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    Default Suggestions for Hexbuckler Progression

    I've decided to play a Tiefling "Hexbuckler" (Hexblade/Swashbuckler) for an upcoming Descent into Avernus campaign. This campaign will be under AL rules, so PHB +1 is in effect. The goal is a mobile skirmisher that can also act as the party face.

    Attributes, via point buy, are 8/14/14/9/12/17 with Charisma raised to 18 via the Actor feat when either Hexblade or Swashbuckler hits Level 4. Dexterity will stay at 14 due to Medium Armor from Hexblade, with getting Charisma to 20 the main priority. Pact of the Blade once he hits Warlock 3. Booming Blade not an option due to PHB +1 rules, so Thrirsting Blade becomes more important.

    What I could use some help with is suggestions on the order of level progression.

    Starting out, I could go Hexblade to use the higher Charisma stat for combat right away, or go Rogue to pick up the extra skill and have proficiency with Dex saves. Rogue would be more painful as a starter due to his attributes but may have more benefits in the long run.

    The question then becomes how to progress. Down the line, I'm thinking Hexblade 12 / Swashbuckler 8 That gets me 5 ASIs/Feats, most of the good stuff from Rogue/Swashbuckler and 6 Invocations.

    Some options:
    • Go Hexblade all the way to 5 to get Thirsting Blade for the extra attack, then at least 3 levels of Rogue to get Swashbuckler. From there you can go either way.
    • Rogue to 3 to get Swashbuckler key features working early, then a level of Hexblade to activate Charisma as the combat stat, then back to Rogue to either 5 (uncanny dodge), 7 (evasion), or 8 (ASI/Feat).
    • Hexblade 1, Rogue 3, Hexblade 5, Rogue X: Start using Charisma to fight from the start, then get Swashbuckler working, then pick up 2nd attack via Thirsting Blade.

    Any thoughts on the the best way to progress this?

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Hexbuckler Progression

    I've got one. Started with 5 levels of Hexblade to get the 2nd attack and am going for at least 7 levels of Swash before switching back to make sure he gets Uncanny Dodge and Evasion.

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    Default Re: Suggestions for Hexbuckler Progression

    When I made my Swashbuckler Hexblade, I went 3 Swash, then 5 hex, then continued into Swashbuckler.

    I will warn you, though, that I didn't really feel as effective as I could have, so that might not be the best path. Level 5 was about when I started to feel the multiclassing lag (which isn't unusual). Once you get thirsting blade, things come together a bit more.

    I eventually was allowed to respec swash into arcane trickster and I actually felt more effective. I grabbed the mobile feat and never looked back.

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