Fact: Ansom is not attuned to the Arkenpliers.
Fact: The Arkenpliers turn most uncroaked to dust.
Fact: Stanley is attuned to the Arkenhammer.

Here goes. Let's see if I can keep it coherent.

Ansom won't give up the Arkenpliers voluntarily. Meaning he needs to be croaked or captured if they're to enter someone else's hands.

I'm leaning toward croaked here, after the comic mentioning the two (maybe 3) cask talk.

Since the Arkenpliers are in some way connected to uncroaked, I think the most likely person to be able to attune them to would be Wanda.

I'm also going to assume that Stanley survives. He's already attuned. Not much point in having him attuned to one of the most powerful artifacts on Erf if he's just going to die. And his history has already said that he was an effective troop leader. He just sucks at strategy, among other things.

The Battle for Gobwin Knob is part one of Erfworld. Meaning that there are more parts planned.

What I think will happen is this: Stanley indeed goes to FAQ and starts a new side. This makes Parson the new leader of Gobwin Knob (hotly debated, I know). Parson will win The Battle for Gobwin Knob. Somehow. Upon winning the battle, Wanda will gain possession of the Arkenpliers and become attuned to them. With the current hostilities ended, Charlie's agreement with Ansom ends, leaving him/her free to ally with Parson. Now on equal footing with Stanley, and with leverage (the knowledge of the location of FAQ, likely gotten from Wanda (won't that be a fun conversation to read)), Stanley will ally with him. I doubt that Parson will ever attune to an Arkentool, though.

I'm feeling lazy right now, but I'll come back and edit in links to any comics I referenced. Or anyone who responds can feel free to do so on my behalf.

Discuss, comment, and poke holes in this theory at your leisure.