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    Default The World of Tey [4e D&D setting]

    Some time ago, a plot twist occurred to me. Eventually, this built out to a setting: The world of Tey. Criticism is very welcomed. Below I offer a short history, the remainder of the setting I have put it on a site, namely:

    The World of Tey

    A Short History

    Almost thousand years ago, the Great Divine War ended. The Great Divine War was a war between the eight deities of the current pantheon and the elder evil gods. While victorious, the eight deities and their followers were weakened. The taste of conquest and the struggle for power caused an era where unity stood little chance and wars were not uncommon, though never as big as the Great Divine War. Civilisations did rebuild, but were just as likely to fall again.

    Since the end of the Great Divine War, there have been two invasions. The aberration invasion which has taken over much of the Murdi continent and corrupted many of those living there, and the demon/devil invasion in the Sintel Archipelago, where part of the inhabitants fled and set up a nation on the continent of Marusaf. Those remaining still fight against the demons and the devils, where the demons and devils seem to be opposed to each other as well.

    Now, with the end of the divine war being almost a millennia ago, the world still lives on, where individuals are still caught up in their own problems. Will you bring salvation and order to a chaotic world? Or will you use that chaos to create opportunities to gain power?
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    Default Re: The World of Tey [4e D&D setting]

    Intriguing... I must admit, this world is very detailed and well thought up. I like the islands, their provinces and all the tidbits of stories associated with each one as well as racial territories.

    Oh, and I'm really liking the deities and the values they uphold, at the very least, your description gives me the impression that those will actually matter in the setting, when in others they are generally ignored.

    A good read overall!
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