She listens to Lumpy's business-like listing of his scars, her shovel held still in her hands. "I think my brother and you are very alike, in some ways." She goes back to "shoveling" in silence.

When they've finished, Nyssa kneels down by the grave, touching it, then touching her forehead. She murmurs a quiet prayer to Kelemvor, then stands.

She looks once more at the grave. "May you be in peace. And may your goddess warn her other priests to not be so foolish."

Nyssa looks directly at Lumpy. "Life is far too precious to waste. He was a idiot. And now he's a dead idiot. But still, one trait that makes us who we are is how we treat the dead." She smiles. "Shall we?"

{Once they're back inside, she'll Detect Magic on the ring, and attempt to use Spellcraft (+11) and Knowledge: Arcana (+11) to determine its properties, if it's magical.}