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    Default Storms in the East (3.5, E6, restricted)

    An old man died three years ago, and with his passing went the great power of the wizards and sorcerers of the last several centuries. Gone, too, were the Chosen of the many gods, and the lands of Faerūn face deep uncertainty as the power balance teeters into a new configuration. Guild wars rage in Calimshan, regency issues in Cormyr, and civil war in Thay.

    This is not the story of those lands.

    This is the story of the distant kingdom of Ulgarth, in 1380 DR, the Year of the Blazing Hand. Threatened by orcs from the Dustwall Mountains, sealed off from the ancient Imaskari lands by the Gate of Iron, raided by barbarians from the eastern plains, and menaced by pirates from a distant land, Ulgarth is a proud feudal society structured around six baronies. Neighbored by mountains, wild plains, a powerful mercantile state, and a league of free cities, Ulgarth is at once isolated and at the center of the world, for its geographic position makes it the land gateway to southern Zakhara and the distant realms of Kara-Tur.

    The insular kingdom's virtuous attitudes, however, are about to face serious tests, as the popular King Drasna becomes withdrawn in his advancing years and ambitious interlopers from state frenemy Durpar and the Five Kingdoms seek to undermine Ulgarth's stability. With Mystra's withdrawal from the world, it seems that the God of Storms, Talos, believes the time is right for his particular brand of chaos to take charge across the Realms - and the Utter East is in the eye of the Storm Lord. The shattering of the power of mages has made the northern wastes a hunting ground for relic hunters eager to find artifacts of strength in the ruins of the Imaskari. Far to the west, a nation in the sway of dark powers appears to be on the rise, profiting from the depletion of power in the wizard kingdom of Halruaa. Rumors tell of something wicked heading to the east - a Black Ride consisting of dead warriors who have murdered and terrorized across the Realms these past ten years, and who have turned toward the Golden Lands...

    • E6
    • 25 point buy
    • Up to two traits available
    • Up to one flaw, subject to DM approval
    • One free regional feat
    • Play by IRC, gridless
    • Recruitment via PM only.

    Spoiler: Mar
    The Mar are the indigenous people of the Utter East, believed to have emigrated from Mahasarpa across the Wu Pi Te Shao Mountains well over one thousand years ago. Possessed of some genetic ties to coastal Zakharan peoples, the language of the Mar echoes traits found in the tongues of the southern peninsula. Mar are characterized by black hair, golden skin, somewhat shorter stature than the Faerūnian average, and are normally fine- or medium-boned. They prefer loose, flowing clothing (desert outfitsSS) to help them tolerate the heat of the lowlands they settled.

    For seven centuries the Mar have been subjugated by invaders who came through a sea gate. While the lands that are now Parsanic, Doegan, and Konigheim previously exploited the Mar as slaves, the current situation across the Five Kingdoms is a functional apartheid made worse by the traditional caste system of the Mar. While the bahrana (high caste) may be accepted as equal members of society in the Free Cities and in Doegan, they form an underclass in Konigheim and Edenvale (where all Mar are generally treated as a lower social class, irrespective of caste). The tarok (low caste) are the subject of internecine discrimination and may be openly traded as slaves in Konigheim.

    Automatic Languages Common, Maran
    Bonus Languages Devic, Draconic, Durpari, Illuskan, Midani, Orcish, Waelan, Yikarian
    Regional Feats CaravannerRoF, Heat EnduranceSS, Smooth TalkerFRCS, Strong SoulFRCS

    Spoiler: Doegan
    The inhabitants of the land of Doegan were once linked to a now-lost city-state built on islands and reefs off the coast, and the touch of the ocean still lingers in some Doegan bloodlines. Members of these bloodlines are sea kinSW with gills that can be seen when their throats are uncovered. They add Aquan to the bonus languages list for their region and Expert SwimmerSW and Sea LegsSW as regional feat choices (without needing to meet prerequisites).

