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    Default Dracolich Grisgol?

    Would it be possible to use a Dracolich's phylactery to make a Grisgol?

    A Dracolich does have different abilities compared to regular humanoid Liches. Would that affect the resulting Grisgol's powers/abilities? Or would I have to homebrew a variant Grisgol?

    The specific Dracolich phylactery does have a ton of enchantments on it, so we don't know what to expect from it; I've seen this one inflict negative energy damage, inflict fear, and even exert power despite being inside a Bag of Holding, so who know what else it can do. The enchantments would make destroying it nigh-impossible. My DM is anticipating we would make every effort to destroy it, but turning it into a Grisgol under our control would throw a wrench into his plan by giving us a powerful minion.
    We know the specific Dracolich was an extremely powerful Blue Dragon (likely an advanced one that reached Colossal+size and the high CR associated with it; possibly also has 12 levels of Dragon Ascendant, so Rank 0 Deity).

    That is the context for my question. Would making a Grisgol out of such a phylactery be worthwhile?
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    Default Re: Dracolich Grisgol?

    Grisgol for reference.

    I'd allow it with the standard Grisgol. The Paralyzing Touch ability of a Grisgol is already closer to that of a Dracolich than a standard Lich. By strict RAW, it might not work, but any argument to that effect strikes me as pointless and pedantic.

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    Default Re: Dracolich Grisgol?

    I would also just make it a standard Grisgol.

    That said, the (Draco)lich is supposed to be basically helpless in the phylactery, as far as I know (other than its ability to possess dragon/reptile corpses), so I'd be prepared for this to go horribly, terribly wrong even though the Grisgol is supposed to be mindless and obey its creator without question.
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