical at first but after a little back and forth contract were drawn up and a meeting to finalise the deal was arranged to be held in two galactic years time.
    (EAA successfully Presses a Claim on L24 (now R6), 1/2.)

    The Eternal Assembly of Alysia enjoyed their relationship with the CmC and when a suggestion was made to build on this both parties readily agreed. Diplomats met up as friends and after a few drinks found no reason why they could not work together more closely.
    (EAA successfully increases their reputation with the CmC from 1 to 2.)

    Etherites knew their claim on H26 was legitimate and were ready to move in when for some reason they lost their keys for the colony ships. After much searching they managed to start moving again but got delayed by 2 galactic years.
    (ETH successfully Presses a Claim on H26, 1/2.)

    Though struggling due to a rival faction appearing in the region, the Rocthuri are able to quell any doubts about the benefits of sector S11 joining them! With continued support from the Sublime People’s Republic, the Rocthuri peacefully gain control of the sector.
    (RTH successfully Presses a Claim on S11, 2/2. RTH gains 1 unit.)

    The Rocthurhi waste no time in claiming their rightful place in U11 and within two years manage to colonise a world in record time. Reports of this success are fed back to the capital planet and the smooth acquisition of the sector gets added to the history books.
    (RTH successfully Presses a Claim on U11, 1/1. RTH gains 1 unit)

    A very successful few years for the Rocthurhi see them reaching out to the CmC in order to get access to the trade organisation’s resources. Formal letters are drafted and after a few phone calls the diplomats of the Rocthurhi convince the CmC of their sincerity.
    (RTH successfully raises Reputation with the CmC from 0 to 1.)

    The Harmony saw the CmC expands their influence throughout the galaxy and they in turn increased their relationship with the CmC. It feels like only yesterday that they learned about the existence of other species, but today they are hailed as the Cosmic Prime Member; a place coveted by many.
    (HMY successfully raises their Reputation with the CmC from 3 to 4! HMY is now the Cosmic Prime Member!)

    The Kronin, in there efforts to understand the Monks of Pure Thought, are able to come to terms with the Monasteries in the region. While there isn't an overabundance of joy - the Revolution caused many of the deep thinkers to consider feelings of displeasure - the non-joy is not directed at the Kronin.
    (KRO successfully stabilizes D28 (now E13).)


    Exciting new developments out of the Commonwealth of Zara promise an increase in paranoia and distrust among those who ostensibly claim alliance. While some xenophobes had previously decried the establishment as foreign embassies as a means of influence and manipulation by the sponsoring power until now they had largely been discounted as overreacting to the establishment of formal diplomatic relations. Now with the increasing mastery of espionage put forth by Zara these conspiracy theorists found their theories more well founded as the ambassadorial complement of embassies are enhanced with the addition of “bureaucrats” who never seemed to be doing simple desk work. (E10 used; CWZ introduces Resident Spies technology! Effect: Treat one secret action per turn as if its ZoI was centered on the capital of a Stellar Power you have an Embassy with. The target of the secret action must be Close, Adjacent, or within the Capital region. Required: Broadcasting Tech or Spies (Resource), One or More Embassies)

    With relations flourishing between the Geleans and Celenians thanks to Courier intervention at the request of Eye of the Horizon Gelean investment money pours into one of the Republic’s latest annexations. Haethalian Ruby mines receive a boost in funding that allows their rapid expansion and refinement with the bulk of new product being shipped back to Gelean space for use by the burgeoning ‘Empire.’ (E5 used; GLR increases the quantity of R28 [Haethalian Rubies] from Minor to Good and claims ownership of TP2.)

    With the completion of the Crystal Mines production capacity increases in sector L22 (now R4) and the bulk of this new wealth flows into Alysian coffers further strengthening the Assembly’s economic position in Axiom. (Choice activated; EAA increases L22 (now R4) [Energy Crystals] from Minor to Good and claims ownership of TP2.)

    With a civil war on the line within the region, the Vilari Sodality takes great efforts to ensure that they have control of the local Mercury Sticks that seem to be the primary point of contention between the Telenite Defenders and Yundar Hungerers. Though it is not as much as the Yundar are hoping for, negotiations proceed while the Vilari continue to provide the Hungerers a steady supply of Mercury. With such a limited supply, though, if the Sodality uses the Sticks for anything else… the trouble may return.
    (VLS successfully buys out Q5 (now K23) TP1 [Mercury Sticks]. Without another source of Mercury, Mercury Sticks will default to being used to placate the Yundar Hungerers. If Mercury Sticks are used for a technology without a secondary source of Mercury, Q5 (now K23) may suffer Unrest or even go into Anarchy, depending on the situation.)

    Knowing that the Mechanical drones of the Duenem are excellent at anything from ship repair to day to day maintenance the Ninurtine set out to purchase some. Arriving in V20 (now R14) they are greeted and after a quick exchange the Duenem are satisfied that their drones will be put to good use. The first shipment accompanies the merchants back home and manage to solve that weird hum that was omnipresent on the merchant ship on the way home. Union mechanics maintain an untrusting attitude but some find work repairing the repair drones. (NUT successfully buys out Niuan (V20 - now R14) TP2 [Mechanical Drones])

    The Syndrome never had much need for metals but they knew people that would appreciate the resource. Sending over some merchants to S19 was the easy part loading the four dimensional resources onto the trading ships was the tricky part. A few local merchants looked on as it collapsed in on itself a few times before sharing the loading techniques. The ride home was slightly wobbely but the titanium soon started flowing into the Syndrome warehouses. (SYN successfully buys out Stormwrack (S19) TP2 [4D Titanium])

    Over the protestations of their ideological leader the Syndrome manage to secure a supply of knowledge parasites from the Subian dictator’s lands, the Itean more than willing to gain access to Syndrome genemods for their kill squads in exchange for betraying the Church’s edicts regarding the sale of parasites to foreign powers. (SYN successfully buys out Itean (Q23 - now T16) TP2 [Knowledge Parasites])

    The fuel crisis on Taurina I is at last resolved by a merchant expedition sent north by the Urthuun. In a rare twist for the Rothuun it is prowess in mercantilism, not militarism, that gets rewarded and recognized as saving the minotaur people from further decay. (RMT successfully buys out Q13 TP1 [Diluted Dark Energy])

    Although there had been a feud between Kronin and Zara regarding the apparent hacking of Commonwealth program scheduling by the Kron Empire which has resulted in the Commonwealth seizing of Kronin Durasteel mines the Kronin do not retaliate with violence and their offer of payment to restore their control is well received by the denizens of Zara. With programming back under secure Commonwealth control and Durasteel returned to the Kronin it seems perhaps this dispute between the two powers could be considered settled. (KRO successfully buys out E27(now F12) TP1 [Durasteel] from CWZ)

    In a calculated bid reliant on a growth market in regards to pets, or perhaps companions for the newly elevated Mittens of Celestia, the rebranded Guild Enterprises seeks to invest in the breeding and selling of Tiny Cats from galactic sector I5. (GEN successfully buys out I5 TP1 [Tiny Cats])

    While the abundance of natural wealth in the universe made gold less of a high demand trade good than it historically had been on certain planets the craftsmanship of M3 natives in the creation of their Pocket Gold draws Nyxian investors who accumulate a stockpile of shinies. (GEN successfully buys out M3 TP1 [Pocket Gold])

    Risking conflict with the Kamasati who sought to protect the “Dream Children” of the Mobius System the Nyxians offer a selection of Sonic Hedgehogs the opportunity to put their incredible speed to use in service outside their home system importing a large number of the blue humanoids to make their homes in Nyxian rather than Kamasati space. (GEN successfully buys out Mobius System (M5) TP1 [Sonic Hedgehogs])

    With thanks from the Cosmic Couriers because of their aid in the Roaming Star mini-series, the Grymlans are able to sell their services to a vast array of peoples. The mercantile Guild Enterprises of Nyx are quick to capitalize on this, and hire a compliment of the Combine’s Farseeker Corps! (GEN successfully buys out P14 (now N30) TP2 [Grymlan Farseeker Corps])

    A sigh of relief is breathed across the Commonwealth of Zara as the discovery of Fertilized Actuators begins to quickly dominate the manufacturing industry. With so many vacant workers now available, labor costs go down, and the industries that once struggled on the edges of their home region begin to take shape. Altogether, it’s a very prosperous time, though the enslaved ‘adjusted’ Guardian spirits begin to surface from underground when their employers find them too expensive to employ. They seem to be eager to return to their original roles as companions and defenders of the people, but there would also be some benefit to refusing to mend their modified spirits - even though it would result in officially losing the support of their people… Benefits like extra cheap, probably illegal labor. (CWZ successfully buys out F26 TP1 [Fertilized Actuators] {CHOICE} CWZ may mend the Guardian people as an [Economy] action to gain one unit of Guardian Guardians ((OR)) CWZ may take a non-action to decline to modify the Guardians, losing G19 TP1 [Guardians] but upgrading F26 [Fertilized Actuators] from [Minor] to [Good] and instantly take control of the new TP!)

    Hoping to abate demands for new foodstuffs within the Gelean imperial core a trade arrangement is made with the Kombuch for the importation of the mushroom’s famous tea. A healthy alternative to many artificial fizzing drinks the tea proves popular and satisfying among the Gelean populace. (GLR successfully buys out I7 TP2 [Mushroom Tea])

    The Cosmic Couriers seek to aid friends to their organization and those willing to pay for their services with the provision of the resources most demanded by their people. Both Formicans and the Harmony soon begin receiving shipments of Androids from the Meritocracy system fulfilling their demands for electronics and specialists respectively. (CmC successfully buys out Bespéartha (C11) [Androids] TP 2 for MFM)
    (CmC successfully buys out Bespéartha (C11 (now W5)) [Androids] TP 3 for HMY)

    As some portion of the larger diplomatic and economic trade deal happening between Geleans, Celenians, and Masters of the Accord the Hearthlings exchange a portion of the Source’s Antimatter production to the Celenians in exchange for Celenian Alloys satisfying the Eye’s demands for advanced metallurgy. (CEL gives Celes (R26) Celenian Alloys TP 1 to EHZ! EHZ gives X-3754 (N18) Antimatter TP 1 to CEL!)

    The Etherites commit a number of resources towards making purchases from nearby sectors. They manage to acquire additional Silicon Nanowires from H28, and while they aren’t quite sure what it is they are buying from sector I25, the merchants there are very convincing that they can’t go home without it, so they are very sure they get a lot of it!
    (ETH successfully buys out I25 TP1 & TP2 [Undefined])
    (ETH successfully buys out H28 TP2 [Silicon Nanowires])

    The Knights Vacio knew there was only one way to travel and that was on the back of a mighty steed. When news arrived that horses capable of surviving the harsh vacuum of space were for sale in R10 no time was spared to buy some of them to equip their valiant knights with a ride worthy of their valour.
    (KNV successfully buys out R10 TP1 [Space Horses])

    The Duenem are on their way to become the main economic power in the galaxy and aim to claim their position as the number one traders. Merchants are sent out to V16 (now E7) and W23 in order to procure new resources and it does not take long before the reports of success are flowing into the capitals inbox.
    (DNM successfully buys out V16 (now E7) TP1 [Memory Transfer Droids] and W23 TP2 [Subspace Camels])!

    The Ndoda scan the nearby regions for resources that will be useful in the future and send out merchants to sector D18 in order to procure new mechanical Doctors. Contracts are drawn up and before long the first doctors set foot in E21.
    (NDA successfully buys out D18 TP2 [Quantum Mechanical Doctors])

    Mindbreakers to fight against the dark, and Gazmium to arm them. Reaching out across the stars to capture some of the galaxy’s newest and most interesting resources, the Dawnstar Dominion soons find that their coin has bought some very capable and easily weaponized resources for their people.
    (DSD successfully buys out W7 TP1 [Gazmium] and U7 TP1 [MindBreakers])


    In the face of much derision by foreign powers the Grymlans have soldiered ever onward towards their goals now managing to formalize the adherence to OwO through the proliferation of handheld UwU devices which served to link an owner with the vast informational network curated by the eccentric AI. This interconnection helps to bring followers closer together even those who had never before met in person and like the Church of Rust a sense of community is the first prioritization of the newly organized ideology. (OwO organizes OwO! LC 5 bonus set as +1 to Pressing Claims!)

    Attempting to bridge the gap between the Hungerers and Defenders the Vilari promote their cooperative ideology embodied in the Way of the Tides, an ebbing and flowing that requires compromise from all beings in an attempt to forge a righteous path of preservation and peace. While tensions do not evaporate the introduction of a shared belief system and common values does much to break down the longstanding animosity between the factions and the provision of mercury by the Vilari only further aids this reconciliation. (VLS successfully converts Q5 (now K23) to Way of the Tides)

    The Federated Churches of Origin's End are ever looking to expand the Church of Rust and their ideals of friendship and piety. Resistance is found from the casino owners and their clientele as they do not believe in anything but the money they earn and spend. Despite this the Church of Rust still finds a foothold in the region but the voices of discontent remain and the Casino offers FCO a substantial amount of money to leave the area.
    (FCO successfully converts Good-Odds (U19) to Church of Rust {CHOICE} FCO may use a [Philosophy] action to preach the church of rust near the casino, some of the casino clientele spread the word and FCO gains +2 to the next conversion in the close zone of U19 OR use an [Economy] action to accept the money offered by the casino and claim one TP in their ZOI without needing to roll but the LC in U19 reverts back to open and FCO cannot convert it again under their current leadership (if TP is owned by another player the roll to resist needs to beat a TN of 12)

    The Svaatyr do not hesitate to promote the Nine Lights in the regions surrounding their capital bringing the knowledge of the Sphinxes to any and all who will listen. Multiple star systems are introduced to the values of the Nine Lights and begin integrating them into their own ideological activities. (SVA successfully converts L24 (now R6) to the Nine Lights)
    (SVA successfully converts N20 to the Nine Lights)

    The Sublime People's Republic knows that in these troubling times the faith of the one must spread so that the galaxy can come together against the threats they face. Going into a region owned by the VLS they preach the ways of the one and find that it does not take long before the region agrees that this is the way forward.
    (SPR successfully converts region R6 (now L24) to One!)

    Having managed to strike a balance with the war ready Rothuun as they had balanced their many disparate nations on Itean the Church of Iteus is formally recognized by the Urthuun as the unifying doctrine of the expansionist minotaur people. (RMT declares Church of Iteus their State Ideology!)

    Eager to reap the benefits of the new and improved handheld UwU devices the Melfynians formally recognize their adoption of the AI guided ideology of free information and interconnection joining the Grymlan Combine in following the tenets of OwO. (MYA declares OwO their State Ideology!)

    Having accepted Realtaist proselytizers early on in the wake of the Simulacrum event the Mier Formica elect to formally adopt the dualist philosophy as their state sponsored ideology. With such an expansive empire no doubt Realtaist priests are salivating at the prospect of proselytizing to the subjects of the Mier Formican hegemony. (MFM declares Realtaism their State Ideology!)

    Before the Revolution occurs, the Rocthuri hold a grand celebration of their unity, their peace, and their harmony with each other and all the universe. Members of the Sisterhood of Silence are in attendance, and guests also include the Sublime People's Republic, and the Tezh. Though it is no gala or galactic wide event, the Rocthuri home world parties for days, alternating between solemn happiness and raucous revelry. At the end of it all, the Tezh representative - along with the Sisterhood's local Abbess - are pleased to oversee Consensus Leader Faugloglys anointed as a representative for the Rothuri's new resolves to further promote the ideals of the One!
    (P10 used; RTH becomes an Ideological Power! RTH may now use a sixth action, so long as it is [Philosophy], every round.)


    Across the galaxy the stars in the night sky change. Centuries of star charts become outdated in a moment, or at least highly jumbled and it takes some time before the Maturated races put together what has happened. Only with help from the Orator Messaging System do the Stellar Powers in Axiom begin to realize: entire sectors of the Galaxy have changed. Either by luck or by design, Stellar Powers whom have claimed control of nearby regions are still near each other, but after several months, a new map of the Galaxy is finally charted… and everything is different. Some things are still the same, but many things are all jumbled up. Galactic neighbors - other Stellar Powers - are in completely new places. Some are bordering new friends. Some are next to political rivals. Previously created alliances may no longer matter, and new ones will need to be forged.

    No one is quite sure what happened. The only clue was - for those in new Galactic Coordinates - a brief second of bright white light before a sudden feeling of movement and then… a different night sky. The Sisterhood have no ideas, but trust in the One. The Cosmic Couriers are busily compiling new trade routes. The Eradicators assume this is some sign of the coming End. Kombuch, Duenem, and Tezh scientists, communicating with each other via OMS and utilizing the combined might of their networked intelligences, postulate that this may very well be the Revolution the Jester spoke of… But there is no word from this “Efficiency Ground”. Still, that seems to be what most people latch on to as the words for what this phenomenon is called.

    Welcome, then, to the Revolution.
    (To reduce confusion this round, all regions in the Round 7 opener use the previous Coordinates, with brackets for the new coordinates, ie “B18 (now U9)”. All regions moving forward, in later openers, will have the updated Coordinates and not have these brackets.)
    (Please see the updated Map. A great deal of Stellar Powers have moved. Your claimed regions have traversed with you. If you had partial claims, they may or may not have moved with you.)

    <> means these two regions swapped locations with one another
    > means the first region moved to the second region’s original location

    A21 > U15
    B18 <> U9
    B22 <> J4
    B24 <> J6
    C9 <> W3
    C11 <> W5
    C21 <> K3
    C23 <> K5
    D6 > D30
    D8 > D32
    D12 <> X6
    D28 <> E13
    D30 > U13
    D32 > A21
    E3 > E27
    E5 > E29
    E7 > E31
    E11 <> Y5
    E27 > F12
    E29 > V14
    E31 > V16
    F6 <> F30
    F12 > V12
    F14 <> H30
    F28 <> G13
    I19 <> X12
    I21 <> X14
    J24 <> P6
    J26 > P8
    K23 <> Q5
    K25 <> Q7
    L22 <> R4
    L24 <> R6
    N8 <> T26
    N30 <> P14
    N32 <> P16
    O9 <> U27
    O11 <> U29
    P8 > V26
    Q23 <> T16
    R14 > S15
    R16 <> V22
    S15 > V20
    U13 > D6
    U15 > D8
    V12 > E3
    V14 > E5
    V16 > E7
    V20 > R14
    V26 > J26

    Lord Hops, veteran of many battles against the Kryptids, and rightful ruler of sector N26, is keenly interested in getting back to fighting the Technocratic Caliphate. The generalissimo seems to favor the Eye of the Horizon out of those attempting to recruit him, and is all but set to learn more about the ways of the Shadow of Flame, In Accord… when his body is found in his quarters, clearly slain by violent assassins. Though the rabbit-like humanoid is very clearly dead, on the day he was supposed to officially decide whom he would lead to glorious justice against the Kryptids, he did not go down without a fight. There is plenty of evidence in his quarters for skilled investigators to try and determine who was the perpetrator of this heinous crime.
    (EHZ attempts to recruit Lord Hops… and would have succeeded, except the General is slain by Assassins! While there is nothing immediately provable, Lord Hops managed to give his murderer(s) quite the battle, and any investigation action taken during Round 7 will receive a +1!)

    The Eradicators build up a force to attack explore the Core, but months after Commodore Hollow leaves with his massive Armada, all of the “secret” locations of the An’Null Eradicator portions of the Aurora Security Posts are destroyed in a massive, obviously planned, assault! The perpetrators seem to take great care in making sure no locals are harmed, but any lingering Eradicators still in the region are fair game during the various explosions that destroy multiple key facilities. The Security Posts are still able to function - barely - as a way to detect any Same that might be threatening the sector, but whatever base that the ANE might have claimed in the region is completely gone. The perpetrators get away cleanly, with no one the wiser. Until, of course, the premiere season of “Does It Explode?” starts running on multiple networks in the Commonwealth of Zara, with the first episode centered around Eradicator Bases.
    (The ANE base in L10 is destroyed! Aurora Security Posts is weakened, 3/5 and needs to be rebuilt to defend the region.)

    Meanwhile, at the Nephreti Hotel and Casino in (P18), the press hears about an insect outbreak in the hotel. Massive amounts of bed bugs and scorpions are found within the Casino, much to Commodore Voight’s consternation. While they are reasonably certain this massive outbreak happened because a guest did not bathe, the An’Null Eradicator local leader is forced to decide to evacuate to allow for exterminators to come in and deal with the pest problem. The Hotel was shut down for the process, and everyone given other accommodations. Which is when it happened. The entire building - and the ANE base within - explodes. Livid, the Commodore personally hunts down the extermination company manager, who’s dying words were “The Hotel has no more bugs, right?”
    (The ANE base in P18 is destroyed! Overzealous insect exterminators are apparently to blame!)

