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    Default Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Here is the place to post information about your god. Please keep it up to date.

    Link to current IC Thread
    Link to current OOC Thread

    List of deities by name:

    • Alrinach, Judge of Souls
    • Baldier Shadowblade
    • Cellis, The Hive Lord
    • Cyrus Leomin
    • Erothayce
    • Gargax the Ancient/Sesketh the Scropion God
    • Liagyi-Nelek
    • Lupin, The Laughing Wolf
    • Ikassi the Earth Mother (not a goddess anymore)
    • Illopet, the soon to die
    • Mavil, The Passionate Flame of Destruction
    • Polaris, The Twin Princess
    • Racci, Mistress of Fate
    • Saradinus
    • Severus, The Prince of Hate

    The map of the Old World, showing the expansion of the gods' chosen people and some major landmarks/cities:

    L: Lupin
    G: Gargax
    Ce: Cellis
    Cy: Cyrus
    Ba: Baldier
    Ik: Ikassi
    Sa: Saradinus

    The map of the setting:
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Abraxys, The Perfect Body, The Engineer
    Domains: Genetics, Flesh, Protection, Alchemy
    Symbol: A severed hand gripping a mithral chain that drips blood
    Appearance: You see a tall humanoid covered in heavy clothing and holding mithral chains in his gloved hands. Just as you are wondering what he is hiding, he decides to show his true form. Under his garments, he wears an armor made of flesh and pulsating muscle. His skin is translucent; his face is slender, almost snake like in appearance. He is completely bald, has two small holes instead of ears and small, black eyes on the side of his head. Numerous tentacles spring out of his slimy body.
    Personality: Abaraxys looks cold and distant. He is a scheming, manipulative god, but in the end, he is only interested in the success of his "children".
    Background: Abaraxys doesn't talk about his past life. In fact, he doesn't like to talk at all.
    Starting Race: Unknown
    Artifacts: Unknown
    The Cyst
    Modified Humanoids (Giants, Dvergar, Humans)

    Civilization located in the Valley of Genesis at 2,4, under the Cyst
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Name and titles:
    Saradinus The Wise
    Symbol: A golden moon
    Domains (3): Magic, Good*, Life, Dragon, Academy

    Saradinus is now known as the Ascended. Saradinus is the leader of the Manna Sage faction.
    Appearance: A comely young man in a nobleman's tunic, with a cloak. Blonde hair and green eyes.
    Personality: Saradinus desires to bring a lasting age of peace and harmony among mortals. He is hard to anger, but stern in resentment against all things evil.
    Saradinus was known as a powerful Magus. He gave guidance to younger warriors to take arms, and at last sacrificed his life to give the heroes a chance to do an important task. Saradinus had the respect of the local province of his country, and was treated as a local folk hero for decades after he had slain a dragon with his potent magic.

    Saradinus would side with any god that would promise goodness to the people. In actuality, Saradinus thought that any darkness from the spiritual realm was not worthy of mortals. In fact, Saradinus thought that it would be best if the gods were of the Light. If they were evil, he instead, considered them Devils.

    Humans, dragon borns, dragons, ethereals

    Former Artefacts
    Artifact: Book of Saradinus:
    Contains spells greater than Epic Spells. Cannot be stolen from Saradinus and casting any spell at all from the Book increases the spell's power by magnifold.

    Ring of the Archomagius
    The Ring is a part of Saradinus like the book. Cannot be stolen, and permanently increases his power in all domains.(As in Magic, Good, Life, etcetera)

    Pendant of Judgement
    The Pendant of Judgement is an artifact that retaliates with a powerful attack against those who attempt, or succeed in harming Saradinus. Once per turn it may be used on a single mortal.

    Teke Island:
    Tech: Super Advanced(Star Trek level)
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Title. Cillith, the Hive lord
    Domains, insects, corruption , life, biomagic
    Appearance.A tall, insectoid humanoid. He looks somewhat like a more extreme version of an ensi, with all the insect traits enhanced.
    History, A powerful Magus, h was obsessed with the natural world. Particularly insects. He wondered weather they had some sort of hive mind. Eventually, he started experimenting, creating and altering insects into war-creatures and drones. He eventually began acting a bit like an ant queen. Building a massive, easily defended tunnel complex.
    Personality: Controlling and paranoid, He tries to control anything within his reach, altering it to his whims, and hopefully mentally dominating it. He is, however, incredibly paranoid, and tries to set himself up in the best defensive position.
    starting race. Ensi/awakened giant insects.
    The Great Nexus
    A crown of chitin and horns worn by Cillis, It allows him to force creatures he touches into a mental hive mind, effectively destroying their personality and putting them under his control, as well as increasing the Minds power. particularly strong-willed or powerful creatures can resist it. It also alows him to communicate telepathically with anyone, and see through the eye's of, or posses, anyone in the Mind.
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Name: Polaris
    Titles: The Twin Princess, The Twilight Goddess

    Domains: Moon, Sun, Star, Magic

    Appearance: Polaris wears a long garment in the colors of gold and silver, with decorations in blue and red. The decorations shape a pattern throught her clothing, but the pattern is always different, if you look at it you will see something, if you look again later the pattern will be different. Polaris' hair seems to be at the same time black and blonde, in a mix of colors, and her eyes vary from the golden gleam of the Sun to the silver shining of the Moon.

    Personality: Polaris' will is all about duality and the division in the choices in one's life. She has frequent changes of personality, sometimes she is closer to her Sun half (passionate, impulsive, easily angered, etc), and sometimes she is closer to her Moon half (calm, controled, reason, etc). Polaris values reflection of one's life based on their right and wrong choices, and nevers sees a wrong choice with bad eyes; a bad choice is good for future enlightment. However, making the same bad choice twice is just stupid and possible of punishment.

    Background: Polaris was a cleric of a forgotten god in her past life. However, she was not a normal woman. She was thorn inside, divided by the desire to follow her god's teachings, and the desire to disobey them and enjoy a free live. She always felt a division in every choice she made, always wanting both sides of the coin. When the end slowly came, she was still lost in her inner twin world, always aprissioned between two choices. Polaris embraced the Wyrm's call gadly, the only time she was not divided into two different opinions. Her inner division was then given shape, and she became ruler of the Sun and the Moon, two fundamentally different and opposed concepts.

