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    Hey, this is the thread.
    My apologies for the thread name, it is unimaginative, yet tasty.


    You are all in a town, you do not know the name. It is nearly midnight, and you are walking towards the town's only tavern.

    You have been together as a group of adventurers for three weeks now, and completed two jobs, the first, destroying a small camp of kobolds which was defacing the countryside, the second, guarding a caravan of supplies to the town that you now find yourselves in.

    Relations between you aren't the best, but as you get to know each other better, they might improve...or not. Your team leader, a rogue called Mathias Krynn, is at the front of the group in the street. The tavern, with it's sign swinging over the door telling you in colourful writing that it is called "The Blue Flame" looms out of the darkness infront of you, the lights in the windows are still shining. It looks ok, as taverns go, it has a stable, another sign outside says that it has rooms and good food.

    What will you do...
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    OOC: When are we starting this btw? Also, I'm not sure how this is supposed to look, so forgive me if I'm doing this wrong...

    IC: The druid Sora Floyer is standing next to Mathias, awaiting for instructions but suggests that we go and stay for the night in the inn.

    "I could really use a rest after all those hours travelling, that looks like a decent inn there..."

    He yawns, stretches and looks around at the group "What does everybody think?"
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