    Spoiler: Konigheim
    The people of Konigheim are largely descended from emigrated Northmen who emerged from a sea gate centuries ago. Konigs treat the indigenous Mar poorly, though they have stolen elements of the Mar culture and many of their more exotic neighbors. A warrior culture inured to the cold lands where metal is abundant, they have struggled to grow truly comfortable in the humid lands and settle on the mountains to escape from the worst of the heat. Challenges to their rule include giants, medusas, goblins, harpies, and worse.

    Konigs are dark-haired, with fair skin and blue or grey eyes. Many choose to wear elaborate painted or tattooed forehead "third eye" patterns derived from traditions in neighboring regions, and Konig warriors believe that baring such marks gives them special prowess. They recognize regional gods including Chauntea, Lathander, Kelemvor, Tempus, and Mystra, but are distinctive in the open acceptance of the faith of Talos.

    Automatic Languages Common, Illuskan
    Bonus Languages Devic, Draconic, Durpari, Goblin, Maran, Midani, Waelan, Yikarian
    Regional Feats Foe HunterFRCS, SurvivorFRCS, Tattooed Eye

    Tattooed Eye (Regional)
    You wear the distinctive forehead tattoos of a warrior of Konigheim, said to give prescience and wisdom in battle.
    Prerequisites Konigheim region
    Benefits You get a +1 bonus to Will saves and Initiative checks, and a +2 bonus to Spot and Search checks.
    Special These bonuses are only present while your tattoo is uncovered; if something covers your forehead (such as a circlet), you lose the benefits of this feat until your tattoo is exposed again.
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    Default Re: Storms in the East (3.5, E6, restricted)

    Mostly done sheet For Skenn Owlbeak, Barbarian from the Sky Pony Tribe. A young man far from home, and with a perspective that belies his age:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Hall View Post
    "We always run the games we want to play in."

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    Default Re: Storms in the East (3.5, E6, restricted)

    Pretty sure I’ve gotten everything settled for Ellyth Cairnmark, halfling ardent/swordsage from Luiren. A wanderer cut off from the Weave, and thus cut off from the divine-magic-based traditions of her people.
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    Default Re: Storms in the East (3.5, E6, restricted)

    Added Konigheim.

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    Default Re: Storms in the East (3.5, E6, restricted)

    The Church of Selūne

    Selūne's adherents are numerous and diverse, particularly in the lands near Ulgarth - Durpar, Estagund, and Var, where she is part of the Adama in her guise as Lucha. Apart from the pantheonic worship she receives as part of the Adama from the populace of those nations, she is also specifically revered by sailors and navigators, and many women consider her their patron as well.

    The faith of Selūne is not particularly structured; any outdoor site can suffice for a shrine, provided it is exposed to the light of the moon. While this provides followers a great deal of latitude to practice worship of the Silver Lady as they see fit, it also means that a true support structure is rarely available and resources are few outside of major hubs - the Moonmaiden's faithful can call on only those they know and are on good terms with for assistance. Selūne's speciality priests are called silverstars. Among followers of the Adama, Lucha's specialty priests are known as guides.

    Lucha is specifically viewed as the patron of good relations and marriages and the keeper of good fortunes. The merchants of Durpar believe that she will guide the faithful to new opportunities for profit. Herdsmen believe she reveals good pastures, sailors believe she guides vessels to safe harbour, and midwives call on her for healthy births. Within the Adama, she is hope, direction, and interpersonal connection.

    The priesthood are largely itinerant, wandering not just between shrines but also into lands devoid of Selūne's faith. They are charged to challenge evil lycanthropes and aid and pacify those of good or neutral alignment. Self-reliance is prized, and healing powers are dispensed freely. Religious observances are deeply individual with very few exceptions, and typically involve dances or prayers under the moonlight. Offerings of milk and wine poured on a simple altar are common. Once each year, priests are called to undertake anew the Mystery of the Night, a sacred ceremony of communion with the lunar goddess which is deeply personal and said to be physically and emotionally draining.

