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    Default Re: Selberath I: Calling

    Initiative order:

    Unnamed Peasant I
    Unnamed Peasant II
    Unnamed Peasant III
    Unnamed Peasant IV
    Unnamed Peasant V
    Unnamed Peasant VI
    Unnamed Peasant VII
    Unnamed Peasant VIII
    Unnamed Peasant IX
    Unnamed Peasant X

    For reference, the peasants begin the turn lined up across the room like so:
    Tarsa, IV, III, II, I, Lartec, IX, X, VIII, VII, VI, V

    ((But I will resolve your actions first, since none of them will attack until you do.))

    Byron fails his opposed Strength check with Lartec and provokes an attack of opportunity from Lartec and unnamed peasants X and I. Unnamed Peasant X hits for 3 points of damage with his sword; the other two attacks miss.

    Circe's spell seems to work and Lartec lowers his weapon. Unnamed Peasant IX promptly stabs the charmed man; Lartec collapses on the ground, bleeding. Unnamed Peasant X moves two squares to his right to fill in the hole left by the fallen man, and attacks Byron and misses.

    Lartec is out of commission. Unnamed Peasant I attacks Byron and hits for 4 points of damage with his club. Unnamed Peasant II moves up to Circe and attacks her, hitting for 8 points of damage with her sword. Unnamed Peasant III also moves up to Circe, flanks with II, and hits for 2 points of damage with his dagger. Unnamed Peasant IV also moves up to Circe, meaning that she is surrounded on three nondiagonal sides with the entrance to the room behind her, and attacks, missing.

    Tarsa moves to the diagonal ahead of Circe and to her left, where she attacks with her club and hits, dealing 4 points of damage. Unnamed Peasant V charges up to occupy the square to Byron's right, and attacks, but misses. Unnamed Peasant VI charges to the square behind Byron and to his right, attacks, and also misses. Unnamed Peasant VII, who Byron remembers has some sorcerous ability, casts Magic Missile, hitting Byron with a missile for 3 damage. Unnamed Peasant VIII takes a double move action to get to the spot formerly occupied by Unnamed Peasant I.

                                      [VIII] [ X  ] [ IX ] [    ] [VII ]
                                              [Byr] [  V ]
                                                    [ VI ]
                                             [ IV ]
                                      [III ] [Cir] [ II ]
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    Default Re: Selberath I: Calling


    ARRRRRRRGHHH, may Kord bless me in battle this day!

    Byron steps 5' closer to Circe, and attacks Peasant IV with his mace.

    Attack: (1d20+7)[13]
    Damage: (1d8+2)[7]

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