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So, I had sort of a health flare-up this weekend, and I had wanted to get a strip out today because I missed it yesterday, but that's not going to happen, I think. I need to rest. I wouldn't expect an OOTS comic before Monday.

EDIT: Oh, forgot to mention. Start of Darkness has finally finished printing. APE Games is mailing out preorders this week, and it should be in stores some time after that.


Hmmm. According to my watch, it's plug o'clock. Tome of Artifacts is a new d20 book from White Wolf (by way of Necromancer Games and Lion's Den Press) that details more than 100 major artifacts. I don't mean "magic items," I mean "artifacts". Like the ones with massive campaign-altering power but come with some sort of Terrible Price that must be paid as standard equipment. Real old school First Edition stuff. Each artifact has at least 2 pages of description, background, plot hooks, and extra goodies associated with it. I wrote a few of them, while my nefarious counterpart Keith Baker also penned a number. Anyway, if it's your cup of horribly cursed tea, you can get it at your local gaming store or order direct from White Wolf Online.


So, you may have noticed that it's past May 15th, and those of you who have preordered haven't gotten your copies of Start of Darkness. Or that they aren't showing up on store shelves. It's not just you; the printer made a mistake and printed the special "color insert" in black-and-white, so we have to go back and print those pages again. (Don't worry, it's not costing me anything.) Right now, the ETA for the book is June 13th, but as always, don't hold me to that.


OK, so I'm sure you all noticed that illness knocked me out of commission for a few days, but I'm back home and trying to make up for lost time. OOTS #447 is up now, this is Wednesday's comic, even though it's just past midnight on Friday. There will be ANOTHER comic later today, probably around midnight, so there will still be the full three comics this week. I have it on good authority that tonight's will be a double comic, too.

As far as Erfworld, I missed posting the klog page for Thursday on time, but it, too, is up now. I've been informed that whether there is any sort of update on Saturday is to-be-determined, seeing as how the artist, Jamie Noguchi, is getting married that day. Mazel tov, Jamie! Anyway, updates might be a little sporadic for a week therefore, with Rob possibly filling in with additional klogs if needed.


In the world of big news in gaming, Wizards of the Coast and Paizo announced that Dragon and Dungeon magazines will no longer be published. (You can read the full story here or here.) Wizards has apparently decided to shift its content delivery to an online model (for which I can hardly fault them, since that's pretty much what we do here, though not with any regularity). Obviously, this affects almost everyone who plays D&D; even if you weren't a regular Dragon reader, chances are you've had one in your hands at one point in your gaming career. I got my start in the hobby by picking up a copy of Dragon when I was like 11; I chose it for the cover art, and only found out it was about a game of some sort when I got home. I had less connection to Dungeon, since I was never much for prepublished adventures when I was younger, but still, both magazines had a long, rich tradition in the D&D community, from their TSR days through their sale to Wizards of the Coast and finally to their licensing to Paizo Publishing. As an institution of the D&D culture, they will be missed.

Now, I got this news only about an hour before anyone else did, but as far as I have been told, Order of the Stick will continue to run in all the remaining issues of Dragon. Right now, it's too early for any plans on when or how I might make the 22 OOTS strips I created for Dragon available. I was originally going to wait until I had about 60-70 Dragon OOTS before collecting them, but obviously that just ain't gonna happen now. But don't worry, obsessive completists, I'll find a way to get them into your hands somehow.


Monday's strip is going to be delayed until tomorrow; I've been sick all day with a fever and can barely sit up without coughing my head off. I actually slept right through the time the comic was due, and now that it's late anyway, I'm going back to bed and working on it tomorrow during the day. No promises on what time, but it will be up before Wednesday's strip, so there will still be three this week. Sorry for not getting a notice up earlier about this.


I've been putting this off until I was sure I could get the book done in time, but I'm pretty confident that the printer will be done on schedule...so here goes.

