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The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed - Coming in December and available for pre-order now
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    Default Re: Wu jen Jade Phoenix Mage Body Outside Body build help

    If we literally just need Absorption, the gold standard is Wyrm Wizard 2 (Dragon Magic). You can use the same method to get Body Outside Body on a Wizard but I think we like Wu Jen for flavor, not just Body Outside Body shenanigans.

    Edit: as far as cheating your own death, if you're using an interpretation of the belt that doesn't require them to end at exactly zero (or if you agree with me that it doesn't affect your current HP) you can just use Minor Shapeshift to get 20 new temp HP each turn you take with WRT because BOB only deals 10 damage to you when a clone dies. You just have to make sure not more than two die before you get another turn from a WRT to do Minor Shapeshift again, so you could even (theoretically) recover maneuvers or cast a quickened spell in between Minor Shapeshift uses if you needed to.
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    Default Re: Wu jen Jade Phoenix Mage Body Outside Body build help

    Wyrm Wizard 2's lost CL means JPM5 instead of JPM10, so in that case, better to use wizard and use Wyrm Wizard to research BOB, since JPM5 can't take advantage of the Transcend Immortality trick. I agree, wu jen flavor is nice though.

    The Absorption route has much thinner margins of action advantage, though Cooperative Metamagic giving you free Maximized Twinned Absorption is certainly nice. (Each maximized twinned absorption costs 9 spell levels and gets you (avg) 18.5 spell levels, so it gets 9.5 spell levels net per cast on average, but you lose WRT actions from having to cast spells to absorb, possibly via a summoned monster using SLAs on you, etc.) I think it's less elegant. However, it does have the advantage of not relying on a specific item.

    (It's also worth noting that despite its sinister name, the belt of the dread emperor is not noted as an evil item, nor are evil spells involved in its creation.)
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