You all start the same, but separated..

You wake up in a cell, alone and powerless. after quick attempts you figure that there is nothing you can do to escape it.
You can see that all your equipment is on you, including a ring that is not yours and a blank paper.

You can hear a voice, the voice of the king, saying the following:

"The rules of this game is simple. each one to reach to the finish may leave and gain his freedom, if you first don't succeed, you die.
However, this is not that easy. only 3 can ever go out.

This maze has two part of it, at the first part you are to locate one of nine keys, once you do you must protect it while going to the gate that you also need to locate, the key allows you to go to the second level with anyone you want to take with you.
For the second part you must secure three keys and reach the exit, the three keys will allow a single person and all animal companions or such he commands to leave, but none other.

The fun begins with the paper. on this magical paper you can see the face of anyone holding each key, and whether he is a competitor or a part of the maze. the paper will only show his true face, not any mask or deception.
Whenever anything on the paper changes, he will send you a telepathic message.

The ring on the other end, it makes it so that as long you are in here, you need not eat, sleep, drink or any natural need to survive. also, each time a competitor goes to level 2, or leave the maze it will grant you full regeneration of your health, magic and natural abilities.

Also, each key is capable of unlocking some secret passages, armories, chests full of potions and other useful items.

Best of luck, you will need it to survive the other competitors and the handful of traps and machines waiting to kill you.

By the way, I gave three keys to competitors, so the real fun will begin early."

As you look at the paper you see the following appear onto it:

Red key: held by a red dragon, competitor.
Blue key: held by a white bear, maze.
Yellow key: held by a stone golem, maze.
Purple key: held by a shadow dragon, competitor.
Orange key: held by a skeleton, maze.
Green key: held by an ent, maze.
Black key: held by a mummy, maze.
White key, held by a human with a mustache and black hair, having a holy symbol carved into his cheek, competitor.
Rainbow key: held by nothing.

A few minutes later, a trap door opens and you fall down to a room with a single door, you hear a counting by some mechanic voice, once it reaches 84 the door opens. and you hear "LET THE GAMES BEGIN!"