Giant in the Playground is proud to announce our fourth OOTS book, The Order of the Stick: Start of Darkness. The thematic companion to On the Origin of PCs, Start of Darkness tells the twisted tale of the villains: Xykon, Redcloak, and the Monster in the Darkness. Every page of this book is all-new, and never has been (and never will be) posted online; this is a print-exclusive. Weighing in at 112 pages, this book is 55% longer than our last black-and-white book and retails for only a few dollars more.

I'm ludicrously happy with this book, which I've been toiling away at side-by-side with the weekly strips here online for...wow, for a few months now. It should start showing up in your local game and comic specialty stores around mid-May (I'm shooting for May 15th, but as I said, that could change). However, you can reserve your copy direct from APE Games right now, if your local game shop doesn't stock OOTS products. (And shame on them if they don't!)

For more information on the book, you can read our product page for it, located here.


After too long an absence, Dungeon Crawlin' Fools, the original Order of the Stick book, is back in print. If you joined the party late, you can now get your hands on the first 120 strips in print format, complete with commentary, bonus materials, etc., etc. It should be showing up on bookstore shelves in the next two weeks, but if you can't wait that long (or don't have a local gaming store), you can order it direct from our friends at APE Games, who have their copies of the book in their little primate hands already. Just click here to go right to the Dungeon Crawlin' Fools order page.


Good news for fans of Erfworld (and utterly inconsequential news to anyone else). In order to relieve some of the exposition needed to get the story up to speed, Rob is going to write a series of text-only entries from Parson's "klog", explaining what he has learned about the physics, magic, and customs of Erfworld. Not only will this free up valuable comic space that no longer has to be devoted to certain aspects of exposition, but it means that for a while, Erfworld will have a new page on Thursday, too. These pages will follow their own number sequence, which will sort of mess up the main sequence a little, but it'll all make sense when you see it. The first one is up right now, and regular Erfworld will be back on Saturday, as normal.


Long before the back page of Dragon Magazine was graced byThe Order of the Stick, it was home to the more-skilled-than-I Phil Foglio and the classic What's New (with Phil and Dixie) comic, which ran on and off through the 80's and 90's. Well, Phil is now posting some of those comics at philanddixie.com, so if you have any interest in gazing back to yesteryear to see one of the influences that helped shape OOTS, you can do so now for free. Phil was also nice enough to give me (and a number of other webcomics) a "shout out" today in his current webcomic, Girl Genius, (in this comic), which is fine piece of work in its own right, and features the best art I've seen Phil do in his long career. If you've never read Girl Genius, start here, at the very beginning.

Or, you can sit in your cubicle and read OOTS, as is apparently popular in some workplaces.


So you may be wondering why there hasn't been any news in...wow, five weeks. The fact is, the current crop of strips has kept me too busy to actually do anything newsworthy. And I'm finishing up the next book in my spare time...actually, I think I need to put quotes around the word spare there. In my "spare" time. Yeah, that's better.

I did, however, take the time to complete an interview with the fine folks at Sequential Tart, an interview-and-article site devoted to the comics industry. I know, I know, the comics industry? Why would they want to talk to me? Who knows, but they did. Enjoy.


Rob Balder, the scribe of Erfworld, has contacted me to say that in response to reader suggestions, Erfworld will now move to a Tuesday and Saturday schedule (rather than its current Tuesday and Thursday schedule) starting immediately. This will result in a smaller gap between each installment, rather than the current 4-day chasm between updates. It has nothing to do with the fact that Rob's apartment building suffered a two-alarm fire on Monday, honest. (Rob is OK, everything's OK, it just screwed up his workflow.) So no Erf today, Erf in two days. Got it? Cool.


There are some features that have been asked for so many times that they all start to blur together into one really drawn out question. One of those is an RSS feed for the comics. Well, it is here. As of right now, there are three feeds for the comics; we'll probably add more later for the News and such. Each will tell you when the comic updates automagically, so you only have to load the site when there's hot piping comic, ready to read. (Here's hoping this helps get our bandwidth bill under control!)

