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I'm thrilled to announce that GITP and APE Games will be making a donation of over $3200.00 US to the Japanese Red Cross in the next week or so, thanks to all of you who purchased stuff over the last two weeks. This includes the money donated for books and games, and an extra donation from each of the two companies to bring it to a nice round number.

But if you missed out, don't worry. I'm extending the donation drive for a little bit longer. Why? Well, because the Ookoodook staff found four boxes of No Cure for the Paladin Blues in the back of the warehouse last week. Some of you have been waiting for this to come back into print, and while I can't say when that will happen, you can snag one of about 75 copies of the First Printing we've now put on sale at Ookoodook. And to sweeten the deal, we'll extend the tsunami relief drive until the last copy is sold. (Though honestly, I expect them to all go in a day or two, so if you want one, hurry!)

EDIT: As expected, the copies of Paladin Blues sold out late Thursday night, April 7th, less than 48 hours after I made the announcement here. That brings the relief drive to an official close. Thanks to everyone who bought a book and made this donation possible.


After some growing pains last night, I'm happy to announce that we have a new organizational plan for our roleplaying games forum. We've split our main roleplaying forum into one for general and three system-specific forums, to better enable discussions about whatever games you like to play without the conversation being dragged one way or the other. And we've created a new world-building forum to discuss one of my favorite roleplaying topics, the creation of custom campaign settings. Finally, we've instituted some reforms in the way we warn and infract posters who violate our forum rules, so you may want to check those out.

On an unrelated topic, Kevin at APE Games wanted me to make it clear that the stand-alone box of The Shortening is also an Ookoodook-exclusive, but the full Deluxe Edition is not, and will be available in all the regular comic and game shops.


Starting in late 2005, The Order of the Stick appeared in the print version of Dragon® magazine. Those strips, created especially for the magazine, have never been available to anyone who didn't get the original issues. Until now, that is.

The lovely cover you see to your left is the new OOTS book, titled The Order of the Stick: Snips, Snails, and Dragon Tales. It contains all the strips that ran in the magazine, up to and including the one that was on the last page of the last issue. But that would hardly be enough to fill a book, right? Which is why I've created more than 80 pages of original, all-new, never-before-seen content to go along with them. From the strips that would have run if the magazine hadn't been canceled to an attack by invaders from the 4th..."Dimension," this book is crammed with comedy. And this book is an Ookoodook exclusive, meaning you'll only be able to buy it through our direct retail partner, Ookoodook.com. You can learn more about it on this page here.

But wait! There's more! A while back, APE Games (our board game partner) announced the release of The Order of the Stick Adventure Game: The Shortening, the first expansion set for the best-selling OOTS Adventure Game. This 150-card expansion deck adds new rules to let you play a game in half the time with twice the fun. If you already have the basic game, you can now pre-order the expansion pack from Ookoodook here. If you don't have the basic game, APE will be reprinting it as a new Deluxe Edition which will include The Shortening inside—and that's now available to order, too.

Now, there's one last thing I want to tell you about this stuff. Kevin from APE and I have decided that for the rest of the month, we're going to donate $1 for every OOTS book bought (including the pre-orders of the one here) and $2 for every copy of the board game's Deluxe Edition to the Japanese Red Cross, to help with earthquake and tsunami relief. It's not much, but I'm hoping that the fact that people have been asking for the comics from the magazine for so long will let me pull in more little donations than I could afford to give on my own. Of course, I strongly encourage anyone who has the money to donate directly as well.

So, those are the big announcements. Keep an eye on this spot for more information.


This is going to be a big week with a lot of News posts (unlike, say, those three month stretches when I have nothing new to say). There will be a few changes announced and a few new products, but we're going to start with something small: Many of the "crunch-based" D&D 3.5 articles on this website, located in the sidebar to the left, are going to be moving to the site's message board, specifically to a thread in our busy "Homebrew" forum. The only ones that won't be making the move are those written by authors other than me, and the pre-made NPCs...because those two types of articles will be going away for good by the end of this week.

See you later tonight for the next announcement. What? I said it was going to be a busy week.


Ever since I started offering the holiday ornaments, I've had people asking to be able to get the ones from years they had missed. After all, I started putting them out in 2004, when my readership was a very small fraction of what it is now. So, since CafePress decided not to have much of Black Friday sale, I decided that I would: Starting today and lasting through midnight, Monday, all six of the retired OOTS holiday ornaments are back on sale. This is your chance to get that hard-to-find Elan and Belkar ornament from 2004, or the Roy and DUrkon one from 2005, or any of the other four. Once Monday is over, though, they'll disappear, so if you have been trying to collect these, now's the time. And if you haven't been trying to collect them, well, sorry you had to read through this paragraph.