    The following Capitals go Unstable due to a lack of their required resources and failure to attempt and procure a source of the demanded resource.
    (E7 UPT (now E31)
    N6 KSP
    S15 FCO (now V20)
    V8 DSD)

    The following regions go Unstable due to continued lack of interest from their sovereign governments...
    (OOC: Write-ups still requested…)
    (SPR S9
    KCW M23
    KSP M7
    LYR N8 (now T26))

    During his conflict with Dictator Phel's forces, a rogue ship - previously thought to be unaffiliated - comes quite close to wiping out the Kamasati Pantheon's leader! Ultimately, quick thinking by High Dreamer Xasarath saves his continued existence in this version of the dream, but it was a very near thing. The ship that attacked is destroyed, but initial thinking indicates that it was probably a mercenary vessel hired by Dictator Phel as a (failed) surprise attack.
    (KSP leader, High Dreamer Xasarath, survives!)

    After the Revolution occurs, the Draxxeri have been far too patient and the loss of their familiar night sky is too much for the nomads. While a great internal struggle does seem to take place, and it is uncertain who comes out ahead within their home system, there are many nomadic warriors who seem angry, and confused! Fortunately, their confusion amounts to a certain lack of subtlety that makes them easily predictable. They are quick to establish different leaders, and range out from their star system… and into space controlled by other Stellar Powers! The Dawnstar Dominion must deal with a militant group, calling themselves the Draxxeri Fang. Fang’s Leader has a Military 9 score, and is attacking V8 with 1 Unit! The Sublime People’s Republic must contend with the Draxxeri Claw, who is attacking T8 with 2 Units, and Claw Leader (Military 2). Meanwhile, the Draxxeri Snarl range further afield, and find T12, where the Snarl Leader (Military 4) attacks with 1 Unit!
    (The Draxxeri capital [previously B18, now U9] is now Unexplored! Ownership of all Aeolaxx Trade Posts is now Open! Draxxeri military units - no longer affiliated with their government - range out to attack DSD, SPR, and RTH! Those Stellar Powers must defend their regions during Round 7! A [Military] action must be used to defend, and defenders will not take any coalition losses for these battles.)

    Survey Failures

    Timing is a terrible thing. The surveillance team sent out from the Kombuch to investigate sector H4 is excited to find a great deal of Daytime Whiskey in a region that seems to follow the Way of the One. It is only when they try and head Galactic South again does their navigation system inform them that - somehow - they ended up in sector W13. All the information they have lines up with sector W13’s previous discoveries, but now they are… rather far from their intended target. Almost as though their ship was somehow moved without their knowledge. OMS finally reveals the truth to them about the Revolution, and they travel to Celestia Corp… as it is (now) the nearest place where they can hope to refuel and begin the long journey home. That is, if they can get through unexplored space...
    (KBC fails to Survey H4, and their survey team ends up in W13.)
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    Rothuun scientists have developed a new, more efficient method of training animals to become weapons of war. Although the technique was perfected on the Takhaun from Grishal, the techniques should work on any kind of animal and are offered to be traded to other nations.
    (RMT introduces War Beasts technology! Effect: +1 Battle roll. Requires: Fauna)

    The Mier Formica are adept at using every resource available and can now recycle ships and crew that are left behind after a battle to increase to birth of new Formica soldiers.
    (MFM introduces Balancing Tactical Doctrine! With a successful Tactical roll, after MFM victory, for every 3 units lost during Combat Loss Rolls (including the opponents), MFM gains 1 unit)

    Under the leadership of the mysterious AI Ziplock the once anemic Celestian naval forces rally to invade and claim a nearby region of space. CEO Mittens signs, or rather paw prints, the order and in short order Celestian forces have secured a proper beachhead in the region. Now began the more laborious work of taming this new frontier. (CLS successfully invades I19 (now X12)! I19 (now X12) is in Unrest!)

    While the Masters of Shadow & Flame had rattled sabers at the Grymlans over perceived slights and danger to the Core it was ultimately an unknown and undefended region that received their military’s attention. Sector M19 is quickly seized in the name of the Masters setting the stage for work to begin settling the newly annexed province. (EHZ successfully invades M19! M19 is in Unrest!)

    Intrigued by the Bloodfire the Harmony send battle fleets to B24 and finds little resistance from the local pre-spaceflight civilizations. Having dealt with lifetimes of bloodfire plaguing the skies the residents of B24 are not too pleased when their new overlords claim the system as their own and protests are staged across many of the planets.
    (HMY successfully invades B24 (now J6)! B24 (now J6) is in Unrest!)

    The fall of a galactic species since guardian enlightened the forty odd races came as a shock to many, other saw opportunity and did not hesitate to hire some of the units that now had no place to call home. The Droccen, Vilari, Celestia and Knights Vacio all send funds and each gain a unit of JFU privateers.
    (DCC hires 1 Unit of JFU privateers!
    VLS hires 1 Unit of JFU privateers on behalf of KCW (Casrule)!
    CLS hires 1 Unit of JFU privateers!)
    KNV hires 1 Unit of JFU privateers!

    For all his claims, the Shogun of T24 did not actually expect someone to attack. Seemingly stunned and caught unawares - but in truth, just not a military mind at all - the Shogun’s forces fall to the superiority of the Ninurtine Empire. The massive number of forces brought to bare were overwhelming, and the region quickly falls. If not for a few overzealous charges to attempt to gain glory for their own section of the armada, the Ninurtine would have achieved a flawless victory.
    (NUT conquers T24! T24 is in Unrest!)
    NUT wins. OVERWHELM. NUT loses 2 units to Size Losses. Tabine Defenders are destroyed. The Shogun is slain.

    The Raja of N4, politely, warned many away from the idea of coming to take the sector with force. A seemingly innocuous man, the Raja was apparently not taken seriously by the Kamasati Pantheon, who sent Prator Qain to deal with the region’s conquest. Though the fight was brutal, and the Kamasati forces were ultimately defeated by superior tactical skills and the Raja’s quiet, unassuming ways turning into vicious and commanding resolve. Prator Qain attempted to end the fight by attacking the Raja, personally, but the previously polite man cared little for “honorable” combat when his home was being attacked, and hundreds of warriors surrounded Prator Qain before attacking and subduing the Kamasati General, capturing him.
    (KSP invades N4! N4 defends!)
    22 vs. 26, Defender victory! KSP loses 1 unit to Size Losses. KSP loses 1 unit to Combat Losses. Prator Qain is captured!

    The Kamasati Pantheon sends out a fleet to the region of O5 which is under the control of Dictator Phel. The fleets meet at a small moon where combat swiftly begins, the native troops appear to have the upper hand however when High Dreamer Xasarath correctly identifies the vessel of Dictator Phel and swiftly gives the order to focus fire upon it the fight turns. Dictator Phel’s vessel is destroyed and as morale plummets the native forces start to fall one by one to the Pantheons ships.
    (KSP conquers O5! O5 is in Unrest!)
    27 vs. 21, KSP wins. Dictator Phel’s forces are wiped out. Dictator Phel is slain.

    The Harmony prepared their fleet for their first ever interstellar engagement, the fleet was ready the troops were ready but so was the enemy… though perhaps not for some of their own to be quickly Harmonized and turned against them. Even still, Commander Carpassio managed to swiftly dispose of the traitors and turn the fight against the harmonies forces. After a quick battle the Harmony is forced to retreat having done damage to the local armies and not losing a single unit themselves however it could not be called a victory over the natives.
    (HMY invades B22 (now J4)!)
    11 vs. 17, Defender victory! Defenders lose 1 Unit to Harmonization.

    A message jams all FTL and sublight communications in and around the border of sector O19: “In the name of the Source, that which is different will continue to be purged.” The transmission repeats in a loop and in less than five minutes from its initial reception the region finds itself swarmed with sleek battle drones filtering in at speeds far exceeding GLD capabilities. Drones which match the recordings displayed by the Gelean First Fleet, Grymlan reconnaissance footage shared at Aspirant Landing, and records divulged by the Sisterhood of Silence fill the skies of inhabited planets and the empty space between. The local bounty hunters quickly respond to this intrusion with their own motley assemblage of attack ships and cruisers the illustrious Goda Pett who had repelled the Eye of the Horizon some years back leading the charge. Unfortunately for the bounty hunters their piecemeal fleet is no match for the mass coordinated strike of a Same version which annihilates the defenders, scraps their remnants, and moves to occupy this region outside the Core broadcasting their threat on all radio bands: “In the name of the Source, that which is different will continue to be purged.”
    (Same v0.06 invades O19! Trade Posts for O19 are now Flame Hunters. Containment is advised.)
    26 vs. 22, Same v0.06 wins! Goda Pett and Defenders are wiped out!

    An’Null’s Eradicators amass a large force of fighters, reprobates, and death cultists within their not-so-secret base in the Aurora System (L10). When they have a large enough force that even their Gelean allies start becoming concerned, a positively putrid man arrives in the sector with yet more ships and introduces himself as Commodore Hollow. The disgustingly fat Eradicator does not stay long in the Aurora System, leading the whole armada into the Core; though his horrid smell lingers for days after. Locals are glad to be rid of the Eradicators… at least, until their Aurora Security Posts are harmed in a massive, obviously coordinated, terrorist attack. So the locals are actually very happy when, just a week after the attack, the entire force returns. Commodore Hollow is livid to find the base destroyed, but is happy to inform the Geleans that the Same - if that’s what the robotic drones that populate the area are - seemed to run from the might of his armada, and it was a rather boring trip otherwise. Though… there is a massive amount of large green planets in the sector they explored, full of exotic plant life that could be sold for quite a lot to the right buyer. Commodore Hollow is looking forward to returning to raze them all to the ground, once he receives the orders to do so from the Shadow Admiral.
    (Using (5) units, ANE discovers L12, which has an Open Learning Center, with a [Great] resource of [Resource Category: Flora]. ANE may use a non-action during Round 7 to define this Resource. There are reports of what amounts to (3) units of Same v0.07 defensive drones. GREAT SUCCESS! ANE has +1 to Conquer region L12 during Round 7.)

    The harmony had yet to explore the region located to their galactic south and decided that sending two of their finest combat units should result in detailed reports on what was located in this part of space. The communication halted as the fleet had a strict radio silence policy upon entering the system, when the harmony got the next transmission they did not receive the reports of they were expecting but a rather disturbing message. “I am the last survivor of our fleet i do not have long it is eating no consuming us we will not return we have awoken something that should have been left alone. If anyone follows us make sure that you” at which point the transmission stops.
    (HMY fails to Recon C25. HMY loses 2 units.)


    After the Revolution, the Geleans take the opportunity to spend a large amount of resources and effort searching for any unusual debris that may have also been shifted around. Almost purely by chance, they locate what seems to be an ancient wreckage of a ship from some unidentifiable alien race; likely an ancient race at least. Once safety systems confirm the all clear, Gelean explorers scour the ship and find an unusual energy reading emanating from a box with only five side. What looks like some kind of container, just missing a lid, does have an unusual interior. Latches holding nothing, connected by circuitry in strange, almost rune-like, shapes. Republic explorers are soon fighting over who gets to take it back to Neo Sol, and indeed, many verbal discussions while near the container occur.
    (GLR uncovers Caller Fragment Passionate Dispute: +1 to Raids once per round!)

    The Vilari Sodality, knowing that peace in Q5 is hanging by a thread called Mercury Sticks, investigates for additional Mercury nearby to help quell the war once and for all. Initial investigations reveal nothing in the region as easily accessible, though with great effort from the Vilari, more Mercury could be mined in a nearby asteroid field. However… the Revolution occurs. When the Sodality calms down, one particularly ambitious individual thinks to try a new scan, and while there is still no easily accessible Mercury in the region, there is now an available supply of Luminous Bronze to the Vilari’s new galactic east. With minimal effort, the Sodality could repurpose some of this Bronze to satisfy the requirements of the Telenites while still providing the Hungerers with Mercury.
    (VLS investigates for additional Mercury in Q5 (now K23). No other sources of Mercury in the region are available without using an Econ 5 action. Luminous Bronze does exist in M25, which is now close enough to purchase from or perhaps even claim as a region.)

    Even in the face of the Revolution, the Sisterhood has other concerns. The Data Breach from only a few short Galactic Years ago takes time to unravel and there are many false leads that require backtracking. However, one such ‘false’ lead continues to occur over and over. New recruits, interior guards sent by the Melfynians, keep being missing - presumed at the time killed during the theft - when they should have been at their posts preventing such a heinous crime. Coupled with data that was initially dismissed as a false report to discredit the Melfynians, the continued investigation more and more seems to point almost all the blame on the Sisterhood’s Harkan allies: the missing guards; sources suggesting the Melfynians sought accomplices for a secret undertaking; the fact that there were some followers of the One that found others attempting to fabricate blame, for information that the Uplift Chorus gave out freely. Too many things keep pointing back to Melfynus. Not enough to clear away all feelings of distrust of some of the other implicated Stellar Powers, but certainly enough to convince the Sisterhood that the Melfynians chose to get close to their organization, not to be friendly, but to infiltrate it from within.
    (SoS investigates SoS Data Breach. Strong evidence suggests that everything, including some other Stellar Powers being involved, is due to MYA. With so much circumstantial evidence, MYA loses [4] Reputation with the SoS, returning it to Rank 0. Not enough evidence exists - at the moment - for the SoS to declare the MYA an Enemy, but further reputation loss may occur if further credible evidence is found, such as the MYA having information they shouldn’t have. Units sent by MYA to the SoS will not be accepted until Round 13 begins. No other reputations increase or decrease due to this investigation.)

    The Sisterhood reports their findings on the being known as Woe - similar readings as the Being known as the Jester - and it is concerning. They feel as though Woe was only dangerous to those too close to her, or directly targeted by whatever emotional abilities she seemed to possess that reduced an Eradicator to a wailing mess. The Sisterhood understands that this act was taken to save someone and is clear to highlight this in their report. Woe did use a similar advanced transportation method as the Jester, and every indication forces the Sisterhood to speculation that the kimono-clad woman also came from the Beyond.
    (SoS investigates ‘Woe’, and determines she was only dangerous to criminals, probably has something to do with the Callers, and maybe came from the Beyond.)

    The Sisterhood’s investigators do not dabble in politics often without a compelling reason, but choose to do so this time in order to get a better understanding of the Syndrome. Every effort to investigate the Syndrome’s claims upon sector T18 indicate that, while perhaps questionable, it is legitimate. Most Investigators are convinced that the Syndrome are on the up and up, but one report states “There is no evidence to suggest the Syndrome are anything other than they say they are. This makes them either entirely trustworthy, or very skilled at subterfuge. Possibly both.” This report is dismissed as a poor reaction to recent history; being overly cautious in the face of what could very well be the exact kind of new friend the Sisterhood needs.
    (SoS investigates SYN claim validity in T18, but finds nothing they can prove as wrong.)

    The Grymlan investigate the mysteries of Psionic abilities, specifically within their Lopurna allies. The Grymlan discover that the Loperna’s limited Psionic abilities can be further enhanced, with the right bits of technology - and appropriate amounts of whatever it takes to make that technology - but that the Grymlan physiology does not allow them to have the same abilities. After many experiments where many different volunteers do not get back up, OwO insists that the attempts to gift Grymlans with Psionic talents be shut down. For now.
    (OwO looks into Psionics! Technology can be created to enhance Psionic Abilities, with the right Resource used to power it! Grymlans are not capable of Psionic Abilities, as a species, at this time.)

    Xavier Bonaparte, Aeternal Emperor of The Gelean Empire and its Protectorates is a veteran of many battles and during one of these battles earned a favour from the locals. It was in the battle to save the Aurora System's Security Posts that Xavier diverted hostile units from a civilian outpost to the main battle saving thousands. Among the saved was a local man known as the all knowing sage who offered Xavier a single book, the book was to enlighten the reader on a subject that would help them in the future and could only be opened once before disappearing from existence. All Xavier had to do was open the book and the knowledge would be his.
    (As a non-action during Round 7, GLR may roll a 1d5 to pick a stat, add +1 to that randomly selected stat. If the selected stat is already the highest stat, re-roll.)

    In Haethalia (R28), The Revolution seems to have awoken some of the ruined machinery within the Yuan Van salvage site, rising with renewed purpose and… Little to no stability. These impressive, ancient robotics are still far past being worn out, and once the caverns they crawled out from are properly stabilized and charted the harvesting of Haethalian Rubies proceeds with renewed vigor. (Haethalia (R28) Trade Posts increase from Good to Great, with CEL gaining control of the new source of Haethalian Rubies!)

    Though there end results seem to be a state secret, the Church of Iteus spends quite a lot of effort researching the local Light Additives. Only a day after they complete the research, the Revolution occurs. Many within the Church - those who have no idea about what Light Additives actually are, have not read the report, nor can base their thoughts on any actual facts - now feel as though they may have poked at something they should not have, and this caused Iteus to have blinked. The resulting new location in the Galaxy is the Church's punishment. Pontiff Altea and her close advisers know this to be untrue, and are (mostly) successful at calming everyone.
    (ITS completes research on Light Additives for their capital star system (now T16). The research results are a state secret!)

    In the darkness of space Republic of Celes emissaries find a ringed planet that initially seems surprisingly temperate. However, on closer inspection the planet proves ill suited to human habitation. The atmosphere is unbreathable, the native industrial civilization is incredibly xenophobic, and stranger still nearly all the water sources are contaminated with metallic nanoparticles giving them an eeire rainbow hue. Fortunately the native population has somehow evolved an immunity to heavy metal poisoning, allowing them to become experts at crafting toxic metals. (CEL discovers P26 which contains a [Great] resource of [Deformed Lead], 3 units of Lead Lined Soldiers , & an Open Learning Center!)

    Like their rivals, this unit of Celes emissaries find an incredibly temperate planet ruled by a giant vegetable corporation named Tronsanto. In a bid to protect their increasingly ambitious and wide ranging intellectual properties, Tronsanto decided to take enforcement of the law into its own hands by creating an army of Big Green Men. Made of the finest GMO spinach available, 50 feet tall, and filled with dietary fiber, Big Green Men are the widely marketed as the brand new super food… and capable of crushing all who dare violate Tronsanto’s terms of service. (CEL discovers Q29 which contains a [Great] resource of [Big Green Men], 2 units of Spinach Golems , & an Open Learning Center!)

    Space farers from the Celes have found a perfectly habitable system containing a yellow star and a very earth like planet orbiting it. While this planet initially seems like a paradise, it is in fact populated by a race of giant sentient mosquitos. Long after a presumed nuclear war ravaged the previous civilization, the mosquitos, mutated by radiation to achieve gigantic sizes and sentience, soon began to fill the gap. However, without the agricultural prowess of their predecessors the mansquitoes had to quickly innovate a solution to their malthusian population growth. Coincidentally there only export of note is a strange tasty oil. (CEL discovers R30 which contains a [Great] resource of [Soylent oil], 2 units of elite Mansquitoes , & an Open Learning Center!)

    After months of searching Conclave diplomats find a series of habitable worlds that are seemingly bereft of intelligent life. However a more in depth search unveils a dozen towers each inhabited by an alien warlock from across Axiom that have come to study the confluence of arcane forces that render this trinary system unique. Contact with the void disciples reveals that they have great knowledge on what they believe to be the supernatural, their towers housing libraries that go back almost 2 milenia. Unfortunately this knowledge seems to come at a price, as many of the warlocks are deformed with missing limbs, scarred faces, and stricken with tumors. Despite their off putting appearance the warlocks are quite receptive to overtures by the conclave emissaries. (CBS discovers G7 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Void Disciples] & an Open Learning Center!)

    Federated church probes find a rocky world nearly entirely covered by fungal forests, orbiting a blue star. The native inhabitants appear to be a war like culture of slime based mold people. Lead by the infamous luddite Fun Gui, the natives have gone on a massive planet wide crusade against technology even metal itself in an attempt to enhance their communication with the natural fungal network. Despite this a rogue faction of slimes has taken to the church of rust message and seeks assistance in deposing Fun Gui, as they believe the best way to communicate with the fungal network is via technological means. (FCO discovers S13 which contains a [Good] resource of [Opium], 2 units & an Open Learning Center! In addition there is an incomplete great project Fungal network communication system ⅗ actions completed, mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    Another group of federated church probes find what many consider to be the boujeest system in Axiom. The native boujee bourgeoisie live within massive skystations above the planets dystopian surface. Consisting of the planets wealthy elite and those follow them, the skystation residents spend the remainder of their days in bliss, crafting fine cheeses, wines, and playing smooth jazz, fed by resources “acquired” from the surface. The sky stations house a gigantic menagerie of plants and animals giving prospective chefs access to nearly every ingredient in Axiom. Recently the the sky station bourgeois have begun to rapidly gentrify the planets surface, forcing the surface dwellers into underground cities, for their own safety of course.(FCO discovers R14 (now S15) which contains a [Great] resource of [Spiced Hypercheese] & an Open Learning Center! In addition there is an incomplete great project Surface gentrification 2/5 actions completed, mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    A third group of federated church probes find a gigantic military academy orbiting a black hole. Prospective teen students make vast pilgrimages from across the sector to learn the arts of war. Their speciality is producing elite mech pilots who serve the regions various warmaidens. (FCO discovers R16 (now V22) which contains a [Minor] resource of [Mech Pilots], 2 units & an Open Learning Center!)

