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    I take it Wizard of the Coat is no longer playing

    Just as King Tundra was about to send out a party to find his missing Gryffons, they returned. They told the King that they had searched the land of Ireland throughly, but had found no trace of the lord that resided there.

    King Tundra sighed. At least there wasn't any bad news.

    The fleet of ships his orcs had been contructing were finished, but King Tundra was hesistant about sending them out. He decided to wait for a while. He ordered the ship building orcs to contruct a grand wharf to allow the ships safe habour. He also ordered some of the Nagas to help the Orcs in this contruction.

    More mines were beginning to spring up and gold seemed to be in abundance in these parts.

    The Orc 'researchers' had come up with nothing concrete yet, but were working on advanced defence towers that would watch over the southern coast of Iceland.
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    OOC: A lot of people seem to be mining gold. This isn't warcraft I thought!

    Here's hoping I can create a silver or tin standard.


    Pontificus was satisfied with the monthly quota: actual machines for digging were being shipped to the tunnels, however they required heavy maintenance and were delicate.

    Weapons, armor and iron tools were now being manufactured in abundance, and merchants have bought a few hundred so to likely ply their trade in selling these tools to outsiders.

    The major industry to the far west has become a big spender on whatever Hammer is now conjuring up, ration, machine or toolwise.

    Some businesses in Hammer are now finding ways to grow or cook more lavish foods. Spices are just barely making their way into the commodities list recorded by the quarter masters/inventory specialists.
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