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    Default [3.5 class]Cipher's Sorcerer (Re-)enhancement.

    Sorcerers just aren't different enough from Wizards. And lets face it, their both boring anyway without them being identical to someone who doesn't notice the wizards spellbook. Lemme put some duck tape on the situation:

    The Sorcerer
    "Lets see your 'Superior magical Knowledge' now, Wizard" ~ Singularity
    {table=head]Level|Base Attack Bonus|Fort|Ref|Will|Special |0lvl|1st|2nd|3rd|4th|5th|6th|7th|8th|9th

    1st|+0|+0|+0|+2|Naturally Magical, Source|5|3|—|—|—|—|—|—|—|—



    4th|+2|+1|+1|+4|Naturally Magical|8|6|3|—|—|—|—|—|—|—

    5th|+2|+1|+1|+4|Spell Flux|8|7|4|—|—|—|—|—|—|—



    8th|+4|+2|+2|+6|Naturally Magical|8|8|7|5|3|—|—|—|—|—




    12th|+6/+1|+4|+4|+8|Naturally Magical|8|8|8|8|7|5|3|—|—|—



    15th|+7/+2|+5|+5|+9|Spell Flux|8|8|8|8|8|8|6|4|—|—

    16th|+8/+3|+5|+5|+10|Naturally Magical|8|8|8|8|8|8|7|5|3|—




    20th|+10/+5|+6|+6|+12|Naturally Magical, Source, Share the Gift|8|8|8|8|8|8|8|8|7|6

    Hit Dice: d4
    Skill Points: 4+Int (x4 at first level)
    Class Skills: Bluff (Cha), Concentration (Con), Craft (Int), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge (arcana) (Int), Perform (Cha), Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Cha). Use Magic Device (Cha)
    Alignment: Sorcerers can be of any alignment, as they were once simple beings until they awoke to their inner magic.

    Class Features:
    Weapons and Armor proficiency:
    Sorcerers are proficient with all simple weapons, and light armor but no shields.

    The Sorcerer gains spells, Once a spell is learned you can only change it when ever you gain a new spell level.
    The Sorcerer uses Charisma for her casting, determining Spell DC's, bonus spells and the like.
    The Sorcerer can learn custom spells to they're spells known without research, but naturally they are subject to DM approval as normal.
    When subject to dispelling effects, a Sorcerer's spell is treated as having -5 to its caster level. However when the Sorcerer herself is attempting to dispel, she treats her caster level as +5 with a Spell Penetration for spell resistance of the same, +5.

    Spells Known






















    At level five the sorcerer attracts the service of an Apprentice. The apprentice is effectively a first level sorcerer that follows all the rules of a familiar (such as empathetic connections, share spells, and other such traits), accept that its intelligence is standard for its race and you do not suffer negative effects if it dies. The next time you level up, the Apprentice also levels up. from thereafter the apprentice levels up every two levels you level up. A Sorcerer can expend 100xp per character level of the Apprentice to mimic the effects of Resurrection as he or she imparts some of her own life force through the magical connection between the two of them to grant life again.
    A sorcerer can choose to not take an Apprentice if she so chooses.
    An apprentice can be of any age below adulthood, or above ten depending on race, mostly up to DM. An apprentice is alway a DM npc, and no. Apprentices cannot have apprentices. thats just foolish.
    The Head Sorcerer does however! - Gain the ability to take on multiple Apprentices every five levels hereafter.
    By level twenty you could have one level 9 one 7 one 4 and one 1 apprentices.
    A Master sorcerer must devote at least four hours a day to actively teaching the apprentices via sit down, discussions, practice drills, book learning (from other sorcerers who share they're knowledge as they pass on. Only sorcerers can understand whats going on, however.)

