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    Default Phone shutting off when connecting to Wireless

    So I have a Motorola Moto G Play and it will, very randomly and to my great annoyance) say that the battery is dead when it's at something like 80-85%. It doesn't do this when connected to WiFi, but I've noticed at work that when I turn off airplane mode and it tries to connect, the moment it connects it shuts off saying it's dead.

    It did that today when I went to my deer stand. I took it out, realized I had accidentally turned on airplane mode, and then the exact second it connected to wireless, it shut off.

    It's pissing me off, so how do I fix it?
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    Default Re: Phone shutting off when connecting to Wireless

    Backup your date, Reset it to factory default and then update the software to whatever the latest version is.

    Unless Google gives you others with this problem, I don't think you are easily going to solve :(

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