My SD card reader (an internal one from Amazon (with a pretty good rating, and Amazon choice) which I bought in July last year (and sees extremely regular not-quite daily use) has just... Stopped. It doesn't recognise any SD cards, keeping saying they are unformatted.

I have double-checked with my back-up USB external crad reader (and my 3d printer) both are workign with the reader fine. I have done a sfc and DISM, which did apparently find and fix some things, but not that.

Barely over a year old and just... Dead. Between yesterday and today.

So, looks like I have to fork out another 14 for another one. (Because helpfully, my motherboard and case wouldn't even allow me to plug that one in, so I only have the USBs on the case (I suppose fortunately, since the only other free parts on in the arse-end of the machine) but are in an awkward position and mean that we have to take the emergancy back-up one out to use USB sticks.)

How the hell can these things be so damn unreliable?