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    Default Rogue Coin Trickster homebrew class for campaign (lvl 1-7)

    Im going going to run a modified version of Waterdeep Dragon Heist for a group of 5 players taking them from lvl 2 (lvl 1 sucks) to approximately lvl 7 and one of the players asked for a homebrew for his character. He wants to play a goblin rogue who is sickly obsessed by coins (cares more about coin than people; doesnt care about good or evil - cares about coin: will never go out of his way to help or harm people unless there's coin involved) and use coins to "f u c k" with people both in and out of combat. He didnt want the arcane trickster as a base because he doesnt feel the character is arcane. As the campaign will only run to approximately lvl 7 I thought I would give it a try and come up something. I have tried to merge class and race into one and this is my first iteration which means its probably badly balanced so any feedback and ideas are greatly appriciated!

    Rogue Coin Trickster (goblin only)

    Everyone knows that goblins are very fond of shiny things but for some coins become a true obsession. So much that its the thing they care most about in life and through this obsession they find uses for coins that other creatures dont. They believe that coins have powers other than their worth in wealth and as long as they believe in it, it seems to be true. These goblins are known as Coin Tricksters.

    -Some of your class features require your target to make a saving throw to resist the effect. The saving throw DC is calculated as follows: Save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your charisma modifier

    Lvl 1:

    -Expertise (as the regular Rogue feature)

    -Sneak Attack (as the regular Rogue feature)

    -Thieve's Cant (as the regular Rogue feature)

    -You have advantage on performance checks when performing coin tricks

    -My Precious (this replace the Fury of the Small goblin trait):
    This old weathered gold coin was the first you ever aquired and you could never get yourself to spend it, it is precious to you. Having spend so much time with it you always know which side it lands on when you flip it. Futhermore when holding it in your hand you can spend a bonus action to feel the memories you had together flow through your body regaining hit points equal to 1d8 + your rogue level. You can only do this once per long rest. If the coin is more than 10 ft away from you, you can feel it is missing and you have an irresistible urge to get it back at all cost.

    -Blind with Greed: (this replace the Nimble Escape goblin trait):
    As a bonus action you present you coin purse to a creature within 5ft of you moving the purse up and down to make its inside rattle. That creature must take a wisdom saving throw against your DC. On a failure it is now entralled by the thought of the shiny coins within the purse and is blinded by this fact when looking at you until the beginning of your next turn. On a succes nothing happens. You can use this feature a number on times per short rest equal to you charisma modifier plus your Coin Trickster level rounded down (minimum of one)

    Lvl 2:

    -Cunning Action (as the regular Rogue feature)

    Lvl 3:

    -Fast Hands (as the Rogue Thief feature)

    -Hey, look at this!:
    When a creaure that you can see is making a melee attack against you, you can use your reaction to make a quick mesmerizing coin trick making a shiny gold coin disappear. The creature must succeed an intelligence saving throw against your DC in order to continue its attack and not hesitate wondering how that shiny gold coin disappeared. You can use this ability a number of times per long rest equal to your charisma modifier (minimum of one) and you are required to have at least one hand empty. When a creature has saved against this ability it is immune for 24 hours.

    Lvl 4:

    -Ability Score Improvement

    Lvl 5:

    -Uncanny Dodge (as the regular Rogue feature)

    -Rain of Gold:
    When you are at least 10ft above the ground where one or more large or smaller creatures are standing you can spend your action to empty a coin purse containing the value of at least 50 gp raining down gold on your foe(s) dealing 2d8 bludgeoning damage within a 10ft diameter cylinder. The creature(s) must take a dexterity saving throw. On a succes the creature(s) only take half damage. For each additional 50gp in the coin purse the creature(s) take an additional 1d8 damage up to a maximum of 6d8. You can use this ability a number of times per long rest
    equal to your charisma modifier (minimum of one).

    Lvl 6:

    -Expertise (as the regular Rogue feature)

    Lvl 7:

    -Evasion (as the regular Rogue feature)


    -Save DC: I decided on charisma as the ability so set the DC and I figured it was fitting for tricking people. The player rolled 16, 14, 12, 12, 11, 6 so Im thinking the 14 will go into charisma. I had a thought about making it opposed skill checks instead of a DC saving throw but with rogue expertise that seemed too strong so instead I decided on a DC like the Battlemaster fighter.

    -My Precious: Kinda like a poor mans second wind (seems too good if once per short rest instead right?), fitting for the charater and has a few extra perks.

    -Blind with Greed: Strong feature but the character needs to be within 5ft of the creature which also puts the character in danger. How does charima modifier + lvl per short rest sound?

    -Fast Hands: I took this from the Thief subclass as I figured this player would likely try to steal in battle. Would removing the Use an Object action of fast hands make it better balanced?

    -Hey, look at this!: Strong but will compete with Uncanny Dodge for those reactions (a chance of not getting hit by an attack at all, only melee, vs only taking half damage, also available out of melee). Would it be better to remove Uncanny Dodge and make this feature available more than charisma modifier per long rest?

    -Rain of Gold: I really dont know about this one! As it isnt a spell I put in the requirement that the character must be at least 10ft above the target(s) which makes it much harder to achieve. It seemed like a fun idea to make the damage scale with the content of the coinpurse but is that just dumb? The characters will probably use their money to fix up the Trollskull Mansion and start the tavern but having a max damage purse is probably achievable anyway? The coinpurse is litterally emptied so the coins will have to be picked up again afterwards if possible. I put it at 5th level as I dont dont know how many sessions we will go over lvl 5 and want the player to be able to use it before we end the campaign.

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    Default Re: Rogue Coin Trickster homebrew class for campaign (lvl 1-7)

    This is literally a Rogue with extra features.

    Which is fine-excepting "Hey, Look At This!" none of them feel that bad. That feature feels both too strong and... Well, just doesn't make much sense. A battle hardened warrior ain't gonna be concerned about coin till AFTER the fight.

    If you do use this, I'd be sure to give other PCs a similar bump in features.
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