    Starting Race: Human

    The Blade of the Sun and the Moon: A powerful weapon, the Blade seems to be a single sword, but it actually divides into two blades. One blade is made of gold, with a red hilt and the symbol of the Sun, and the other blade is made of silver, with a blue hilt and the symbol of the Moon. Both blades are indestructible weapons of great magical power. One blade can only be used if the other is also held by the wearer, or else the blade will turn etheral to all enemies, but each of them can call upon their twin if held by a true believer. Polaris carries this powerful blade with herself all times, only lending it to mortals when a believer is in dire need or has a great quest in her name to accomplish.

    Additional Information:
    Favored Weapon: Dual-wielded blades
    Aligment: Chaotic Neutral (Sun) and Lawful Neutral (Moon)
    Symbol: A sphere which half is the Sun and half is the Moon.
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]


    Domains: Underworld, Time, Knowledge, Shadow

    Appearance: Erothayce appears as a humanoid skeleton about 6' in height. Most beings don't see his true form as he is always wrapped in a cloak of absolute darkness and shadow. His eyes burn a fiery red at all times. He carries upon him The Book and a special made scourge at all times. He can change his appearance at will to look like anything being he wants but he generally prefers to remain in a skeletal form. If he is not in his humanoid form then he is most likely in the form of a giant dracolich.

    Personality: Neutral. Erothayce only cares for his interests. He sees no benefit in restricting himself to one set way of thinking. This does not mean he is unfeeling in anyway. If he feels strongly about thing he will do it no matter which side of the good/ evil scale it falls on.

    Races: Human.
    The Shadow

    Favored Weapon: Scourge


    IN USE NOWThe Book: The Book is an unassuming book of a rather large size bound in red leather with black detailing. What sets this Book apart from all others is that it contains the knowledge of the universe. Anything that is happening is instantly adopted into The Book and things that have already happened are already a part of the Books whole. The book is impervious to tampering by anything at all. Only a select few can gaze upon it and retain their sanity.

    IN USE NOWScale of Judging: A small scale on which a souls life is judged. Acceptance into certain afterlife's depend on how they lived their mortal life and how the scales tip. The scale is made of gleaming platinum on one side and pure solid shadow stuff on the other side. Each soul is weighed on both sides to see where they belong.

    Time's Keeper: A clock of infinite complexity that has the ability to bear the user across time itself. It also allows for the user to stop time at a precise moment for however long they please. There is no way to hinder this stopping of time. The bearer is able to move about but others are stuck in time, like fish frozen in a stream. It only allows one being to use it a time and only if their intentions are observance and other light things such as that. Any tampering with the time stream in a major way results in death or crippling while being spat back into the beings proper time period. Time's Keeper resembles a complex grandfather clock made of various metals.

    Symbol: An hourglass merged with a set of scales on top of a book.

    Plane of residence: Desidua: A demi plane made of shadow where Erothayce resides.

    Followers Homeland: Consider my followers as the gypsies . They have no set homeland, they just wander and learn. There are settlements but they are few and far between and not really big enough to count.

    The Shadows homeland is the plane of Desidua. They can return there whenever they please along with a companion.
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Name: Cyrus Leomin

    Domain: Craft, Creation, Rune, Strength, Protection, Purify

    Alignment: Lawful Neutral

    Appearnce: Cyrus appears as a large ogre in simple workman's clothes, usually with a blacksmith's leather apron on over it. His head and face are shaven. Bright, blue eyes with wrinkles at the corner peer out of a face that seems to have a layer of soot permanently ingrained into it. Cyrus' arms and chest are enormous, with the right being slightly larger than the left. He is usually seen carrying a large blacksmith's hammer.

    Personality: Cyrus is a no-nonsense kind of man that can usually be found at his forge, or at the least busy creating something. Tending toward good rather than evil, Cyrus still loves creating for the sake of creating. Of course, he hates to see that which he or someone else has created destroyed (unless it's doing even more destruction). Some would say that Cyrus easily become obsessed with his creations, although he is almost always ready and willing to help others.

    Background: Cyrus remembers being a blacksmith in his former life. He was the only one in the area, and so he was always busy. But that was okay, because he liked the work. Working the forge felt right, natural. Life was simple, until war broke out. Then he was asked to begin creating weapons and armor, rather than farm tools and wagon parts. It was during this peaceful time that Cyrus discovered how to imbue runes into the items he created to make them stronger and better.
    Then the undead began to arrive, and Cyrus was forced to defend himself. Arms that were used to beating iron and mithril into shape had no problem dealing with undead, except they just kept coming. And then It came, the Wyrm. The next thing Cyrus knew was that he was given incredible power and set loose into a new, unshaped world. And so he began doing what felt natural, and began creating shapes and forms to fill this new place.

    Races: Ogres, dwarves, Prora, minotaurs

    Worldshaper is the large blacksmith's hammer that Cyrus uses both in war and in peace. Covered in runes, it imbues great power into anything it is used to create. It also causes thunderous explosions on contact when used in battle.
    Necklace of Runecraft appears as a beautiful necklace. Made of several segments, each segment was a flat circle of adamnatite with a different rune inscribed on it in mithril. Not only did the necklace greatly enhance and empower the rune-magic of anyone that wore it, it also granted increased health, vitality, and resistance to illness, disease, and magicks.
    Crogin is a large, ogre-shaped golem made of starmetal. It is Cyrus' avatar and thus sentient.
    Armor of Runic Might is a suit of full-plate covered in intricate runes made of starmetal, each rune seeming to connect or flow into its neighbors. The armor itself seems to be made of a combination of metals, its color shifting between golden and silver, depending on how the light hit it. The armor empowers the rune-magic of whoever uses it to a slight degree. Its greatest advantage is to block all but the most powerful of spells cast at its wearer.

    Favored Weapon: Warhammer

    Symbol: A white shape of a hand grasping a hammer against a black background.