    Meritocracy probes find a unique system whose natives are tiny yet, gifted agriculturalists. Specifically the ladybug esque inhabitants have breed over 3000 varieties of olives. Rich, sour, sweet, and even spicy olives are bred by the inhabitants. Olive oil, olive loaf, olive lattes, and even the ever trendy olive toast have their place in the pantheon of native society. So prodigious is the olive trade that once every 10 years there is a planet wide competition where various nations each compete to see which breed of olive shines above the rest. (TMC discovers C7 which contains a [Great] resource of [Olives] & an Open Learning Center! In addition there is an incomplete great project the Olive Olympics 3/5 actions completed, mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    Meritocracy explorers find a world orbiting on its side after many months of searching the stars. It’s a heavily forested world filled with talking ape men...not to be confused with humans. This veritable, planet of the apes, have created an industrialized civilization on the backs of mute human slaves. From the slaves they harvest and refine cerebral fluid to create bioneural gel, a gel the apes use to increase their mental acuity, and in some cases imbue psionic power. (TMC discovers B12 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Bioneural Gel], 1 unit of psychic super apes & an Open Learning Center!)

    Gelean Republic diplomats use all the states resources in order to pinpoint the exact location of a strange new system across the stars. What they find is a civilization living atop a series of interlocking skystations adrift on a massive gas giant. In the face of a long and grueling civil war the native robots have recently turned to pacifism converting generations of kill bots into a far more gentle, if still armed, protocol droids with literally no repressed malice. Now they’ve turned their efforts into more constructive ends. (GLR discovers M9 which contains a [Great] resource of [Protocol Droids] & an Open Learning Center! In addition there is an incomplete great project Superweapons to Theme Parks Recycling Program 2/5 actions completed, mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    The enterprises of Nyx find success among the infinite stars quickly finding a world whose inhabitants wear skin tight suits of a specific alloy. Symbiotic alloys provide the natives with increased strength, dexterity, and a hide that can stand up to nearly any small arm, at the cost of vastly increasing the metabolic needs of the host. The Cosmic Couriers have recently been growing symbiotic alloys to sell in exchange for helping the natives clear more agricultural land. (GEN discovers L6 which contains a [Good] resource of [Symbiotic alloys] & an Open Learning Center! In addition there is an incomplete great project Super Farms 3/5 actions completed, mechanical bonus to be determined by the player)

    After several months of a near fruitless search Tezh probes stumble upon a base of An’null’s annihilators occupying a seemingly desolate system that has long ago been purged of most intelligent life. When not pirating or committing suicide in increasingly more absurd manners, the resident Eradicators take part in experiencing the dream space using peculiar pipes. (TZH discovers Z18 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Dreamy Pipes], 4 units & an Open Learning Center!)

    The Tezh probe that’s sent in Y17 finds that the region of space has a healthy balance of resources and habitable worlds, allowing whatever nation might visit the place to set up an industry of their choosing with minimal effort. It seems that some outlaws have had similar ideas, turning the place into a haven for smuggling and life independent of any stellar government. They may not take kindly to foreign intervention. (TZH discovers Y17 which contains a [Good] resource of [Undefined], 1 unit, an Open Learning Center, and has a +1 to convert region next round!)

    Creeping around the edge of the core, the Svaatyr probes reach further into the unknown. While their latest region at first seems relatively harmless, readings indicate that around once every half galactic year that several of the more promising deposits of metal change in shape and quality. As the probe completes the general scan of the otherwise well balanced system, it is suddenly destroyed by what reads as some of the metal deposits launching towards it in the form of an alien missile. Rumors are abuzz about who might command this material and why it ‘attacked.’ (SVA discovers N22 which contains a [Good] resource [Morphic Nth Metal], 2 units of Aggressive Asteroids & an Open Learning Center!)

    Upon entering one of the first systems in T4, the SPR exploratory vessel is hailed. They are not hailed by comms nor a physical visit, but by a chorus of voices that start appearing in people’s heads. Muddled and alien, little can be discerned from the chatter until the voices gradually begin to recede, leaving more time and opportunity to focus on what might be said. It seems that this voice was strong enough to silence the others, and commands that the SPR ship visit a certain planet via telekinetic images, where a race of new and psychically potent people reside in dwindling numbers. What looks like it was once a planet where billions lived is now a shell of mere thousands across the surface, who meet with the SPR and seem to hope that the arrival of new and alien minds will shepard in a long prophesied ‘enlightenment.’ (SPR discovers T4 which contains a [Minor] resource of [Mindcasters], 1 unit, and an Open Learning Center!)

    Within the latest system discovered by the SPR, the greatest discovery seems to be a grand galactic market that unites many of the local near-space civilizations using what seems like a poor replication of CmC technology. Most interesting among these alien markets are seeds that seem to be produced by only a single great tree that teems with magic - seeds that, when broken, cause great storms and climate changes, and fail to yield crops when planted. (SPR discovers U5 which contains a [Good] resource of [Krackle Seeds], 3 units, and an Open Learning Center!)

    Rocthurhi explorers venture into new spaces, finding that not all sectors of the galaxy are as hostile as those encountered before. What they discover is a quiet plane, with many worlds and minimal numbers of animal life. Plant life, however, is quite prevalent in even the most unlikely of conditions. Further investigation reveals a number of turtles and their protectors that seem to be immigrants to these systems, hidden among the thick thyme bushes so common to these planets. For the most part, they seem content to eat the thyme and live in a perfect turtle paradise, but the magical auras that the turtle guardians give off is unmistakable. (RTH discovers U9 (now B18) which contains a [Good] resource of [Thyme Turtles], 4 units, and an Open Learning Center!)

    The Melfynians send out their most covert units to survey the nearby region of G13 and find a colourful system where planets appear to have been painted in full. It soon becomes clear that the locals are artists that enjoy the biggest canvas in the galaxy and they paint entire planets transforming them into beautiful works of art. Local law stipulates that a planet with any form of life cannot be used as a canvas however lifeless rocks are fair game for any artist willing to prove themselves there are even rumours of a painter that can paint gas giants.
    MYA surveys G13(now F28) which contains a Great resource of [Pervaz Painters] and an Open Learning Center

    Spoiler: Failed Explorations

    DCN into L29 (Inquest)
    SPR into S5 (Inquest)
    KBC into H4 (Survey)
    HMY into C25 (Recon - 2 units)

    Spoiler: Updated Maps

    Round Seven: Begin!
    Galactic Dates 2175012.0.0.81 - 217514.0.0.80
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    The Ninurtine Empire
    Round 7

    News and Rumours
    • The Emperor announces the reconstitution of the Imperial state. Dulce and the Norduin sector are removed from the portfolio of the Extrastellar Governor and their rulers appointed Viceroys, with seats on the Council and votes in Imperial elections. The existing Imperial Worlds - now, along with the new additions, to be titled Imperial Provinces, retain their seats and votes.
    • There is some disquiet at the thought that this reorganisation could some day lead to a non-Malakid holding the Imperial office. Since the Malakid provinces still enjoy a majority on the Council, however, concerns have generally been quelled.
    • The current Extrastellar Territories, including Twr, are designated Imperial Territories, to be represented by the existing Governor on the Council. Currently these comprise three: the Maturin Territories, the Violet Expanse, and the Amurrin Territory.
    • The decisive victory of Lord Admiral Anguradeshib is celebrated across the Empire. Although only one ship (the HIMS Virender) was destroyed outright in the battle, the damage across the fleet was significant, particularly in Battlegroups D, E and V which bore the brunt of the fighting. Seven ships have been remitted to drydock for extensive repair and will not be in service for the next galactic year.
    • The Secretary-General has resigned from her post and gone into retirement. Many have expressed surprise at the sudden and unexplained departure of the ambitious councillor, who was one of the younger members on the Council and known to be a friend of the Emperor. After a few weeks, Malakadalud of Senna is appointed to replace her.
    • Following her personal heroism in the Battle of Nera, Captain Dashunul is appointed Commodore and placed in command of Battlegroup Z, hoisting her flag on HIMS Intransigent.

    Spoiler: The Battle of Nera

    Following the incident which became known as the Tabine Outrage, six battlegroups of the Ninurtine Imperial Navy were dispatched to the system as a punitive expedition. Operational Tabine ships were consolidated and placed under the unified command of the Shogun, who drew up his fleet on the moon of Nera. As the Imperial fleet moved in, the Shogun led his own ships out to face them.

    Lord Admiral Anguradeshib, commander-in-chief of the Imperial Navy, commanded the opposing personally, hoisting her flag on the HIMS Santino. The fleet deployed in a largely linear formation, with the light cruisers of Battlegroup A in the centre, forming the anchor for the smaller destroyers and gunboats which made up the remainder of the battle line. The decisive hammerblow was expected to come from Battlegroup V, on the right wing, where the heaviest ships were located.

    In common with normal Tabine practice, the Shogun gathered his ships together in a cluster opposite the Imperial flagship and launched them head-on at great speed, intending to board.

    Having not appreciated the up-close nature of Tabine warfare, the Imperial fleet was taken somewhat by surprise when their opponents continued a headlong rush, far within normal weapons range.

    There was little tactical insight in the Tabine deployment: the Shogun was not a military mind. Only the narrow profile of the Tabine ships saved them on the initial charge against the Imperial centre. In response, Anguradeshib pulled back the centre of the formation, allowing the Imperial fleet to encircle the Tabines completely.

    The battle was in effect decided at that moment, though the remainder was not without further incident. Recognising that the long-range weapons of the large cruisers were less effective than usual, Anguradeshib ordered them to withdraw to allow in the gunboats and destroyers. In the manoeuvres, the HIMS Hagen, which had taken a forward position in the line in common with its captain's famous belligerence, found its retreat blocked by the advancing gunboats, and instead pushed on into the centre of the Tabine fleet, where it was repeatedly boarded.

    The Hagen became the defining feature of the battle, as Imperial ships pressed on to attempt to liberate it from the Tabine boarders, while the Tabines attempted to silence its guns as it continued to bombard the Tabine vessels from the middle of their formation.

    Engulfed in a momentous crossfire, the Tabine capital ships could simply not withstand the barrage, and one by one were destroyed. In one unfortunate incident, the Virender and Inflexible opened a salvo on one of the last Tabine ships from opposite sides. The fire from both ships simply ripped through the Tabine vessel – and continued onwards into their fellows beyond. The Inflexible, which had already defeated one boarding party, was damaged in the exchange; the smaller Virender was destroyed. Other notable casualties included three Sterkelv-class destroyers, crippled by the explosion of one of the Tabine ships and consequent debris, though all three retained life support and were saved for later repair.

    As the Tabine fleet disintegrated, close-quarters battle raged on the Hagen, where Captain Dashunul led the counterattack in person. Even in the immediate aftermath of the fight, the mythologisation began. If it is to be believed, Dashunul engaged the Tabine knight commander Ryoma Tineias in single combat. When Tineias was eventually defeated and offered his surrender, his remaining men laid down their arms.

    The Imperial victory was total, to the extent that Tineias was the highest-ranking Tabine officer to survive the battle. The official surrender of remaining Tabine military forces across the system followed all but immediately.

    Spoiler: Tabine War: Aftermath

    There were few unatttractive Malakids. Since everyone could choose their appearance, not many turned down the opportunity to present themselves as well as possible. But even by Malak standards, Ninurbethush was heartachingly beautiful as she entered the Council chamber with head held high, defiant to the end.

    “Stop there,” said the Censor-General.

    “I remain a member of this Council,” she said.

    “That buys you admission to the chamber. You sit only with the Emperor's permission.”

    Ninurbethush turned her face towards the Emperor, who sighed and looked down.

    “You were my first appointment to this Council. They warned me not to – they told me you were the most dangerous woman on Nanasu, and that appointing you was rash – but I believed your abilities were better used in the service of the Empire than buried in the civil service.

    “But this, this cannot stand. There has been a complete breakdown in trust. You have lied to the people of the Empire, to this Council, and to me. You have brought an illegal war upon us under false pretences, and known full well what you are doing. For this, we would be within our rights to strip you of your name and face and send you to serve a year as a labourer on Resh.”

    Ninurbethush seemed uneasy for the first time, but it passed in a moment.

    “Do you have anything to say before we pass sentence?” he asked.

    “Yes,” she said, all her defiance returning. “I have never stopped acting in the service and interests of the Empire. I am merely the only one with the wit and belief to see what that is. We sit in this room and talk of the principle of Imperial government but you have forgotten what that means. We needed no diplomatic pretence to occupy the Tabine systems: that is our right – your right as Emperor. You are Emperor, the sovereign authority in this universe. You recognise few equals and no superiors, and the Tabine are not in either category. Forget right, it is our duty to do so. Aside from all commercial considerations, this was the right thing to do, but you have all forgotten the truth we espouse. You have all lost your nerve. In the last two Imperial years our worlds have changed beyond recognition, and we must change our approach to deal with that. Or we will fall and all we believe in will fail. Do with me as you will, for I regret nothing.”

    The Council sat in silence. After a moment, Lord Admiral Anguradeshib stood.

    “Perhaps, as the only member of the Council to serve in the war, I may offer an opinion?”

    “Of course.” The Emperor gestured, and Anguradeshib moved to stand next to Ninurbethush.

    “The Secretary-General is right. She is not a criminal, or a monster. She is a visionary. Occupation of the Tabine systems was justifiable, even necessary. If the Empire is to maintain its position as universal government, it cannot falter merely because those it encounters recognise their own inferior rulers who reject the truth of our philosophy, or possess arms with which to defend themselves. This Empire was founded on truths in which we all believe, but it would not have come into being without an assertive naval policy. We must return to our roots, forget the comfort of the years since unification, and turn our gaze outwards once again. Otherwise we will perish, in soul if not in body.”

    She turned to Ninurbethush. “But while I condone the Secretary-General's words, her objectives and her ideology, I cannot endorse her methods. The truth cannot survive if unspoken. She should have won us to her side with that truth, not with deception. If we cannot trust each other, we have nothing. She cannot remain as a member of this Council.”

    There was a murmuring of assent, and the Emperor stood. “I agree. Ninurbethush, in light of our long friendship and your years of loyal service, I forgive you your actions. The official position shall remain that the Tabines provoked this war. All records to the contrary will be destroyed. You will retire with a not ungenerous pension. But you will retire.”

    Even through her holograph, it was clear that Ninurbethush was now fighting back tears, though of what nature was impossible to tell. Eventually, she gave a formal bow, which the Emperor returned. She backed out of the chamber, never to return.

    “We need a new Secretary-General,” said the Emperor. “Does anyone have any recommendations?”


    [Diplomacy 10] Unity. Form a Galactic Power.
    [Diplomacy] Stabilise T24 (roll: 20 = Success)
    [Diplomacy] Claim Hammerspace T20 (roll: 18 = Great success 1/1)
    [Military] Invade region V22 with 4 units led by the Lord Admiral (4 units, M10 general, total +14).
    [Military] Build a unit.


    Support buyouts of non-Imperial-owned TPs by the Republic of Celes
    Resist buyouts of trading posts owned by NUT or CEL.
    Resist all conversion actions

    Spoiler: Ruler Stats

    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 6
    Economy: 6
    Philosophy: 3
    Intrigue: 2

    Next round: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Economy

    Spoiler: Ephemera

    Cultural Identity: Stabilising regions (temporary)
    Resources available: Entropic Pearls, Antispice, Mechanical Drones
    Generals: Lord Admiral Anguradeshib (M10)
    Units: 5

    Spoiler: The Imperial Fleet

    [tr][th]Ship Name[/th][th]Class[/th][th]Tonnage (approx)[/th][th]Launch Date[/th][th]Type[/th][th]Status[/th][th]Fleet[/th][th]Captain[/th][th]Notes[/th][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Santino[/td][td]Santino[/td][td]200000[/td][td]217500[/td][td]Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup A[/td][td]Captain Sennaderesh[/td][td]Flagship[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Frederico[/td][td]Santino[/td][td]200000[/td][td]217501[/td][td]Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup A[/td][td]Captain Essacharach[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Constanzia[/td][td]Santino[/td][td]190000[/td][td]217502[/td][td]Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td]Flagship[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Sterkelv[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]60000[/td][td]217503[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Forksby[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]60000[/td][td]217503[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Harick[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]62000[/td][td]217503[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Kronar[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]65000[/td][td]217503[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Lara[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]40000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Vholes[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]102000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Harker[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]101000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Oldbuck[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]102000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Clemenza[/td][td]Santino[/td][td]206000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td]Flagship[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Norvest[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]65000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Ivar[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]41000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Morgan[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]41000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Maxwell[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]40000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Finch[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]100000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Rumpole[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]103000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Affront[/td][td]Affront[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Torpedo Boat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Outrage[/td][td]Affront[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Torpedo Boat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Pique[/td][td]Affront[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Torpedo Boat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Apoplexy[/td][td]Affront[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Torpedo Boat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Brickbat[/td][td]Affront[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Torpedo Boat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Vex[/td][td]Affront[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Torpedo Boat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Afridi[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]40000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Tulkinghorn[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]100000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td]Flagship[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Brass[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]100000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Carton[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]101000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Genco[/td][td]Santino[/td][td]210000[/td][td]217503[/td][td]Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td]Flagship[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Enga[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]62000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Gnarl[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]61000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Peryton[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]64000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Awstin[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]65000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Tenderskatter[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]40000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Gayle[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]40000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Wickfield[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]100000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Haphazard[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]105000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup G[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Implacable[/td][td]Inflexible[/td][td]225000[/td][td]217506[/td][td]Armoured Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Impervious[/td][td]Inflexible[/td][td]226000[/td][td]217506[/td][td]Armoured Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Bjurnja[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]65000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Stormstone[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]65000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Benedict[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]60000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Inexorable[/td][td]Inflexible[/td][td]226000[/td][td]217506[/td][td]Armoured Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup Z[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Intransigent[/td][td]Inflexible[/td][td]225000[/td][td]217506[/td][td]Armoured Light Cruiser[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup Z[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Cassius[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]65000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup Z[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Minotron[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]62000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup Z[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Hutz[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]102000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup Z[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Jermyn[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]102000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup Z[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS MacIntyre[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]102000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Battlegroup Z[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Penetrator[/td][td]Penetrator[/td][td]50000[/td][td]217500[/td][td]Armed Diplomatic[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Contact A[/td][td]Commodore Sharugin[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Thruster[/td][td]Penetrator[/td][td]49000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Armed Diplomatic[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Contact A[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Anson[/td][td]Anson[/td][td]250000[/td][td]217496[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordrinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td]Captain Biphethag[/td][td]Flagship[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Intrepid[/td][td]Intrepid[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217498[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td]Commander Himashim[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Bold[/td][td]Intrepid[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217500[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td]Captain Chanubun[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Dynamo[/td][td]Intrepid[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217500[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Moxy[/td][td]Intrepid[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217500[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td]Commander Chanithashar[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]TW-HV[/td][td]Tailwind[/td][td]5000[/td][td]217490[/td][td]Cutter[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]TW-AGD[/td][td]Tailwind[/td][td]5000[/td][td]217490[/td][td]Cutter[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]TW-AGE[/td][td]Tailwind[/td][td]5000[/td][td]217490[/td][td]Cutter[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]TW-AGV[/td][td]Tailwind[/td][td]5000[/td][td]217490[/td][td]Cutter[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td]Contact B[/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Fitzroy[/td][td]Anson[/td][td]250000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td][/td][td][/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Cornucopia[/td][td]Cornucopia[/td][td]300000[/td][td]217499[/td][td]Colony Ship[/td][td]Active[/td][td][/td][td]Captain Amberechul[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Intercourse[/td][td]Penetrator[/td][td]50000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Armed Diplomatic[/td][td]Active[/td][td]Contact G[/td][td]Captain Bechadoluk[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Virender[/td][td]Tenderskatter[/td][td]41000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Gunboat[/td][td]Destroyed[/td][td][/td][td][/td][td]Destroyed in the Tabine War 217512. Formerly part of Battlegroup D.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Dash[/td][td]Intrepid[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217498[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td][/td][td]Commander Chasukar[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Audacious[/td][td]Intrepid[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217499[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td][/td][td]Commander Chadethech[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Spunk[/td][td]Intrepid[/td][td]30000[/td][td]217500[/td][td]Exploration[/td][td]In Ordinary[/td][td][/td][td]Commander Henechab[/td][td][/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Hagen[/td][td]Santino[/td][td]200000[/td][td]217502[/td][td]Light Cruiser[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup A[/td][td]Captain Dashunul[/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Vestlig[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]65000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Cassius[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]64000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Skyfather[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]64000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup D[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Jaggers[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]105000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Fogg[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]100000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Perker[/td][td]Tulkinghorn[/td][td]99000[/td][td]217504[/td][td]Frigate[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup E[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Inflexible[/td][td]Inflexible[/td][td]225000[/td][td]217506[/td][td]Armoured Light Cruiser[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td]Former battlegroup flagship. Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Silvorge[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]60000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr]
    [tr][td]HIMS Clawling[/td][td]Sterkelv[/td][td]60000[/td][td]217505[/td][td]Destroyer[/td][td]Under Repair[/td][td]Battlegroup V[/td][td][/td][td]Damaged in the Tabine War 217512.[/td][/tr][/table]
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    Republic of Celes (CEL)
    Under the leadership of Consul Maximilian Relor
    Round 7

    News and Rumors
    • LYR is welcomed to the quadrant with the traditional human offering of assorted fruit and nuts in plastic wrapped wicker baskets. They are also told to stay on their side of the S/T border. Formal demarcation treaty to follow at their request.
    • The galaxy at large is again warned about unsanctioned religious intrusions into Celenian space. Religions wishing to proselytize within Celenian space are encouraged to speak with the Office of the Consul for approval. Philosophies deemed insurrectionist or otherwise contrary to the peace and order of the Republic are subject to removal. Any religion or philosophy attempting to subvert the capital will be considered an act of terrorism, no different than military incursion, and be met with appropriate defensive measures.
    • The Republic condemns the cowardly Rothuun for not even defending their own space while Celenian warships confront the threat of the Same head-on. Arriving only a little late to the party, the Rothuun are not applauded for defending their own interests with a token display of galactic solidarity.