UPDATE: CafePress sent me a one-day-only "Cyber Monday" coupon for $10 off any purchase of $50 or more from the OOTS shop. Just use coupon code CYBER10 at checkout. Good until midnight tonight, 11/29/10, Pacific Standard Time.

UPDATE 2: The Updatinging: Due to huge demand, I'm extending the ornament sale for one more day, though the end of Tuesday. Unfortunately, the coupon has expired, but it's your very last chance to get all six past ornaments.


That's why you should keep the receipt.It's just about that time of year again, by which I mean time to unveil this year's holiday ornament. For this, our seventh annual ornament, we're featuring the two newest members of the Order of the Stick: Blackwing and Mr. Scruffy. Remember, the holiday ornament is only available until some indeterminate point in the first quarter of next year, so get it while you can (especially if you've been collecting the whole set).

As has become traditional, I've also introduced several new lines of OOTS-wear to our CafePress store to go along with it. We have a new series of quote shirts, including an oft-requested shirt of Darth Vaarsuvius just after his/her transformation. Also by fan demand, a fun series of "For Kids" t-shirts for children, toddlers, and even infants featuring the Order of the Stick. You wouldn't believe how many requests I've gotten from parents who want to indoctrinate introduce their children to gaming. I personally like the Belkar baby clothes, but I'm biased. Back for the adults, we've added a Macebook design, one for Chaos, and one based on the popular posters we're selling. Finally, CafePress recently added iPhone cases to their inventory, and I've wasted no time slapping the Order of the Stick on them.

The best part is, now through November 20th, CafePress is offering $5 off any order of $45 or more if you input coupon code PRETG5. (Obligitory link to terms and conditions.) I also have it on good authority that there will be similar sales later in the shopping season, so keep an eye on either the News here or the top of the shop's main page for any current coupons.

UPDATE: As of right now, the sale has changed to $10 off purchase of $50 or more, with a coupon code of THANKSTEN. This sale lasts until midnight on 11/25 (Pacific Standard Time) and has pretty much the same terms and conditions as above.

Check out these and other new designs.></a>
<P Class=


In a less-than-shocking turn of events, The Order of the Stick was prevented from repeating as Eagle Award winner for Favourite Webcomic by Warren Ellis' Freakangels. In my version of events, he narrowly defeated me solely through the use of legendary British guile. Thought the fact that Munroe and I split the "crappy stick figure" vote likely played a key role as well.

For those keeping score, that puts us at OOTS: 1, Established Veterans of the Comic Book Industry: 2.


I've gotten word that the posters are now in stock and shipping. If you pre-ordered your poster, it should already be on its way to your door. And if you were waiting for the product to actually arrive before ordering it, well, that time has come.

I should also point out that we still have some magnets left, if you were looking to score one. We ran out so fast that we ordered another box, so if you want one, the sale is still good.


Click the poster for a closer look.Now at the Ookoodook site, I've created a pair of exclusive giant-sized posters featuring almost every character in the OOTS story. The Order and all the good guys live on the left poster while Xykon and the bad guys inhabit the right one. They're big—24" x 36"—and combine together to form a huge panorama. Best of all, they're printed on heavy recycled cardstock, so no trees were killed to decorate your wall. They're only available at Ookoodook, naturally, and should ship in late September...but you can pre-order the set right now.

And there's plenty of reason to do so, because we've added the three shirt designs that we brought to GenCon (pictured just below, in the previous news post) to the t-shirt store. So if you were unable to get a sweet Durkon-and-Thor t-shirt on account of not living within driving distance of Indianapolis, go order one now. We've also cut prices on many of our older t-shirts to make room in the warehouse for all this new stuff, so be sure to check them out.

But wait! That's not all! We've also brought the remaining Vaarsuvius magnets to the site. Any order from Ookoodook that includes at least one t-shirt and adds up to $40 or more before shipping will get a free V magnet added to their package (click here for details). But order quickly, because we don't have that many magnets left and this order expires as soon as we run out.


Yours with $40 of GITP purchasesIf you're going to GenCon Indianapolis next week, you have a chance to score yourself the Vaarsuvius fridge magnet pictured to the left, mate of the Elan and Belkar magnets we gave out at the convention in 2008 and 2006. All you need to do is stop by the Ookoodook booth on the dealer's floor and purchase $40 or more (before sales tax) of Giant in the Playground merchandise. And bam! Free magnet.

To sweeten the deal, we also have three new convention-exclusive OOTS-themed t-shirts, pictured below. (The third one, while not featuring an OOTS character, shows the graphic relationship between the size of explosions and the solving of social situations, as first put forth by Vaarusvius in this strip.) These shirts, plus all the ones we sell at the Oookoodook.com t-shirt store, will be on sale at the con—and, since they're GITP products, will count towards the above deal.

