I made some templates for PoW maneuver/stance cards and thought that this would be the right place to share them.

The cards are approximately magic card size, so that you could put them in a card sleeve (together with a trading card for stability when you use normal paper) for durability and use.

My idea was to use them like MTG cards. Put all your readied maneuvers in front of you and whenever you use them, you “tap “(turn it sideways) the card and “untap” it when you regain them.
The excel sheet has four separate pages, each for one type of maneuver and one for stances. The different types are colored: red for strikes, green for boosts, blue for counters and gray for stances.
The layout relevant cells are locked but can be unlocked without a password. You can either finish your needed cards directly in excel or by handwriting. One page contains eight cards (printing border 1cm or smaller).
The stance cards are pretty empty and I decided to use them sideways and maybe add an appropriate picture for flavor reasons.

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Have fun.