    • [Diplomacy] D10 Special: Diplomatic Unity! Galactic Power get. The last two decades have been a time of peace and vast economic expansion. Celenians citizens sleep soundly knowing the most powerful navy in the galaxy stands ready to defend them from all threats. Glory to the republic!
    • [Military] Conquest of P24 with 1 unit of Jackstar Mercenaries and no leader. Being necessary to secure trade lanes with their allies in the EHZ, and to mobilize in response to the threat of The Same, CEL launches a hasty occupation of the region. Within months, refueling stations dot the avenue towards EHZ space and militia patrols are a regular sight in a peaceful and secure sector. The Church of Iteus receives a guarantee that the worshipers will remain undisturbed in perpetuity as the Republic's interests in the region are purely economic.
    • [Military] Recruit Unit 1/3
    • [Military] Recruit Unit 2/3 - Construction begins on a sister ship for the unparalleled Harbinger of Dawn, another 2.5 MT cruiser named Presage of Dusk. As bandwidth for deep space mega-engineering accelerates, the Lancer-class cruiser design stands poised to enter production as the Republic's primary ship-of-the-line with even more daunting models planned to replace the Harbinger as a flagship. Though only two-thirds complete at the start of Round 8, the cruiser is nonetheless battle ready, if operating in a diminished capacity. If the need arises, the Presage will be deployed without a fighter complement and with an unarmored aft.
    • [Military] M5 Special: Develop Tactical Doctrine: Space Superiority
      Effect: On a successful Tactical Roll, CEL gains (+2) to the Combat Roll but the enemy takes (-1) to the Combat Loss roll, for every (3) units that CEL has, up to a +6/-3 bonus
      Celenian naval doctrine is straightforward: control space. Republic capital ships are little more than heavily armored artillery platforms with enough plasma thrusters attached to keep the pointy end angled toward the enemy. Unless taken by surprise or outmaneuvered, the massive warships are virtually unassailable as they lumber towards their objective. The upside to facing a Celenian fleet is that it's easy to turn and run. Quitting the "field" early ensures lives and equipment saved as their capital ships are incapable of giving chase and their fighters are short-range and cannot operate more than a day without a base or carrier.

    • Support Philosophy conversions to The One in Q25
    • Support NUT buyout of Celenian Alloy TP
    • Transfer 1 Unit of Jackstar Mercenaries to EHZ via Embassy

    Spoiler: Ruler Stats
    Ruler: Consul Maximilian Relor
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 8 -> 10
    Economy 5
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 1

    Next round: +2 Military

    Capital Region: R26
    Other Regions: Q25, R24, R28
    Resources: High Fashion (1), Antimatter (1), Haethalian Rubies (1)
    Technologies: None
    Military Force (6 Units Total): RCS Harbinger of Dawn Lancer-class Cruiser [3 Units], Fighter Wing [1 Unit], Jackstar Mercenaries [2 Units]
    Military under EHZ Command (2 Units): RCS Tempest Rook-class Frigate [1 Unit], RCS Squall Rook-class Frigate [1 Unit]

    Spoiler: Diplomacy at a Glance

    • Mutual defensive pact with NUT and EHZ (all regions).
    • Religious or philosophic intrusion in the Republic of Celes capital region of R26 will be met with brutal military reprisal. No exceptions.
    • Unsanctioned acquisition of resources within the Capital will be considered a hostile action. Sternly worded letters to follow.

    Spoiler: Links to Rolls

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Syndrome

    Region R22: Crab Nebula
    Region S19: Stormwrack
    Region S21: Heart-Beacons
    Region S23: Alitur
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes

    Actions No rolls needed this turn!

    [Diplomacy] Finalize Claim on T18
    Having rallied the remaining organics of T18 into a more or less cohesive force, and weakened Hannibal by introducing viruses into some of its nodes, the Syndrome oversee a peaceable settlement between the AI and the Organics, with themselves staying in the area as mediators and allies, of course.

    [Diplomacy 10] Declare the Syndrome Protectorates a Galactic Power
    The Syndrome have spread and prospered. They and their protectorate states have reached a new golden age of trade and diplomacy.

    [Military] Raise the First Combined Fleet

    [Military] Raise the Second Combined Fleet
    The Syndrome gather military troops from across their Protectorates into a new fighting force. Alituran cruisers, Syndrome Bioships, and Krankot mech knights form a cohesive navy.

    [Diplomacy] Host the Revolution Conference in Syndrome Space
    Spoiler: Event subactions
    Send Battle-Pods Reaching-Arm and Devouring-Shadow to EHZ to fight the Same threat.
    Accept War Beasts and Enhanced Microplating from RMT, as per the Nephret Pact.

    Although the Syndrome are not touched by the mass reorganization of the galaxy, several of their neighbors were. Yellow-Coat-Stripes invites all powers to a discussion of the strange disaster which has befallen the galaxy. The Lyraeans, Celestia Corp, the Rothuun, and the Eye of the Horizon are given special invitations, the first and second to discuss their new position near Syndrome space, the third and fourth to discuss combatting the same.


    Support Conversions of all owned LCs to the Church of Iteus.
    Support buyouts by RMT and ITS against open TPs in Syndrome territory.
    Resist everything else.

    Spoiler: N&R
    The Revolution has mixed up the entire galaxy, but the Southeast remains relatively unchanged. The Syndrome welcome new neighbors to their area. However, an unchanged position doesn't mean that they are unaffected. Syndrome ships en route to the Church of Iteus for trade are lost in unexplored space. It takes some time for them to find their bearings and return. Worse off still are the vessels who were leaving the Itean system at the time. The wind up lost in unknown space until they emerge in the new location of Celestia Enterprises.

    With interest in Syndrome markets by Celestia Corp, the new proximity of them increases Syndrome interest in closer economic and diplomatic ties.

    The Celestian embassy is welcomed with open arms. They are permitted to set up shop in orbit around Heart-Life-Nest. The Syndrome return the favor by sending a decommissioned Bioship to Celestia to serve as an embassy there.

    The arrival of Lyrae, whom the Overlady had discussed with in the past, in neighboring space prompts a diplomatic outreach.

    Spoiler: Tales from the Front
    Recovered Log, partially decrypted.
    [REDACTED]'s log, entry #38
    I've done it! Use of the [CLASSIFIED] has perfected the process. This research should land me the next Overladyship. I just have to keep it secret until then. It would not do to have [SCRUBBED] or [ENCRYPTED] discover what I've done, not the least because it is illegal.

    Spoiler: National Info

    Spoiler: Units 6/8

    Battle-Pod Rapant-Growth
    Symbiote Carrier Carcass-Mold
    Symbiote Carrier Creeping-Vine
    Scout Vessel Fertile-Seed
    Scout Vessel Hungry-Maw
    Battle-Pod Heart-Guard
    Symbiote Carrier Thorn-Coral
    Ravager Rending-Claw
    Ravager Necrotic-Sting
    Battle-Pod Devouring-Shadow
    Stealth Ravager Dark-Meteor
    Stealth Ravager Ice-Claws
    Stealth Ravager Young-Hunter
    Stealth Ravager Silent-Eye
    Stealth Ravager Hidden-Pit
    Battle-Pod Reaching-Arm
    Ravager Twin-Strike
    Stealth Ravager Moon-Shadow
    Scout Vessel Light-Eyes
    Scout Vessel Gliding-Seed
    Scout Vessel Ice-Seeker
    Scout Vessel Eye-Guard
    Scout Vessel Reaching-Heart
    Mech Squadron Prime
    Mech Captain Arxur
    Mech Knight Tetivare
    Mech Knight Garahat
    Mech Knight Garein
    Mech Knight Kei
    Mech Knight Tor
    Mech Knight Akovare
    Mech Knight Lankalot
    Mech Knight Mortret
    Mech Knight Akravein
    Mech Knight Kator
    Mech Knight Karatok
    Mech Knight Takonet
    Mech Knight Arek
    Mech Knight Garex
    Mech Knight Lanorak
    Mech Knight Lukan
    Mech Knight Morhot
    Mech Knight Urein
    Alitur Colonial Defense
    Command Ship Glorious Dawn
    Prison Vessel Grim Destiny
    Missile Cruiser Resolute Flame
    Missile Cruiser Astral Lance
    Hospital Ship Charitable Arms
    Corvette Silent Mercy
    Corvette Fallen Void

    Biotumblers (R16.1)
    4D Titanium (S19.2)
    Genetic Engineers (S21.1)
    Knowledge Parasites (T16.2)
    Antispice (T22.1)

    R22 (Owned)
    S19 (Owned)
    S21 (Owned)
    S23 (Owned)
    T18 (Fabricated)
    T22 (Prior Ownership)
    U19 (Diplomatic)

    The Maiden's Code (secret actions)

    Misc. Bonuses:
    +1 to investigations (SoS 1)
    ZoI reduced by one in and adjacent CmC relays for buyouts (CmC 1)

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Overlady Yellow-Coat-Stripes
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 3 +1
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 6
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Rundhrul of the Ofgryl Cluster

    1. [Phi5]Spread Knowledge centered on I29, spread to i) H28 ii) J30 iii)I31
      I29: The region is of special interest to the Melfynians as both share various similarities. The Melfynians hope spreading OwO which has assisted greatly in recent years would help inspire the merfolk to be able to come to terms and live towards mutual betterment of both species as the Harkans and Rastars have. Of an interesting note, the Serpent made its own address as a prime example of how a goal of mutual betterment could work...
      H28: A hub of OwO, a noteworthy network itself, was sent by the Melfynians although it was less to manipulate any structure in place but in hopes the spiders would be able to recognize the OwO and work with it thereby giving the Melfynians the opportunity to study the neighbours' own hivemind to augment their own hubs in the future, if any adjustments were made at all.
      J30: The icy shell of the region piqued Melfynian interest somewhat. While the depths of Melfynus is unsuited for most, the Melfynians hope to eventually gain the cooperation of the region's oligarchy to learn of the climate controlled domes which could be used on the outer layer Melfynus. To hopefully stimulate the possibility, the Melfynians included a personalized message of their hopes and if the oligarchy is interested in sharing their knowledge, so would the Melfynians through the OwO and eventually perhaps, both can pay the other a visit.
    2. [Mil]Conquer the unitless G29 with 1 general and 1 unit.
      After months of deliberation, Melfynians send a cluster led by their new general to the sector for this most urgent matter; to secure it and keep the Manoomin problem in check until they can properly deal with it depending on the results of General Kekkles survey of the invasive plantlife.
    3. [Dip]Increase Rep with SoS
      As cooler heads have prevailed, there has been an attempt by some Melfynians to improve their relationship with the Sisterhood if nothing else, than to make sure they would have a voice in matters relating to the core at the upcoming meeting.
    4. [Dip]Increase Rep with ANE
      While their methods of persuasion have been... questionable, the Melfynians have decided to get better acquainted with the only other group which seemed to be interested in keeping the threat of the Core in line. At least, they've visibly done something despite their bases being sabotaged or outright destroyed.
    5. [Int]Secret [Redacted]

    • Support Etherite Claim on H28 in accordance to the outcome of border discussions despite misunderstandings on the timeframe.

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • While the literal Revolution had indeed been unexpected, the Melfynians had better things to deal with. The subjugation of the Melfynian Serpent had a good outcome- had it been a reliable one. Observations by clusters have almost doubled as the Serpent alternates between its new lucid state and its former feral state. Some have tried to help it get better adjusted to its new state of being but other than that, the Melfynians have given the Serpent its own zone of influence within Melfynus where it has been content to stay in and rest.
    • Though their internal adversary has been properly dealt with, the Melfynians are not satisfied with the Sisterhood's ease in accusing and then breaking off ties with them without any strong evidence to show for it; their act is fully reliant on circumstantial evidence at beat. The aquatics have openly decided to denounce the organization and expressly declared they have no interest with their restructuring plans and outcome of except in the Sisterhood's actions will damage Melfynian peace and prosperity.
    • With both the assistance and dismissals by outside forces, one clear outcome of the Revolution was the Melfynian's new belief that they would have to take matters into their own hands. While not expressly stated, it would seem movement from within Melfynus suggests a harder stance towards outsiders is a possibility however the Melfynians have sent out representatives to all nearby regions which would accept them in order to better understand them. The Etherites were of a specific priority in order to discuss matters of both power's borders whereas the Unified Public Trust were as a matter of courtesy due to their assistance with the Serpent which has the Melfynians hope both powers can continue friendly relations.
    • In pursuit of their own expansionist policies, the Melfynians have looked towards the neighbouring region of the Aphid in G29. While no specific plans have been made, yet, the aquatics have intimated they may be able to help with their crisis but such invasive measures would require drastic means which the Melfynians are unwilling to commit to right now until they have made a sure plan.
    • No longer cut off by a core full of genocidal automatons in between them, the Melfynians discuss with the Grymlans for how it would be possible to map a bridge to their two territories with the endless space in between them.
    • However as cooler heads have also allowed a review of their prior negotiations, the Melfynians have decided to reassess their relationship or potential of with their new neighbors. Breaches of decorum between diplomats and the lack of sincerity has become a cause of alarm for the aquatics and while there is no indication of a worsening of relations, the aquatics have stated the well-being of their own people is their primary concern.

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats (in the following order)
    Diplomacy 6
    Military 6
    Economy 1
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 10

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses
    Dip +1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Region G25
    Commonwealth of Zara
    Leader: Governor Mizusk Iskanem
    Round 7 (217513 - 217515 GD, 7 FC)


    1. [Economy] Mend the Guardians, gaining one unit
    With industrial labor in sufficient supply, the Guardians (who were, as is well known, never used for labor to begin with) are returned to their original functioning. Many become personal attendants or guards to high-ranking Commonwealth officials.

    2. [Diplomacy] Send minor representatives to document the post-Revolution galaxy
    Several minor diplomats arrive at the Revolution Conference, but others travel to as many nearby powers as can be reached.

    3. [Diplomacy 5] Embassy the Kronin

    4. [Intrigue 10] Investigate the Moons of Zara - uncover a Caller Fragment
    Ships in orbit of Zara detect a mysterious radio signal being beamed between Zara's three moons. The Department of Space begins an investigation of the source....

    5. [Intrigue] Secret: 8


    Spoiler: News and Rumors
    • There is no Revolution in Axiom. Rumors of such an event are treason.
    • Everyone involved in the hit new show "Does it Explode?" is unfortunately killed in a freak accident when the main studio of the production company catches on fire and soon after explodes. The incident is ascribed to extremist anti-technology groups, and the media quickly moves on to more important things.
    • Mizusk was something special in Commonwealth history: a Governor who had a strong handle on the undercurrents of Family politics. His leadership had kept the constant infighting of the Families from seriously hampering the Commonwealth's operations on the galactic stage, but it had also infuriated the heads - especially with his constant granting of power to the Department of Space, believed by the Families to be entirely in Mizusk's pocket. And so the coup began as the sixth year on Zara since the Simulacrum drew to its end. Suolina Dizod, the head of the Dizod Family, was after revealed as the instigator, revealing to the other Families that her Family had vast resources beyond local Commonwealth space and promising great rewards and freedoms when Mizusk was overthrown.

      The plan went into motion when Prisze and Zavost became embroiled in an argument over the details of a new comic series, involving a daring adventurer exploring the post-Revolution galaxy. Neither Family would yield, and so Iskanem was tied up attempting to mediate the conflict. Taking advantage of the opportunity, the heads of all the scheming Families - Dizod, Prisze, Obtiznos, Vykos, Ridiss, Vyzna, and Zelani - arranged a private meeting with Mizusk. Eight Jesska entered the secret conference room, and only six walked out. The coup had not been without a casualty: Suolina would never gain the power she sought, and, without a unifying goal, the conspiracy began to fracture immediately.

      It shattered completely three hours later, when every spaceship on Zara rose into the air simultaneously - seized in a countercoup by Mizusk's own Department of Space, led by Chief Spaceman Cedos Moravec and his Technological Junta. Cedos has already declared himself Governor plans to seize all Family property, particularly private spacecraft not sent into orbit in the initial coup.

      The Families are even now discussing a temporary truce until the usurper is defeated, and while no major fighting has broken out yet, patrols of private Family soldiers and DoS Guardians have become a common sight in the Complex....
    • "Citizens of Zara! At long last, your freedom has been - "
      "Citizens of Zara, there is no need to panic - "
      " - from the tyranny of the ancient Families, ruling by - "
      " - No usurpation has been attempted, I repeat - "
      " - The Junta is the new government of all Jesska - "
      " - and, as a reminder, citizens found supporting unlawful - "
      " - Seize progress! Seize freedom! Join - "
      " - summarily executed. Those suspected of harboring - "
      " - Cedos Moravec! Cedos Moravec! Cedos - "
      " - The new, legitimate, Governor will be chosen within the week. Please remain calm and wait for further news."

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Current Stats
    Diplomacy: 5
    Military: 4
    Economy: 10
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 10

    New Ruler Next Round? YES: Chief Spaceman Cedos Moravec of the Technological Junta of Zara
    Diplomacy: 3 +1
    Military: 3 +1
    Economy: 4 +2
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 4 +2
    Rolls here

    Expected Stat Bonuses: Diplomacy +1, Intrigue +1

    Spoiler: Other notes

    Military units: 1 +1
    • Zara* SDS 2
    • Elite Guardians +

    • Zara* SDS

    Resources controlled:
    • E25: Pocket Factories
    • F26: Fertilized Actuators
    • G13: Vanadium
    • G19: Guardians
    • G25: Entertainment
    • H24: Black Hole Generators
    • X14: Broadcasting Tech x2

    • Long-Range Advertising Campaigns!: Reduces ZoI by one step for defending against buyouts; Requires Broadcasting Tech
    • Galactic Currency Mint: +1 Buyouts; Requires Any precious mineral and Any other resource
    • Resident Spies: Treat one secret action per turn as if its ZoI was centered on the capital of a Stellar Power you have an Embassy with. The target must be Close, Adjacent, or within the Capital region; Requires Spies or Broadcasting Tech and Embassies
    • Enhanced Microplating: +1 Battle rolls; Requires Hard Metal; Armor and Shields slot

    Caller Fragments:
    • None

    Religion Philosophy bonuses:
    • None

    Organization bonuses:
    • None

    Saved actions:
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Duenem

    Region V20+V22 R14+R16

    Round 7
    1. [1] [Military] Invade S15 with 1 unit
      The Gentrification program gives the Duenem stark reminders of the mistakes of their own past. As the nearest power capable of interfering, a small force is set to ensure that no lives are lost in this horrible undertaking.
      [2] [Military] Raise a unit
      With the threat of The Same and the Revolution, a stronger defensive force is needed. Express permission is granted by Telescopic Radiance for Jet Stability to form a seperate force for fast strike actions, as opposed to the more defensive forces the Duenem typically use.
      [3] [Economy] Buyout S13 TP1 for Opium 18
      [4] [Economy] Buyout S13 TP2 for Opium 21
      As an adherent to Rust, and a group that needs protection, the Duenem invest heavily in the economy of S13. In time, they will be able to both protect them and fulfill their wishes.
      [5] [Military] Raise a unit
      In preparation for the possibility of Same Incursions, a special group of Duenem are comissioned to run on partially closed circuits to limit any takeover effects. In the worst case, they might be the only Duenem left with free will.