    Location: 3,3 Zantir/Beorin/Stostina A Mountainous region hiding several fertile valleys.
    2,3 Reirson, home of the minotaurs.
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Name and titles: Liagyi-Nelek
    Domains: Ocean, Undead, Inspiration

    Appearance: Liagyi-Nelek sometimes appears as a man dressed in sailor's clothes with pale, waterlogged skin, wrapped in seaweed. With every step, water leaks from his body, and scent of not decay, but the ocean breeze, follows him.

    Personality: Liagyi-Nelek is the fickle embodiment of the ocean, and is as uncaring and as callous as his domains. And yet, he is at the same time nourishing and gentle, providing life to those who carve their lives from the ocean's bounty. With one hand he gives, and with the other he destroys. He favours those who love his domain, and strikes down those who harm it too greatly.

    Background: The man who would become known as Liagyi-Nelek was once but a simple fisherman, born to a small town and destined never to aspire to greatness. But in this, he was content – every morning, he climbed aboard his boat, and sailed forth to ply his trade, and the sea never complained. Never once was there a storm, and the winds gently eased his boat into the sea. Never once did the waves rock his boat, for the sea loved him. And so too did he love the sea.

    When the Beast came to ask the World who was to be elevated to godhood, the Air clamoured with a hundred voices, going in every direction. The Earth boomed for its champions, each land raising its own banner, reaching to hold it higher than every other. But only the Sea spoke with a single voice, and it spoke the name Liagyi-Nelek, beloved of the sea.

    The Sea knew that is child would be taken from it, to a land where even it could not go, and wept in sadness, creating storms that rained for seventeen days. But it knew that it could not hold its Liagyi-Nelek forever, and so on the seventeenth day it rose up and embraced its child and allowed the Beast to take its dear Liagyi-Nelek away.

    Starting Race: Human


    The Chalice of Deep's Embrace
    The chalice is a large goblet crafted from a single, enormous pearl, and etched with images of seaweed. When filled with salt water, the seaweed etchings become green, and the seawater begins to blow slightly.

    Those who drink from the chalice find themselves restored to health, but with the benefits come a price. With every sip, the drinker's connection to the sea grows stronger and stronger, until finally they are of the drowned in all but mind.

    In DnD terms, each ounce drunk acts as a potion of cure moderate wounds, and cures disease and poisons. A full cup from the Chalice will even raise the dead.

    However, it comes at a price. When water from the chalice has healed HP equal to the total HP of the drinker (curing disease and poisons count 5*Fortitude DC HP), or is used to resurrect the drinker, the drinker becomes suffused with the essence of the deep, and becomes one of the Drowned in all but mind. Nothing short of a wish or miracle will reverse this process, and even then it will not reverse it once the drinker has become drowned - only direct divine intervention will at that point.

    The drinker immediately gains the (Water) subtype, and their type changes to Undead. They additionally gain Fast Healing 3 when in salt water. They do, however, retain their intelligence and constitution scores - but once killed, they immediately lose both and become mindless drowned, and their health is reset to full (but any 'overflow' damage still applied). A full chalice's worth of seawater, however, will 'resurrect' them if the undead has not been killed. If the undead has already been destroyed, then the drinker is lost to Liagyi-Nelek forevermore.

    Any who become drowned through the use of the Chalice have their souls committed to Liagyi-Nelek, regardless of belief or intervention by other deities, once they are 'killed' as the drowned.

    As such, it is typically only the most devout of Liagyi-Nelek who voluntarily undergo this process.

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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Ikassi the Voice of the Planet
    Domains: Planet, Music, Light, Spirit, ???
    (Old domains: Earth, planning, endurance, self, wrath)

    Ikassi takes the form of a colossal stone centipede with smooth, ruby eyes. Her bodily appearance varies as she travels from place to place. In the dessert, she is a dull sandy orange. In the mountains, a stony gray. Sometimes, vegetation may cling to her body if that area is rich in life.

    Ikassi may also take the form of a female myrmici wearing a coarse hide cloak decorated with shards of collored glass.

    Very different from her mortal past, Ikassi is calm and patient. She listens carefully to what the earth has to tell her. Remembering nothing of her past, she is quick to anger, but is meticulous and careful in her retribution. She is also curious about anything unusual or alien to her world. Ikassi has no conception of good and evil. She is maternal in nature, especially of the world on which she dwells. However, she cares little for the life the world might bear, save for any she might create. Ikassi is also somewhat distrustful of magic and it's ability to influence change in the world. She believes strongly in vows and oaths, but if pressed in a tight or uncomfortable situation, she will try to find a loophole or a way to circumvent her predicament.

    As one of the last Ensi, Ikassi remained faithful to the scorpion god Sesketh even when it became apparent that he would not return. As the Ensi died off from plague and starvation, She became mad like many of the others. Ikassi remained unnoticed until the very end, living among the filth and decay of the dying race, resorting to cannibalism for sustenance. When the Wyrm came, she was a warped, feral being twisted by madness and hatred hardly resembling the once intelligent and sane being she used to be.

    Starting Race: Ensi

    Orb of Inhibition
    This seemingly plain stone sphere warps the surrounding area with a field undetectable to mortal eyes. The flow of magic through the area is stunted and all but the most powerful arcane magics fail to function. Magic from divine sources or artifacts still work, but are considerably weakened within this field. The strength of effect weakens as one moves further away from it. (This does not apply to acts of creation or any powerful actions from the gods.)

    Voice of the Planet:
    This spire made entirely of starmetal hundreds of feet high taps directly into the earth's heart. It allows the listener to hear the events of the surrounding lands and greatly amplifies the power of earthbinding around it. Strangely, it is an artifact and a holy sanctuary at the same time.

    Ikassi's symbol is that of a stone sphere inset with a single, bright ruby in the center. The ruby can either be smooth or faceted.