If you read both OOTS and Erfworld, then check out our combined feed: feed://www.GiantITP.com/comics/comics.rss. Of course, if you prefer one comic over the other, each has it's own feed: feed://www.GiantITP.com/comics/oots.rss for Order of the Stick and feed://www.GiantITP.com/comics/erf.rss for Erfworld.


As you no doubt have seen, today marks the 400th "Order of the Stick" comic strip. Since I missed out on my usual New Year's speech due to some issues in my personal life, now seems like a good opportunity to sum up 2006 for posterity.

I've been lucky enough to create stories (well, one story) for a living for about two years now, which is kind of bizarre. And while not ever strip (or story arc) is the favorite of every fan, you have been supportive and excited about these odd adventures of stick figure adventurers as they journey through trials both physical and emotional (and literal, in one case). Thanks to all of those who have stuck with the story through thick and thin, through the slow updates last July and August and all the double- and triple-strips in September and December. (I imagine the latter was a little easier to suffer through.) While there's no shortage of people who read the strip once in a while, it's the dedicated fans--the ones who overload the server at 11:59 pm hanging around waiting for the next update--that make this possible. Without you, I'd have given up long ago.

Speaking of servers, though, there have been a lot of changes at the website this past year. Some of them, like the new server, are less noticeable. People rarely notice when something is working right! Others, like the new look, the new message board software, and the start of new content, are more obvious. My hope is that there are more changes next year as we grow beyond being one guy's personal site. Some of that has begun, with enlisting friends to help provide you with free stories and gaming articles, but the truth is, it took most of the year just to get those systems in place. 2007 will be the year of actually starting to deliver on the promise of daily content of one form or another. At least, that's the plan.

A big part of that plan is to increase the Comics section beyond just OOTS, with our first such addition already in place. A few weeks after its premiere, I'm happy to see that Erfworld is finding an audience among GiantITP.com visitors, especially now that the plot is starting to kick into gear. It's not for everyone, but then, that's the point: to offer a complimentary alternative to OOTS, a completely different way of approaching the idea of the Fantasy Gaming-Themed Comic Strip.

So, yeah: 2007 will be the year of increasing the rate and quality of what we're already doing. The pieces are in place, now it's just time to make each one shine. I hope you'll continue to join me daily as we make Giant in the Playground into the best destination for gaming-related entertainment on the web--or anywhere. Thanks, and Happy New Year.

Oh, and the next hundred OOTS strips? Time to secure your safety harnesses and make sure your hands and feet are inside the vehicle at all times. It's going to be a wild ride.


Just a quick note to say that there will not be an Order of the Stick comic for Monday, December 25th, because of Christmas.

Also, I've gotten a bunch of emails praising me for recent references to Monkey Island. Which would be great, except that I've never heard of anything called "Monkey Island" and I'm certainly not referencing it with this plotline. Sorry. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.


Erfworld is here! Now remember, if you click on the latest page that's displayed in the sidebar, you're coming in on Page 6. Make sure to go back and start on Page 1, otherwise it's going to make no damn sense at all. Here, I'll link it for you: Erfworld Page 1.


So, when I unveiled the current design for the website, it was always my intention to begin posting new gaming articles. To that end, I contacted a few of my friends in the industry and asked if they'd like to volunteer something, anything, just for the fun of writing something that they didn't have to worry about being edited past the point of death and well into some sort of ghoulish unlife. The first person to respond was my good friend and/or long-time archrival, Keith Baker. Keith finished his article, detailing a new NPC class that bridges the gap between the commoner and the druid, about 8 months ago, and I have been a horrible, horrible human being for sitting on it for this long. But, things are finally starting to get into the shape I had imagined for them so long ago, so this seemed like as good a time as any to finally debut his article. Enjoy.