    Non Actions:

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • The Revolution causes great distress for the Duenem focusing on charting stars and exploration. Not only have stars moved, entire sectors of space are required to be remapped. Telescopic Radiance itself finds the Revolution horrible for quite easily ruining the navigation of uncounted planet bound civilisations, setting them back thousands of years.

    • While the Duenem had increasingly close relations with the Housers, the Revolution disrupts much that had been planned. While the Duenem are happy to keep funding them, they admit the Duenem are unlikely to be able to fulfill security needs for the future.

    Spoiler: Owned TPs

    V20 R14 TP1-Mechanical Drones
    V18 Tp1- Masterwork Jewelry
    W23 TP1- Subspace Camels
    S19 TP1-4D Titaniun
    U19 TP1-Casinos
    S21 TP3-Genetic Engineers
    V16 TP1-Memory Transfer Droids
    W23 TP2-Subspace Camels

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Telescopic Radiance
    Current Stats
    Diplomacy 9
    Military 5
    Economy 10
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 4

    New Ruler Next Round?
    Expected Stat Bonuses
    +1 Mil
    CI: The New Age. D8 for expedition actions
    MD: Eden Protocols. When defending, with a successfully tactical roll, the Duenum take a -1 to the Combat Roll for the battle, but the enemy incurs one additional step of Distance and Size Loss regardless of distance traveled or army size.

    SOS rep 1. +1 to Investigations

    Technology: Galactic Currency Mint : Any precious mineral+Any resource.
    Provides +1 to a buyout
    Long-Range Advertising campaigns
    Trade League
    Enhanced Armour Plating
    Resident Spies

    3 Units Raised
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Round 7 Actions
    The Ndoda
    Umkhonto Shurik Talwoq

    Ruler Stats:
    Diplomacy - 2
    Military - 3
    Economy - 6
    Philosophy - 1
    Intrigue - 1


    Economy – Spend an E5 to increase the amount of Operatic Frogs in F22 (Increase number of TPs from 2 to 3) and claim the new TP
    With the Droccen Imperium, the Kron, and the Ndoda all wanting frogs, it is clear that there aren't enough to go around. The Ndoda have never been ones to sit back and gripe though, and send a special group of merchants and scientists to rectify the situation.
    Military – Send 2 units to conquer F22 (where the frogs are)
    The amount of effort put into increasing the region's resource makes many ask 'why are we doing this for a region and resources not our own?' Umkhonto Shurik has an answer
    Economy – Buyout TP2 Dilithium in D20 - SUCCESS (15)
    Negotiations with the Spider Sentinels seem to have been smoothed over by successful trade talks. Perhaps this will mean progress for the talks of the region being controlled by the Ndoda.
    Economy – Buyout TP2 Voidstone in C23 - SUCCESS (13)
    The chaos of the Revolution has brought opportunities close and potential allies closer. With successful trade, the Ndoda hope that their new neighbors will be friendly in this new situation.
    Economy – Buyout TP2 Operatic Frogs in F22 - FAIL (10)
    The Kronin's request for a supply of frogs may sadly have to wait, unless other arrangements can be made


    News and Rumors:
    The galaxy-wide panic over stars changing and whole systems being transported has largely unaffected the Ndoda. Allies have either remained in place or were moved only a small distance away, and with no aggressive enemies, most are optimistic that the new neighbors will agree to the same non-aggression pacts as the old neighbors did. Scientists mutter and discuss hypotheses on what could have happened, but it is clear that for now, the Council's priority is to ensure that the Ndoda don't become lost or a target for others as the galaxy sorts itself out.

    Construction of the Kronin embassy was originally met with distrust and suspicious curiosity over these strange no-tailed creatures. Stories of other species and pictures had come from the merchants and pilots who left Kwizik for dealings and events, but few had seen this species in person. Kriv, the ambassador sent by the Kronin, was subject to no small amount of teasing and roughhousing from those merchants he had offended or been duped by in his prior attempts to establish trade with the Ndoda. The hatchlings seem to enjoy napping and playing on the steaming alien though.

    Ruler Stats post Round 7 Actions:
    Diplomacy - 2
    Military - 3
    Economy - 8
    Philosophy - 1
    Intrigue – 1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dipanan Collected Nations


    1. [Intrigue] Secret. Roll 12 Collector Bingula uses her personal finances to invest heavily in an undisclosed project by a Pyhrrhan mining company.
    2. [Intrigue] Assist in the Construction of the Umbral Augury 3/5 To assist in containment against the Same, the Collected Council funds a team of engineers and agricultural scientists to design a self-contained greenhouse farm system capable of sustaining a population of 200 humans and up to 20 Hearthlings in a Vacuum without external inputs for two years. This low-maintenance system designed to increase the stealth of the Augury station by limiting its necessary contact with planetary civilization proves a challenge for Dipanans to design given the Hearthlings' need for meat. Eventually they settle on a system of worm and fly traps to harvest the abundant decomposer and pollinator populations of the greenhouse.

    3. [Intrigue] Investigate Lord Hops' Assassination. Roll 13 Ex- Diplomat, renowned sorcerer, and rumored boy-toy of the Collector Abdou Sall is hired by the Collected Council for some detective work: uncovering the culprit and the motive behind Lord Hops' murder. Armed with a budget, a food and housing stipend, and his magical powers, Sall travels to region N26 to begin his work.

    4. [Military 5] Create General: Admiral Nirali Butrana roll 10 Some might call the timing of Commodore Nirali Butrana's appointment to Admiral disappointing, while others might deem it merely typical of Dipanan beauracracy. The esteemed Commodore was recalled to Katarsa from her command of the Volunteers fighting under the Casrule banner shortly before the fleet was planning to engage the One High Maxim in battle. Despite her protests at the orders to abandon her ships, Butrana was helpless against the political strength of the Collected Council and is on shore leave in Poledela awaiting her promotion to Admiral of the fleet.

    5. [Diplomacy] Press Claim on Region N28, Roll 16, 18 with support from the Grymlan Combine Preparations for setting up colonies go exceptionally well in N28, but it appears that it will still take time to requisition the necessary supplies for settling the most extant garden world. However, unexpected assistance from the Grymlan combine offering to sell needed equipment puts things back on an accelerated schedule.


    News and Rumors

    The colony of Shelohu invites the Vilari sodality to send settlers to co-develop the planet in the hopes that Vilari technology will help underwater expansion. In preparation for their arrival, the colony constructs a large aquatic crustacean farm for the predatory vilari.

    Upon Vilari Settlers' arrival to Shelohu, human colonists are surprised by the peculiar settlement patterns of the Vilari, particularly their lack of women. While the Vilari all settling in one area is for now a convenience due to the different life support system needs of human and vilari populations, Colonial administration hopes to expand in less segregated communities in the future.

    The Butrana sisters- one a high ranking Diplomat, the other the Admiral of the Dipanan fleet, become a source of great pride for Calissan citizens everythere, and are regarded as the ideal model of Calissan government service. Concerns about Calissan loyalty to the council fade as the largest Dipanan nation commits itself more zealously to the republic than ever before.

    Carvings of a mysterious animal from a cave in Calissa seem remarkably similar in shape to pictures of "horses" available on the FTL forums. Scholars speculate that horses may have arrived on Katarsa with humans but died off due to the wet conditions.

    Spoiler: Ruler Info
    Ruler: Collector Ulia Bingula
    stat rolls

    Diplomacy 5
    Military 5
    Economy 4
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 5

    Attribute Improvements: +1 Intrigue

    Spoiler: Military Units

    The Shields of Katarsa- five Prototype "Shield" class ships equipped with railguns and gravity latch drives
    The Gauntlets of Kalissa- A national army rather than a collected one, the Gauntlets are armed with nuclear warheads and gravity latch drives, and are currently a source of much consternation from the other powers speculating about Kalissa's intentions.
    The Pots of Katarsa- five prototype "Pot" class ships equipped with gravity latch drives, railguns, and Vapor-Misplacement Guns.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Federated Churches of Origin's End
    God-Speaker Androgynous-Delicate-Festival Allchurch Branches-Worn-By-Water
    Round 7 - Galactic Dates 217512.0.0.81 - 217514.0.0.80

    1. [Philosophy] Convert U21 LC from Haberdashery to Church of Rust [Rolled: 19]

    2. [Philosophy] Convert V18 LC from Open to Church of Rust [Rolled: 16]

    3. [Philosophy] Convert V22 LC from Open to Church of Rust [Rolled: 19]

    4. [Diplomacy] Establish Claim on W21 [Rolled: 11]

    5. [Diplomacy] Attend The Revolution Conference
      Spoiler: Event Subactions
      • Accept Sorren Caxton Elien (Mil7 General) from the Dawnstar Dominion
      • Send Two Units to Technocratic Caliphate
      • Ask nicely for H.E.A.T. Engines Technology from Technocratic Caliphate

    Spoiler: News and Rumours

    • With every passing cycle, the Churches learn more about their most recent Revered One. Rhigas Don, the Most Curious, has an acute interest in discovery, development, and design. Though Godspeaker Androgynous-Delicate-Festival is young, having been chosen just before their seventeenth summer, already their bond with the Gods is strong, and already their insights into Rhigas Don's divine nature have allowed improvements in ship design and the improvement of lightbeam communications.
    • Exchange-Wing Officer Caxton Elien is welcomed with open arms into the Federated Churches Task Forces. Upon her arrival in the Mrosan system, she finds a depleted military, the majority of the Churches' forces having been sent to aid the ailing Technocratic Caliphate. After the expected initial barrage of questions regarding her views on divinity by nosy theologians, she quickly becomes a favorite among the ship crews. Her live combat experience, fiery rhetoric, and talent for improvisation make her one of the most skilled organic commanders in the Rhoshan military.
    • The Revolution is awe-inspiring. What incredible mastery over space itself! But in equal parts is it terrifying - none of the Most Vigilant's warnings hinted at such a possibility. As more information becomes available, some claim this to be due to the Revolution's apparent randomness and the lack of immediate threat. This is hardly satisfying, however, and the overwhelming sentiment is a need for answers. Though the areas so recently explored have largely become untenable for further investigation, the Federated Churches' neighbors are now those whose contents have been uncovered by others - including the Ninurtine Empire, whose militant approach to expansion and conflict worries the newly chosen Godspeaker. A line of discussion is opened to hopefully ensure the safety of the Rhoshan people, and several ships bearing missionaries, theologians, and more are dispatched to investigate the

    Spoiler: Bookkeeping

    Regions: V20

    Units: 3/5 - 2
    • Fleet Vigilance
    • Fleet Cavalcade of Justice - Dispatched to KCW!
    • Fleet Patience Rewarded - Dispatched to KCW!

    Knights Vacio

    Spoiler: Important Persons
    • The Living Reliquary Grace-Which-Is-Beauty's-Sustenance a.k.a. 'Grace'
    • Exchange-Wing Officer Sorren Caxton Elien

    Spoiler: Ruler Information

    Current Stats
    Diplomacy 4
    Military 2
    Economy 2
    Philosophy 8
    Intrigue 5

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Expected Stat Bonuses:
    +1 Philosophy
    +1 Diplomacy
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Vilari Sodality

    Region K-25, J-24, L-24

    Speaker Ren-Kulto
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 5
    Economy 4
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 4

    1. [Economy] Buy out TP 1 of Luminous Bronze in Region M-25 10
      Intent on supplying the needs of the Yundar, Vilari interests approach the natives of region M-25 to procure their curious metal. However, they find that earlier encounters with their neighbors have only increased the natives' hostility, and the Vilari quickly depart.
    2. [Economy] Buy out TP 1 of Solar Sapphires in Region J-24 9
      The nature of Solar Sapphires is of great interest to many Vilari industries, and several Reefs approach the wizards of the Gardens of Leira to secure a supply. However, despite their integration into the Sodality the wizards remain a solitary and suspicious bunch, and the Vilari leave empty-handed.
    3. [Military] Expand into Region I-25 with 2 Units
      Put on edge by the Revolution, elements within the Seer Council seek to expand the Sodality's defensive perimeter. While the Vilari aversion to unprovoked violence holds true, the fleet is sent to secure an outpost in the undefended region on their new border. The mysterious natives of the region's centerpiece planet are informed that they are under the protection of the Sodality, and a naval outpost is quickly completed in a neighboring solar system.
    4. [Philosophy] Dispatch a Probe into Region L-26 9
      Intent on uncovering any threats that might lie in reach of their new borders, the Sodality dispatches a ship into the galactic south. The hope is that the philosophers and intellectuals on board might avert any conflict before it starts, but their inexperience shines through in their failure.
    5. [Philosophy 5] Spread Knowledge of the Way of Tides in Region N-24 Success, spreads to N-26, O-23, M-25
      With the aid of the Casrule movement, Vilari transmitters are dispersed throughout Kryptid space. Insinuating themselves in the data streams of Optics VR, and The Voice of the One, they broadcast a message of community and tolerance in place of the bellicose rhetoric of the One High Maxim and the Caliphate. Over the course of years, more and more Kryptid hear the words of the Way of Tides, and eventually all of Kryptid space has been converted.

    News and Rumors
    • The Revolution sends a shock through Sodality space. Representatives from the Rillian Shoals and the Gardens of Leira rush to the Seer Council, desperate to confirm their place in the galaxy. However, Vilari leadership remains disconcertingly calm during the crisis, and manage to calm their partner races even as they unnerve them.
    • While loss of the Lyraens is seen as a severe blow to the Sodality, they are glad to discover new friends in the Diapan Collected Nations. Invited to invest in a joint colony in Diapan space, the Vilari arrive on Shelohu with little fanfare. Over the course of a year, a new Reef City is established in a sparsely inhabited are of the ocean planet. However, for all the time spent among their new neighbors, only male Vilari are ever encountered, and the core of their city remains closed to all aliens.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Tezh Consensus
    Current Leader: Talotius

    ROUND 7

    Die Rolls Go Here:
    T4 conversion
    F6 inquest
    H20 Conversion

    Actions taken:
    1. DIP - Obtain CI 'Requires Verification' from Rochthurhi via Embassy at T10
    2. DIP - Inquest F6 - Great success (18)
    3. PHI - Convert H20 - Success (15)
    4. INT - Donate time/energy to Great Project at L10
    5. INT - Donate time/energy to Great Project at N18
    6. PHI - Convert T4 - Success (14)

    • Resist all relevant buyout/convert/etc actions not explicitly approved or supported below
    • With the Revolution's galactic relocation of TZH worlds, the Consensus send dimplomatic envoys to each of the nearby galactic neighbors (KRO, CBS, KBC, HMY, and MFM) for a meet and greet of leadership/authority figures. The goal is to establish a habit of open communication so that requests for cooperation or airing of grievances can be facilitated to the satisfaction of all parties and for the stability and growth of all sibling cultures.

    News and Rumors
    • Sometimes the world changes around you, literally. The worlds of the Tezh Consensus have been transported across the galaxy, beyond any comprehension and possible explanation - removed from the neighbors they had worked to build bridges with. While unsettling, it is not the end of the world and they are glad that all siblings that had come to look to them for leadership were enveloped in this change as well. Now the process begins anew; explore what is nearby, communicate with your neighbors, and share knowledge with those who are willing and interested.
    • With the Tezh Consensus literally removed from the region of space that had been negotiated with the Dawnstar Dominion as a functional peaceable border, the Consensus hopes that the parties remaining in place will continue to abide by the treaty.
    • Despite being flung across the galaxy, the consensus works to maintain the bond and unity they share with their previous neighbors. The SPR, having other pressing matters to deal with, request Tezh assistance with opening a Learning Center in a neighboring region (T4) and the Speaker passes this on to the Scholastic Branch of the Consensus' government. The team sent to the region works diligently to establish a rapport with the locals; doing their best to improve the lives of the dwindling population, record their history and culture and share knowledge of One in the process. All goes well and a Learning Center is established where the race of Mindcasters are brought up to date on galactic history and sharing deeper engineering and physics in exchange for lessons learned on a whole range of topics revolving around psychic fundamentals.
    • The Droccen Empire also requests assistance in opening a Learning Center near the homeworld (H20), helping them prepare for the instability and conflict from the Same or others. In the sudden and unexpected absence of the CLS representatives that initially made contact, the Sages are puzzled but welcome the representatives of One, a Droccen delegation with Tezh scholars providing assistance. The Learning Center for One is approved and set to break ground, scientists very curious about delving into the mysteries of H4O2.
    • Thanks to the sudden relocation of the entire group of Consensus worlds, Tezh national security advisors have spoken up about a desire to fortify information systems. To that end, they have reached out to the Rocthurhi to incorporate their squid-like ally's methods and create a blockchain based 'chain of custody' for administrative and regulatory decision making - making lobbying, disinformation, and other socially hostile efforts much more difficult.

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region Loc Resource TP1 TP2 TP3 Learning Center Assembly
    Yutov (Capital) E5 Living Fire Gemstones
    (Precious Mineral)
    TZH Open Open The One The One
    D6 Murphets
    Open N/A N/A The One N/A
    D8 Vigorite
    Open Open Open The One N/A
    E3 Salted Chromium
    (Hard Metal & Spice)
    TZH N/A N/A The One N/A
    E7 Memory Transfer Droid
    Open Open Open The One N/A

    Spoiler: CI, TD, LC, and Tech info
    • Respectful Discourse (LC5 Bonus) - +1 to Conversions
    • Thorough Debate (LC10 Bonus) - increase die size for Conversion rolls: 2d8
    • Political Science Curriculum (LC20 Bonus) - +1 to Claim roll if LC for The One is present in region, additional +1 if Assembly is in/adjacent to region

    Spoiler: Leader stats
    Diplomacy: 9
    Military: 2
    Economy: 4
    Philosophy: 10
    Intrigue: 3

    Expected change: INT +1, DIP +1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Sublime People's Republic Union
    (S7, S9, T6, T8)

    Member of the Uplift Chorus
    Chairman Patricia Tats
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 2
    Economy 4
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 2

    General Secretary Jerry Gates
    Diplomacy 3
    Military 4
    Economy 4
    Philosophy 2
    Intrigue 4

    1. [Military] Defend Huvile & Truffoplis (T8) with 2 Units under Chairman Patricia Tats (Mil 2) - Under Chairman Tats leadership the Red Fleet had grown anemic and the grandiosity Vaou had brought to the armed forces had diminished under the weight of mundane bureaucracy. Now with a proper war only older career officers and new ill trained volunteers were available to serve on under-serviced Red Fleet ships. Retired officers and enlisted men return to arms including in their number recommissioned Commander Jerry Gates who takes a leave of absence from the MACs of Borealis and Crystal's Edge to defend Huvile & Truffoplis. Chairman Tats initially appoints the cantankerous near-blind Admiral Hoal to lead the system's defense hampering defenses though the Chairman promises aid was inbound from the Dawnstar Dominion. While politicians back aboard Presidium laud Chairman Tats with accolades of her wisdom in saving herself from the danger of the frontlines given her valuable knowledge and position soldiers on the ground find their Chairman's craven absence insulting to their own risked lives. When the Union is declared and the popular Jerry Gates is appointed to serve as Party Secretary General the re-enlisted officer uses his newfound political appointment to force the SPR's Chairman to make an appearance on the frontlines bolstering troop morale slightly at the cost of deepening the political animosity between himself and Chairman Tats.
    2. [Military] Raise 1 Unit of Red Fleet Warships - A brand new fleet is commissioned under emergency powers acts which conscript civilian science and trading vessels and their crews into military service. The long peace enjoyed by the SPR and insulated by the presence of the Vilari Sodality nearby has evaporated and now the Republics must prepare for war.
    3. [Diplomacy] Claim R8 TN: 18 Roll: 19 - Interest in the Mindcasters to the north draws interest in the general psionic research so far conducted in Axiom. The Psychic Spirals nearby could possibly be used to enhance the abilities of the Mindcasters once they were brought into the Oneness of the Union. With the deal with the Vilari not currently enforceable or relevant and the hostile attitude taken by the Alysians it is deemed a priority one objective to secure sector R8 under friendly administration. Should the Sodality return to their original galactic position R8 would of course be ceded to their authority in accordance with the original treaty but until then it could hopefully serve as a means to exert pressure on the Alysian capital not to pursue war over differing ecological opinions.
    4. [Diplomacy] Increase Reputation with SoS from 2 to 3 TN: 14 Roll: 13 - Notice of an upcoming referendum on the future of the Sisterhood draws the ears of many eager politicians looking to help shape such an influential organization. Unfortunately it appears with the Revolution's shuffle and Alysian saber rattling not enough focus is paid to more mundane affairs of state.
    5. [Diplomacy 10] Declare the Union (UNN) a Galactic Power - From Terron, to Borealis, to the Crystal’s Edge, to Huville & Truffopolis, union of worker, soldier, and citizen has been brought through organization of People’s Republics under the ideological guidance of the One. Each sector had their own culture and uniqueness but all recognized the importance of working together in unison with their comrades from across the stellar expanse. Were it not for the Uplift Chorus, the Vilari Sodality, and the friendship engendered by the Hallion Accords with the Dawnstar Dominion the SPR and its associated states would have faced tragedy long ago. The importance of friendship and union is strongly reinforced by the state propaganda machine along with a push for a new simple name to represent the aligned People’s Republics under SPR guidance; Union. More formally the Union of Socialist Stellar People’s Republics (USSPR) the Union would integrate Party and Republic Committees from member worlds into a superstate parliament to represent Union citizens in an interplanetary PolitBoro replacing the informal arrangements of member-republic “advisers” acting as representatives of their constituents to the SPR Chairman’s office. With this rearrangement the position of Chairman of the SPR loses significant political weight being replaced in importance with the position of General Secretary of the Party. The General Secretary represents the One Party’s voice within the interplanetary PolitBoro of the legislature. As a legislature that was completely populated by members of said Party the General Secretary was lent significant influence within the legal process of the new Union government.