    The Sorcerer gains a Source from which they draw their magic whether they know it or not.
    Demonic: You gain the baatezu subtype for effects that would effect baatezu, you gain a +1/2 class levels bonus to interactions with demonkind. Your magics tend to be dark and wicked in appearance.
    Lv 10: gain horns of your choice (within reason), they deal appropriate damage for your size, You gain +2 effective spell level with [evil] spells.
    Lv 20: gain leathery wings and a fly speed =x1.5 landspeed (average)
    You gain +4 effective spell level with [evil] spells.
    Celestial:You gain the guardinal subtype for effects that would effect guardinal, you gain a +1/2 class levels bonus to interactions with guardinals. Your magics tend to be strong and orderly in appearance.
    Lv 10: Your hair when casting magic or under ongoing effects, becomes vibrant feathers of chosen color. feathers render subject under effects of feather fall at all times even when Source traits are suppressed. You gain +2 effective spell level with [Law] spells.
    Lv 20: You gain four thinner, longer feathery wings. You gain a fly speed of x3 land speed (perfect), and You gain +4 effective spell level with [Law] spells.
    Infernal:You gain the tanar'ri subtype for effects that would effect tanar'ri, you gain a +1/2 class levels bonus to interactions with tanar'ri. Your magics tend to be chaotic and grotesque.
    Lv 10: You gain a long whip like tail That can be used as such, or to grab light items at range of up to ten feet away. You gain +2 effective spell level with [chaotic] spells.
    Lv 20: You gain claws dealing normal damage for their size, and a burrow speed equal to 1/2 land speed. You gain +4 effective spell level with [chaotic] spells.
    Angelic: You gain the angel subtype for effects that would effect angels, you gain a +1/2 class levels bonus to interactions with angeloids. Your magics tend to be bright and holy in appearance.
    Lv 10: You gain a glowing halo (of chosen color) when casting magic or under ongoing effects. Halo grants +1 to all allies within 30ft to saves against fear, or evil spells and effects and provides dim illumination in the same radius. You gain +2 effective spell level with [good] spells.
    LV 20: You gain large feathery wings of chosen color. You gain fly speed x2 land speed (average) You gain +4 effective spell level with [good] spells.
    Draconic:You gain the Dragonblood subtype for effects that would effect dragons, you gain a +1/2 class levels bonus to interactions with dragonkind. Your magics tend to be fierce in appearance.
    Lv10: You gain dragonlike eyes and form small, light scales around places such as shoulders, back, elbows ect. Gain Lowlight vision an Darkvision at 60ft, DR 1 and Fast Healing 1, and natural armor 2.
    Lv 20: You gain dragon like wings, more vivid scales. Granting DR 5, Fast Healing 5, natural armor 7, Fly speed x2 landspeed (average) and regeneration 1.
    You can choose to suppress granted traits as a full round action, and manifest them again as a standard action. However if you die or become unconscious (unnaturally) Your traits make themselves apparent.

    Naturally Magical:
    You gain the following at indicated levels. Feats gained from Naturally Magical do not have spell level adjustment. Naturally Magical metamagics only apply to one spell at a time, and requires a movement equivalent action to reset them all or some of them elsewhere.
    • 1st level: Eschew Materials (Effects all spells, not jut one)
    • 4th level: Still spells
    • 8th level: Shape Spell
    • 12th level: Enlarged Spells.
    • 16th level: Silent Spell
    • 20th level: Ignore material component. (Effects all spells, not jut one)

    The Sorcerer can apply metamagic normally and stackable metamagic feats can stack with the stackable feat that was given through naturally magical.
    If you already have a feat Naturally Magical provides, it instead just becomes free of level adjustment when you reach its corresponding level.
    All Metamagic costs past Naturally Magical for a Sorcerer are halved, rounded up, to a minimum of 1.

    Spell Flux
    Greater Spell Flux

    Spell Flux (Su)
    At 4th level, you gain the ability to channel great arcane power through your sorcerer spells, adding +2 to your caster level for all calculations involving that spell. However, the magical energies you channel are unstable, and may have unpredictable results. Roll 1d20 on the Magical Mishap table after casting the spell to determine the effects of this. The DM may call for a reroll if the negative effects of the mishap are redundant with an effect you already suffer, or are somehow prevented.

