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    Default Help Installing Starcraft II

    I tried to install Starcraft II on my Windows 10 machine today. The installation failed and gave me the message that a OneDrive file could not be renamed to another one, and the folder located in OneDrive could not be deleted. I despise OneDrive and disabled it as quickly as I could. How do I stop the installer from repeatedly putting the installation into this considering that I've never had a problem with this before when I read it before on two Windows 7 machines? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Help Installing Starcraft II

    Standard Data storage Options in Win 10 System settings (cant give you exact option names, using it in another language).

    Then at installing, do everything manually and make it put everything where you want it.

    And of course, leave One Drive/CLoud off for that.

    Should work.
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