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    Default Re: A campaign with multiple currencies...

    I can recall several games in D&D where +1 rings of protection became a sort of secondary currency. The party didn't make them, it was faster to kill people and swap stuff for them. The hyperinflation of going up levels and the sillyness of lugging 1,500+ pounds of metal around to pay for a small +5 dagger eventually got to us.

    One thing I'll note is that I find players more willing to do more stuff with wealth when wealth isn't directly linked with character survival. When the wealth-survival link is a Red Queen's Race situation all the money goes towards survival, usually armor, weapons, and sources of healing. It's when character survival isn't predicated on always buying better and better murder tools that most players start to consider other options.
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    Default Re: A campaign with multiple currencies...

    As a general rule it's not worth the headache of dealing with multiple currencies - unless there's something specific in play which makes it worth it. If you're setting a game in an area where the currency is about to go janky (e.g. the Weimar Republic or Zimbabwe in certain periods for a historical game, basically any gold boom), if currency speculation and/or manipulation are likely to be significant activities for whatever reason, if you're really emphasizing the grind of small tedious tasks it might well be worth it, if you've got currencies that translate exceptionally poorly (Confederate dollars in the Union is an obvious historical example) you probably want to keep that, etc.

    If they're basically descriptive flavor for treasure given a value there's a fair bit more leeway. That's color and texture to a campaign, which is generally worth doing provided you steer clear of purple prose or tedious listing. This works especially well when there's relatively little loot in a campaign; if you're playing D&D and doing multiple fights per session which all have loot attached it's probably worth cutting down a fair bit.
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    Default Re: A campaign with multiple currencies...

    It occurres to me - just now - that I had a campaign with at least two currencies. One was your average, garden variety gold piece. But the other was soul gems, a common form of exchange among outer plane denizens, primarily the evil or neutral ones. But then, I try to avoid any form of GP equivalent economy, and trade only in favors, songs, stories and the like.

    I actually have no idea whether that's even relevant to the discussion =)

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    Default Re: A campaign with multiple currencies...

    My high school DM went all-in on the various kinds of currency, and expected us to keep track of them... how many did you have Cormyrean, or Sembian, or Waterdeep? It was OK, but I also don't recall much effect from spending the "wrong" kind of silver or whatever... Cormyrean cash was accepted pretty much everywhere, and you could usually find a Sembian to take Sembian coins.
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    Default Re: A campaign with multiple currencies...

    I plan to DM an upcoming Spelljammer campaign, so this topic is quite relevant to my plans. As the group I roll with typically enjoys the social aspect over the combat one, and since standard wealth has a tendency to become obsolete after a few levels, I want a way to keep finances novel and retain pertinence throughout the campaign.

    Resources and art will have differing values depending on the culture they require goods and services from, and I'm hoping they will adapt to a Firefly style adventuring career. Rewards will end up taking the form of raw materials and oddities after one or two "You call this money?! Get out of my tavern!" encounters. They can be hailed as saviors for bringing a life sustaining resource, reviled for unleashing plagues or heathen ideals, or find themselves sitting on a pile of junk they can't peddle on this planet.

    If anyone has run successful games like this before, I would be curious to know how your players responded.
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