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    Default Re: [FiM] My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic RP Recruitment Thread

    Name: Mystic Muse

    Race: Pegasus pony.

    The above picture, except she has a fedora. Why? Because she can.

    Age: 18

    Skills:Building things. She largely likes building the pony version of Bionicles and legos, but she also enjoys building characters for Caverns and Colts and campaign worlds.

    Biography: Grew up in Manehatten. Her parents couldn't afford flight so she learned to fly herself. She got into building things at an early age, and still enjoys building ponyonicles and legos. On her fifteenth birthday, upon becoming an adult, she left Manehatten and never looked back. When asked why, all she says is that her family, other than her immediate one, didn't understand her.

    Personality: Usually pretty calm and non-confrontational. She'll back down on things if she doesn't care that much, but if it's something she feels strongly about, she won't budge an inch. She's fairly easy to annoy sometimes, and she'll occasionally start singing when she believes nopony else is around. Usually a glass half full type of pony but she has moments of pessimism.

    Relationships: None. She's new in Bridle shores and she severed ties with her family years ago.

    Cutie Mark: A curling spiked tail.

    Permanently gone from Equestria. Never coming back.
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