    Alignment: True neutral

    Favored Weapon: Natural weapon

    Locations:The Myrmici Desert (8,5), (7,6), (8,4), (9,5), (7,5) The twilight city (7,7) Ashen lands (7,4 east of the water) (9,4).
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Severus: Dark Father, Prince of Hate

    Name and titles: Severus. Dark Father, Prince of Hate

    Domains (3): Drow, Darkness, Magic

    Appearance: Like most Dark Elves his skin is a dark blue and his eyes burn a fiery red. He favors wearing a black chainmail armor and dark weapons to better conceal himself in the lightless tunnels the Dark Elves call home. He wears a black cloak and hood to conceal the top half of his face, he is not sure why but remembers vaguely it was a sign of honor and respect(worshippers of Vesper would honor him by trying to look like him)
    Personality: Lawful Evil. Like most of his kin Severus is power hungry, evil and manipulative. His only desire is to see the Dark Elves secure their rightful place as the rulers of the world below and soon the world above. He believes perhaps rightfully so that the Dark Elves were stripped of their greatest powers in the great conflagration between worlds and that they need to restore all that was lost to them.

    Background: In mortal life Severus was a noble amongst his people, he was trained in the arts of battle magic combining sword and spell in a devastating array. They were at war with a race of stout creatures who had invaded the realm of the Drow. In his command were undead beasts and powerful stone constructs which are now lost to the Dark Elves...for now. He remembers that a great war took place which rocked the heavens, the surface world and even the world below. It was a savage affair and he knew that few had survived it. Only the intervention of an all-powerful creature saved him and perhaps the most devoted followers of whatever power they served.

    Starting Race: Dark Elf

    Artifacts (just one for now): Sword of the Magi: This longsword is designed for both physical combat as well as magical combat. Appearing as a black blade it is extremely sharp as fitting of the craftsmanship of the Drow people and extremely deadly, though of course that would make it rather unimpressive. Its real power is it's control over magic, attacks from this blade lash the victim with arcane energy. The weapon is also capable of absorbing spells directed towards the wielder or in the area, storing them and allowing them to be used for either immediate or future use. The wielder can also imbue his own spells within the blade to unleash later.
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Gargax, The Ancient/Sesketh, The Scorpion Lord

    Name/Titles: Gargax, The Lifeless, The Corpsewaker, the Corpsewalker, Pale Death, The Lichlord, The Ancient, The Returned,
    Domains: Undeath, Necromancy, Immortality, War, Corruption, Change, Tyranny, Vermin, Poison, Secrets
    Appearance: Gargax is skeletal like all Liches. Despite his lack of muscle he is till a highly imposing figure. This is no doubt due to his nature, and the fact that he stands up to 10 feet in height. His skull and bones are a grayish color, like that of stone. His skull has a pair of void-blue flames burning in the depths of his sockets, appearing as though from a great distance. He has large fangs as well, seeming larger because they have no skin or flesh to hide them. He also has a pair of horns on his head but these are covered by the elaborate head-wear he sports. Gargax dresses regally, with finely crafted armors and well made clothes that he keeps clean via magic. These usually sport bone and skull motifs as well as other staples of necromancy and undeath, and he usually keeps several bones on his person as well usually hanging from his dark colored regal clothes. He also sports many wands and rings as well as pendant, with a wicked looking ritual dagger, carved with runes that hurt the eye to look on them. He has a vague Ensi caste to him, but like the rest of his flesh the ages has eroded them to but the barest hints.
    Personality: Gargax is an ancient and powerful creature, and as such Patient and Wise are perhaps the best words to describe him. He is also powerhungry and ambitious, but most of all he seeks knowledge and to extend his immortality forever. To this end Gargax seeks out ancient power and knowledge to extend his own life and make it all the harder to end him. While not overtly cruel, Gargax is merciless in meting out his justice, and makes note to repay all debts in time, though it may take millenia to set such plans in motion.
    Background: Gargax was once an Ensi. He died ages and ages ago, and was raised during Vespers first use of Necromancy, the grand spell that raised so many dead at once, Gargax was perhaps one of, if not the first of the Undead to be created. After that he was attacked by the Rastulian Ensi, and he would have died had it not been for Barin. When Barin came and preached his message of protection Gargax, who's true name is lost to the sands of time, listened. He followed Barin, and grew in power. Over time, he eventually became one of the first among his servants. He saw the ages pass and the Under Empire to grow. What once started as a loose confederation of the powerful Dvergar kingdom, and the newly formed undead fort, spread into a full-on Empire, with the Dvergar, the Undead, and eventually the now-Psionic Ensi, and even eventually the Awakened Animals created by Barin from the creatures of the forest. In the later years Gargax felt a tug of power. Though a loyal servant to Barin, he was still tied to his ancient forefather, his races creator: Sesketh. He felt the stirrings of great power below the sands of the desert, and believed it was Seskeths restless tomb. Taking a team of several undead and psionic Ensi he headed out into the desert. After meeting a group of Krystallin. Eventually they found their way to the place of power, but Gargax never discovered if it was his creators tomb. The war of the gods against Vesper had begun to take its toll on the world, and it began to fall apart, as did the tomb, Gargax was cheated of his ultimate discovery, and as the tomb fell all around him, he vowed to find the power to return to this dying world, and discover the powers hidden in the tomb.
    Starting Race: Intelligent Undead (Ensi)

    Holy Symbol:My symbol is like a bugs skull, with horns and multi-faceted black gems for eyes (in which blue flames burn) and it has an eight sided star in the center (of course that doesn't mean anything in this universe... yet ) and fangs as well as mandibles, the skull faces toward the viewer, with a scorpions tale rearing behind it, a scimitar and a skull-tipped sceptre (or long wand) are crossed behind it.

    For reference, by "Bug Skull" I mean something like this:

    except facing towards the viewer.