    Non Actions
    • Request a military adviser and Crimson Heart presence from the Dawnstar Dominion (DSD) in Huvile & Truffoplis (T8) to help fend off the dastardly Draax
    • Promise the next technology created by the SPR to the Knights Vacio (KNV) for their assistance defending T12 from the Draax onslaught
    • Accept 1 Unit from DCC

    Rocthurhi Embassy

    Lyraen Embassy
    • Petition Lyrae for an audience concerning the state of living conditions for the prisoners of Lyrae III

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    • The Revolution has fundamentally changed the fabric of Axiom in a way that was almost impossible to predict. The ejection of the Tezh Consensus and Vilari Sodality to other sides of the galaxy and introduction of the Alysians to this corner of the Axiom had deeply changed the balance of power. Of course, little effort could be expended trying to renegotiate the Union's position in this new state of affairs due to the pressing matter of Draaxeri invasion on all sides.
    • The appearance and explosion of nomadic Draax fighters across Uplift Chorus and Dawnstar space prompts a desperate shuffling of priorities among the northeastern powers of the galaxy. Eventually a coherent strategy emerges and it is left in the hands of the brave men and women of the Red Fleet and their allies in Starfleet and the Rocthurhi space navy to overcome these alien invaders.
    • The Melfynians are condemned for their deceitful treatment of the Sisterhood of Silence. Some grumblings of understanding among members of the politburo distressed by the Sisterhood's titular silence on important matters until it was too late do bubble up but the official stance was that the Sisterhood remained a friend and so the Melfynians are marked in the pages of Union history as untrustworthy at this stage in their development.
    • While some balked at the weakening of non-Sisterhood containment of the Same the Union officially commends those parties responsible for destroying the Eradicator bases in interior Axiom. The Eradicators were a shifty band of space pirates and nihilistic cultists whose presence alongside the Same could have only spelled long term disaster for the species of the galaxy. While restoring containment breached by these destructive bombings was obviously a priority their cause was just and noble in the eyes of most Union leadership.
    • The Alysians are politely directed to mind their own backyard rather than meddling in the affairs of foreign activities that did not concern them. Their "offer" is unequivocally declined. If the Alysians wished to offer solutions, such as the provision of "clean" energy crystals to fuel the Union's Matter Manipulators perhaps discussions could continue but demanding the people of Union merely go without over the Alysian perception of methane fuel as "unnatural" or "dirty" was a nonstarter.

    Spoiler: Regions
    Region # Resource Minor Good Great Learning Center Assembly
    Terron Home Sector S7 Matter Manipulators SPR Open XXX The One -
    Borealis S9 Boreal Metal Open Open ETH The One -
    Crystal's Edge T6 Crystal Skulls CmC RTH XXX The One -
    Huvile & Truffoplis T8 Thneedz Open Open Open The One The One

    Spoiler: Armies and Technology

    2/8 Cap
    1. Archangel Squadrons One through Three
    2. Sneetch & GieselTM Weapon Platforms

    Tactical Doctine
    Mass Wave Tactics (Size Losses become 1d3)

    Military Technology


    Cultural Identity
    • 2d8 on Conversions (Ideology 10 LC Bonus)
    • Verification Required - 2d8 on Resist Conversions (Shared from RTH)



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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Grymlan Combine

    Round 6
    Regions: P14, P16 N30, N32
    High Coordinator Jeejee Scrapseeker

    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 2
    Economy: 5
    Philosophy: 10
    Intrigue: 5
    New Leader Next Round

    1. [Military] Gift a unit to MYA - With the sudden reorganizing of Axiom, the Combine finds itself both further from its goals yet closer to its friends. There is a drive among the Combine to expand and retrofit the navy to better secure its interest. At the same time they recognize the the Melfynians are in dire need of naval hardware to bolster their forces. Rather than scrapping Darkship Shinystar, Jeejee Scrapseeker takes to the helm of Inspiration 7 escorting the Darkship fleet to the Melfynian's new home region so that the venerable ships might continue to see service protecting a friend of the Grymlans.
    2. [Military] Assist with Umbral Augury - While miffed that the Core is now so far away, the threat of the Same represents a threat that the Grymlans can no longer directly affect. Instead, Flash Starshine sends Grymlan techies armed to the teeth with the latest caster prototype tech, prototype sensors, and relevant data that the Grymlans are willing to part with on the Same to aid with the Umbral Augury.
    3. [Military] Raise Unit - Drawing upon the newly inducted Lopurna, Darkship Fleet Dark-Seer has several cruiser class ships created in a melding of Grymlan and Lopurna designs supported by Grymlan Zippyzap fighter craft. The The cruisers have several rapid fire zapcaster turrets dedicated to point defense and fighter denial systems, there are several crystaline emitter strips that run the lengths of the ship allowing the Lopurna crew to lash out with deadly psionic energy lances in lieu of the heavy zap cannons found on other Grymlan based warships.
    4. [Military] Raise Unit - To replace Darkship Shinystar, Grymlan engineers work on an updated Darkship Design that incorperates a greater number of smaller ships, each heavily armed with Deathbloom missile launchers and enhanced engines. Where previous iterations of darkship fleets focused on a slow, steady, approach to combat, Darkship Fleet NovaBloom represents the application of prototype explosive tech and changing ideas on approaches to naval doctrines.
    5. [Intrigue] Uncover Caller Fragment - Initial probes are sent into the nearby regions post Revolution, in an attempt to discover something, if anything, that might lead to an understanding of what occurred when the galaxy shifted. While failing at this primary task, the probes discovered something of potential interest for the Combine with a signature closely resembling a Caller signature.

    • See Embassy Actions if any.
    • Support Dipanan Claim on Region N28
    • Support Casrule purchase of Guns in N32

    • Resist nonsupported buyouts/raids/conversions

    Embassys and Diplomatic Representatives
    • Deejhan Clankturner: Cultural Envoy to Lyrae.
    • Defensive Pacts: Lyrae.

    News and Rumors
    • With the Revolution many projects and goals for the Combine were either dashed, or perpetually shelved until a later date. Anger is mixed with fascination as people of the Combine readjust to their new surroundings. No longer located next to the core they find themselves on the further reaches. What this holds for them nobody knows.
    • Inspiration 7 was designed to be a small prototype diplomatic class transport using what the Grymlans called the Spookydrive, not fully understood by the manic inhabitants of the Combine yet capable of making jumps theoretically quicker than most other GLD drives that the other starpowers were fielding. After the ship was cleared for its maiden voyage, Jeejee Scrapseeker joined the captain at the helm on a journey to the new location of Ofgryl Cluster along with Darkship Fleet Shinystar. Shortly after the ships left system, all contact with Inspiration 7 was lost with only Shinystar arriving at its planned destination. An investigation by the Combine reveals nothing about the vanishing ship, and there is a buzz on UwU as theories and speculations breed over what happened to the missing grymlan ship. With the loss of Jeejee, the Corporations of the Combine come together to nominate a new High Coordinator to take over leadership in the vacuum she left.
    • Spoiler: Combine Corporations

      Corporations of the Combine

      The government of the Grymlan Combine consists of several corporations that both coordinate with, and against, each other in deciding how the efforts of the Grymlan people are applied. The Corporations are patrons and financial backers to research, production, and distribution groups typically within a certain field of Grymlan life and their internal structure represents the same general structure of the Combine at large.

      As such, Leadership among the Grymlans is based on election, with canidates chosen both on their stance with the indivdual corperation and the needs of the Grymlan people as a whole. Unsurprisingly, corruption is not uncommon among Grymlans leaders. Corruption is expected by the general populace as long as it has reasonable limits. Leaders are expected to have their own personal projects they're working on as long as they meet the needs of the Grymlan people. Given the inquisitive nature of Grymlans as a whole, an the high profile nature of the leadership, Grymlan politicians tend to have Cat and Mouse games between themselves that the populace tends to keep abreast of as a form of entertainment. Should such a leader be deemed insufficent, whether by incompetence, corruption, or changing needs of the people, they can be voted out of their position by the Corporations under them (though the state in which they are voted out might dictate the terms of their severance).

      Some Corporations of the Combine.
      • Foodstuff Solutions: Headed by Abrigal Dirtpaw, Foodstuff Solutions represents many agricultural interests in the Combine. Their farms provide food to feed the Grymlan people as well as providing other materials to the other Corporations. Their labs work to improve existing crops while at the same time they are always on the look out for new potential products to grow and experiment with.
      • Max Zappyzap Projections: Lead by Dhaka Sparkthrower, Max Zappyzap Projections is the closest thing the Grymlans have to a security Corporation. In prior years they were an arms manufacturer who designed energy casters for Grymlan ships to protect them against space debris. They also did research into high energy release weapons that largely went unused (I mean of course you gotta set one off just to make sure it works, we didn't need that asteroid anyways) but did result in research with Arclight Power that provided the primary fission reactors that provide power to the Grymlan's cities and ships. Nowadays they serve as one of the military minded corporations expanding the Grymlan's knowledge of tactics and equipment as they are exposed to new races.
      • Arclight Power: Lead by Dayton Voltzap, Arclight Power serves the Grymlan's ever-growing need for power. They are the formost researchers in high energy fields and often looking for new elements or ways to use them alongside Max Zappyzap Projections.
      • Fluffyshine Grooming: Headed by Celise Dyedye, Fluffyshine Grooming provides cosmetics and grooming supplies to the Grymlans. Proper grooming, especially of their tails, is considered a necessity by the Grymlan populace. In addition Grymlans enjoy expressing themselves in a wide array of colors both in clothing and hair dye. Fluffyshine Grooming is the leader in what is new and chic by melding technology with fashion.
      • Farseeker Enterprise: Lead by Trevan Longhaul, Farseeker Enterprise focuses not only on exploratory sensors and shipping, but they also serve the Grymlan Combine with transporting goods between population centers. While they were not the designers of the Darkship concept, they have been diligently improving it, focusing on the ships abilities to operate on long haul deployments and improving on thruster designs.
      • Infrastructure Craftmakers: Lead by Bruk Dynacraft, Infrastructure Craftmakers maintains the infrastructure of Grymlan life whether it be the heat resistant domes of Wratheye or the various space stations orbiting the Cloudysea expanse. They support endeavors to build faster, cheaper, and more adaptable among hostile environments.
      • Truthytruth Communications: Lead by Leelee Sweettounge, Truthytruth Communications deals with data and communications between the Grymlan people and works alongside OwO, and they also host many news and entertainment channels.
      • Feelgood Incorperated: Lead by Vera Tailsnug, Feelgood Incorperated serves the healthcare needs of the Grymlans. The work to constantly push the boundaries of medicine and scientific enhancement.
      • Fringe Science Go!: Headed by Wexel Weirdlight, Fringe Sceince Go! explores theoretical scientific fields such as magic and psionics. With the introduction of aliens with these abilities they have seen a resurgence as of late.

    Spoiler: Stats and Mechanics

    Spoiler: Trade Posts/LCs
    Trade Posts

    Regional TPs and LCs
    Region Name Region # TP 1 TP 2 TP 3 Produces LC 1 LC 2 (Assembly) Special Other
    CloudySea N30 OwO NYX Open Grymlan Farseeker Corps OwO XXX
    Dregisles N32 Open Open XXX Guns OwO XXX

    • Owned TPs: 1
    • Grymlan Farseeker Corps (P14, 1)

    Spoiler: Tech and Projects
    Tech, Identity and Projects
    • General

      <Personnel Armament>
      <Ranged Weaponry>
      <Armor and Shields>
      <Warmachines and Live Weaponry>
      <Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings>
      <Reconnaissance and Divination>
      <Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps>
      <Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry>

    Organization Relations
    • SoS 1
    • CmC 2, 1 favor

    Identities and Caller Fragments
    • (Temp) Specailized Public Wantneed Fixrig Strategies - 2d8 resolving unrest

    • P14 CmC Relay (3/3)

    Spoiler: Miltary
    Military Units
    • Active Military Units: 2
    • Darkship Fleet Shinystar is retrofitted with the new GLD systems allowing for FTL travel. The fleet consists of one massive Crafthome-class carrier armed with heavy energy casters and capable of fielding multiple wings of Zippyzap fighter craft. It is escorted by two smaller Rockblaster-class corvettes armed with energy casters and extended range point defense weaponry.
    • Darkship Fleet Flashybang: three robust Bigzap cruisers along with a smaller fighter Zappycraft carrier and three smaller Fleetfeet corvette ships. While lacking the comfort amenities and most of the production capabilities of Darkship Shinystar, they make up with a considerable increase of mobility and overall speed.

    Spoiler: Stat Increases

    Jeejee Scrapseeker
    4/X Diplomacy: 6
    X/X Military: 2
    5/X Economic: 5
    3/6 Philosophy: 10
    7/X Intrigue: 5

    Flash Starshine
    X/X Diplomacy: 4+1
    X/X Military: 1+2
    X/X Economic: 3+1
    X/X Philosophy: 4+2
    X/X Intrigue: 2+1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Kron

    King-General Krazkul
    Diplomacy: 6
    Military: 10
    Economy: 8
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 4

    News and Rumors:
    Its Here!-

    Spoiler: Other Effects
    [The Law of Flame's Mercy]
    When attacking a region with a WAR action for the first time in five rounds, with a successful tactical roll, the Konin have a -2 to their Combat Loss roll.

    [Enhanced Microplating] (Armor and Shields)
    Effect: +1 to Battle Rolls
    Requires: Hard Metal

    [Resident Spies]

    [War Beasts]
    +1 to battle rolls
    Requires: Fauna

    [Galactic Currency Mint] : .
    Provides +1 to a buyout
    Requires: Precious mineral + Any resource

    1 Dip inquest H14 10+6 16
    2 Dip inquest G15 11+6 17
    3 Dip inquest F14 3+6 9
    4 Dip inquest D12 8+6 14
    5 Econ Buyout G13 6+8 14
    Resist buyouts and conversions.
    Sign peace deal with MFM
    trade NDA Enhanced armorplating.
    Spoiler: Stats
    Units: 7/7
    Embassies: NDA
    Land owned: 3

    Spoiler: Stat Changes
    +2 dip
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    Spoiler: The Night of the Living Thread

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Galactic Droccen Imperium
    Capital Region G19
    Colonial Regions F18, H18, G21, G17

    Empress Sai
    Diplomacy 10
    Military 3
    Economy 4
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 1

    Round 7 Actions
    1.[Military]Gift 1 unit to the SPR.
    2.[Military]Contribute to the Umbral Augery Project in EHZ.
    3.[Military]Raise a unit.
    4.[Military]Raise a unit.
    5.[Economy]Continue Economy Station in region F20. (2,5)
    6.[Economy]Continue Economy Station in region F20. (3,5)

    Embassy Actions
    • Rocthurhi
    1. Gift the Rocthurhi 1 unit.
    2. Send Princess Mika Ren to foster with the Rocthurhi.

    • Vilari Sodality

    • Welcome the establishment of a formal embassy from the CBS.
    • Resist unauthorized conversions and buyouts.
    • Support all buyouts and claims by the NDA.
    • Send a warning to the CWZ that any further mistreatment of Guardians will result in forfeiture to trade rights within the capital.

    News and Rumors
    • Korima and Hotokie happily welcome Space King's care package child support, Hotokie especially enjoys FLEXING to the workout vids.
    • Hotokie has taken after his mother and become an internet sensation, posting videos touting Space King's food pyramid and tales of Space Doggos.
    • Remembering when the DCC and EHZ worked together for a common good on the Vilari Aid Station, Droccen can not stand by and allow the EHZ to face the peril of The Same alone. Sai sends Droccen's best engineers to help work on the Umbral Augery, putting her sister's plans for a new capital in the Frontier on hold for now.
    • A line of plush Space Friends hit the Droccen markets to great success. The Sai and Vaou wedding set sold out on the day of the release, the second most popular plush, Space King, has also sold out and can only be found marked up on resellers sites.
    • Alarmed at the attack on our Uplift Chorus allies, Droccen quickly dispatches two fleets to their aid and calls upon the populace to replace them in case more aid is needed elsewhere in the near future.
    • Shaken by the upheaval of the known universe, Sai is privately relieved to have found herself exactly where she has always been but sympathetic to those who have found themselves displaced by the revolution.
    • Wishing to encourage even stronger ties with their allies, Sai and Vaou have decided to send Mika Ren to foster with each other member of the Uplift Chorus for a number of years starting with the Rocthurhi.

    Stat Increases
    +2 Mil, +1 Eco
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Knights Vacio
    SPACE KING Jaques Delon

    Diplomacy 2
    Military 2
    Economy 10
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 2


    Economy: tech F.L.E.X security: +1 defense against theft actions: Resource requirement Space Knights

    Military: White Knight the uplift chorus: Commit 2 units to T12's defense in exchange for a future tech.

    Military Invade P12 with 2 units

    Military Give 2 units to Eye of the Horizon

    Military: Hire a units

    Non actions
    Support Church of Rust conversions

    Upon confirmation that the Droccen home world hasn't mysteriously been vaulted to another end of Axiom, SPACE KING decides its time... to pay child support. To that end a spaceship guarded by the finest knights within earshot, is stocked with, video games, enriching toys, some non autobiographic books that Dio snuck in, various work out tapes, and SPACE KING's patented protein shake. After a rousing speech from their fearless leader, 3 knights Christie, Nina, and Marianne begin their perilous journey across newly unknown space to deliver the package to Prince Hotokie.

    News and Rumors

    • The influx of resources has given the craftsmen of the Knights Vacio a boon to create all sorts of new products to sell in the citadels. Psychic spiral headphones, golden hair processors, canibliss mega vape pens, and hover chairs are all advertised across the citadels as long form infomercials in between, bootleg showings of Korima vlogs, and grymlan cartoons.
    • The citadels are
    • Hedonistic parties rage across the citadels as knights spend most of their day time as mercenaries and contract works while partying very hard at night binging on designer products, foreign media, and work out gear.
    • One day SPACE KING will realize that blood sport only serves to make the political prisoners who survive ever more swoll.
    • News of the revolution has lite Knight space aflame, the night sky has been altered, astrologers face mass unemployment, dogs and cats are living together in peace. Truly these are dark times, but worry not the rippling muscles of SPACE KING shall ensure the knights make it through difficult times.
    • 50,000 Grymlans who worked to support the various Grymlan platoons are now seemingly trapped in Knight space thousands of light years from their original homes. disconnected from friends family and OwO many Grymlans begin pooring themselves into great labors. Amplifying the citadels with various contraptions of mad SCIENCE, though a select few have abandoned science for knitting of all things.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Dawnstar Dominion

    Master Marius Thresher Nox

    1 (Mil) Send one unit (Mil 3) to defend T8, region of the SPR, in accordance with the Hallion Accords.

    2 (Mil) Defend V8, capital region of DSD, with 3 units under the command of Sorren Caxton Elien (General, Mil 7).

