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    Default Is it possible to have a first unread message

    Is it possible to have a first unread message feature? I realize it's not necessary of course, I had for the longest time a bug at work where many boards that had such features wouldn't work at all and I was still able to slug my way through the many headed (er paged) hydras (er threads) trying to find where the last post I saw.

    When a post says "NEW" that new could start on page 17 or 19, depending on how often people post. Or in the middle of the page or at the end. And so on and so forth.

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    Default Re: Is it possible to have a first unread message

    I'm going to guess that we don't have the ability to do that. Or at least, not do it without screwing around with the message board source code, which I know Ray is not willing to do.
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