    The most sacred ceremony of Selūne is the Conjuring of the Second Moon, performed by multiple celebrants including at least one mortal priestess. Performed only in time of need - generally when divine aid is required against minions of Shar - the Conjuring calls forth otherworldly agents of the Moonmaiden, called shards. The Conjuring of the Second Moon comes at a cost - a mortal priestess of Selūne will return with the shards to join their number.

    The greatest temple of the Silver Lady is the House of the Moon in Waterdeep, where the Wand of the Four Moons is enshrined, a holy relic that was used in battle against Shar herself. The city-state of Lastarr, near Estagund, is sacred to Lucha. The priesthood may occasionally engage the services of holy warriors blessed by the Moonmaiden, the Swords of the Lady (or "Lunatics").

    The ceremonial dress of Selūne's priesthood varies from cleric to cleric. Lucha's priests are more consistent, wearing a circlet of woven flowers or vines and white robes. Lucha's priests go barefoot for ceremonial observances and always bear quarterstaffs. Selūne's favored weapon is a smooth-headed mace, called the moon's hand. Lucha's is the quarterstaff.

    Lucha's adherents are normally lawful good and follow tenets of guidance and nonviolence - they will fight, but prefer subdual of enemies whenever possible, and train in the net and lasso.

    The greatest adversary of Selūne is Shar, Goddess of Night. Since the creation of Toril itself have they been at war. The Moonmaiden also contends with Umberlee over the fate of seagoning vessels; with Mask, who she dislikes for making mischief in the night; and with Malar, who encourages lycanthropes to be wicked and brutal.

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    Default Re: Storms in the East (3.5, E6, restricted)

    Knowledge (how to tick off your players)

    Knowledge is great, but let's face it, there are some gulfs the brain just does not cross without help.

    Knowledge skills which would obviously be limited by region now care about that. Your Knowledge is attuned to your own cultural experience first and foremost. Going outside that presents a -5 circumstance penalty. If trying to answer questions pertaining to a completely different world, -10. From a functional standpoint, this is based on region (and racial limitations where warranted; e.g. knowledge of the dwarven pantheon is distinct from knowledge of the Faerunian pantheon). Resources (books, scrolls, e.g.) will let you breach your limitations. You can also choose to make a deductive reasoning check (DC 20) to rule out that you know about a topic based on what you do know (i.e. "I don't know what language the word Samurai is from, but I know Greek, and it's no Greek")

    Spoiler: Bad Idea
    Knowledge (how to tick off your players)

    Knowledge is great, but let's face it, there are some gulfs the brain just does not cross without help.

    Knowledge skills which would obviously be limited by region are now subdivided. The following are broken down:

    • Arcana (Faerūnian, Zakharan, Kara-Turan, Maztican, other world)
    • Geography (Faerūnian, Zakharan, Kara-Turan, Maztican, other world)
    • History (Faerūnian, Zakharan, Kara-Turan, Maztican, other world)
    • Local (Faerūnian, Zakharan, Kara-Turan, Maztican, Mulhorandi, other world)
    • Nature (Faerūnian, Zakharan, Kara-Turan, Maztican, other world)
    • Nobility (Faerūnian, Zakharan, Kara-Turan, Maztican, Mulhorandi, other world)
    • Religion (Faerūnian, Zakharan, Kara-Turan, Maztican, Mulhorandi, Chultan, race-specific, other world)

    And the following rules apply:

    • A related Knowledge check can be made without the appropriate specialization. This imposes a -5 penalty to the check and limits information gathered to a maximum of DC 25. If trying to make a check pertaining to another world without the appropriate specialization, the penalty is -10 and the ceiling is DC 20.
    • Materials exist which allow extension of these limits (a book detailing voyages through the lands of Kara-Tur, for instance).
    • Specializations provide a synergy bonus to checks with the same overarching Knowledge type (5 ranks in Knowledge (Faerūnian arcana) gives a +2 bonus on Knowledge (Kara-Turan arcana), for example.
    • You can make a deductive reasoning check (DC 25) to conclude whether your specialization would be at all pertinent to the matter at hand ("I am confident this is not something I have ever come across/does not originate in Faerūn").

    For the most part this should add a bit of flavor, but I am of course open to protests.
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