Edited to add: I just got word that the booth is actually listed under APE Games/Giant in the Playground, not Ookoodook. It's booth #1507 on your dealer room map.


Just a quick note to say that CafePress is running a Father's Day sale this weekend that will apply to all Order of the Stick merchandise in our CafePress t-shirt store. Just use the code STORE25 during checkout to take 25% off of your total order, now through the end of the day (Thursday, June 10th).

The folks at CafePress want me to also link to these terms and conditions, so...I did.


After almost a year out of print, I'm thrilled to be able to announce that the first The Order of the Stick book, Dungeon Crawlin' Fools, is available again. This is our fourth print run of the first book we ever did, so thanks to all the readers who keep buying it. And if you're just starting to collect the books, well, you should probably start with this one. Since it's first and all. You can order it today from Ookoodook, or you can buy it from your local game store...it should be on store shelves within the next two weeks.

Start of Darkness also got a third printing, for the record, but that one has only been out of stock for a month or two. Still, if you've been unable to find it on store shelves, your wait is over.


I'm happy to announce that Don't Split the Party arrived at the Ookoodook warehouse yesterday and the shipping of pre-orders has already begun. The folks there wanted me to remind those of you who pre-ordered of three things:

  • You should get an email with tracking information in it about 24 hours before your package leaves their hands and enters the mail.
  • Check these emails carefully and make sure the shipping address is correct. A surprising number of people enter the wrong shipping address by accident. If it isn't correct, contact Ookoodook immediately in order to have it changed before the box is in the mail. (That's why they're sending the emails out a day before the packages!)
  • International customers should closely track their packages once they get this email to make sure that the box doesn't sit in their country's customs department or get returned to the States.

If you didn't pre-order, the book is now in stock and can be ordered regularly. There might be a two- or three-day delay while the staff handles all the pre-orders first, but after that, books should ship as soon as they are ordered. And if you're waiting to pick up the book from your local game or comic shop, those shipments are speeding their way through the distribution chain even as you read this.


Despite the launch of Ookoodook.com, we're still using CafePress for some items that either wouldn't be efficient to produce ourselves or we're not sure will be popular enough to justify the expense (but that we liked the idea for so much, we had to make anyway). And, of course, the yearly holiday ornament. We've been doing them since 2004, so it's important that they all match. This year's design features the Monster in the Darkness and his buddy O-Chul, plus a few dozen Christmas lights. It's not the only new product, though; CafePress has recently started offering high-quality Sigg water bottles, and I've created seven new designs especially for them featuring the main characters. And for the mothers in our lives, Kazumi Kato expresses her thoughts on one of the hidden perks of fertility. Throw in the IFCC and O-Chul's rebuttal to last year's EVIL: A Growth Industry! shirt, and we've got ourselves a nice new batch of stuff.


Click here to learn more.As previously hinted, the new The Order of the Stick book is coming. Volume 4, titled Don't Split the Party, will compile all of the OOTS strips from #485 to #672--basically, the entire "OOTS divided" story arc. The book clocks in at a chunky 272 pages and will be available in local comic and game stores in late November, just in time to serve as a gift for whatever winter-themed festivities you and/or your family choose to celebrate.

If you want to pre-order it right now, however, you can do so directly from Ookoodook.com. Because Ookoodook is the direct source for all OOTS products, your book will be shipped around the same time that distributors get their copies (which should mean that you get it quicker from Ookoodook than from any other online store).

And If you want more information on what's in the new book, you can learn more here.


For a long time, I've been selling my books and games through the good people at APE Games. But it's always been a little awkward in some ways, because APE was primarily a game manufacturer who was just doing me a favor by retailing my stuff. Well, it will be awkward no more. I've joined APE in creating a new website devoted to bringing you products both from Giant in the Playground as well as other independent and self-publishing creators: Ookoodook.com.

Why "Ookoodook"? Well, it seemed logical to us that when you put apes and playgrounds together, you get monkeys having fun. And "ookoodook" sort of sounds like a monkey, you know, having fun. Look, all the other .com website names we could think of that would imply monkeys and fun were taken, OK? So anyway, Ookoodook represents a coming together of our two companies, but also a whole lot more than that. We hope this new venture will allow us to spotlight other self-published products that you may not be aware of yet by working with their creators directly. Plus, it's a great outlet for some new short-run OOTS products I've been working on that simply won't be big enough for distribution through stores.

The site itself is still in the fledgling stages; we have many more products from several companies to add over the coming few weeks, as well as a few cool ideas that are taking just a little bit longer to implement than we had thought. So check back often for more news...especially around, say, Monday, October 26. No reason, I'm just saying it might be beneficial. If you like books.