    The Ensi of Gargax's following had changed over time. Their chitin were darker shades, with Black and Dark Red, particularly the shade of gore being common. They now had grown carapaces, that while not covering nearly as much as Ikassi's people, further protected the Ensi from harm, this carapace had the sheen of the Ensi's black blood. Their flesh now too took on new color, it carried many shades, but most common were the pallor of dead flesh, the color of a darkened and dead sky, and a porcelain white. Their long antennae grew, and they now sported mandibles on their faces that were cruel and predatory, and their multi-faceted eyes glistened black. Now they not only had a connection with other Ensi, but with the dead, able to feel the bodies and spirits of the deceased with their antennae. Their carapaces now covered their backs, black and shiny like a beetles. The people were more gaunt, with longer limbs and bonier faces. The Ensirex have a second pair of arms and hands that unfold from behind their beetle-black carapaces, these, unlike the original hands, had extra digits, and each of the fingers was longer and more slender than normal, the arms were covered in dark chitin, and they were unnaturally elegant

    The Changed:He also crafted a new breed of creatures out of the spirits of the dead, both mortal and beast alike. He took them and made them into otherworldly creatures, he made the spirits of the mortals into cunning and cruel creatures, who toyed with the minds of all mortals and plotted intricate plans, they were also creatures of savage joys, smelling death on the wind from miles away. He gave them the ability to increase in power by corrupting mortal souls and devouring them. He created them so that their ability to manipulate the world of the living depended upon their power and their favor with either him or the more powerful ones of their kind. They could manifest themselves physically either with the blessings of a powerful lord of their ilk, or at the behest of powerful mortal summoners. The beasts he twisted into snarling creatures of infinite animal cunning, and bestial tendencies. They cared only for the will of their masters and lords, Gargax being the first among them, and thus he created for himself and his disciples a breed of powerful hounds and pets.

    The Changed, as he collectively called the spirits he twisted, lived on the outside of reality, truly existing in the lands of death. They manifest themselves in the form that pleases them, though they are bound by the constraints of their power. Their forms rarely resembled their original bodies. Gargax made it possible for mortals to become Changed, and by garnering favor with the most powerful of their kind they could elevate themselves above the rabble of the Changed, making them above the common of their kind, but well below the most powerful. The Changed were creatures of spirit, but were not spirits themselves, and roughly 1/10 of all Gargax's followers' spirits who died became Changed.

    Ensi were already a race with a strong psychic talents. Those who where saved by Khasis were transformed into The Arbiters. They appear to mortals as mysterious veiled beings dressed in black and white cloaks. In fact, they are ethereal creatures able to manifest for long periods of time. In the ethereal plane, they look like ghostly blue Ensi. While the psychic powers of the Krystallen are either defensive or harmless, those of the Arbiters are more offensive in nature. They possess a few harmful energy powers and are excellent at manipulating minds. The Arbiters serve as negociators, bodyguards and sometimes judges.


    Awakened Death (In current use)
    This blade is always coated in a deadly toxin that affects both the body and the mind. It can be used to inflict pain on a large number of mortals or one Immortal. Once in a while, it can summon the Avatar of Sesketh. When this ability is activated, an image of Sesketh is superposed to Gargax's. While Gargax's spells are weaker in that form, he becomes much stronger and fights as a master of blade magic.

    Dagger of the Corrupted Art (starting artifact)
    Dagger of the Corrupted Art A dagger formed out of corrupt arcane magics, the Dagger of Corrupted Art is an evil token which acts as a beacon for evil magic, and evil creatures like dark spirits. It can be used to inscribe powerful and evil runes, as well as used in evil rituals and blood rights, increasing the power of such spells and activities. The dagger is long and cruelly curved, its blade is black and its handle is made of bone. All along the blade are runes that seem to be made from some odd blood, and they constantly shift and squirm. The runes on the handle glow with light, that seems to attract evil souls like moths to a flame.

    Chalice of Souls (In current use)
    Chalice of Souls The Chalice of Souls is, as it sounds, a large chalice. It is made of silver, with rare bones (like those of ancient dragons) and dark and blood colored gems all over it. The chalice grants the user the ability to draw souls in it, as well as drain blood from victims. it also serves as a powerful scrying implement, and can draw creatures of spirit like demons and angels into it. The Chalice of Souls allows anyone using it to drink souls, but whats more it distills the soul, increasing their potency. Souls drunk via the Chalice will convey their memories and abilities to the drinker, making it a powerful tool.

    (In current use)
    The Pendant of Immortality
    The Pendant of Immortality This pendant takes the form of a golden coin upon which a pentacle or pentagram has been carved. The pendant burns with the blue fire of Gargax's eyes, and its lined with what looks like blackened bone. The Pendant gives Gargax an aura of immortality, allowing him to weather greater harm than normal. It also allows him to bestow immortality (in the form of living forever, but can still be killed) to mortals, as well as the ability to raise demons and angels as undead. The Pendants most powerful ability however, is allowing Gargax to resurrect after dying (Not instantly mind you, it just means its nigh impossible to permakill him, but he can be knocked out of the picture for a LONG time)

    To come later:

    Wand of True Lichedom
    Wand of True Lichedom The Wand of True Lichedome is a more powerful artifact than most wands of Lichedom. The shaft is said to the bone of a god. The head of the Wand is a small skull, intricately carved from the bone of that god, that has a brazier carved out of the skull in which an odd blue flame burns perpetually. The wand has the power to turn any sort of creature into a lich, including demons and angels and worse... It can even make powerful creatures into liches, allowing that the bearer is considerably more powerful. Of course this only applies to creatures like demigods or demon lords. Anybody could turn a minotaur or some creature into a lich. Whats more, all those made into liches by the wand are bound to Gargax by their very souls. Their souls are bound to Gargax's phylactery and as such are protected by wards that would defy even the gods. And of course, this Phylactery is guarded well, placed in a tomb in the depths of Gargax's realm, a place only he has ever seen.
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    Name of deity/titles: Alrinach, Lord of Law, Arbiter of Death and Judge of Souls
    Alignment: LN
    Domains: Commerce, Law, Fate, Portal, (Death)
    Portfolio: Those who die, pacts upon souls, laws of the planes, and the punishment of transgressors
    Symbol and favored weapon: A humanoid skeleton, holding up its heart for judgement. When Alrinach engages in physical combat, he uses an adamantine bastard sword.

    Description: Standing over 6 feet tall, Alrinach takes the form of a thin human male of middle age, although his hair is perfectly white and cropped short. His long, judicial robes, likewise, are pure white. If he goes into combat, he wears a silver breastplate.

