I like this and agree with you design philosophy. Overall a solid class, mid tier 3, very versatile but at the same time not silly broken like a druid. Funny how you can strip the druid of spellcasting and an animal companion and it still remains viable. Anyway, I would definitely allow it at any of my tables. I also really like how you chose Wisdom as a secondary stat. Animal cunning and all that.

A couple suggestions:
Adamantine Claws comes very late. I'd also recommend making your claws/bite magical. See Pathfinder's Monk for an appropriate time for your natural attacks to start piercing DR.

Without new spells each level, some of the level progression is a little boring. I think it would be really cool if you offered something similar to Pathfinder Barbarian's rage powers. You could call them Wildshape Powers. Very few of them are particularly powerful but they make the player look forward to leveling up and gaining something new. A little bonus to natural armor here, a little boost to movement speed there, it's all good. If you came up with enough of them I'd say give them one power choice each level. Thankfully so many of the rage powers can be copied that you have a lot to start off with.

If no to wildshape powers, do something else for most of your levels. As a player, the stuff I really look forward to when leveling would be the claw, bite, and new wildshape forms, everything else is nice and flavorful but not exciting.