In case you missed it, the Erfworld cast page went live yesterday. Tomorrow's the big premiere; we'll start with six full pages of comic, just to get everyone into the story right away.


Time for a big announcement. We're adding another webcomic to the site! Erfworld: The Battle for Gobwin Knob is a brand-new comedic fantasy (or is that fantastic comedy?) story from the skilled hands of author Rob Balder (PartiallyClips) and illustrator Jamie Noguchi (Angry Zen Master). This great new story will appear twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting next Thursday, December 7th. Until then, we'll be running some teaser art in the place where the comic will be. Just click on the Erfworld link to the left under Comics.

Now, this strip will be a little different from The Order of the Stick. While OOTS has an ongoing story, it is also largely a gag comic, with a punchline at the end of (most) every page. Erfworld will be more like a graphic novel, with one page appearing at a time but without a guaranteed joke each and every installment. The humor is more likely to spread over the course of an entire scene; some jokes will take several pages to be told.

I'm very happy to be able to offer GiantITP.com as a host for this new project. I'll be reading it for the first time alongside all of you (well, a little ahead, since I have to post the strips for them), but what I've seen so far has floored me. Jamie's art is just fantastic, capturing a great mixture of epic fantasy and animated cartoons, while Rob's humor keeps the same offbeat subtlety of his clipart webcomic. I'm pretty excited about it.

We're also adding an Erfworld message board to the forums, so you can discuss the comic.

In other (less important) news, I got so many emails about flubbing the lyrics to "Meet Me in St. Louis" that I decided to go back and fix it. I have thus far done my best not to think too hard about the potential subset of fans who both play D&D and can immediately pick up errors in lyrics from 1940's musical comedies. My brain thanks me.


Well, the holiday season is upon us, which means it's time for a new batch of OOTS shirts from our shop at CafePress! We've added a big stinking heap of new designs, from new quote shirts ("Go, Team Cleric!") to the huge-at-GenCon "Explosive Runes" design. To make things even sweeter, CafePress has added its own stinking heap of new options, including long-sleeved black shirts, dark red, olive, or navy t-shirts, and improved printing on dark colors. The shirts have never looked better nor come in a more bewildering variety; even last year's quote shirts (like "evilgasm," below) are now available in color. Here's a few samples now:

The 2006 OOTS Holiday Ornament is here, too, featuring Haley's "Snowball Sneak Attack!" on Vaarsuvius. Long-time readers will tell you that once January rolls around, this design will be retired and that'll be it. No ornament for you. So if you have the first two (or if you want to start collecting now), now's the time. Especially since CafePress is offering 25% off all ornaments until November 19th (which is this Sunday).

To sweeten the pot further, any order of $50 or more will qualify for free ground shipping within the US until December 20th. Note, however, that CafePress recommends that orders be placed by December 4th to ensure an arrival by Christmas via ground. (2-Day and Next Day shipping are also available for procrastinators, though they're not free.)

OK, enough naked commerce. Other news: The "Miko vs. Xykon" story is over, so I'm back to a three-a-week schedule. Also, the exciting climax to The Duke's Wolf is now up. Enjoy!


I'm happy to announce that the Order of the Stick prequel book, "On the Origins of PCs," is back in print--our third printing so far. If you're one of the fans who has been asking about it, it's available to order right now, direct from our friends at APE Games. If you haven't read it yet, you're missing out on the print-exclusive story of how the Order met and what they were doing beforehand. So quit reading this and go order it now.

As you can see, the strip online here has turned away from the main characters for a brief interlude featuring the lovely and divisive Miss Miyazaki. Now, while this section of the story is sort of critical, I realize you're all waiting to see what happens to poor Elan. Therefore, I'm going to try to get through this section as soon as possible, running one strip a day (barring an emergency) until it's done, probably in 5-6 strips. So tune in tomorrow evening for bonus Saturday OOTS.

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