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    Default Your favorite Non-minion related non-evil Sorc/Wiz Necromancy spells?

    I've checked out a few wizard guides for this sort of thing, but for obvious reasons they didn't go over every spell that exists. So I was wondering what gems you guys liked from this relatively rare cross section of spells.

    some of my favourites include:

    Ray of exhaustion 3:
    Exhaustion on a failed save, fatigued on a successful one, fatigued creatures hit just get exhausted no save

    Opalescent glare [Death, Good] 5:
    a creature 5 HD or less needs to save or die, panicked on a successful one
    a Creatures with more than 5HD save or panics

    (above is roughly the information i'd like to know: Name, level, relevant subschools, what it does)

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    Default Re: Your favorite Non-minion related non-evil Sorc/Wiz Necromancy spells?

    Ah Opalescent glare. I was just having a conversation about the weirdness of its instantaneous duration.

    Here's a few of my favorites.

    Escalating Enfeeblement 2; like ray of enfeeblement, but if they are fatigued exhausted or have damage/penalty to their physical ability scores, then it's a greater penalty to strength.

    Channeled Lifetheft 5; you can spend anywhere from a swift to 2 full rounds casting this, and it has increasing effects for longer casting, like the other channeled spells. It fatigues or exhausts, deals damage, and gives you temporary hitpoints. It always at least fatigues and gives you 5 temp hp, and there's no save.

    Necrotic Skull Bomb 5; in addition to having a stupendous name, it's 1d4 negative levels in a 20 foot radius spread as a swift action, though it is disappointingly fort negates.

    Pact of Return 7; You cast the spell and say how you will die. You don't have to be super specific, but if your prediction is correct you will instantly resurrect with no level loss. There isn't even a cost to this spell, and you can have multiple up at a time.
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    Default Re: Your favorite Non-minion related non-evil Sorc/Wiz Necromancy spells?

    2nd level - blindness/deafness is still a great one. Early level SoL that either blinds or deafens a target - you choose which effect they'll suffer before the saving throw.

    3rd level - Mass Curse of Impending Blades is always a nice one. -2 AC to everything in a 20' radius. From memory, no save. Can be great depending on the DM.

    3rd level - Shivering Touch - Dragon killing DEX damage. 3d6 on a touch attack.

    3rd level - Blood Snow - not the best spell but it's good for hitting squishies at the back and forcing them to close the distance to you.

    4th level - Bestow Curse - most versatile spell in the game. Per default you can hit an ability score with -6 (but no lower than 1), give the target a -4 to attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks, or you can give the target a 50% chance to do nothing. You can also come up with your own curses. It's loads of fun.

    4th level - Enervation - 1d4+1 negative levels. Perfect for thesis.

    5th level - Channeled Lifetheft - Can be used as swift, standard, full round, or two round action. The effects go from small damage with a tiny gain in temporary hp as swift to dealing 5d8 damage, exhausting the target, and 10+ dealt damage temporary hitpoints. The one issue it has is that its a close range spell, but other than that it is very good.

    5th level - Gelid Blood - Cold subtype - guaranteed -2 to a fair few checks (forget exactly which atm) and 25% chance to fail to cast a spell with the somatic component. On a failed save this rises to 50%. Once again, range is the biggest problem the spell has, but if you tend to be fighting in close range anyway then there's no issue.

    5th level - Magic Jar - Possess the target on a will save (and it's not even evil!)

    5th level - it's a damage spell so obviously not ideal, but if you feel like doing some gruesome damage there isn't much better than Beltyn's Burning Blood - 1d8 fire and 1d8 acid damage by putting boiling acid into the target's blood. Lasts 1round/level with a fort save each round. Saving stops the damage that round, but the remaining rounds aren't stopped

    5th level - Orb of Dancing Death - lasts 1 round/2 or 3 levels (I forget which) - goes next to a target and every round throws a ranged touch attack. Can deal one negative level out. It's not great but if you're positionally secure it's a good use of your move action to lower saves, attack rolls, etc.

    6th level - Kyristan's Malevolent Tentacles - Fell Drained Black Tentacles as a 6th level spell. Nice if you don't have the feat. Not great otherwise.

    6th level - Spectral Dragon - Create a Shadow Dragon that runs around after your enemies, attacking with a pretty decent bonus, dealing 1d6 STR damage and handing out a negative level on every successful attack. Again, not exactly optimal but it's cool as ****.

    6th level - Heartfreeze - Put the target in a block of ice, exhaust them, and kill them a few rounds later all on one fort save. Worst case scenario you do low damage to them. Spell is never totally useless as a result of this - cold subtype

    6th level - Aura of Terror and Imperious Glare - Mind-affecting fears. The former gives you the aura you need to use the latter. They're loads of fun. Both fear multiple targets/round.

    7th level - Righteous Glare - Death, Good - Save or Die against evil mobs mobs and if they make the save they're feared anyway. Save or Fear against neutral and >5HD evil opponents. Not great, but it's honestly pretty cool. Evil Glare is the same but against good & neutral creatures

    7th level - Finger of Death - Death subtype (not evil) - Classic Save or Die tbh.

    8th level - Greater Bestow Curse - improved Bestow Curse

    8th level - Last Judgement - Death, Good - You play judge, jury, and executioner. Recite a list of evil deeds then condemn them to a lower plane to be punished for all eternity if they fail the will save. If they succeed, they take pretty significant WIS damage.

    8th level - Clone - Requires a timeskip or your DM waiving the growth time for the clone, but you basically have a backup in case you ever die. It's good stuff.

    9th level - Laeral's Crowning Touch - Failed save means they get negative levels any time they cast a spell. Negative levels = spell cast's level. There's no save for these when they're gained, but they get the usual FORT save for each negative level 24 hours later. This lasts as long as the Crowning Touch lasts. Every time the target uses a spell their hair becomes more and more grey until it's entirely grey at 1st level. Can only be removed with a Break Enchantment or Wish. The spell is really fun.

    9th level - Stasis Clone - Clone but doesn't rot when the person is alive.

    9th level - Energy Drain - Enervation but energy drain. Not bad, not great.

    9th level - Soul Bind - Imprison the soul of a freshly dead corpse in a black gemstone. Applications are mostly RP after that as far as I can tell, but a good DM will let you do a lot with this I'm sure.

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