The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed
The Order of the Stick: Utterly Dwarfed - Coming in December and available for pre-order now
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    Default Written myself into a corner

    Ok, so I kinda written myself into a corner cause I kinda changed the motivation of a character slightly cause that would lead to a better story, but then I realized that this made it so that a main conflict he had with another main character needed to be changed too, and this kinda escalated until I pretty much changed what this webcomic I'm writing even was about in the first place. Problem being? I already had completed about 5 pages of the damn thing, and now I just feel kinda silly lol

    Basically my story is a bit of a parody of the getting the band back together trope, but in this case being about an adventuring party that is getting together to pull their wizard out of an existencial depression. Basically the wizard is suffering from the existencial dread of living in a world where tropes and narrative are a factor, and he's kinda cursing whatever uncaring god made him smart enough to realize the implactions this has on stuff like free will and things like that.

    The main thesis here being that the wizard is wrong. Yes his world follows tropes and storytelling traditions sure, but characters and settings aren't just a bunch of tropes pilled together, narrative isn't just a checklist basically.

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    Default Re: Written myself into a corner

    Can you share what you already completed?

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