    Dogma: Death is, like any law, unimpeachable and unwavering. When a mortal dies, he or his proxies examine any claims upon the mortal's soul that may be held by an outsider or an earthly entity and duly rule on the soul's fate in the planar cosmology. Likewise, as the lord of Fate, he will examine any event thats outcome has been darastically altered by luck-based magic and determine whether or not to intervene and realign the paths of probability. As a being of theoretically perfect Law, Alrinach is convinced that his opinion is beyond reproach.

    Background: Alriach was, once upon a time, a zealous and merciless human judge, opposed vehemently to all forms of gambling, crime, weakness, and frivolity.

    Orb of Alrinach
    This is a perfectly clear diamond the size of a humanoid's fist, shaped into a magnificently complicated, multifacted sphere. In addition to the magnificent reflection of the light that hits it, it burns with its own subtle illumination.

    The Orb is the key to controlling the cage of and telepathically communicating with The Sentirynth, Alrinach's sentient shred of the Void.

    The Scepter of Alrinach.
    This silvery rod is imbued with the powers of the portal domain. It grants the being possessing it the ability to unseal most mundane, divine, and arcane locks, or create seals of divine potency. It grants the ability to teleport and plane shift, and has a unique defensive capability: if the weilder so desires, the Scepter bends space around the user, allowing them the ability to redirect energy and projectiles by creating microportals in the air. Most perplexingly, the Scepter can be used to selectively cease to exist materially as needed: for example, an opponent sparring would find your sword as insubstantial as mist as they try to disarm you, but feel the bite of steel an instant later with your counterattack.


    Alomarra is the city of Alrinach's followers, situated at 5,5. Colloquially know as the White City for its destinctive, opalescent architecture, it's a beautiful sight to behold. The people of the city are skilled administrators, bankers, althecmists, and merchants, and the city itself is neutral ground to any race. It presently hosts The Great Library, a number of magical academies run by the followers of Saradinus, and a school dedicated to biomagic under the patronage of Cellis, along with a number of shops and offices. Because it's technically part of Alrinach's divine realm, in times of chaos he may fully withdraw it into the same plane as the Marble Reaches to protect it from harm
    The people of Alomarra follow a strict caste system based off intelligence and skill, which determines the type of work they do. The head of the city administration is Nemorensis, although it's frequently replaced by its sublate Veritia and Aequitm, as it's also Alrinach's cheif ambassador.

    The Marble Reaches

    The Marble Reaches is the divine realm of Alrinach. Inside its untold vastness is contains audience chambers, courtrooms, libraries, offices, and minels and miles of hallway. Bridges crisscross the vast divide in the center of the realm, but the distance between any two given points is still likely to be a number of miles by foot. Few but Alrinach himself know the multitude of pathes through the Reaches. Everything in The Marble Reaches is made of the same pearly-white, ornately carved stone. Ghostly figures, the spirits of the deceased, float from the various archways and are directed by the clockwork servants of Order into various courtrooms and hearing chambers. Just as rapidly, they emerge again, and form an eerie waterfall of souls to the lower leves and the upper leves of the Reaches as they begin their afterlife. Every so often, a soul will emerge from its trial and vanish peacefully, returned to the realm of its own god.

    Audience chamber- Alrinach will hear cases or meet with guests in a vast audience chamber in the upper levels of the Reaches. The hall is about 200 feet long, lined on either side with pillars that reach to the ceiling 500 feet above. The scale in not merely decorative; with such vast dimensions, Alrinach can meet with any creature he desires regardless of size. This chamber served as the seat of command for the allied force's repulsion of the Firebird.

    Courtrooms- The Reaches holds innumerable courtrooms in which to hear cases, and at any give time there may be hundreds of creatures arguing before various functionaries, proxies, and avatars of Alrinach.

    Portals to other realms- The Marble reaches has a teleport circle that leads back to the Prime Material on the central concourse, where much of the mortal traffic through the plane flows. Ghosts and spirits of the deceased float far below much of the earthly traffic, and are directed through a multitude of one-way portals to various afterlife plains. Important visitors, such as other gods, will usually materialize in Alrinach’s audience chamber.


    Nemerensis- A Hero-Diety who is Alrinach's second in command. It appears as an ornate, golden Kolyarut in elegant gold robes, and speaks with great authority on Alrinach wishes. Indeed, it sometimes refers to Alrinach as "my Lord" and sometimes, in conversation with others, fails to draw any meaningful distinction between "he" and "we". He commanded the field troops in the repulsion of the Firebird. Nemerensis was secretly elevated to the status of a demigod and destroyed by Gargax as part of Alrinach's plan to bring about the Archlich's downfall.

    Calladia- This excaptionally well crafted opal kolyarut sports gold, metallic wings and a graceful, musical voice. Created as an emissary to the Children of the Wyrm, Calladia seems to have replaced Nemerensis as Alrinach's First Servant. Elevated to hero-diety status by the God of Law, Calladia narrowly escaped the explosion that Protoss Prince Adun triggered to destroy the Palace of the Wyrm.

    Aequitum and Veritia- Two Kolyaruts who act as the current administrators of Alomarra, the White City.

    Hetrimont- A Kolyarut whose gears Alrinach has altered to reflect a chaotic frame of mind. Based off what has been seen so far, very insane.

    The Sentirynth- The Sentirynth is intelligent, although less so than a Human. It's a being of formless chaos, so Alrinach keeps it well bound within its cage of Law. If it touches a creature with a soul, that creature's souls is forcibly torn from its body and pulled into the mini-Void of the Sentirynth itself. It's not lost permanently, but it takes even a God's concerted effort and skill to recover, along with a good deal of luck. These souls can also be transferred from the "belly" of the creature to the Orb, which controls the creature's cage and allows the user to issue it telepathic commands.

    Alrinach's theme is here.
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    Name: Racci, Mistress of Fate

    Domains: Divination, Air, Knowledge

    Appearance: Racci appears as an elvish woman in white robes, always with her eyes closed.

    Personality: Racci, having the knowledge of the future is a calm and tranquil god. She does not fear anyone as she can see the outcome as it has been predetermined. She believes in the pursuit of knowledge and will empower those on that journey.

    Background: A priestess in her former life, of what god she cannot remember, she was a diviner. She probed into the future to give insight to her kingdom during battles and other matters.

