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    Default Mantle of Spells and domain slot


    I play a cleric with Dweomerkeeper. I have the spell domain, giving limited wish in the lvl 7 domain slot.

    1)I have no other way to cast limited wish. When I'll be able to cast lvl 7 spells and gain a lvl to gain another lvl of mantle of spell, am I allowed to select limited wish even if I would normally only be able to cast it as a domain spell?

    2) if the question 1 answer is yes, since I'm a cleric, I only cast divine spells. I have access to anyspell and anyspell greater but I cannot think of a way to generate a lvl 7 arcane spell to convert it to limited wish for mantle of spells. Do you have ideas how to to it?

    Thanks for the information and have a nice day.

    Mantle of Spells: At 1st level, a dweomerkeeper creates a personal mantle of arcane and/or divine spells. She chooses one arcane or divine spell that she can cast, and thereafter she can convert prepared spells of that spell's type (arcane or divine) into the chosen spell, so long as the level of the spell to be converted is equal to or greater than that of the chosen spell. This ability functions just like a good cleric's ability to spontaneously convert prepared spells into cure spells. At every odd-numbered dweomerkeeper level after 1st, the character chooses another spell to add to her mantle.

    Spell Domain
    Granted Powers: You get a +2 bonus on Concentration and Spellcraft checks
    1 - Mage Armor
    2 - Silence
    3 - Anyspell
    4 - Rary's Mnemonic Enhancer
    5 - Break Enchantment
    6 - Anyspell, Greater
    7 - Limited Wish
    8 - Antimagic Field
    9 - Mordenkainen's Disjunction

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    Default Re: Mantle of Spells and domain slot

    1) As far as I can see from the wording of Mantle of Spells, there's nothing to prevent you from choosing a domain spell.

    2) Domain spells are divine spells, so you'd use a divine spell slot to spontaneously cast it.

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    Default Re: Mantle of Spells and domain slot

    From my reading of Dweomerkeeper and domain description in PHB/SRD, Biggus is correct.

    Without abilities you haven't indicated, you could select Limited Wish as a 7th level divine spell for Mantle of Spells. Even if Anyspell could work on 7th level spells, I don't see how you could choose it as arcane. As functionally a cleric you'd want it divine anyways.

    The logic of the wording is supported by clerics ability to use wand/staff of a spell that is only on their domain list. You can only prepare 1 7th level domain slot, but you can convert spells to 7th level+ spells you *know* as many times as you have 7+ level slots.

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    Default Re: Mantle of Spells and domain slot

    Adding a yes I agree to the list here.
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