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    Default Psionic Tanker? [3.5]

    So I was inspired by a thread some time ago about an Elan Psion being able to tank 66 points of damage at level one (Of course, that involved burning all your PP, so it's not really that good) and I think a Psion Tanker would be a fun concept to try out. Is there anything anyone can suggest?

    Tricks I intend to use to tank:
    1. Elan Resilience (You now absorb 4 damage per 1 pp)
    2. Share Pain (With Psicrystal especially, by RAW its hardness counts in absorbing your damage)
    3. Vigor, Shared with Psicrystal, in conjunction with Share Pain, giving you an effective 10 HP per PP spent.
    4. Energy Adaptation, which scales with level, at first giving Energy Resistance 10 to Fire, Cold, Sonic, Acid, and Electric damage, and increasing to 30 at level 15.
    5. Intellect Fortress, which should allow me to tank damage for the party in a pinch.

    Is there anything anyone else can add?

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    Default Re: Psionic Tanker? [3.5]

    For a mid level or higher build I prefer Psions or Erudites with the Slayer PRC.

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