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    Question [3.5] Sanctified Spells for Favored Soul

    So, a couple of methods exist for spontaneous arcane casters to take advantage of Sanctified and Corrupt spells: Arcane Preparation and Corrupt Arcana feats, for instance.

    Corrupt Arcana will work for divine casters, but only for Corrupt spells.

    Are there any methods that allow a Favored Soul (or other spontaneous divine caster) to be able to use Sanctified spells?

    Cheers - T

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    Default Re: [3.5] Sanctified Spells for Favored Soul

    Southern Magician + Arcane Preparation?
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    Default Re: [3.5] Sanctified Spells for Favored Soul

    Arcane Preparation: You'll need Magical Training or Southern Magician or any other method of gaining the ability to spontaneously cast arcane spells. The feat's benefit doesn't say it's limited to arcane spellcasting, so it should work fine.

    UMD + Runestaff: The check to emulate a class feature, such as a class spell list or prepared casting, is a DC 21 to emulate one level of a given class. That's trivial with 1 cross-class rank and Guidance of the Avatar. Get a custom Runestaff per MIC p224, preferably make it an Ancestral Relic so you can freely decide which spells it has without needing to meet any crafting prerequisites. Put your sanctified spells on the Runestaff, you'll be limited to casting each one 3/day or less depending on how you budget them, but you can also add tons of other spells even from another class since you're UMDing it. This has the added benefit of completely trivializing the normally limited number of spells known that a given spontaneous spellcaster gets.

    Make a divine version of Exalted Arcanist: This is really bad, but probably the least amount of cheese you can get it with. Ironically, the other two options are completely RAW-legit, whereas this one takes house ruling a new version of the class.

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    Default Re: [3.5] Sanctified Spells for Favored Soul

    If you're a spontaneous cleric or evangelist instead of a favored soul, you automatically get the ability to spontaneously cast all exalted spells, provided you maintain a Good alignment.

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