    In addition, the Dungeon Master may call for you to make a roll on the Magical Mishap table whenever you suffer great stress, as your own magical puissance goes out of control. Rolling a natural 1 on a Will save is always a valid reason for the DM to call for a roll, as is falling to 0 hp or less. He can also call for a roll in the case of events such as an ally's betrayal, being left by a romantic partner, or similar stresses. If the rolled effect uses spell level in a calculation, treat it as a spell of the second-highest level the sorcerer can cast.

    Greater Spell Flux (Su)
    At 10th level, you gain the power to unleash arcane power beyond all imagination or sanity, letting you add +4 to your caster level when using your Spell Flux class feature. However, doing so is never safe–instead of rolling on the Magical Mishap table, make a roll on the Arcana Disaster table.

    Likewise, the Dungeon Master may choose for you to roll on the Arcane Disaster table instead of the Magical Mishap table when you suffer a stress that is permanently life-changing and more than you can bear, such as being tortured, watching a beloved companion die, or discovering that you (or your wife) is pregnant.

    Magical Mishap Table

    20|Aura of Power|An aura of arcane energy emanates harmlessly from you as you cast the spell, revealing your sorcerous power. You may dictate the exact appearance of this aura to match the spell you are casting, as long as it remains obviously supernatural.

    19|Wondrous Transformations|You radiate transformative magical energies, causing supernatural but harmless transformations wherever you pass. The DM may choose to apply effects equivalent to a prestidigitation spell to any inanimate object, plant, or animal within one hundred feet of you for the next day. Characters attempting to track your movement during this time can follow this trail of wonders, gaining a +5 circumstance bonus on their roll.

    18|Uncanny Weather|Small objects (or animals!) such as flowers, frogs, or tarot cards begin to rain from the sky around you. This improbable rain occurs within five hundred yards of you for the next five minutes. The falling objects are never harmful or valuable.

    17|Warped Spells|Chaos permeates your magic, causing your spells to manifest in bizarre and unusual ways. Although their mechanical effects are unchanged, their appearance is altered in absurd or improbable ways–a fireball might conjure up purple flames, while a flight spell might be accompanied by a pair of large, feathery wings. All Spellcraft rolls made to identity your spells take a -2 penalty for the duration of this effect. This magical flux lasts for a single day.

    16|Spellflare|Your spell is accompanied by a burst of light or similar manifestation, blinding you until the end of your next turn. Characters within five feet of you are dazzled for one round unless they make a Will save, DC (12 + Spell Level).

    15|Arcane Backlash|The spell drains some of your vitality, dealing 3d6 nonlethal damage to you. Nothing can prevent this damage.

    14|Power Lapse|Your arcane power flickers momentarily, reducing the duration of all your currently-active spells by a single round.

    13|Spell Drain|Casting the spell takes more power than you expect, causing you to suddenly lose a single 1st-level spell slot (or a slot of the next-highest level, if none are available).

    12|Solipsistic Genius|You are momentarily distracted by the sheer magnificence or your own power, causing you to lose your next action (mad laughter optional). Your immense ego causes you to gain a +2 circumstance bonus on Will saves during that time.

    11|Spatial Warp|Your spell bends space around you, teleporting you and your equipment to a square within (Spell Level x 10) feet, at the DM's choice. He cannot choose a destination that would be harmful to you in any way.

    10|Baleful Prestidigitation|Minor magical effects manifest around you, distracting you from the task at hand. For the rest of the encounter, you suffer a -1 penalty on all attack rolls and skill checks, and must make a DC 15 Concentration check to successfully cast a spell. On a failure, the spell slot and any components are still expended.

    9|Arcane Delirium|Magical backlash on your mind causes you to suffer visual and auditory hallucinations for the rest of the encounter, with effects similar to a minor image spell (no save allowed). The Dungeon Master dictates the exact details of the illusion, but cannot create on that will have automatically lethal results for your character.

