All mentioned deities receive immunity to save or die effects.

Local Strata
These "deities" are around challenge rating 30-50.(don't know if 4th edition has anything beyond 30.) They have powerful magical abilities all based on one category, similar to portfolios. They can grant spells to clerics 8 levels lower than they are or less. They can have 1 cleric 8 levels lower than them, and 2 clerics 9 levels lower than them, etcetera. They have the same stats as Paragons, even if they are outsiders. They also have up to 6 added attribute points distributed to their stats based on their portfolios. For each challenge rating, they must have 100 followers. If they lose followers, they don't lose CR but they cannot advance in CR. At CR 40 or more they may have up to 2 domains.

Regional Strata
These "deities" follow the same formula as the Local Strata, except they have genuine portfolios. Regional deities may even have Power Ranks(similar to DvR) granting them salient divine abilities. Regional Deities can pull energy from followers to create artifacts instead of experience points, or combine experience points and followers to create exceptionaly powerful artifacts. They also have the ability to empower locations of 42-62 acres with their presence, as if with Alter Reality at will. (only the locations themselves.) Although they can use Alter Reality at will to empower more than one area at once, they cannot empower the same area more than once per day. The Regional Strata are typically DvR 0-5 with a CR of 42-62. Regional deities might have 3 domains.

National Strata
These "deities" must have followers from up to 10,000 followers per challenge rating to advance in CR. They have DvR 6-10. Usually with CR of 64-68. National Strata deities might have 4 domains. In addition the National Strata deities have the power to treat everything within an acre equal to CR as if it is a Divinely Morphic plane for a Demi-God. National Strata deities typically have extra attribute points equal to DvR. National Strata deities have the power to command all characters and creatures with 1/10 of their CR within 64-68 acres around them (no save).

National Stratas may also sponsor a servant of their choice, granting them powerful magic based on their portfolios, granting a +20 charisma bonus on that person, and granting them power equalivent to a level 30 character. National Strata deities also have an aura which causes them to receive a +5 charisma bonus with all characters that are effected(involved with) by their portfolio. The National Strata deities have the power to effect their areas of empowerment as if the area is a divinely morphic plane of a lesser god.

In addition to all this, National Stratas may have a Celestial Paragon, or their alignment equilavent servant.

Global Strata Deities:
These "deities" must have followers up to 100,000 per CR to advance their CR. They have DvR 11-15, and CR of 67-71. They typically have domains of up to five in number. Everything within 11-15 miles is treated as a Divinely Morphic Plane of a Demi-God. Areas of Empowerment are treated as if the area if a divinely morphic plane of an intermediate god. Enemies who enter within 11-15 acres of the Global Strata deities receive 3 negative levels. All characters within good standing of the Global Strata deities and are within 11-15 miles receive all the bonuses of a Heroe's Feast spell as long as they are within the area.