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    Default Handbook: how to format your homebrew like a 3.5 sourcebook


    - The body text used in all of 3.5 is Celestia Antiqua Std. However, numerals are from Celestia Antiqua SC. Beware that this font has a larger default spacing than Celestia Antiqua Std, so you may have to adjust it manually. Celestia Antiqua Semibold is used for lead-ins (almost anything before a colon, eg "Weapon Proficiencies:").

    - Statblocks, tables and supplementary text are in Scala Sans. Numerals are used from a variant of that font, Scala Sans Regular LF SC. Header text for tables, statblocks and supplementary text, which includes PrC prerequisites, is in Scala Sans Bold SC (not normal Scala Sans Bold).

    - The header font used in the core books and early supplements is Pterra or Pterra Dactyl. The header font used in Tome of Magic and Tome of Battle is Leash. Body header text is in caps. In the core books sub-header text is not in caps, but it can be a little arbitrary what is designated as a sub-header and in later sourcebooks this distinction is abandoned.


    Column headings are bottom adjusted, column text is middle-adjusted and column numbers are top-adjusted.

    As mentioned above, table text is in Scala Sans and tables are headed with Scala Sans Bold SC.


    TSR font guide:

    Site to make 5e formatted homebrew:

    This will be updated if I find out more.
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