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    Post Chiron a Batfolk Race [5e PEACH]

    DM in next group is graciously allowing me a chance to use a homebrewed race that I made since I really wanted to play a bat character. He gave it a once over and said it looked fine (knowing that it's a race that can fly). Other than biases against flying races, any input about balancing it would be great! Here's the link.
    I also offered to reflavor Simmic Hybrid if we determined it would be too strong (taking glide and probably the climbing skill that it offers.)

    Spoiler: Detect balance scale

    Using that guide, here's where I have the race currently:
    some abilities are a little unique in that they have restrictions that are not going to be reproduced exactly in the guide, which is meant as a rough guide anyway. Feel free to skip this section if preferred.

    12 pts) Standard stat +2 / +1
    1 pt) Choice of 1 language
    -2 pts) Speed 25
    2 pts) Skill proficiency
    13 pts) fly 25, mine is pretty restricted and is 25.. the guide has Standard Fly 30 (16 pts), so I subtracted 3 points for the restrictions and lower fly speed which I think is a fair number of points for this ability
    3 pts) Darkvision 60 (echolocation is very similar to darkvision 60)

    total 29 pts

    As a side note, I considered making an ability that's the opposite of powerful build (half carrying capacity) as an additional balance which is not on the guide but I'd put it at a -2, especially since most groups don't track carry capacity that closely... but I don't think it needs this to be balanced. I would have called the ability "light build" or maybe "delicate build".

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    Default Re: Chiron a Batfolk Race [5e PEACH]

    Considering that, while flying, you can't use your hands, it should not be umbalanced. The main problem is that flying itself can be pretty broken in early and even mid game, but if your DM is aware of it... Seems ok
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