    8|Material Consumption|Your spell consumes a single mundane object on your person as an additional material component, destroying it utterly. The Dungeon Master chooses which object is destroyed.

    7|Vulnerability|You are momentarily weakened, taking a -2 penalty on all saving throws for the rest of the encounter.

    6|Spasmodic Shapechange|You spontaneously change into a member of a different race chosen by the DM, with the same racial HD and level adjustment as your own race, with effects equivalent to the alter self spell. The transformation remains in place for a full day and cannot be reversed.

    5|Arcane Recoil|The backlash of your spell flings you back up to (Spell Level x 5) feet in a direction of the DM's choice, and causes you to fall prone. If this recoil causes you to collide with an obstacle before completing this movement, you suffer 1d4 nonlethal damage for every five feet of movement remaining.

    4|Mindfire|Your mind is scarred by the magical energies you channel, causing you to suffer a single point of both Intelligence damage and Charisma damage. This cannot reduce you below a score of 1 in either ability.

    3|Spell Fatigue|The magic leaves you wearied, causing you to become exhausted. At the end of the encounter, this ends, but still leaves you fatigued until you have had eight hours of rest.

    2|Sorcerous Impotence|Your magical energies are exhausted for the duration of the encounter, causing you to take a -1 penalty to your caster level for the purposes of any spells you cast. This does not affect your spells per day or your access to spells based on caster level.

    1|Arcane Eruption|You lose a single spell slot of the highest level you can cast, which explodes in a blast of pure arcane power. This deals (Spell Level x 4) damage to you, which cannot be prevented by any means. The explosion extends fifteen feet from you, dealing (Spell Level x 2) damage to all characters caught within it. A Reflex save at DC (12 + Spell Level) halves the damage.

    Arcane Disaster Table

    20|Minor Mishap|Everything goes better than expected–instead of suffering an Arcane Disaster, make another roll on the Magical Mishap table.

    19|Memory Blank|Your spell consumes memories from you as part of its casting. Once the current encounter has ended, you completely lose all memories of it. No magic can restore them.

    18|Moment of Weakness|Your sorcerous power falters when you need it. You take a -10 penalty on the next caster level check you make for any reason.

    17|Bad Luck|Your spell warps fate itself, calling bad fortune down on your future. At any time when you make a roll, the DM may call for you to make a reroll after seeing the result, keeping the lower of the two rolls (or higher, if this would be worse). Once he has done so, this bad fortune ends.

    16|Spellblind|Your eyes are seared blind by the radiance of your spell, blinding you for the rest of the encounter. Characters within fifteen feet of you are dazzled for the rest of the encounter unless they make a Will save, DC (12 + Spell Level).

    15|Lethal Backlash|The arcane energies you channel are more than your body can take, dealing 5d6 damage to you. Nothing can prevent this damage.

    14|Power Failure|You must drain the power of one of your spells to successfully channel the spell flux. The DM chooses one of your currently-active spells (other than the one you just cast), which ends immediately.

    13|Mana Drain|Your sorcerous power bleeds out of you in a moment of lost control. You lose a single spell slot of each level.

    12|Psychic Shock|Your mind is overwhelmed by the power you invoke, stunning you for the next 1d4 rounds.

    11|Spatial Rift|Your magic tears open a rift in space, teleporting you and your equipment to a square within (Spell Level x 100) feet, at the DM's choice. He cannot choose a destination that would be immediately lethal to you, but may choose to leave you in a harmful or dangerous environment.

    10|Intoxicating Spell|You become literally intoxicated your own mystical puissance, taking a -2 penalty to Dexterity, Intelligence, and Wisdom for the rest of the encounter. In addition, make a Fortitude save at a DC of (12 + Spell Level). If you fail, you are nauseated for the next five rounds.

    9|Arcane Dementia|You begin hallucinating for the duration of the encounter as magical power courses through your mind, with effects similar to a major image spell (no save allowed). The Dungeon Master dictates the exact details of the illusion, but cannot create on that will have automatically lethal results for your character.

