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    Default Re: My Little Pony: Avatar is Magic (also Adopt-a-Pony)

    Alright, time for another ponytar request. This time for my OC pony to partake in the mane thread madness. (Lyra deserves a break after all this.)

    Gender: Male
    Type: Earth pony
    Coat color: Light orange
    Mane color: Silver, neatly cropped
    Eye color: Blue
    Cutie mark: Shotgun Shells
    Pose: Ready for action.
    Expressions: Confident, with a smirk on his face
    Accessories or costumes: A shotgun mounted on his left shoulder. Wearing Indiana Jones style clothing. (minus the fedora).

    Once again, thank you for your time!
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    Awesome Sliverpine ponytar by Dirtytabs.

    Placeholder for former avatars.
    Excellent Ponytar thanks to Dirtytabs.