    Starting Race: Elves

    Artifacts: Headress of Insight
    This artifact is a simple leather headress with an eye painted to the front. When it is worn by a male, it turns into a brilliant blue jewel encrusted plate helm. When worn by a woman it turns into a golden tiara with inlayed sapphires. The headress grants the wearer the ability to see shortly into the future. The wearer of this headress becomes very hard to attack as they know where an attack is going to come from and how to avoid it.

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    Name and titles: Lupin, The Laughing Wolf

    Domains: Animal, Plant, Earth

    Appearance: Lupin looks like a werewolf in its hybrid form with black hair, large fangs and golden yellow eyes.

    Personality: Lupin enjoys all the fine things in life, and with his new found power will usually act before thinking. His emotions are turbulent, and as such can be incredibly angry and dangerous at one moment, yet calm and collected another. However, no matter what, he's always happily sadistic and more than prepared to do what he wants.

    Background: In his previous life, Lupin was the wolf animal companion to a member of the druidic circle who constantly felt that nature was being overwhelmed by the advancement of technology. Unwilling to let such a thing happen to his beloved natural world, the druid repeatedly searched for those with a likewise mind to wage war on cities and towns he deemed too advanced for his liking. For a while, he suceeded, with the help of his wolf companion who murdered many, many innocent people at the whim of his master. Eventually though, the druidic circle grew too angry with his destructive ways and mobilised to stop him, succeeding at the cost of many druids' lives. As an act of compassion to the innocent wolf that had drawn so many lives without realising, they granted it intelligence so that it could act as a guide to those who would seek a similar path. Unfortunately for them, the wolf wasn't pleased with the death of his master who treated him so well, and struck out against the nearby druids who slew his master, redeeming the crime on several more of the protectors of the wilderness before eventually being brought down himself.

    Starting Race: Awakened Animals

    Necklace of Lupin's Bite
    A vine upon which teeth Lupin lost in during his defeat at the hands of the druidic circle lay. The wearer of this necklace is said to be imbued with both Lupin's ferocious bite and incredible strength, as well as his immovable hatred for all things unnatural. The teeth, despite their age, appear stained with fresh blood, some of it still dripping from the points of the teeth.

    Favoured Weapon: Natural Attack / Unarmed Strike

    Alignment: Neutral evil

    Symbol: A black wolf's head with a wicked grin surrounded by thorny vines.
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    Name: Baldier shadowblade
    domains: Psionics, Stealth, Protoss. (everyone else has a domain. ;) )
    appereance: One of the few dark templar that had been resuced from the planes of shadow he has a hazy appreance, and is incredibly difficult to make out due to his incorpreal nature.
    backstory/personality.: Baldier was one of the first immortal protoss crafted in the old world, he remembers many things of the shamans foretelling the doom that would befall them if they went to war, nd how he had ignored them. He also remembered the sluaghter in the tunnels he, and his men had created slaying some sort of shadow beast again, and again. He was still a soldier at heart, but he wished to never insight actual war again, a honorable dual was one thing he would allow, but a all out war is something he could never condone.

    starting race:
    Dark templar: These are beings forged out of the dark side of the psdionic nexus, and the exiles of old Aiur. they are nearly invisible see in thermal vision as well as in regular if they focus, and cab produce blades of the sharpest quality that shred steel like butter when they focus their psionic energy.
    The dark templar are most renowned for their ability to bend light around their bodies to become invisible at will, and a true master of the Void can achieve much greater feats than this. Armed with their potent warp blades, the dark templar are deadly and relentless foes, capable of crippling conventional forces with their devastating strikes.

    For over a thousand years the Templar caste of the protoss have defended their people from threats both internal and external, dedicating their long lives to the pursuit of martial perfection. Zealots are peerless templar warriors who have yet to achieve the uppermost ranks of the psionic perfection. Ever eager for battle, zealots train constantly to attune themselves more closely to the conclaves disciplines and prove themselves worthy of advancement. They exemplify the unbridled ferocity of the protoss at war.
    The formidable physique of a zealot is further enhanced by magical implants and their coveted psionic suit. Yet a zealot is far more than the technology they bear. Each zealot is trained for decades in hand-to-hand combat, tactics, pain tolerance and martial discipline. Zealots are taught to hate their enemies with a white hot passion and to hunt them down without mercy

    Units to come

    The towering colossus is a protoss machine design dating back to the bloody conflicts of the Kalath Intercession. It strides across the battlefield on four tall, slender legs which give it an extremely high level of mobility. The great height of the machine allows it to step up and down cliffs and other steep elevations with little difficulty, and gives it a dominating field of fire.

    The heavily armored hull of the colossus carries two powerful thermal lances: one mounted on each side of its body. Complex focusing and targeting crystals are used to pinpoint the continuous damage output of the thermal lances for optimal efficiency. As a target is destroyed, the lances are switched to a new target instantly so that a colossus' psionic beam cuts a fiery swathe of destruction through multiple enemies with each firing cycle.


    veteran protoss warriors who had been crippled in battle could volunteer to continue their service by being transplanted into dragoon exoskeletons.
    The remaining dragoons have become the immortals, refitted with twin phase disruptors and hardened psionic shields that can shrug off the most powerful weapon strikes - though at the cost of leaving them more vulnerable to the pinprick attacks of lesser foes. The heavily armed and shielded immortals give critical fire support to the ferocious legions of zealots by eliminating enemy artillery and ranged attackers, allowing the zealots to close in and complete their work of destruction.

    Artifact: The Dark Nexus.
    descrption: the dark Nexus is the central artifact of Protoss relegion it is a giant purple crystal pulsating psionic energy.
    powers: the dakr nexus is a incredibly powerful psionic enhancer to any near it allowing them to reach peaks of psionic power never acheviable by that indivual without years of additional trainig, and even then it would still serve to make them twice as powerful as that. it also has the capability to boost th genral intellegence of those around it so [hilosphers, and aracanist sometimes travel for years to feel the Nexus's power coruse through them, and fill them with inspriation.
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Name/Title: Mavil "The Passionate Flame of Destruction" "The Unstable Conqueror"

    Domains: Destruction, Fire, Passion
    Appearance: A god easily confusable with an elemental due to a strong fire encompassing his body. Stands about 6' tall and weighs about 140 lbs.
    Personality: Never civil, never understanding, and always quite persistent. He's not a ruler of the passion domain for nothing. To him anything fun is worth trying. Even if it results in a few casualties. Able to speak his mind and never hide anything. His followers are those blessed with a god with not a lot of restrictions. He's willing to have anyone as a follower and enjoys watching them enjoying the same fun he does. He normally has a favor toward his followers with strength.

