Well... The city is the first target of the wrath of the Old Ones. Or at least, one Old One. Bast, whose feline figure has expanded to a godzilla-sized building-eating monster cat, stomps through the city just for the fun of terrorizing its inhabitants. Long black tendrils of wrong material extend from the Old One infinitely, snaking through the streets to find any human lifeforms. The cowering or praying or even fighting NPCs they find are all impaled and converted. The mortals are turned inside out and used as foul portals to let even more monstrous things into the city.

Simply the sight of Bast causes many of the panicking people on the streets to prostrate themselves and pray before the Old One. And she even spares a few unlucky mortals, scooping them up and hiding them away to use as play-toys in the eternity of apocalypse to come. Bast sounds utterly delighted to be raining such destruction onto the city.

[Inside Docks]

"Not mine either. We need to leave right now I'm afraid."

Eig'Quzi quickly pats down its pockets, then pulls out an oil painting that should definitely not fit inside the fancy outfit's pocket. The man painted glares at the monster, before being engulfed by flames as the purple people eater expends his soul to (hopefully) open a portal.

"Come along now."

[The MagCave]

Devi is in her lab! Cowering under a table! And possibly whimpering.

Rot being contacted is handwaved, and he shows up here! Looking rather bored, actually. He didn't notice the apocalypse on the trip over, apparently.

"Hey Maggy. What's up?"