It can't have escaped the keen notice of my longtime fans that my irregular update rate has become a little more irregular lately. Or rather, it has become quite regularly infrequent. Since I have reached the natural conclusion of this segment of the story, I have decided to try what worked for me back in 2007 when life last conspired to impair me: take a break. So, OOTS will not update at all for the next three weeks, allowing me to rest and recharge my batteries in preparation for the next story. When it returns on August 31st, we'll have a new story arc with new challenges and (with a little luck) a more favorable update frequency.


Pages 149-50 are the last updates of Erfworld to appear on the Giant in the Playground website and represent the completion of the first book of the Erfworld story. I asked Erfworld scribe Rob Balder to say a few words on this occasion on behalf of himself and Jamie. Here's what he wrote:

Here we are, finally, at the end of Erfworld: The Battle for Gobwin Knob. At launch, we thought we were putting up an 80- or 90-page story, which would wrap up in a year. Unfortunately, life changes happen, and we couldn't stick with the kind of updates we had hoped for. Also, (fortunately or unfortunately) the characters stood up and came to life and demanded to be written larger. The story almost doubled in the telling.

But now, it's complete.

When we started in December 2006, we weren't sure if there would be a Book 2. And early on, when some of the tough feedback we were getting got to be too much, we weren't even sure about finishing Book 1. But the fans really came together as the story started to. And now we know that the support is out there to keep this universe and these characters going for a long time. So we will!

We'd first like to thank all of the Erfworld readers here at Giant in the Playground, from the casual to the obsessed, who stuck with us through the first 15 or 30 (or 50) pages, when it was hard to tell what was even going on. Story webcomics are hard to do. They take so much time to unfold, and every page gets magnified as it's discussed for days before the next one. The Erfworld forum eventually turned into the kind of fun and positive community I was hoping for, and it's continuing beautifully over at the new Erfworld.com forums and wiki. You guys make us very happy. Thanks.

But of course, our most gigantic thanks are owed to The Giant. He made some webcomics history here, by bringing us on. He didn't need to, and we're sure it would have been easier on him (and the server) if he hadn't. But he took a massive readership that he'd built by being awesome, and let us do our thing where you could all see it. It gave us a chance that no other story webcomic ever had, and damned if it didn't actually work. :)

So Rich, you have our eternal gratitude, and some shards of our souls. Erfworld.com will forever carry a link in the header of every page to The Order of the Stick, your ongoing masterpiece. Thank you for your patience, your generosity, and your friendship. We owe you more than we can ever express.

Now everybody get over to Erfworld.com. Smaller summer updates twice a week start on June 4, and Book 2 begins in the fall!

-Rob Balder and Jamie Noguchi, May 22, 2009

Thanks to both of you, Rob and Jamie, for giving us all a new story that at once is completely different from OOTS and yet, in my opinion, complimented it perfectly. It's been fun watching it grow these past two and a half years, and I think I speak for a sizable portion of the site's readers when I say that we can't wait to see what comes next for both of you, and your characters.


Sometime this upcoming week, Giant in the Playground will be moving to a new server. Before the dancing in the streets and cries of unbridled joy begin, let me make it clear that this will not eliminate all of our slowness problems. The only way we will truly master those issues is with some sort of multi-server solution, and this is not that. This is simply a move from the best single server our hosting company offered a year ago up to the best single server they offer now. There will hopefully be some improvement, but it will remain an ongoing issue.

So, you may be asking yourself, "Then why not just switch to a multi-server solution now?" The answer to that is that we were about to do so--we had even ordered the servers--but due to some miscommunications with the hosting support staff, it turns out that there are some technical hurdles that require rewriting the website scripts. And that process may take awhile. So rather than wait to make any upgrade until we have worked all the kinks out, we're making a stop-gap move in the hopes that in a few months, everything will be ready to roll out and our server problems will finally be a thing of the past.

Note that none of these issues are contingent on money at this time, so as always, if you have money you wish to donate, pick a charity and send it there.

Anyway, the upshot of all this is that there may be some disruptions this week when the website actually begins to transition over, and there may be a point when some of you are looking at the old server and some of you are looking at the new server. If I can, I will update any new comics during this period to both servers.


The first Erfworld book, The Battle for Gobwin Knob is swiftly coming to a close. It has always been the plan between Rob, Jamie, and myself that after Book 1 was completed, Erfworld would set course for its own website--and now that website is officially up and running. Erfworld.com will be the home of all further Erfworld stories for Book 2 and beyond, as well as new Erfworld forums, an Erfworld store, an Erfworld world-building wiki, and a supporter's program called "The Toolbox." The current Book 1 strips are already online there as well, though they will also continue to be updated here on GiantITP.com until the last page. (We'll likely keep the archives here online as well, at least for the next year or so.)

Rob advises me that the new site is brand new and you should expect it to definitely have glitches and possibly break altogether if there's a rush of traffic, so please be patient during its shakedown cruise.

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