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    Default Half Dragon feat

    Tried to make a half dragon without loosing Racial or subclass skills and can be used by just about anyone, so here is what I came up with, let me know if itís too random or overpowered.

    Draconian Awakening
    A mighty Dragonís blood swims through your veins, perhaps it was implanted in you during a ritual, or perhaps an ancestor of yours was a dragon and youíve awakened your dormant bloodline.

    When you choose this feat must roll a d10 to select one of the following skills, also rolling a feat multiple times can allow you to re-roll to gain a new skill or an enhanced version. You must pick your Dragon type as soon as you select this skill, if you re-select this feat must use the same type. this only effects breath weapon and color of scales. Ie No red-dragon and black dragon combo.

    Note Rolling a dice keeps from abuse and a bloodline awakening is not exactly predictable.

    1. Dragon Heart Your blood sings with the vitality of a dragon. You gain your Con Score to your total HP, if rolled again add half your Con Score to your total HP

    2. Dragon Body - Fine Scales cover your body, +1 to your Constitution (up to 20) and Natural AC of 13. Additional rolls gives you +2 to your Constitution Score

    3 Dragon Breath- Weild a mighty Breath Weapon as a Bonus Action
    You force targets in either a 15ft cone or within a 30ft line to make a Con Save. Fails take 1d8 Damage. Saves take half damage. Can be used Twice per short or long rest. Rolling this feat again adds a damage dice, 2d8,3d8,etc
    If you naturally have this feat it adds 2 damage dice the first time. Then one of your natural damage dice each time after.

    4. Dragon Claws - As a free action Your fingertips turn into razor sharp claws.
    Unarmed attacks deal 1d4 slashing. Any rolls after grant +1 to unarmed damage rolls. Monk class can use this feat with Martial Arts and choose Piercing damage instead.

    5 Dragon Wings As an Action can grow dragon wings to grant you flight, you may also shrink these back into to your body as an action. As a free action you may curl and uncurl the wings around your shoulders like a cloak.
    You gain a fly speed equal to your walking speed or as an Action you can glide double your height distance in a straight line at a five foot drop every 10 feet. You may change direction but at 5ft costs. Additional rolls grant an extra 10ft of fly speed. Any creature that already has natural flight may add 20ft to fly speed on first pick.

    6. Draconic Mage - Your body gains the magical properties of your dragon, you pick three cantrips and a level 1 spell from either Wizard, Warlock, or Sorcery and a level 1 spell slot, Rolling this feat again grants a spell slot at one level higher. Spell casting modifier uses your highest stat between Int, Charisma, and Wisdom.

    7. Dragon Tendons, Your muscles and tendons have transformed giving you enhanced agility and control of your body. You gain Evasion, which can be used a number of times equal to Dex modifier, if your class already has Evasion you may reroll a failed Evasion once per long rest.
    óóAny additional Rolls give +2 to your Dexterity Score up to 20.

    8. Draconic Rage. You can summon the old Rage once brought on by the King Killer Star
    You now have one use of Rage. If you already have Rage, you gain permanent +2 to Rage damage.
    Any rerolls give +2 to your Strength Score (up to 20)

    9 Dragon Senses you gain blindsight out to 15ft if re-rolled May roll again

    10 Dragon Soul You empower your Soul, a +2 to your choice of Int, Char, or Wis Scores. Re-rolls are a +1 to your choice of Int, Char, or Wis Scores.
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