    The Accords may need serious renegotiation following the galactic shakeup, but the need for mutual defence remains clear. In the face of a concerted attack by scattered alien forces, an emergency meeting of the Officer’s Council is called. After an evening of discussion, Marius issues the ‘In Defence of the Galactic Peace’ proclamation, calling upon the citizens of the ‘Dominion to step up to the challenge of their first interstellar conflict, emboldened by securing fresh metals for the production of Starfleet vessels, and safe in the knowledge that 2/3 newly secured allies remain in close proximity. In a show of good faith, Marius sends his Crimson Heart flotilla to defend the violated sector of space.

    3 (Dip) Establish a claim on U7 [10](Fail)

    4 (Mil) Raise a unit
    The Aurelian Order stands ready to repair any damaged vessels in Starfleet, ensuring a quick turnaround back into the field.

    5 (Dip) Offer Sorrel Caxton Elien [General, 7] to FCO

    Diplomats from the Federated Churches of Origin's End and the 'Dominion have been deep in discussion, and as news reaches Hallion of the threat posed by the alien invaders, Marius decrees that he shall lead the defence of the Dawnstar personally. Sorren balks at the order to remain behind as a rearguard, and for her insubordination, Marius sends her as part of a delegation to the Churches, to offer military advice and aid in their defence. Discussion continues between the two powers, on topics ranging from technology to ideology. The Churches express interest in particular in the fleet of archaic museum ships the 'Dominion maintains from the immediate post-space era.

    Spoiler: Generals
    Sorren Caxton Elien, Mil 7

    Spoiler: Tactical Doctrine
    'Scour the Bridge'. GM approved.
    Mindful of the threat of effective command, 'Dominion strike squads lead daring strafing runs targeting the bridge of the opposing flagship, in a bid to cripple their command structure (chance of leader loss for enemies increased by 4)

    Spoiler: Active Units

    Crimson Heart; Marius' personal flotilla of light cruisers, the only vessels to return from the Great Foray, credited with establishing the roots of vassalage within the neighbouring system of the pencilpushers.

    Master's Force; The personal guard force of the standing Master. Remains within home territory 'cept in times of war, where they join the Master's grand fleet.

    Grey Bulwark; The first squadron of 'the Line' equipped with GLD, the 'Bulwark is one of the oldest continuously operational squadrons in Starfleet, known for their complex, interlocking defensive formations, and possessing the fastest cruisers among the Wardens' forces.

    Stalwart Shield; Refitted with the last major reserves of metal available to the fledgling Aurelian Order, the 'Shield is one of the Wardens' heavier squadrons, comprised of bulky, ponderously slow heavy cruisers. Using tractor beams to remain anchored in formation during battle, these armoured beasts are formidable weapons platforms.

    Spoiler: Inactive (Lost) Units

    Ravager Squadron; The oldest and most decorated squadron in Starfleet, Ravager's Squadron Leaders were the most commonly elected to the position of Officer & Master. Such storied names as Aurelius, first Master of the Interstellar Era, back to Axton himself, led the Ravagers to glory on the battlefield. Lost with all hands on the Great Foray, the Ravagers banners remain on display in the Academy, a relic of the days the 'Dominion stood above all others.

    First Flight; The first squadron into space, First Flight scoured the stars in the days before the GLD was gifted to the 'Dominion, tirelessly mapping the Talvox system and surrounding sector, establishing peaceable relations with lesser races and remaining a beacon of hope that advanced life remained beyond our knowledge. Lost in battle against unknown foes during the Great Foray, First Flight remains a symbol of all exploration may gain for our great 'Dominion.

    Shatter Squadron: The teeming mass of corvettes, crewed by the most inexperienced of Starfleet's recruits, is the breeding ground for competent non-nobility to rise to prominence. Unfortunately, this inexperience led Shatter to catastrophe as a routine navigation task delegated to a fresh-faced ensign went horribly awry, shooting the squadron into the heart of an exoplanet on their inaugural jump as part of the Great Foray.

    Spoiler: Trade Posts

    TP 1 U11 (Jabberjaus)[Fuel]
    TP 1 V7 (Caroxan)[Fuel]
    TP 1 W7 (Gazmium)[Hard Metal]
    TP 1 U7 (Mindbreakers)[The Valuable Trained Personnel One]

    Spoiler: Leader Stuff

    No new leader
    Projected increases Mil + 1, Dip +1
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Regions D6, E3, E5, E7, F6 D30, E27, E29, E31, F30
    Round 7
    Director of InfoSec Yem T’yse
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 1
    Economy: 2
    Philosophy: 3
    Intrigue: 5

    Transcendence Division Head Brez Y'ett
    Diplomacy: 3
    Military: 1
    Economy: 3
    Philosophy: 4
    Intrigue: 4

    1 [DIPLOMACY] Press Claim on D8 D32 Great Success 1/1

    While the galaxy may have moved the desires of the Symbraum to admit the Sheerest Reverie Sleepers as a pantheon alongside their own within UPT have remained locked in place. Thankfully the Revolution had not taken the Symbraum pantheon away from these ancient sleeping gods but had, hopefully, removed them both from the danger of invasion by unknown hostiles. While the alleviating of danger may have undercut the negotiations of lesser stellar powers the Symbraum had already exploited their 'in' with the Sleepers having fond a small number of the local gods who wished to fuse their pantheons more closely in order to experience a new transcendent revelry. This small but vocal group of speakers in the dreamscape are able to convince their fellow Sleepers of the utility in cooperating with the Symbraum and allowing them to represent both pantheons on the galactic stage. Within a few months UPT satellites and space stations are moved into the outer rim of shattered worlds within the system to act as liaisons and protectors both for the slumbering giants who dwelled within the green-star system.

    2 [DIPLOMACY] Complete the revolution against the Demon Peter eliminating the AI, causing E3's E27's resource to change from [Prison Labor] Good to [Mercenaries] Minor, & prompting instability

    A desperate Demon would make any deal to save itself and what it offered was certainly enticing; terms that would satiate the Symbraum's need for live brains and allow cohesion to be retained within the prison camp dyson sphere newly annexed by UPT. Much debate follows the transmission of this offer with more practically minded less ideological factions pushing to ignore the directives of Kamasati that demanded the purging of Demons in favor of satisfying a long held desire to acquire new hosts "for the gods themselves." Director Yem is paralyzed with conflicting directives from the Division Heads, that is until the Head of Transcendence Division Brez Y'ett makes a public and quite forceful demand that no Demon could be tolerated to live in UPT space. Like that the debates are overridden and for the first time it appears obvious the demands made by TD for their vote in favor of the InfoSec's Director's appointment to government head was total control on matters relating to the mind and spirit. So it is that the revolution (small 'R') is carried to its completion with the former prison guards inducted as mercenaries and ordered to dismantle the vulnerable AI Peter freeing its prisoners to return home or, should they desire, to join UPT's military forces as carriers of the gods' light in this dark ever-changing galaxy.

    3 [DIPLOMACY] Stabilize Xaldarian Expanse (E7 E31) Success

    The decision to deny Peter his deal and thus continue the starvation of Symbraum back home while popular among committed members of TD is far more controversial throughout the general populace and especially among senior leadership of the Breeding Division. A vote of no confidence in the InfoSec Directorate is called by the Division Heads but they find themselves falling into a trap when the TD Division Head himself throws his name into the circle to represent UPT in Axiom, an unprecedented maneuver in the age of GLD. It had been nearly three hundred years since an actual Division Head rather than a Commission Director had acted as the formal head of government and immediately there is uproar. However this immediate uproar is quickly capitalized on by Brez Y'ett, the mysterious but debatably most popular of the Division Heads. Brez makes impassioned speeches relating the clearly mystical nature of the galaxy marked by the Revolution to the need of Symbraum to embrace their godhood quickly including its edicts of responsibility to the Dream Children even if that meant suffering for the Dreamers in the here and now. Brez calls this time a crucible of evolution to the next stage of existence for the Symbraum and points to deals struck by his hand with fellow Dreamers of the Web to be leaned on despite the great distance now placed between them. A call to piety in this age of uncertainty proves deeply alluring and despite continued mistrust and grumbling among senior leadership, especially BD leaders, the Symbraum writ large are drawn in by the preacher's calls for faith and unity as a pantheon in this time of great mysteries in need of unraveling. In a close vote split four ways Brez secures the three Division votes he needs to achieve leadership of UPT heralding a new direction of ideological growth for Kamasati under the pantheons of UPT.

    4 [DIPLOMACY 10] Declare UPT a Galactic Power

    In his final act, apparently coordinated prior even to his achieving power, Director Yem formally declares his support for Brez to succeed him and takes a tour through UPT dominions both to observe the new stellar arrangement of UPT neighboring star systems and to make clear the strength and purpose heralded by his reign and the upcoming direction under Transcendence Division. This was a new age for UPT, marked by the Old Gods the Callers themselves initiating the Revolution which ferried the Symbraum from the dangers of the northeastern spirals to a new home where they could stretch wide the arms of the divine. All was ordained, all was right, and all would be well for the loyal members of the pantheons and followers of the gods. Demons shall be slain, the psychic network expanded, and a new age of prosperity will come to all who accept UPT as their guardian and protector. Praise be to the New Gods of Axiom!

    5 [INTRIGUE] Secret

    Not all that occurs within UPT is known to those who seek to listen in.


    • Endorse conversion of D30 from Open to Kamasati
    • Endorse conversion of E27 from Open to Kamasati
    • Endorse conversion of E29 from Open to Kamasati
    • Endorse conversion of F30 from Open to Kamasati
    • Agree to the Cacola Conference Treaty
      Spoiler: The Cacola Conference Treaty
      The Cacola Conference Treaty
      Signatories: Kamasati Pantheon, The Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective, The Eye of the Horizon

      Section 1
      - This treaty will be in effect for a period of [8 rounds] beginning [round 6, so it ends round 14]. Galactic Year 2175010.0.0.80 to Galactic Year 2175034.0.0.80
      - No act of war will be undertaken directly between all participants during this time, including raids.
      Any casus belli we have between one another ends. (including with non-signatory powers should protectorates vassals or dream children end up falling under a pantheons purview in the next 25 years/8 turns)
      The Same will be declared Demons and all members will move to actively destroy this threat to the galaxy where possible. (Should any member be threatened with extinction from the Same all members will act to aid them)
      All signatories will be affected by Section 1

      Section 2
      - The Kamasati Pantheons responsibilities are as follows:
      * Will formally provide any technologies created toThe Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective,
      *Will be granted the right to turn all philosophy centers within the territory held by the The Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective,
      *The promise to establish an embassy with the Eye of the Horizon should they agree to their philosophy centers being turned and formally following the spiral dancer/pantheon faith. They will then retroactively gain access to the technologies.
      * Will make no claims to the L6 region and allow the Gelean Republic to claim that sector of space.

      Section 3
      - The Gelean Republic responsibilities are as follows:
      *The Gelean Republic will declare their formal philosophy spiral dancer/pantheon faith.
      *They will swear to defend all spiral dancer/pantheon faith centers best they can.
      *They will allow full use of the of the L6 CMC relay to the Kamasati Pantheon.
      *They will send their first technology to the Kamasati Pantheon, the Unified Public Trust and the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective,

      Section 4
      -The Unified Public Trust's responsibilities are as follows:
      * UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST will declare their formal philosophy spiral dancer/pantheon faith.
      *They will swear to defend all spiral dancer/pantheon faith centers best they can.
      * They will send their first technology to the Kamasati Pantheon, the Gelean Republic and the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective.

      Section 5
      -The the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective responsibilities are as follows:
      * the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective will declare their formal philosophy spiral dancer/pantheon faith.
      *They will swear to defend all spiral dancer/pantheon faith centers best they can.
      * They will send their first technology to the Kamasati Pantheon, the Gelean Republic and the Unified Public Trust.

      Section 6
      -The Eye of the Horizon responsibilities are as follows:
      * At anytime they can agree to join the other signees gain the technologies and an embassy from the Kamasati. In exchange for joining spiral dancer/pantheon faith and providing their first tech to The Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective, and the Kamasati Pantheon.

    [3/9 UNITS]
    Emergency Defense Force One
    Alien Mummy Drones
    Prison Guards Freedom Company Mercenaries


    • When the full effect of the Revolution becomes apparent to UPT scientific commissions there comes a great wariness and uncertainty about the "fundamental" principles that had been taken as known quantities among the general Symbraum populace. Such is the effect of the massive unprecedented change that many who had merely observed the adoption of Kamasati Spiral Dancer teachings about the universe suddenly find a greater interest in learning more. The abstracted concept of godhood not as a mythical being or court but a constructed reality from the obvious truth of the Maturation, that some species had been deemed worthy to inherit the Caller's legacies. The work the Callers were able to do was clearly fantastic and perhaps one day the united Pantheons could achieve the same level of control over their galaxy but without leaving dangerous harnessed Demons to hold and preserve it. The rise of Transcendence Division Head Brez Y'ett to official leadership is buoyed along by this swell in popular opinion on the Spiral Dancer thought system.
    • The Ndoda have expressed a desire for non-aggression which has been accepted by UPT. The Melfynians are equally reassured the Symbraum held no ill will towards their people and were in fact still quite interested in and fascinated by the Melfynian Serpent.
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Celestia Enterprises (CLS)
    “Live like gods.”

    Mittens the Lucky Cat (and Ziplock?)
    Diplomacy 5
    Military 5
    Economy 7
    Philosophy 1
    Intrigue 3

    Actions for Round 7 (Rolls)
    • [Diplomacy 5] Create an Embassy with the Syndrome!
      Celestia Enterprises has always had a deep interest in the practice of genetic manipulation. As the number and potency of 'changes' made to the person is typically closely associated with wealth and status, the genetic engineers that have been working with Celestia for the last decade have made waves. Following the revolution, Celestia finds themselves much closer to the empire that they have so distantly idolized. Among galactic neighbors, the wealthy seem to steeply prioritize work alongside the Syndrome despite longer lasting or closer relationships potentially being available. There is word as well that Mittens echoes his people's fascination with biological enhancements, following the Celestian tradition of discussing long term trade and collaboration for the betterment of both their peoples.
    • [Diplomacy] Share Cultural Identity with The Technocratic Meritocracy of Caruflaith Restored!
      The TMC was once on the opposite side of the cosmos, but with recent developments, that is no longer an issue. As trickles of trade begins to flow, the exchange of two very different sets of ideals becomes more and more prevalent. Strict and faithful meritocracy meets pure capitalistic bravado. Tradition collides with fast-paced reactionary culture. The preference for robotics meets the preference for human augmentation. Despite all this contact that begins when Gade arrives in Celestian space, the traditional style of Caruflaith seems difficult for most people to grasp at first. It is such a different lifestyle, such a varied expression of humanity... One of the head economic advisers who speaks with Gade (who is known as Zhao) seems to believe that with the proper branding that they might be able to more efficiently translate their ideas and culture across the stars, thus beginning the long process of creating a 'brand' for the Meritocracy, and Realtism as a whole.
    • [Economy 5] Upgrade Diamond Statues in Y5 from [Good] to [Great]!
      The gems shared by Gade from the Meritocracy spark a desire through the populace to discover more of these beautiful gems. With permission granted through their new embassy, Celestian ships take towards Y5 in foreign space, seeking the source of the rare diamonds that came from their new friend. While conducting a formal trade agreement (at least for the short term), Celestia offers to find their own industries in the area to attempt to subvert cultural barriers, which ends up working well enough.
    • [Military] Conquer W13 with one unit lead by Ziplock! (Mil 8)
    • [Military] Conquer W15 with one unit lead by Ziplock Mutlithread 73.17! (Mil 2 - No commander)

    Non Actions:
    Agree to share cultural trends with the Meritocracy of Caruflaith Restored in exchange for permission to buy vacant trade posts.
    Guide the lost ships that appeared in Celestian space back towards their home... And attempt to hide the regret that comes when those same ships bear weapons against their unspoken allies in the Harmony.

    Encourage the SoS to continue to uphold their philosophical roots
    "Now that the containment has been breached and the Same is released onto the galaxy, Celestia Enterprises expects the Sisterhood to uphold the good name of their faith despite the great evil which would claim unity through the One to be something else entirely."

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    1. Hearing of the missing ship in Grymlan space, some student in a Celestian university publishes a paper connecting it to the mysterious ship discovered so many years ago. This is published to plenty of critical response, though certainly seems to spark some fruitless interest in short-term time travel technology using similar items to the Spookydrive.
    2. A revolution has passed, and people are very confused. After a collection of memes about it, most people seem to be over it. It landed them somewhere nice! Some preliminary research is given to the cause, but with so little profit available it never receives the funding to get anywhere. Perhaps another year...
    3. With so much distance between the Nine Lights and their new empire, media pressure surrounding it begins to recede. Will it prove to be as much of a fad as the One was? Only the next generations of Celestian celebrities will be able to tell!
    4. Great respect is given to the Syndrome for their efforts to unite the galaxy to find out what happened with the Revolution. Though Celestia is not able to attend, they send a standardized corporate (gold tier) gift basket to show their support.

    Spoiler: Stats

    Owned Regions:
    X14 - Olympia [Unstable]
    X12 - Unnamed [Unstable]

    Trade Posts:
    [Guardians] TP2 and TP3 in Sui Generis (G19)
    [Entertainment] TP2 in Zara (G25)
    [Broadcasting Tech] TP1 in Olympia (X14)
    [Genetic Engineers] TP2 in the Heart Beacons! (S21)

    Cultural Identities:
    Surplus Brand Recognition (Increase die size on faraway [hard/improbable]) economic [buyout offense/defense] actions in regions with [great] resource quantities!)

    Military Units [4]
    - Planetary Garrison
    - Ziplock's Fleet
    - JFU Fleet
    - Ziplock AI Vessels

    - Ziplock [8] - A military AI that was found in the remnants of Prosperity's Ruin.


    [Requires Broadcasting Tech] Long-Range Advertising Campaigns - Reduces ZoI by one step for defending against buyouts!
    [Requires Electronics] Trade League - If a player owns two or more TPs in a region that is adjacent to one of their own regions, they gain a Claim on that region
    [Requires Precious Metals + One other Resource] Galactic Currency Mint - +1 to Buyouys

    [Requires Fauna] War Beasts - +1 to Battles

    Secrets Whispered: 1

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Kamasati Pantheon
    The Next generation of Dreamers

    High Dreamer Xasarath


    1:[PHILOSOPHY] Organize Philisophy- The Spiral Dancer/Pantheon faith

    Miracle: The Cascade of the gods.

    The Prator came together to ensure the safety of the Kamasati pantheon as they rally and in a show of cosmic change and the ability of gods united, and what they are capable of achieving by transcending the physical and accepting the divinity of the mind. A days focus by the entire population of the capital leads to an explosion of energy which "Blossoms" a dead planet. Through the power of the mind a single planet manifests billions of flowers that live creating an atmosphere that forges a planet that in a hundred years or so could be completely liveable by some species with no outside influence... Outside this initial act.

    5 learning centers- +2 to tactical rolls against non believers

    10 learning centers- 2d8 for stabilization rolls

    2:[DIPLOMACY] End Unrest in M7 SUCCESS With the entire galaxy shifting, they look to rally the dreamers and dream children under the truth, they are the next step in evolution there is no end times. They live on the perpetual spiral. They understand that this change is difficult but they have nothing to fear and their ideology while changed will not affect their core beliefs as space whales seem like a perfectly fine hobby.

    3:[DIPLOMACY] End Unrest in M5 SUCCESS With the entire galaxy shifting, they look to rally the dreamers and dream children under the truth, they are the next step in evolution there is no end times. They live on the perpetual spiral. They will be protected and cared for as Dream Children.

    4:[DIPLOMACY] Establish Diplomatic claim on N4 FAILURE The Rajas defeat of a fellow god in Prator Qain impresses the god king and he goes personally to explain what joining the pantheon would mean. The Raja would be named a god, they would unify under a single vision and they could aid in ruling an empire. 3 Prator had been defeated fighting them this was no small accomplishment and the god king looked to reward such immense strength. Bringing the Raja into the fold.

    5:[DIPLOMACY] End unstable in N6 SUCCESS The capital was upset about electronics... This was frustrating for the gods as well, and they know their kind can get rather hedonist being gods and all they expect better and so promoting philisophical betterment is promoted.

    Nonactions communique
    The The Eternal Assembly of Alysia is informed the Kamasati claim O7, O4, O1, and N8. They also look to discuss their importance as a pantheon and how important is they consider their god hood, and that due to so many viewing themselves as passangers in the galaxy instead of as shapers of it they are partially responsible for the horrible galactic rumbles that have caused space to twist and bend into this new direction. If they accept the claims and at least consider religious debate the Kamasati Pantheon is willing to sign a peace treaty with their new neighbor.

