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    Default Important/Reoccuring/FAQ Threads or Notices

    Previously on Comics.....

    These are links to previously sticky threads containing answers to commonly asked questions, important notices and the odd reoccuring topic. *It will be updated as time goes on.

    ANNOUNCEMENT #1: OotS updates at random. Discussion of the comic update schedule is strictly prohibited. If no news has been posted in the News section or in a sticky thread in the OotS subforum about when the next comic will or will not be posted, then no news exists. This extends to concerns for Rich's health, life, or other aspects that you are concerned about or expect may be effecting the update schedule. The comic will be here when it gets here; until then, nothing you can say will make it arrive sooner or make any news appear. In the words of the Beatles, "let it be."

    IMPORTANT: Replying to topics with spam will earn you an infraction]

    Important Annoucement: Vigilante Moderators

    Please do not alter the avatar images!

    The Incredible OotS index: Revised

    Use the Monthly thread please

    V's gender debate IV

    Could the Giant give us a pronounce guide?

    The final answer on Belkar's alignment

    and here is the post itself:

    OotS avatar requests/arts and crafts IV
    Well, I couldn't find IV, I found plenty of later ones ... how about redirecting to these in the Arts and Crafts forum instead:

    OotS Style Art/Fanart Showcase

    Request an OotS Style Avatar

    Class and level geekery
    The original:
    Class and level geekery II

    What Haley Said Compilation

    Sealed Predictions 2 (Not for Rich to read) (subject line seems to have been changed since then)

    Sealed Predictions 1:

    ALL Predictions about OOTS are now [SPOILERS].

    Special thanks go to theangelJean who did all the searching so that these could be updated after the software change.

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