    Background: As a mortal Mavil was a deviant. Always getting into trouble, never thinking of the consequences. He learned a very simple thing growing up and that was destruction always stirs things up. With this in mind he learned more and more ways to destroy things. He soon came to appreciate the power of a well set fire, and it became is favorite. Up to last moments of his mortal life, he would love to the faces of those in disarray.

    Starting Race: Human

    Favored Weapon: Scythe

    Symbol: An eclipsed sun with a crack down the middle.


    Gem of Blinding Destruction

    A powerful artifact then when touched barehanded one is set into a blinding rage for 5 minutes. This will give the user the benefits as a barbarian's rage at 11th level.A successful will save of DC 25 negate the effects and doesn't require another roll for another 24 hours. Anyone can willing use the orb to gain rage benefits. It is a glowing red gem about the size of a fist. This artifact has bean passed down from Mavil to Rexgen to form the first noble house of the ashenborn.

    Coming soon
    Scythe of Ultimate Power

    This scythe was forged of starmetal and passed down to Azum to form the second noble house of the ashenborn. When wielded this scythe gives tremendous power to wielder. They gain a high strength bonus that is easily represented with the simple swing of this weapon. Also when this weapon makes contact an opponent it will cause a burst of flames to occur and scorch any enemy in its path. It has the emblem of Mavil on its base.

    The Endurer
    Grants the wearer a large boost to their constition. Also improves base land speed by 10, makes them immune to all poison and paralysis effects, never become faatigued or exhausted, and always has endure elements activated as the spell.Given to Castel to form the third and final house of the ashenborn. A small pendant with the mark of Mavil on it.

    Homeland: A region of fire and desecration. A very mountainous region where the ashenborn reside. It is border by volcanoes with a couple spread across the destroyed wasteland in the center. Is a very unstable land with constant eruptions where very few creatures can survive. (9,3) on the map. The ashenborn have now become more stable as a race with phoenixes for mounts and three noble houses to lead their people. These houses have been chosen by Mavil and given presents to prove their worth.
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    Default Re: Gods of a New Star [Status Thread]

    Name and titles: Illopet, the soon to die.
    Domains (3): Travel, death and afterlife
    Personality: He is a good that seems resigned to the fact that he will soon die. He is apathetic save to his own goal: To make his death as comfortable and important as possible, especially important. He also goes to those that have important deaths or to those that have tried to help Illopet in his goal. He has some interest in seeing the deaths of important people or very exciting deaths. He is often flanked by two of his own bards just in case he should die.
    Background: Before the battle he was just your average farmer, he tried to be a good ogre but nobody cared about him. As an ogre, he died in battle. It wasn't a special death and it wasn't an important death. It was just a simple run of the mill death.

    Illopet cares about his worshippers partly because it won't be a famous death if he lacks worshipers. Partly because he wants them to teach him how to die a great death. He also wants them to love him so they will do what they can when his death comes around.

    As a god of travel he tries to do what he can tpo make traveling as easy as possible whilre he lives. He does this because he sees those that wish to travel as kinspirits in some ways.

    Starting Race: Ogres

    The great message: When the owner of this object dies every creature is aware of the owner's death.

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    The Primal Gods aka the Elemental Lords

    Note: These beings have no gender.

    Status: Back in the material plane.
    Title: The Firebird
    Portfolio: Lord of Fire and Light
    Domains: Fire, Light, Darkness, Deception
    Alignment: CE
    Symbol: A volcanic rock vaguely shaped as a bird; a black wing

    Worshipers: Ashenborn, Phoenixes, Dragons, Pyromancers
    Sacred site: Volcanic Island of Alukium

    Status: Worshiped on the southern cost of the Old World.
    Title: The Calamity
    Portfolio: Lord of Water
    Domains: Water, Cold, Gluttony
    Alignment: CE
    Symbol: A fish skull covered in seeweeds; a carved tooth

    Worshipers: Sea Dragons, Sahuagins, Oceanomancers
    Sacred site: The Black Waters

    Status: In control of the western lands of Lall.
    Title: The Underlord
    Portfolio: Lord of Metal and Decay
    Domains: Earth, Metal, Death, Pestilence
    Alignment: N
    Symbol: Stalactites and stalagmites

    Worshipers: None
    Sacred site: The Gaping Maw

    Status: Worshiped in the southwestern part of the continent.
    Title: The Shaper
    Portfolio: Lord of Life and Wood
    Domains: Plant, Life, Renewal
    Alignment: CN
    Symbol: A tree split in two

    Worshipers: Modified humanoids, intelligent plants, spirits of the forest
    Sacred site: The Cyst

    Title: The Stormcaller
    Portfolio: Lord of Lightning and the Void
    Alignment: CN
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    The Material Plane (the planet needs a name)

    • The Moon

    • The Frozen North

    • Lall, The Old World, the Eastern Continent

    Major powers:
    Alliance of City-states (Zantir, Beorin, Stostina and Reirson)
    The White City
    The Enlightened
    Aiur and Shakuras

    * Abraxys, The Perfect Body
    * Alrinach, Judge of Souls
    * Baldier Shadowblade
    * Cellis, The Hive Lord
    * Cyrus Leomin
    * Erothayce
    * Gargax the Ancient
    * Lupin, The Laughing Wolf
    * Ikassi the Earth Mother
    * Illopet, the soon to die
    * Mavil, The Passionate Flame of Destruction
    * Saradinus
    * Severus, The Prince of Hate

    • Riceak, the "New World", the Western Continent

    To be completed

    Major power:
    The Riceak Principalities, under the government of the Lasitium Consortium


    • The Southern Lands
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