    Borders are closed to the Harmony, their ideology is viewed with suspician, the will of the individual god is subjugated for the whole. The Kombuch while tied together still see seperation the Harmony has no such balance... Much like the ideology of the one they are viewed as flawed. The Kamasati are guarded. They are willing to reach out and discuss the dreamer, dreamchild dynamic but the religious hedgemony of this sector of space does not need these ideals present.

    The Unified Public Trust is contacted through the CMC and informed that despite the vastness of space the gods of the Kamasati still view them as true disciples, allies and a fellow pantheon geared toward a righteous purpose. They beg they build an embassy and the Kamasati promise to do all in their power to spread the Spiral Dancer ideals as soon as it becomes capable. The UPT are reminded that several Kamasati are present within their territory and ask they learn all they can from them in spreading the one set of ideals that can save this galaxy since clearly it has been costly having most gods believing they are merely observors in the grand scheme of the galaxy. It has led to calamity.

    Spoiler: The Cacola Conference Treaty
    The Cacola Conference Treaty

    Signatories: Kamasati Pantheon, The Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective, The Eye of the Horizon

    Section 1
    - This treaty will be in effect for a period of [8 rounds] beginning [round 6, so it ends round 14]. Galactic Year 2175010.0.0.80 to Galactic Year 2175034.0.0.80
    - No act of war will be undertaken directly between all participants during this time, including raids.
    Any casus belli we have between one another ends. (including with non-signatory powers should protectorates vassals or dream children end up falling under a pantheons purview in the next 25 years/8 turns)
    -The Same will be declared Demons and all members will move to actively destroy this threat to the galaxy where possible. (Should any member be threatened with extinction from the Same all members will act to aid them)
    - Should 1 signatory fail to meet their promises, or betray a member of the treaty all other members will act in consort to punish upon a successful tribunal of the aforementioned nations come together and unanimously agreeing.
    -All signatories will be affected by Section 1

    Section 2
    - The Kamasati Pantheons responsibilities are as follows:
    * Will formally provide any technologies created toThe Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective,
    *Will be granted the right to turn all philosophy centers within the territory held by the The Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective,
    *The promise to establish an embassy with the Eye of the Horizon should they agree to their philosophy centers being turned and formally following the spiral dancer/pantheon faith. They will then retroactively gain access to the technologies.
    * Will make no claims to the L6 region and allow the Gelean Republic to claim that sector of space.
    * the Kamasati must produce at least 1 technology in the [8 rounds]

    Section 3
    - The Gelean Republic responsibilities are as follows:
    *The Gelean Republic will remain philisophically neutral and will not join other philisophical factions outside of the pantheon/spiral dancer faith.
    *They will swear internal religious safety and its government will not convert or purge the pantheon/spiral dancer faith.
    *They will allow full use of the of the L6 CMC relay to the Kamasati Pantheon.
    *They will send their first technology to the Kamasati Pantheon, the Unified Public Trust and the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective,

    Section 4
    -The Unified Public Trust's responsibilities are as follows:
    * UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST will declare their formal philosophy spiral dancer/pantheon faith.
    *They will swear to defend all spiral dancer/pantheon faith centers best they can.
    * They will send their first technology to the Kamasati Pantheon, the Gelean Republic and the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective.

    Section 5
    -The the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective responsibilities are as follows:
    * the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective will declare their formal philosophy spiral dancer/pantheon faith.
    *They will swear to defend all spiral dancer/pantheon faith centers best they can.
    * They will send their first technology to the Kamasati Pantheon, the Gelean Republic and the Unified Public Trust.

    Section 6
    -The Eye of the Horizon responsibilities are as follows:
    * At anytime they can agree to join the other signees gain the technologies and an embassy from the Kamasati. In exchange for joining spiral dancer/pantheon faith and providing their first tech to The Gelean Republic, UNIFIED PUBLIC TRUST, the Kombuch Bureacratic Collective, and the Kamasati Pantheon.

    None Active

    The Psychic Web (News and Rumors)

    Capital Planet Web
    -Lyreans All former treaties are void

    - The Vilari Sodality All contact terminated

    - The Guild-Empire of Nyx All contact terminated

    - The Gelean Republic Treaty Formed!

    Dream Children News
    Mount Vispim- We watch the Dream children of Moigan from on high. The first large villages are starting to appear across the surface of the planet. We count 102 locations with more than 500 residents. We are proud of our children and we keep our whispers to a minimal for now as they are incapable of understanding yet.

    The Dream Children have been affected by the change to their primitive star charts. They scramble to figure out how they have upset the gods. We will continue to keep whispers to a minimum but we ask for the right to ease them.

    Mount Kdoim- The shift in space has many believing the war caused the gods to turn on them, peace has been seen on many fronts.

    Mount Opaiz- Economic buyouts saw ships landing and taking sonics we DEMAND a response from the pantheon, this act was evil!

    Spoiler: Ruler information

    High Dreamer Xasarath
    Diplomacy 5+2
    Military 10
    Economy 2
    Philosophy 10
    Intrigue 1

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 6/9

    Temporary Cultural Identity - Will of the pantheons 2d8 for conversions
    Permenant Cultural Identity - EMPTY

    Military Specialization- EMPTY

    - Personnel Armament
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Armor and Shields
    - Engines
    - Warmachines and Live Weaponry
    - Logistics
    - Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    - Reconnaissance and Divination
    - Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps
    - Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry

    Trading posts

    Expected Stat Bonuses
    +2 Dip

    In Memorium

    Spoiler: People of Interest

    High Dreamer Xasarath- Current Leader of the Kamasati.

    Xix Qizareen- Dream bound to High Dreamer Xasarath.

    Moxsan Qizareen- Child of the High Dreamer Xasarath and their Dreambound Xix

    Prator Sissoran- New protector of the gods.

    Prator Dosirix- Ancient protector of the gods.

    Prator Xamarin- Master of metal

    Prator Qain- general!

    Prator Loyato Fascinated with elementalism his mind can wield meteors and the heat of the sun as a weapon in limited capacities hurling raw fury at enemies of the gods. He is equipped with the lance of the sun ray.

    Prator Dwabaros A being known as the ram! He wraps an indestructable (thus far) magical shield which he slams into what is before him and shatter it to pieces. He is viewed as herculean and has not been equipped but formally recruited so he can find other amazing beings in the galaxy!

    Prator Xazap the flesh-eater is viewed as one of the few Kamasati who has a "sinister" air. Many call him the god of death as he is known to summon a wave which peels flesh and muscle from bone leaving nothing but skeletal remains. He has a private temple as many dislike his vicious views on the end of non Kamasati and he is not allowed around dream children, but there is no denying his ability to protect others.

    Kuuru Huja- Speaker of Mount Kdoim

    Kuuru Fixra- Speaker of Mount Vispim

    Kuuru Vasema- Speaker of Mount Opaiz

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    The Eye of the Horizon
    Voice of the Council Antich Heaventreader


    [DIPLO]: Stabilize M19 (Success! 21)
    With the threat of the Same bleeding out of the Core, Antich Heaventreader quickly travels to this peaceful human society, and spreads with him omens of doom. His talks are not entirely of gloom however and he spends much of his time integrating Watchers of all species onto these large lush civilized worlds in hopes of distancing them from the horrors to the east. Processes are put in place to integrate the legal codes and representation therein of these people as were once offered and performed by the Dynast.

    [DIPLO]: Attend the Revolution Event. Event Subactions: Accept units from SYN, accept War Beasts technology. Officially pledge sword to the Nepheret Pact in accordance with the Eye’s role as Guardians of others.

    [MIL]: Invade O19 with 6 Units lead by Fire Lord Vix-Tal (Mil 7)
    Like wildfire
    Comes roaring
    Maddened frenzy
    Burning the stars
    Black Thunder
    Red Lightning
    Same Demons cry
    The Core Patrol!
    Shadow riders
    Death dealers
    Flame Bringers
    Dead to be proud
    Claws flying
    Eyes blazing
    We’re Glory Bound
    The Core Patrol!

    [INT]: Secret Action
    “There is no life, only perception
    There is no truth, only reflection
    There is no time, only patience
    There is no fate, only obeisance
    There is no death, only shadow.”
    - The Code of Shadow

    [INT]: Begin Construction of an Umbral Augury for Detecting and Repelling the Same (Great Project 1/5) in region N18 and accept all help
    With the threat of the Same now moving aggressively in their immediate area the Eye of the Horizon takes immediate measures to fulfill their promise in aiding the construction and manning of stations to uphold the Core vigil. An emergency meeting of all the Tribal Chieftains and the representatives of the populaces now integrated into Hearth society is held. Quickly deciding amongst themselves the allocation of resources necessary to begin taking action the Masters of Shadow present therein leave the remaining members to their further debate. A sanctified tool of Mys needed to be made; They would be the workers to lay this bedrock. Utilizing what little Antimatter they had left and the newly acquired Celenian Alloys provided to them by their allies in the Republic, the Masters of Shadow work in fevered secrecy, and construct an observation post outside of Hearth in keeping with their traditions of patience and observation. Aligned in design with those built by the Gelean's to repel Same activity in the North, the Umbral Augury still requires a great deal of work to finish, and the Masters of Shadow call out to the void for aid.

    Accept units from the CEL, SYN, KNV, and any other factions sending them

    Spoiler: Ruler Stat Bonuses and Empire tracking

    Diplomacy 9
    Military 6
    Economy 1
    Philosophy 5
    Intrigue 3

    Expected Bonuses: +1 Int, +1 Dip

    Embassies with: CEL

    Opposing All Buyouts and Conversions

    Cultural Identity: None

    Tactical Doctrine: Bending Light Technique

    Units: 6

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Grand Lady Kaya of Dynastinarea is temporarily lost in space when attempting to return home from her visitations to Alysian Prime. The confusion is at first attributed to an assassination or kidnapping, common occurrences in the past for Dynast history, and a flock of new representatives quickly begin to jostle and bite for the seemiingly vacant position especially in a time of peril as this. Their squabbling is put to a halt however as Kaya returns and disintegrates a particularly obnoxious would-be delegate with her Lightning Wand.

    Rumors spread on Hearth, an urban legend regarding a strange Hearthling mutant or lost alien wandering the tunnels and chutes of their station home. A strange feathered creature great in size but sporting long bull horns and clucking furiously and loudly to the detriment of others. Every variation of the story involves the creature bawking and running at the first sign of trouble and puffing its chest up before doing so.

    Relieved by the galaxy’s rush to aid the Eye of the Horizon Antich Heaventreader reportedly weeps tears of joy. He personally handles the foreign parties involved that come to Hearth to help construct the Umbral Augury.

    Pleased by their Droccen neighbors sending engineers the Watchers with technical aptitude quickly set about restoring a ruined Droccen fighter from the days of their joint operations. Blessing it in the name of Mys, Master of Shadow Zasz BiRoth dubs this warship “Sai-Lent Knight” and prepares it for war against the Same in neighboring space.

    The first Watcher arcology is built on Dynastinarea with the intent of producing ensorcelled swords and blades for the war against The Same. Sadly it collapses soon afterwards under suspicious circumstances crippling some and killing one unfortunate woman.

    Antich Heaventreader decries the allegations of the Sisters of Silence against the Eye of the Horizon. He publicly states his refusal to cooperate with a frame job against himself and his people. “We of Hearth stand with the rest of the Galaxy in the pursuit of a more just world.”
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Mier Formica
    Sectors: C15, C17, C19, D14, D16 (C), E17

    Round 7 Actions:

    1. [Military] Invade E15 with 3 units (+3) lead by Tapinoma Mier (+8) with the balancing tactical doctrine

    2. [Military] Invade D18 with 3 units (+3) and no leader (+4) with the balancing tactical doctrine

    3. [Military] Raise a military Unit

    4. [Military] Raise a Military Unit

    5. [Diplomacy] Inquest into F16 Success 15

    6. [Diplomacy] Inquest into B16 Success 19

    Non Actions:
    • Sign a peace treaty with The Kronin

    Spoiler: Diplomatic arrangements

    • Embassy with The Melfynians, All
    • Peace treaty with the Droccen empire
    • Peace treaty with The Harmony
    • Peace treaty with The Ndoda

    Spoiler: Ruler Information
    Tapinoma Mier
    Diplomacy: 10
    Military: 8 +2
    Economy: 3
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 2

    Spoiler: Other Info

    Great Projects:
    C15 Giga Shrimp Refinery 3/5
    C19 Rainbow Carrot breeding center 1/5

    Raised 6

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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    The Gelean Republic Empire
    Leader: Xavier Bonaparte, Aeternal Emperor of The Gelean Empire and its Protectorates

    News and Rumors

    Imperial Decrees
    [Mil 5] Compose a Tactical Doctrine - Gelean Goodnight Kiss! - Access to far more resources than he'd ever previously possessed led Xavier to innovate on what he was already best at: Command. He took his livefire practice sessions one step further with the introduction of Espers to the mix, quickly discovering that skilled Class 3 and Class 4 Espers could use their abilities in unconventional ways, "spotting" enemies and lining up actions to ensure that the enemy pays dearly.
    Spoiler: Gelean Goodnight Kiss (Tactical Doctrine)
    Effect: On a successful Tactical Roll when attacking a region, GLR opponents add +2 to their Combat Loss rolls.

    [Mil] Conquer L6 with 2 units (Sorcerer Squads Alpha and Bravo) led by Emperor Bonaparte - While the new Emperor had always planned to secure the space around the Guild Enterprises, the Revolution caught him off guard as surely as it did everyone else. After a long, stressful night of public appearances and a few too many beverages, he decided to continue this operation regardless, and took two legions to subdue a new sector.

    [Mil] Raise a unit (Gelean First Fleet) - One issue on which the new Emperor was both consistent and deadly serious was the matter of The Same. As a retired officer from the First Fleet before its destruction, he took pride in ordering its reconstruction with the ships Foundation and Empire, Gray Lensman, and Presumption.

    [Int] Repair Aurora Listening Posts (5/5) - Though unexpected, the support of the Tezh in the official effort of reestablishing containment is not unwelcome. Gelean engineers are happy to share what knowledge and insights they've been able to glean about the subject, especially since the same principles can be applied to the Tezh' work on the Umbral Augury. "In this, we must all be together.", reports an unnamed source.

    Courtly Schemes

    [Mil] Raise a unit (Ascendancy Killbot Fleet) - The Ascendancy had not been idle. Though it remained a protectorate under the newly established Gelean Empire and the Royal Couple did not openly declare any disloyalty, the House of Commons quietly voted to ramp up Killbot production and organize an additional fleet arrayed for war, if necessary.

    [Int] Secret - Elizabeth, once an Admiral, now only an advisor, still held many levers of power.

    - The Emperor, fascinated, secludes himself in his bedroom with a bottle of gin and the mysterious book given to him by the Sage.

    Spoiler: Ruler Info

    Xavier Bonaparte, Aeternal Emperor of The Gelean Empire and its Protectorates
    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 5
    Economy: 3
    Philosophy: 1
    Intrigue: 3

    Spoiler: Additional Notes

    New Ruler Next Round?

    Military Units 6/9
    - Gelean First Fleet - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Foundation, First Lensman, and Modern Prometheus, along with their support vessels and drones. Destroyed by terror event
    - Gelean Second Fleet - Three Valkyrie-class Ships Princess of Mars, Death of Grass, and Wrinkle in Time, along with their support vessels and drones. Destroyed by ANOTHER terror event

    - An'Null's Hopefuls 1
    - An'Null's Hopefuls 2
    - Ascendancy Killbot Fleet
    - Mercenary Sorcerer Squad Alpha
    - Mercenary Sorcerer Squad Bravo
    - Mercenary Contrapsions

    - Commander Fiona Aeternus (Mil 10)

    - Kombuch Embassy on Verne
    - Celenian Embassy on Verne

    Temporary Cultural Identity - Empath Agents: 2d8 for Stabilization and resisting Unrest in the Capital
    Permanent Cultural Identities - EMPTY

    Military Specialization- EMPTY

    - Personnel Armament
    - Ranged Weaponry
    - Armor and Shields
    - Engines
    - Warmachines and Live Weaponry
    - Logistics
    - Medicine, Mad Science, and Blessings
    - Reconnaissance and Divination
    - Stealth, Sabotage, and Traps
    - Fortifications, Sappers, and Planetary Siege Weaponry

    Trading posts
    - K9 (Screeching Crystals) TP1
    - L10 (Space Whales) TP1
    - I7 Mushroom Tea TP2
    - R28 Haethalian Rubies TP2

    Spoiler: Expected Stat Gains
    +1 Diplomacy (from the book), +2 Military, +1 Intrigue

    Spoiler: Link to Rolls
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    Default Re: [Empire 5] IC Thread

    Rothuun Minotaurs
    (Round 7: AR 2160- AR 2162)
    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    [Military]Attack O19 with one unit of Eradicators led by Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner (+1 Units, +10 Leadership, +1 War Beasts): The release of the Same from the core is priority number one for the Rothuun. One of the newly arrived Eradicator mercenary fleets is dispatched to attack the Same, heavily equipped with battle-trained takhaun from Grishal.
    [Diplomacy] Inquest P20 (Fail): Rothuun explorers are dispatched to explore the regions immediately west of Taurina I, with the particular goal of hunting down a habitable planet which could bridge the gap between Rothuun territory and that of the Miracle Men.
    [Diplomacy] Attend the Syndrome Event:
    Spoiler: Subactions
    Trade War Beasts and Enhanced Microplating to the Syndrome in accordance with the Nephret Pact
    Trade War Beasts to the Eye of the Horizon in accordance with the Nephret Pact
    Lend the Technocratic Caliphate one unit of Rothuun
    Trade the Kryptids War Beasts in exchange for HEAT engines

    [Diplomacy] Establish Claim on Q17 (Fail): The system to the south of Taurina I, characterized by its plantations of Tomacco, is of particular interest to the Rothuun. With the army occupied elsewhere, the minotaurs attempt to claim the region diplomatically, by sending a high-ranking member of their government, Autha Snapneck, as an ambassador, with the goal of convincing the residents of the system to become a protectorate of the Rothuun.
    [Diplomacy 5] Create a Cultural Identity (Crush Dissent: Increased die size on Stabilize attempts): Based on Zurtak Icehardened's success on the stabilization of Baryshev, the Rothuun implement a new policy to prevent rebellion. Instead of indiscriminately killing conquered peoples, the leaders are either executed or threatened into submission, and anybody who dares speak up against the minotaur overlords is killed.
    Support conversions by ITS, resist all others
    Support buyouts by ITS, EHZ and SYN, resist all others

    Spoiler: News and Rumors

    Aneb Two-Gun leads the attack on the Same. He is attended by eight bodyguards on the payroll of the Urthuun, with orders to kill him if he acts overly aggressive and attacks the Eye of the Horizon.

    Tensions with the Eye rise, as do those with the Celenians and the Ninurtines. Although there is some distance between them, the cold war on the Syndrome border is a likely source of war in the upcoming years.

    A spate of assassinations breaks out across Grishal. The targets are mostly government workers loyal to the Urthuun. The organizer of these attacks is unknown, although Grazakh Peelskin's warriors have been strangely unaffected...

    The destruction of the Nephret Hotel is greeted with suspicion and fury. The effort expended on creating an Eradicator base will not be wasted in such a manner. Although the exact culprit is unknown, the Rothuun pledge fire and vengeance against whoever is found to be responsible.

    Spoiler: People of Interest
    Kzarna Harpooner Urthuun of the Rothuun Minotaurs, Queen of Phakhtal and Ikhal
    Aneb Two-Gun King of Thurtal, son of Thrikar Fleshgorger
    Zurtak Icehardened Regional Governor of Baryshev, consort of the Urthuun
    Virtash Splitskull Significant government figure, brother of Posekh Flatfoot
    Grazakh Peelskin King of Grishal
    Bephik Axemaker High Priest of Iteus
    Autha Snapneck Ambassador to Niconia
    Thrikar Fleshgorger Former Urthuun, deceased father of Aneb Two-Gun
    Posekh Flatfoot Former King of Thurtal, deceased brother of Virtash Splitskull

    Spoiler: Technologies

    Enhanced Microplating
    War Beasts
    Trade League
    Long Range Advertising

    Spoiler: Bookeeping and Ruler Info
    Units: 4

    Resources Controlled: Takhaun (Q19.1), Miracle Machines (P22.3), Diluted Dark Energy (Q13.1)

    Urthuun Kzarna Harpooner

    Diplomacy: 5 [+2]
    Military: 10
    Economy: 7
    Philosophy: 2
    Intrigue: 1
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