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    Default The Use of Wiki-Structure to Plan and Execute Worldbuilding (Exalted)

    Over the course of the past year and a half I've been building an Exalted game, elaborating on a setting from 2nd ed, carving it out an making it my own. I started embracing the wiki as a way to create a navigable world and creating a sandbox sort of structure. My original understanding was that I'd inherit the long running campaign the prior GM was running but... it doesn't seem like that's going to happen now which is a real bummer for me.

    Anyhow I thought I'd share it here to see if anyone has done anything similar or wants to gab about using Wiki's as a planning tool. My waiting to inherit the game led to an extended period of just embroidering and elaborating the the whole thing unnecessarily for my own fun, adding stuff I never intended to use to create something expansive, detailed and fun for my players to explore between sessions that could count as in-game exploration. As a result I got a chance to kind of figure out a style of organizing that worked for me that made the space more navigable.

    Anyway,to get a sense of what I'm talking about here's the locations page of the wiki

    Great Forks City Locations- Exalted

    The wiki itself is made with Obsidian Portal and is pretty big. Somewhere around 300 pages a lot of which is GM only for seeeecret planning . The visible stuff covers a lot of cultural stuff, a cast of Gods, a bestiary of Spiritual beings and what not. The Locations page just seems the most approachable thing to start with, links to everything can be found on the main page. Everything is poach-able, if you want to use the setting for your own Exalted game go ahead, I'd be happy if some good came of my efforts and share any tips if you want to give free form wiki planning a try. I gotta say if you are a slapdash planner that just likes to go down random rabbit holes with your writing it's a lot of fun.
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