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    Default The Awakened [Savage Worlds--IG]

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    You hear some sort of ringing noise in your head as you realize that you are being contacted by a group of magetown sages. As instructed when this new communication technology was released to the Awakened public, you take a small, perfectly round, golden sphere inscribed with mysterious runes from it's keeping place and toss it into a nearby secluded body of water.

    As the sphere is completely submerged by the water, its runes begin to give off a bright yellow light until the entire sphere is engulfed by the light. The ball of light expands and consumes the water around it. Eventually, the spectacle of lights ends leaving you with an interface of sorts. A blinking icon goads you to press your finger to the water's surface. When your finger makes contact with the surface of the now gel-like water, the interface displays a list of options including an official summons to Magetown, mission data, and profiles of your new group members for this mission:
    "By order of the Magetown Grand Sage, you are to report to Magetown immediately. Once there, you and your group will be given further details on your mission."

    As you finish viewing the data, the interface returns to its former spherical form and returns to your hand. After you put the sphere away, you set off directly for Magetown, in the heart of Firacardi.

    It's been awhile since any of you had last visited Magetown. It's funny, out of all the magetowns, this is the only one to not have a real name. You know this must be important because you've been called to the original Magetown to carry out a mission. After a long walk through a forest off to the side of the road you had taken, you come across a stone structure. It stands roughly 10 feet tall and somewhat resembles a door frame. You now stand at the portal to the unseen village of Magetown.

    Walking through the stone portal, the whole world changes around you to reveal an entire village that was not there before. You are greeted by an entourage of Magetown's famous Mage Knights and are told that you will be escorted directly to the center of town where the sages await you. The village is truly a wonder; everything seemed to run on some form of magic. Whether it was the magical items of the alchemists or a couple of apprentice mages doing their chores with newly learned spells, the whole place was literally bathed in magic.

    When you arrive at the Tower of Sages, you are joined by a small group. You recognize them as members of your group from the profiles that you had received. There is no time to talk, though, as you are ushered through the corridors of the tower. Finally, you reach the Council of Sages where you are to be further informed of your mission. The Grand Sage stands to address you...

    "No doubt, you already know why you're here, so I'll skip the pleasantries and cut to the chase: Our world is dying, and we, as Awakened, are blamed for it. Indeed, it is ironic that we are the only ones looking for a way to stop this plague from destroying us all. One of our greatest scholars was delving a bit too deep in the library of this village when he stumbled across a couple of ancient scrolls supposedly predating the creation of this realm. It speaks of an ancient temple located deep beneath the city of Xanopis, capital of the Firacardi kingdom. Though we're not sure whether this could profit us in any way, we would like you to travel to Xanopis and investigate. Take some time to acquaint yourselves, and then decide your next course of action."
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    Default Re: The Awakened [Savage Worlds--IG]

    Now that the Grand Sage had finished speaking, the girl turned from him to the other Awakened gathered there.

    She was small (roughly 5' 5") and girlish, giving the impression of youthful, almost childish energy in her body language. "I'm Selphie," she began, prefering the pet form of her name. "I've never been to Xanopis, but I think we should head there as soon as we can." She was hoping that someone with more knowledge of the area could advise them on a proper course of action.

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    Default Re: The Awakened [Savage Worlds--IG]

    Sneering cruelly, Zieg runs his fingers unconsciously along the blade of his axe. He looks directly at the Grand Sage while addressing the group.

    "Hmph, I had to take time out fer this?" He snorts, gesturing with his free hand at the assembled group. "There'd better be something more entertaining than empty ruins and searches through dusty libraries, or this lot will have some proving to do."

    He studiously examines his fingernails, all the while never looking at the group.

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