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    Lightbulb [Power] Keep your mind out of my business!

    Still the Echoes
    Level: Lurk 2, Psion/Wilder 3
    Display: Auditory, Mental
    Manifesting Time: 1 minute
    Range: 60 ft.
    Area: 100-foot radius area + 10 ft./level or one object
    Duration: Instantaneous; see text
    Saving Throw: Will negates (object)
    Power Resistance: Yes
    Power Points: 3

    Thousands of noises suddenly rise up in a deafening cacophony and are then silenced...

    You erase all psychic impressions from an object or area. Powers such as Know Direction and Location, Object Reading, Psychometry, Sensitivity to Psychic Impressions and similar do not detect anything within the area of this power that has happened since the manifestation. As well, for five minutes after the manifestation of still the echoes new psychic impressions are unable to successfully become absorbed. Afterwards however psychic impressions begin to build as normal.
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