    8|Broken Attunement|Your spell interferes with a single magical item on your person, suppressing all of its magical properties for the rest of the encounter. The Dungeon Master chooses which magical item is affected (artifacts cannot be chosen).

    7|Crucial Vulnerability|You are grievously weakened, taking a -10 penalty on all saving throws of a single type chosen by the Dungeon Master. This vulnerability lasts for the rest of the encounter.

    6|Shapeflux|You are transformed into a creature of the Dungeon Master's choice, with effects equivalent to the polymorph spell. That creature's total Hit Dice cannot exceed your own. The transformation remains in place for a full day and cannot be reversed.

    5|Aura of Animation|A number of mundane objects within one hundred yards of you come to life and begin attacking you and your allies, animated by your ambient magical power. The Dungeon Master may choose to animate 1d20 Small objects, 1d10 Medium objects, or 1d6 Large objects. After a minute, the animated objects revert to normal.

    4|Planar Nemesis|You attract the malevolent attention of an outsider or similar extraplanar being whose alignment is opposed to yours, with a Challenge Rating no higher than 9. It may choose to instantly appear at any point within one hundred feet of you and begin attacking, or may choose to remain in its native plane, to begin plotting against you Regardless, the outsider's enmity cannot be ended except by killing it (although the DM may choose to make provisions for negotiating with it). Although the outsider's wrath is directed towards you alone, it will attack your allies if they attempt to defend you.

    3|Arcane Betrayal|Your own magic turns against you. The Dungeon Master chooses a single one of your spells known, and forces you to cast it as free action. Although you cast the spell, its targets, effects, and other details are chosen by the DM, turning them you or your own allies. Spells that have expensive material components or experience point costs cannot be chosen, nor can spells of the highest level you are capable of casting.

    2|Uncontrollable Magic|Your magic becomes unstable and fickle, refusing to obey your commands. For the rest of the encounter, all sorcerer spells you cast have a 20% chance of having no effect whatsoever. Spell slots and components are still consumed normally.

    1|Soulfire Conflagration|A conflagration of arcane energy erupts within you, burning your flesh and scarring your soul. You immediately fall to -1 hp and gain two negative levels. The negative levels disappear after a day, carrying no risk of permanent level loss, but cannot be removed by any means.

    Share the Gift:
    A Twentieth level Sorcerer can choose to impart they're own life energies into the creation of a book, a collection of experiences, and details on what they felt and how they went about being the best sorcerer they can be.
    Creating the book takes two hours of dedication each day, for five months of game time and a donation of 10,000 xp which doesn't have to be paid for all at once.
    The book then becomes a mini-Artifact, near indestructible, and generates its own detectable magical aura.
    Any sorcerer can then read the book, reading the book requires a week of study. At the end of which time they gain 1000xp, and learn three new spells of any level which they add to they're Spell List, one of which can replace an existing spell. If they are a sorcerer. Anyone who is not a sorcerer, but including sorcerers, gain a permanent +1 untyped bonus to Knowledge: Arcana, History, or Religion, or what ever the DM feels appropriate for the particular npc who's life the reader just went over.

    The creator gains 5xp when ever someone reads this book (Even long after the creator dies and is chill'n out int some afterlife somewhere or in some infernal prison), but otherwise does not benefit from it, let alone benefiting from reading his own book. A person can benefit from the same book only once, but nothings stopping a Sorcerer from writing up more then one. If a single book sits undisturbed for more then five months, and doesn't detect any intelligent creature passing within 15ft, the book disappears to reappear somewhere else, somewhere where sorcerers are more frequently found.
    These books cannot be destroyed by anything less then two castings of a Wish/miracle spell.
    Or: Being melted by acid after soaking completely submerged in holy or unholy water in the effects of a Hallowed or Unhallowed area dedicated to the book for thirty minutes. Acid melting must take place within five minutes after it leaves the water or -hallowed area.
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