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    Default D&D Classes in D20 Modern!

    Any ideas on how to incorporate them into d20 modern rp-wise with d20 modern feats?

    So far, the only limits I've realized is RP. But that can easily be bypassed with the slightest bit of creativity. So I'm at a misunderstanding as to why people haven't tried this yet.

    I've also added a variant to the fighter that'd fit in with modern (a simple modification to include different proficiencies and new bonus feats as well as include existing modern feats that would generally 'suit' the fighter).
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    Default Re: D&D Classes in D20 Modern!

    I see no reason why not. I'm not familiar enough with d20 modern to try, but you should be able to do it. For example, wizard level x2 = spellcaster level would back a 10-level progression in d20 the same as a 20-level progression in D&D.

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    Default Re: D&D Classes in D20 Modern!

    use Unearthed Arcana, it has methods to use Class based defence bonuses, armor as damage reduction, basicly its full of alterante rules for D&D, many of which found their way into D20 Modern.
    only two problems:
    1 twenty levels + epic in D&D Vs. ten levels and no epic in D20 Modern
    2 magic is nowhere near as powerfull in D20 Modern as it is in D&D.

    otherwise have at it, and good luck.
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