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    Default Way of the Wild Soul - A homebrew monk archetype.

    TL;DR: it's a Monk archetype with 1/3 Druid spellcasting, cantrips as martial arts, and bestial ribbons. It's totally OP maybe, I dunno. Feels fun and anime, so here goes.

    Way of the Wild Soul

    You are one with nature, and you have learned to embody its elements at the level of blood and bone. You are not concerned with magical mastery as much as you are with merging natural magics with physical discipline. You are a loner, preferring the company of the wild to the company of the civilized. Your role models are the fauna and flora who inspire you. Unlike the Druids who pioneered the use of the magic that flows through you, you have no sacred site. You are a wanderer, and you let the natural world teach you what lessons it might. You seek its challenges and meet them gladly, devoting yourself to exploration and inspiration rather than preservation. You honor the simple grace of beasts and seek to express that grace through your Ki. You meditate among ancient groves and on the lonely shores of forgotten coasts. Because of this, you have developed a unique set of skills, and likely various quirks. Most folks find you odd, though you probably don't care when they do.

    You are also very competitive with the select few others that walk your path.

    Archetype Features

    Wild Soul

    When you Choose this Archetype at 3rd level, choose a creature "soul" type: Cat, Bird, Fox, or Snake (Feel free to get specific. "Cat" can mean "Tiger soul," for example.) You gain subtle physical and social characteristics associated with your chosen Wild Soul. These are aesthetic only for now, but they will determine features later on. You cannot later change your Wild Soul. (Ribbon)

    Spoiler: Level 3 Quirk Tables
    Physical Table 1: Roll (1d6) on or choose from this table for your physical Wild Soul traits. Alternatively, create your own. You can roll or choose multiple times.

    Cat 1-2 - You have whiskers.
    Cat 3-4 - Your ears become cat ears.
    Cat 5-6 - You have cat eyes.

    Bird 1-2 - Some of your hair becomes feathers.
    Bird 3-4 - Have a beak for a nose!
    Bird 5-6 - Your eyes become larger and your gaze becomes more piercing.

    Fox 1-2 - Fox ears!
    Fox 3-4 - Cute button nose, fox style.
    Fox 5-6 - Is that a tail?

    Snake 1-2 - Snake eyes!
    Snake 3-4 - Scaled skin patches.
    Snake 5-6 - Snake fangs!

    Personality Table 1: Roll (1d6) on or choose from this table for your personality Wild Soul quirks. Alternatively, create your own. You can choose or roll multiple times.

    Cat 1-2 - You commonly drop conversations mid-sentence.
    Cat 3-4 - You think affectionate violence is a sign of respect.
    Cat 5-6 - You are obnoxiously-curious about almost everything.

    Bird 1-2 - You are emotionally distant and rarely let on how you really feel.
    Bird 3-4 - You tend to expect others to take care of themselves, and when they don't, you are not likely to help them.
    Bird 5-6 - You just LOVE showing off and will do so any time you can.

    Fox 1-2 - You love secrets, and having them. If you don't have one, you will seek one just for the sake of having one.
    Fox 3-4 - You are a scandalously-blatant flirt, and even more so a tease.
    Fox 5-6 - You sometimes lie just to see how it feels to know that others believe something untrue.

    Snake 1-2 - You thrive on conflict, and are known to be a prickly, argumentative sort, often playing the devil's advocate.
    Snake 3-4 - You are overly-protective of your friends, sometimes to their own discomfort.
    Snake 5-6 - You are often tempted to do things you are expressly-forbidden to do, just because.

    At 3rd level when you choose this archetype, you gain Spellcasting. Wisdom is your spellcasting ability, and you have access to the Druid spell list.

    Spells Known
    You know two first-level Druid spells. You learn additional Druid spells at certain levels (identical to the number of Arcane Trickster spells known, so slowly-learned) and each spell must be of a level for which you possess spell slots. Refer to the Wild Soul table for your spell slot progression. (1/3 progression ala Arcane Trickster, so quite slow.) You regain all spent spell slots upon completing a long rest.

    You know Shillelagh and two other Druid cantrips. Refer to the Wild Soul progression table for additional cantrips learned. ( Additional cantrips at level 9 and level 15, for a total of 5.)

    Primal Weapon
    Your Shillelagh cantrip gains additional benefits. This weapon is now functionally Versatile for you if you enchant a quarterstaff, meaning that it's damage die increases when used with two hands, just like a non-magical quarterstaff. Additionally, you can use your Shillelagh as your spellcasting focus, and the effects last until you dismiss the enchantment as a bonus action or you are incapacitated.

    Natural Connection
    At 6th Wild Soul level, your connection to the natural magical energies of the world grants you a more harmonious balance of magical and martial arts. Spend 1 Ki to cast any Druid cantrip as a bonus action. If you use Flurry of Blows, you can use this extra Ki to cast a cantrip in place of one unarmed attack granted by Flurry of Blows. (For clarity: You can spend 2 Ki to use Flurry of Blows while replacing one of the unarmed attacks with a Druid cantrip.)

    Wild Style
    Also at 6th level, the beast spirit to which you are connected manifests itself even more. Alter your physical features as you see fit, and gain the following benefits:

    (Another table for quirks will go here, not currently included.)

    Cat Soul: When you use Flurry of Blows and deal damage with both attacks (or one unarmed attack and an offensive cantrip,) deal extra slashing damage equal to one Martial Arts die.

    Bird Soul: When you use Flurry of Blows and deal damage with both attacks (or one attack and an offensive cantrip,) gain 5 ft of free, instant movement that does not grant attacks of opportunity to any enemies hit with either attack.

    Fox Soul: When you use Flurry of Blows and deal damage with both attacks (or one attack and an offensive cantrip,) gain an additional use of a reaction that lasts for one minute. If you use this feature again before using your extra, free reaction, you can either refresh the duration of your free reaction or move yourself up in the initiative order by +4. If you change your order of initiative, your extra reaction is lost.

    Snake Soul: When you use Flurry of Blows and deal damage with both attacks (or one attack and an offensive cantrip,) any target you have hit with a Flurry of Blows attack that turn is Poisoned until the end of their next turn.

    Primal Form
    At 11th level, your connection to nature increases, and you embody more characteristics of your wild soul.

    (Another set of tables for physical and personality quirks. The ribbons flow freely here.)

    Cat Soul: You gain advantage on all Acrobatics and Stealth checks.

    Bird Soul: Your Movement increases by 5 ft, and climbing does not halve your movement. Your Slow Fall ability becomes a free action.

    Fox Soul: You can add your Wisdom bonus to all Charisma-based ability checks when in natural, rural surroundings, and you gain advantage on Initiative rolls and attack rolls in the first round of combat if you have successfully Persuaded, Deceived, or Intimidated someone in the last minute who is also rolling for initiative. Your inscrutable nature has sown uncertainty in those who oppose you.

    Snake Soul: You critically hit on a roll of 19-20 for all attack rolls against targets within 5ft of you, and you are immune to the Poisoned effect and resistant to poison damage.

    Feral Form
    At 17th level, as a bonus action, you can embody your Feral Form. For ten minutes, you can cast all known Druid cantrips as bonus actions, and you can spend 2 Ki to cast any 1st-level Druid spell you know as a bonus action. These 1st-level Druid spells are cast as level 3 spells and do not require expending a spell slot. You can also substitute one Flurry of Blows unarmed attack for a Druid Cantrip on your turn. You are conveniently also resistant to all Fire, Cold, Acid, Lightning, and Thunder damage for the duration. Once you use this feature, you must complete a long rest before using it again.
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