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This is an AWESOME class!
Thank you!

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...you might want to impose a certain restriction, namely, that the pre-req Martial Weapon Proficiency should only count if it applies to a melee weapon. (A wizard who took Martial Weapon Proficiency (Longbow) wouldn't be able to get into this class, would he?)
How did I in all these years never realize the M.W.P. only gave proficiency with one specific weapon?!?! Ok, yeah, that DEFINITELY needs fixin'.

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Edit: Something else that I thought of: If this character spends most of his time studying and perfecting elemental based spells (The majority of which, at least evocation wise, allow Ref saves for half), I think he should have developed some knowledge about avoiding them. So maybe switch his good Fort to good Ref? If you think about it, Good Will for the arcane, good Fort for the BAB, and good Ref in the actual prestige class make for a pretty balanced character.
Well, that's kind of what the Resistance ability is in there for, however, I just kinda guessed wildly on what the saves should be. I was actually thinking of going "Average" on all 3 rather than any Good or Bad ones, so I'm certainly open to advice there.

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Correct me if I'm wrong, but can't Duskblades enter this at level 5?
Duskblades don't get 2nd level spells until 5th level, thus qualifying them to enter at 6th.