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    Lightbulb Reference List for wikipedia

    I am a fond episode of wikipedia and I recently read this comic which I loved. To see if I missed any references I checked wikipedia (here). And it does not contain a list of references, only talk about the need for one in the discussion page.
    Wikipedia should not contain trivia, goes the policy, basically as people post more trivia than the boring stuff. But I believe people go to that article just for the "trivia", so it can be masked easily.
    Could someone point me to a list of jokes and post any references and correct/discuss any incorect references (such as Vinny is after a final fantasy chraracter or after a camedian??). Thanks
    PS Editing wikipedia is open even to unregistered users, so please feel free to improve the article too.

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    Default Re: Reference List for wikipedia

    Vinny is based (Loosely) on My Cousin Vinny. Also a bit on every Italian gangster ever. To a lesser extent he's based on the stereotypical vampire. Hence him belonging to the kingdom "Transylvito" (Vito is a name often given to movie mafia thugs)

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    Default Re: Reference List for wikipedia

    There's also a dedicated Wiki scratchpad page that a few of the fans have been building on and off (mostly off, lately; I need to revisit it). I've started a "Real-World References" subpage.
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